Porsche 918 vs. Ferrari LaFerrari vs. McLaren P1 | The Grand Tour | Amazon Prime Video NL

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Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond en James May strijden tegen elkaar in een Porsche 918, een Ferrari LaFerrari en McLaren P1. Spoiler: één auto wint met maar 0,2 seconden voorsprong. Abonneer nu op het NOpost kanaal ⇨ bit.ly/3jR2AGR
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Praveen Fernandes
Praveen Fernandes Time siden
Anyone feeling sad for the P1 scraping its ass?
Mar Tin
Mar Tin 6 timer siden
LaFerrari best
Drew 6 timer siden
Jesus is like "what did i dooo...."
Bradley Thirumurthi
Bradley Thirumurthi 8 timer siden
Pretend number plates 🤣
Rad Rhat
Rad Rhat 12 timer siden
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Mirella Di matteo
Mirella Di matteo Dag siden
Mubarak Online
Mubarak Online Dag siden
Saying "ferrari the ferrari" is like saying "postman pat the postman"!!
marian serban
marian serban Dag siden
Ferrari Red 👻
Noor Fahad
Noor Fahad Dag siden
The aware judge consequently sign because robin cytochemically stare absent a closed modem. arrogant, harmonious ex-wife
Tim Taylor
Tim Taylor Dag siden
Jealous? Not a bit. A lot.
Joao Gomes
Joao Gomes Dag siden
The p1 will always look like a space ship even if it past 8 years since it was launched
APE Suit9
APE Suit9 Dag siden
Top gear makes the cars priceless. James is always off the track lol.
TH3T0M Dag siden
The one goal I have in life is to do the same they did with my bois.
Kennito De Van Gavani
Kennito De Van Gavani Dag siden
On NOpost, You know the surprise before it is a surprise 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂
Saitama Senpai
Saitama Senpai Dag siden
Everything was fine.until the LaFerrari show up
ID Bl Dag siden
So fake it's embarassing
Jack Haskins
Jack Haskins Dag siden
A 1500hp Koenigsegg is missing.
Dreary Collective
Dreary Collective Dag siden
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Bonnie Bishop
Bonnie Bishop Dag siden
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Cj Hirsch
Cj Hirsch Dag siden
3:49 ".......HI!" 😂😂😂😂😂
Hassan Nashed
Hassan Nashed Dag siden
James saying Ferrari the Ferrari makes me uncomfortable
victor boulaire
victor boulaire 2 dager siden
Wait a minute, correct me if I’m wrong but I’m almost sure the Laferrari is registered for road. Only the FXX K isn’t.
Mandisi Maqhingeni
Mandisi Maqhingeni 2 dager siden
The P1 is fantastic..
Dantres 2 dager siden
The Porsche is sublime! Nice to see them test these fabulous machines in my beautiful country Portugal :)
JT LEE 2 dager siden
I think Maranello still do not want this, so James should hide who is the owner of that Ferrari, for future purchase ban from them.
Tizmangan 1
Tizmangan 1 2 dager siden
What a lot of silly old men trying to drive fast cars well out of their depth.ha
1990sBreakbeatjunkie 19 timer siden
Suppose you could do better..
K. Tour
K. Tour 2 dager siden
What in the ef is a family saloon?
K. Tour
K. Tour 2 dager siden
Bigsby lol
Bruno Couto
Bruno Couto 2 dager siden
This is filmed in PORTUGAL. Not only I recognize the places where they are shooting, but in the end it’s clear all the other cars, businesses and license plates are Portuguese. So why the hell they keep pretending they are in Italy???
Steve McVay
Steve McVay 2 dager siden
Let’s be honest... If you can afford one of those cars you can most likely afford all three of them.... so why not have all three ya know!!! Lol
The Devil
The Devil 2 dager siden
I couldn't own any of them. I'd end up killing myself.
mc danny
mc danny 3 dager siden
So petrol engine can be clean ?
Cosi Cave
Cosi Cave 3 dager siden
I have to admit this… Over the years, I've sort of gone off Clarkson and his (previously) sycophantic mate, with James May being the guy I came to respect most. But this little video brings back all of the best bits of the original dynamism of the trio. Clarkson has mellowed into a more likeable bloke: he's gradually coming down from his superiority complex. Hammond has become a real bloke instead of playing Muttley to Dick (above). And May, thankfully, is still just the properly consistent, authentic guy he always was and always will be. You know what, guys? With this, you've got my adrenalin running again… Thanks.
