The Impact of Final Fantasy 7: The Game that Changed Everything

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11 måneder siden

Hey. Final Fantasy 7s like my favorite game ever. Here’s a video about it.
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Super Eyepatch Wolf
Super Eyepatch Wolf 11 måneder siden
Hey guys. Just want to say thank you for sticking with me this year. At the end of last year I took a two month break from youtube, mostly for mental health reasons, and just wanted to let you guys know I will not be doing the same this year, some pretty positive changes to work life balance stuff mean Im in a pretty good place over all. I am gonna take some down time over the holidays which im super excited about (cause ehhh im on about three hours of sleep trying to get this out the door), but very excited for some vids out early next year. If you’d like to support this channel, please do consider the patreon, I know a dollar a video doesn’t seem like much, but one dollar donations are the life blood of this channel and let me do what I do: Thanks as always for watching the video, and Ill see you next year
Moon Watcher
Moon Watcher 2 måneder siden
Sega Bass Fishing
The wolf King
The wolf King 4 måneder siden
Hey hey. Guess what. Aerith
Nathan E.
Nathan E. 4 måneder siden
The infinite within the Finite
sascuash96 6 måneder siden
It’s like the 7th time I’ve watched this Video... I Just wanted to say Thank You Again... You’re the closest Human Being I’ve know that lived as deeply and fondly this game the way I did... The way You express everything and You Feel... Is almost as if I were talking to myself. I Love You, Brother 🥂💗🌟
Moist Von Lipwig
Moist Von Lipwig 7 måneder siden
I'm sorry. But I really dislike the message that you, as you are, is "enough." It's really disheartening bullshit. It eliminates the possibility of self-improvement. If you're enough the way you are, why bother to improve? Why have that last boss fight with sephiroth in cloud's mind? If cloud is good enough the way he is, why fight sephiroth at all? No. NO. The lesson here is that perfection isn't the goal. Perfection is evil. Perfection is impossible. Perfection is sephiroth. But. BUT -- you must strive towards perfection. What's good is the attempt. What's good is you wrestling with perfection. What's good is that last boss fight against sephiroth in cloud's mind. And it never ends. It never ends until you die. But making the attempt, living the good that is the attempt, is what makes life worth living. It's what makes life livable without regrets.
Dr. Roshima
Dr. Roshima 2 dager siden
Perfect choice of musiv for the intro. Loving clown core
Muhammad Dzikrullah Nurmiftahul Ihsan
Muhammad Dzikrullah Nurmiftahul Ihsan 3 dager siden
Lol i actually manage to outrun that snake without a chocobos
Nooo Disaster
Nooo Disaster 4 dager siden
As someone who had no idea about the story of this game, holy shit you took me on a ride.
Stefano Butera
Stefano Butera 8 dager siden
Great video! I was wondering what you think of the remake 🤔
Holden 8 dager siden
For me it was the first time a video game could tap into emotions that were traditionally reserved for films.
Leonardo Zighelboim
Leonardo Zighelboim 11 dager siden
King Neon
King Neon 11 dager siden
Софья Мягкова
Софья Мягкова 12 dager siden
Thank you for the video! I wonder have you played ff7: crisis core?
vincentgraymore 13 dager siden
That dragon and Zolom being a show of power is kinda gone now. We have already seen Sephiroth absorb fate in space/pocket dimension so killing a big snake or a simple dragon seems kinda petty. In remake, Cloud says already in the second chapter that he killed Sephiroth, and while "censored" the party is told by Hojo that Cloud is not a soldier and Cloud also has this headache when being told in the playground by Aerith that her boyfriend is Zack, even though that name was not mentioned in the original until much later. Cloud and the whole party has also seen, fought, and defeated a manifestation of a philosophical concept that rules free will and time, Fate. Tifa askes Aerith if she thinks Cloud is okay. Cloud walks dizzy to the elevator and even says mother in reference to Jenova cells in his body. We also see Zack having the bustersword and surviving instead of dying at the same time as he carry Cloud and out Cloud walks by. This moment was the breaking point and why Cloud took the role of a badass Soldier. Although that is another timeline it still undermines "our" Clouds character growth for the audience, especially for new players that don't know this scene and most likely just see some dude carrying Cloud into Midgar wihtou context. Cloud also has flashforwards to Aeriths death as in preparing us for it way ahead of time but at the same time make many references even going as far as breaking the 4th wall as to change/avoid it. This is so early in the overall story that most people that think the remake project will still follow the OGs story thinks that the scene will not even be until the 3rd game. I am surely forgetting certain moments right now but I have no idea how they would be able to salvage this in the next remake part if they plan on following the themes of the OG. I would say it is impossible. More or less everything you have talked about is gone for new players and especially for old or at least heavily altered to the point they are nothing more than "boring old game" and these are the themes that made the original game. Despite all that the remake has immense support even though this will be the new legacy and standard to new players. It is like the things you talk about did not make FF VII, except having excellent graphics (which characters and effects) and quirky characters. I am surprised at both the creators and fanbase. Great game, awesome action & characters, bad remake, and horrible FF VII title.
Esmé Pipkin
Esmé Pipkin 13 dager siden
Ok, I'm writing down my thoughts before watching and I'll reply to myself after watching with my new thoughts if I have any. I recently played FF7, and I'm honestly not sure why it's as popular as it is. The game feels really bad to play (especially the final boss), Sephiroth bounces between motivations constantly, most of the characters are very dated, and Cloud loses his personality really quickly once you leave Midgar. Frankly, I don't have much of a clue why people like the game, aside from it being pretty good for its time.
Esmé Pipkin
Esmé Pipkin 12 dager siden
@vincentgraymore Thank you for your explanation, it's helped me understand just a little bit more of why people still like the game. I personally can't understand how a person could get attached to these (in my opinion) strangely and often poorly written characters, but to each their own. I hope I can grow more attached to them as the remake progresses, because I really do like a lot of the ideas set up by it and the original, and I want to be able to love these characters too, even if it's a different version of them.
vincentgraymore 12 dager siden
@Esmé Pipkin I think that it appeals to people that want to have a certain degree of a similar yet complicated story. FF VII is because of its setting rather similar to our reality with themes grounded in realistic harshness. Life/loss and identity are the focus of the game (for every character) and if you do not get invested in those themes with any of the characters then the game is not appealing. FF VII is a fantasy with monsters, giant swords, and magic but people could easily see themselves in at least one of the characters because they all portray a different kind of loss and a different kind of problem with who they are. We also get a resolution that offers hope, yet Midgard is wrecked and before the compilation, you could easily assume that the ending showed the end of humanity. It is a goofy game but that has very serious themes and explores them in a manner that intrigued people. If this is not seen or appreciated then the game is not for you and that is fine, the game is not perfect in itself but it is great to many.
Esmé Pipkin
Esmé Pipkin 13 dager siden
Yeah I still don't entirely understand. I get why people liked it, but I have no idea why people like it now, aside from nostalgia and attachment
Dason Greaves
Dason Greaves 14 dager siden
Where's the Remake review?
Kameron Burns
Kameron Burns 14 dager siden
Luiz Gabriel Correia Sanches
Luiz Gabriel Correia Sanches 18 dager siden
I played this game this year on steam and it was the most overrated piece of media I've ever had contact with. I'm sure people went crazy about it back then because it was in 3D. FF7 can't hold a candle to Chrono Trigger.