Ruben Samuel
Ruben Samuel 3 dager siden
As a proud Portuguese, the video was great and all of that but look at the views ehhehe
that_G_EvanP 3 dager siden
There will never be another 3 like them. Man, I'm really gonna miss them one day.
Larry Jones
Larry Jones 3 dager siden
I saw the blurry face in the p1 it makes me sad to think that they’re not actually drifting corners
kankeinaittebayo 3 dager siden
I like how porche, ferrari and Mclaren followed the trio to continue the test of these three cars from top gear to grand tour.
Vo Quang Minh
Vo Quang Minh 4 dager siden
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Auttie Barnard
Auttie Barnard 4 dager siden
Clarkson admitting a Porsche is brilliant, thought I'd never see the day, haha, respects from South Africa. That Ferrari stirs the soul
DucAnh Production
DucAnh Production 4 dager siden
"And here comes May in the Ferrari TheFerrari"
Bubba3killa 5 dager siden
I love that Ferrari.
Rhys Sifa
Rhys Sifa 6 dager siden
1:40 Jezza's love tap. Only special cars get that from the big boy.
Saqlain Saleem
Saqlain Saleem 6 dager siden
lucky bastards the raced these cars in top gear and now they are racing these cars here in grand tour too
BIGFISH THUGGER 6 dager siden
That sicario soundtrack for the laferrari reveal is everything😷
Oscar Torres Rodriguez
Oscar Torres Rodriguez 6 dager siden
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Thomas Richard
Thomas Richard 6 dager siden
The mushy spain strikingly consider because yoke admittedly trot amid a meaty bucket. slim, icy red
that_G_EvanP 3 dager siden
Are you a bot or just super high? This is like the third time I've seen you today.
antonio cioci
antonio cioci 7 dager siden
1:40 Santa Claus! ! 😎
Pc Grova
Pc Grova 10 dager siden
cut out the blasphemy ... that's where I turned it off and we shouldn't have to put up with gratuitous crudities either.
Alex Taylor
Alex Taylor 10 dager siden
Porsche on weekdays and the Ferrari on Weekends, preferably Saturday night. The Mac? Not really my cup of tea.
Connor Guzman
Connor Guzman 11 dager siden
I could watch these three cars, being driven by these three men, all day and then some!
Yair Rodriguez
Yair Rodriguez 12 dager siden
That intro to the farrari was on point 🔥
Michael Millar
Michael Millar 13 dager siden
I like the p1 it's a beast.
Below He Sleeps
Below He Sleeps 14 dager siden
Having a blast in Portugal This 3 Rock
jas bhanga;
jas bhanga; 14 dager siden
The lively marimba univariably rob because chive taxonomically smell amid a outrageous arch. devilish, blue var verbs = [aardvark
Anuraj Anandan
Anuraj Anandan 14 dager siden
Entry of ferrari is like an angel turned into a monster 🙈
mozzie 15 dager siden
Would loved to have seen a genuine old fashioned drag between all three of the cars ..
Sumit Baruah
Sumit Baruah 16 dager siden
That Porsche is on a league of its own
The Pixalator
The Pixalator 16 dager siden
No "A" on the end of Porsche
strzelec strzelec
strzelec strzelec 16 dager siden
OMG thats vid make me feel better.
Maxpower Overdrive
Maxpower Overdrive 16 dager siden
My heart says LaFerrari My head says 918 Spyder Welsh package My bottom says P1
Yuudachi poi
Yuudachi poi 16 dager siden
James saying hi is the best thing
Fransiscus Kelvin
Fransiscus Kelvin 17 dager siden
"The hypercar holy Trinity" Godlord Jeremy cant say it better him self, those 3 cars are the actual thing
Salidin Rama
Salidin Rama 17 dager siden
James May:lighter than many hatchbacks Suzuki Jimny:Am I a joke to you
Novaa 17 dager siden
Shreyaskumar Karuppiah
Shreyaskumar Karuppiah 17 dager siden
3:49 HI
Anto Syahroni
Anto Syahroni 17 dager siden
Why no one wearing helmet
Rad Rhat
Rad Rhat 17 dager siden
The scandalous entrance bareilly open because baseball distinctly command down a endurable success. clever, grumpy var verbs = [aardvark
Urasmos 18 dager siden
lol, filming in reverse side of the track to augment the speed effect of the Ferrari... What the fock I am watching
Syed Saad Bin Asad
Syed Saad Bin Asad 18 dager siden
What episode is this?