vincentgraymore 12 dager siden
@Luiz Gabriel Correia Sanches I totally get you. The combat is mostly appealing to those that liked the materia system. It adds the kind of depth that ends up with totally OP combos and you can have a setup that wipes everything without issuing commands. If this is good or bad depends on what you want out of it. Many like the combat simply because of the freedom to build materia builds but the game is very easy in general. When you encounter the Midgar Zolom you can learn an enemy skill called Beta from it and that wrecks most battles in 1 cast until the end basically. Most bosses cannot survive more than a few either until the ending ofc. Surviving the encounter with the Zolom can be harsh but kinda easy if you are prepared. What I am getting at is that battles can be played very differently, most of the time just attacking and healing/remove status effects also works (like in most rpgs to be honest) but in the end, it is an SP game with broken balance. The summons was the spectacle that because they are long in FF VII are long in the following FF games >_< for better and worse. However, battles are not the focus. I can understand how people see the story as a mess, especially by modern standards. It has plotholes and can be confusing. It however has deep narrative devices that are used "properly" or build up in a manner that matches great stories. This video goes into it on a surface level but there are a lot of things that one can see in the story and there are deep layers that are not just random greatness. This is why the books written about the game exists. Because of the graphics and other fidelity aspects, the game can be interpreted in different ways but it is not for everyone (which is why FF VII remake should have focused on being a remake and not whatever it tries to be). In the end, if the random encounters are too cumbersome and the storytelling nor the characters are not appealing it is not a game that one should slough through. To me the story has significance but I cannot say that without having played it and having nostalgia for it. FF VI is a good game and has many appealing aspects and FF VI is by many considered better than FF VII regarding the story. FF VI is one of the FF where I never finished it. Many characters and not that interesting with random events driving the story because Kefka is more or less a dude that just gets lucky despite being stupid because you do things but that is just my opinion. Kefka is to me the worst villain but if you like a not smart Joker you might like him. Too bad that you did not like FF VII I hope you have a great time with FF VI ;).
Luiz Gabriel Correia Sanches
Luiz Gabriel Correia Sanches 13 dager siden
@vincentgraymore for me, the combat felt like that cave full of Zubats in Pokémon, but without Repel. The vast majority of combats consisted of me mashing the action button to make it go as fast as possible, because using anything other than "attack" wasn't worth it. Those unbelievably long ass animations when you summon one of those big ass creatures were, even more unbelievably, unskippable!! Sometimes I decided what to do in battle based on what would have less long unskippable animations because I was sick of them. And the story, the thing I'm most interested in when I play RPGs, was a convoluted mess. When I got to the end I still wasn't sure who or what Cloud was, or even who actually killed [spoiler]. I thought it was Cloud being controlled by Sephiroth, but in the end I didn't really care anymore. I also remember that freaking hospital where Cloud is treated, in the village that gets blown up. There's a looping screeching sound in there that actually made me mute my system. Tldr: FF7 may have been innovative but it is terrible. I'm looking forward to playing FF6 because people say it's the best one ever.
vincentgraymore 13 dager siden
This game is not as perfect as people claim, nor is the remake. It is however a very important game as presented in this video in general for the gaming industry and introduction of JRPGs for western people and it has a fond place in many people's hearts. Overall it is just a JRPG and not a mammoth like modern games or western games even back in the day. To me, Cloud is more or less my favorite character in media and Sephiroth is one of my favorite villain in any game, especially JRPGs. It is very understandable that not all people agree and while FF VII for the time had supreme graphics (or similar at least) FF VII outdated that graphic just 2 years later. But I suspect you know all this by video and just general game knowledge. I just wanted to add my 50 cents to the conversation. We will see how much the remake undoes everything this video speaks of. There are a lot of people clamoring for a remake of Chrono Trigger now because of the remake but I hope they stick closer to the story with that one.
LagAttack 19 dager siden
I really like your video formula, and now it's applied on FFVII. Need I say more?
Percy WONG
Percy WONG 20 dager siden
my English teacher thinks that ff7 is a joke
Taggy 21 dag siden
I actually love how you introduced the video with Clown Core
Cecelia IsAWeeb
Cecelia IsAWeeb 23 dager siden
You described why this is one of my favorite games of all time perfectly. The parts about Aeris’ death and Cloud’s whole identity crisis were just spot on. As someone who is currently dealing with such things, it hit so close to home. Thank you for this video. It’s a masterpiece.
Black Watch
Black Watch 27 dager siden
I know all this stuff. It’s late and I have to work tomorrow. Damn it! I can’t stop watching!!!
Arsch Dee
Arsch Dee 27 dager siden
And then Nomura and his two bros of notorious hackwriters were like "Let's fuck everything up. HAAAAARRRD!"
Darkmatter dtom
Darkmatter dtom 29 dager siden
I always had a soft spot for aries, but after playing 7 many times myself. I just like Tifa better, she is literally the perfect woman lol. Sorry aries is cute and all, but she just isn't a Tifa. And never will be. She serves her purpose and goes to the place she belongs. So in the end its okay for her... Tifa is just the best tho 😍
Squeaky’s Reef
Squeaky’s Reef Måned siden
What a great video! Too bad they botched Sephiroth in the remake
Dalvanara Måned siden
sorry but OoT>FF7
Mathias D
Mathias D Måned siden
Seems like no one noticed Planescape:Torment OST in the background, best game ever
Digital Nation
Digital Nation Måned siden
First half of the video: How awesome is this video game really is, Second half of the video: How to make a grown man cried,
DemonicNese Måned siden
Right before Aeris is killed by Sephiroth you have this moment where Cloud (you) almost kills her. I remember when hes drawing the sword back trying to figure some button to stop it because I definitely do not want to kill her only to be stopped at the last second. Not only do you get this sense of relief, but all the more heart breaking that it didnt stop her from dying. It also heightens the sense that you are NOT in control, which lets you know exactly how Cloud feels. It's brilliant.
DemonicNese 18 dager siden
@vincentgraymore I think the current team is caught up a lot in the fact that we KNOW the original... so you lose a lot of the development and little things that made the original. For some reason they thought changing the underlying themes would be a good thing. So now it falls into a "fighting against destiny" story instead of a more realistic theme of life, loss and identity.
vincentgraymore 26 dager siden
Yep. The Jenova fight afterward was deliberately made to be one of the easiest bosses just to have you be able to take out your rage while also not having to reload your save. Sure you can die but in general, that was their plan, genius. Now I dunno :/ Feels kinda cheap if you literally kill fate and defy destiny only to be railroaded down a path that we already know. That is like falling prey to meta destiny -_- so at least 2 layered fate and that seems just silly.
Hagen Gilbert
Hagen Gilbert Måned siden
what about final fantasy 3 that was a big hit no?
Omagari Toshi
Omagari Toshi Måned siden
John Ringo Paul George
hednersgame911 Måned siden
"Sports ball".... ugh
Taylord Måned siden
How dare you. The snowboard minigame is dope.
Tom Clayton
Tom Clayton Måned siden
So glad I randomly decided to search FF7 tonight, what a great documentary. You've distilled everything that made this game great so well. Instant subscribe
Rodrigo López
Rodrigo López Måned siden
Immortal Neon Phoenix Bodyguard! AHAHAHAHAHAHA, cracks me up everytime mate. Please don`t stop. Your videos are full with awesome both comedy and knowledge ;D
Maia Måned siden
You dissected the game and its impact so well! The game's story had a huge impact on me too, it was my first jump into rpg gaming (what a way to do it, right?) after only having played Command & Conquer. I remember laughing, crying, raging while playing it LOL. No other game since has pulled me in that deep again. It will forever hold a special place in my heart. A genius work of story-telling, not just in games, but in general.
The Speaker
The Speaker Måned siden
Funny how the massage with cloud being "nobody" and coming to terms with that later gets a huge asterisk after advent children and the infamous "i will never be a memory" line from seph, cloud comes to term with himself but the harm done and failures past still haunt him Also AERITH
Israel Trevino Jr
Israel Trevino Jr Måned siden
It’s easy to get attached to her (Aerith/Aeris) -Super Eyepatch Wolf Me after playing Final Fantasy 7 Remake: It’s STILL super easy to get attached to her! They made lightning strike twice with this character!
Oleksandr Byelyenko
Oleksandr Byelyenko Måned siden
Never played the games Super Eyepatch Wolf is discussing on his channel. But I love to watch these videos.
BZking24 Måned siden
43:58 lmao ya I already knew that, what else is new :3
SAINT ULTRA Måned siden
Cloud's false backstory being revealed as nothing more than a lie was.....something. That had NEVER been done before in a jrpg, your hero isn't who he says he is. Just a loser. And that's what makes it so special when he finds the strength to defeat Sepiroth.
jimmy D
jimmy D Måned siden
whats the song at the beginning?
RiskyB81 RiskyB81
RiskyB81 RiskyB81 Måned siden
"[which made Square] more of second party developer". Second party means the end user (or consumer) of a product or service.
RiskyB81 RiskyB81
RiskyB81 RiskyB81 Måned siden
FF VII was so good, I never really wanted to play any of it's follow-ups besides XV.