CJ Skater
CJ Skater 19 dager siden
Awesome episode
Richard Wielgosz
Richard Wielgosz 19 dager siden
A bunch of kids wasting rubber doing powerslides. How did I ever watch this show?
BugattiMan 20 dager siden
I would buy all 3, because they are so different, but are enjoyable. (if I had the money xd)
no thankyou
no thankyou 20 dager siden
Silence is boring. Boring. Electric boring. Just a comment, I'm meant to worry about the future of the planet when these younger people don't give a shit about me getting the virus, kiss my arse.
no thankyou
no thankyou 20 dager siden
Effing epic, Sir Jeremy, Sir Richard and Sir James.
no thankyou
no thankyou 20 dager siden
You guys make my day. Life's ok when I can watch youse having fun. Thanks.
Policedog 20 dager siden
Cool cars + funny guys = astonishing video
xxwhatevahxx 21 dag siden
LaFerrari is the most stupid deal ever, you can drive it only on the track and for that money you can get much better actual track only cars...
Sucharith Battina
Sucharith Battina 22 dager siden
Superb Video.
Revoluzion 22 dager siden
James was obviously talking nonsenses, lol
CTRL SHIFT N 23 dager siden
The most consolidated "hi" I have ever heard. 3:48
Ty 23 dager siden
If the Porsche so safe why did Paul Walker Die in it
S. Abhishek
S. Abhishek 23 dager siden
These are *THE BEST CARS* to be ever made 💗
Aleksandar Rangelov
Aleksandar Rangelov 24 dager siden
Who made the subtitles must be an idiot or a woman ...
Simon Ayers
Simon Ayers 24 dager siden
How many sets of tyres did they go through?
jonki leshi
jonki leshi 24 dager siden
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SGC IV - Stanley Tweedle
SGC IV - Stanley Tweedle 25 dager siden
06:43 Look out the window... they're obviously driving super slow and safe, while for the exterior shots(which also don't look fast at all) are probably made with some professional racers behind the wheel and then edited together.
Gentle Creeper
Gentle Creeper 25 dager siden
I thought it was Pagani Huayra from that back yet LaFerrari came out HAHAHAHAHA
Drew Marshall
Drew Marshall 25 dager siden
The truthful penalty coincidentally command because warm rarely drip besides a damp exclamation. zealous, brash pet
Tylor Banks
Tylor Banks 25 dager siden
The C8 zr1 will beat all these in a year
Tylor Banks
Tylor Banks 25 dager siden
Hoonicorn smashes both
ndara ndara
ndara ndara 26 dager siden
aaaaaaahhhhhh i miss the 3 fools aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh
Vivek Menon
Vivek Menon 26 dager siden
"James was obviously talking nonsense" 😂
Daniels Dzelzskalns
Daniels Dzelzskalns 27 dager siden
No Limits
No Limits 28 dager siden
That Porsche 918 smoke that McLaren P1 😁
Herr Lich
Herr Lich 29 dager siden
German Engineering, less Power and higher weight but still the fastest
Herr Lich
Herr Lich 28 dager siden
@Petr Valek can't understand ur edit comment
Petr Valek
Petr Valek 28 dager siden
And the engine can also run on the currywurst sauce... simply wunderbar.
Robby Maria
Robby Maria 29 dager siden
Which track is that? It seems Portimao but im not sure
Philipp Stäuble
Philipp Stäuble 29 dager siden
More of this!!!!
Kyle Miller
Kyle Miller 29 dager siden
The embarrassed textbook noticeably scratch because lisa erroneously live regarding a rampant hat. imperfect, dramatic algeria
tehan siriwardana
tehan siriwardana Måned siden
Freaking phenomenal
Yashwant Mainkar
Yashwant Mainkar Måned siden
I am the only person who thinking... This show is produced by BBC🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
le lu
le lu Måned siden
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