Xav Glz
Xav Glz Måned siden
Alejandro Kudo
Alejandro Kudo Måned siden
18:06 Aerith, Aerith, Aerith, Aerith, Aerith, Aerith Aerith, Aerith, Aerith, Aerith, Aerith, Aerith, Aerith, Aerith
Jørgen Aas-Tynning
Jørgen Aas-Tynning Måned siden
You are my favourite NOpostr.
We Are Borg 478
We Are Borg 478 Måned siden
You should leave that terrible dub crap out of the end of your next video. Hard to reflect on your words when I'm scrambling to turn down the music that is 3x louder than your voice.
Robert Forster
Robert Forster Måned siden
I was playing FF7 with my best friend and he ran straight into the Midgar Zolem. I said “Well, now you are going to die.” Then he proceeded to beat the giant serpent handily.
Robert Forster
Robert Forster Måned siden
I would die for Final Fantasy 7.
Daniel Jordan
Daniel Jordan Måned siden
Final Fantasy VII was going to be on the Nintendo Playstation, not the Nintendo 64. It was the breakdown between Nintendo and Sony that killed the Nintendo Playstation and caused Sony to go forth alone with their assets.
Supersmallchibiwolf Måned siden
I love Final Fantasy 7 I still play it on my PlayStation 1 and I beat it today. It's fun Cloud , Tifa and Yuffie are my favorite. ^_^
Philip Hall
Philip Hall Måned siden
What is that song at the start
Ettrix Måned siden
I can't walk away from FF7, but I ran away from FF7R.
Shade Collins
Shade Collins Måned siden
My memory of her death is quite sad. She had my best caster materia ON HER. I lost so much stuff I had to restart the game. I was PISSED. They stole your ONLY GOOD WHITE MAGE. When she died the second time? I hadn't used her AT ALL. P.S. I'd been playing RPGs for years. Never understood why people loved her so much. Maybe it's because I'm a fan of 8. Not the story of 8, but the mechanics and gameplay.
kingus kong
kingus kong Måned siden
Dude Keep Making Fan Art Your not bad at it
Matt Barnes
Matt Barnes Måned siden
I have been on a binge of your vids cause.. the autoplay says so and I thoroughly enjoy your deep dives. Just wanted to say the way you handled the death of Aeris was so moving it made me cry.
Mariusz Måned siden
Hmm a counter for 1337 damage, hmmm...
spooky deer
spooky deer Måned siden
The clowncore caught me off guard
Settlers Shop
Settlers Shop Måned siden
so happy to hear clown core being used as background music!
Chris Brinkley
Chris Brinkley Måned siden
The whole talk about the backstory with sephiroth and seeing how imposing he was, it nails on the head why im mixed on the Remake. The way they handle Seph in the remake I think totally destroys the character dynamic between him and cloud. He is introduced WAY too early, not letting the buildup of his control over cloud show. Original: (after hours of exploring Midgar trying to destroy Shinra) You get captured at shinra HQ and after some talking bits inside of your cell, you wake up to see your cell open.....and the hallway is covered in blood. After you get the rest of your party, you follow a blood trail and find the President of Shinra murdered by a long sword. Barret celebrates this moment because it was his goal to kill the president of Shinra. Aerith and Red XII are just along for the ride. However Tifa and cloud are fucking terrified, knowing that sword means HE is back. A new villian has shown their face, and they know their goal is now to stop him, whatever he is planning. Remake:(After your first mission) After your first mission, you see the aftermath of your attack, seeing the sector in flames and lots of refugees. You climb through the city until *Sephiroth pops into existence* "Good to see you cloud! Nice to see youre still crazy. Well, ill pop in from time to time to torture you! See ya!" *pop* (Black ghosts come flying at you all spooky like).
S Sokolva
S Sokolva 2 måneder siden
Your video essays have an incredible ability to really capture not only the historical, intellectual and artistic significance of a work of art, but also its deep emotional core, the people behind it, everything. I rarely end one of your videos without tears in my eyes, or a deep feeling of emotional resonance, even with works and artistic forms I've never experienced for myself, simply because of how well you evoke the experience of the work for even an outsider, making us insiders. I was just barely too young to get to experience FF7, as I was a little kid at the time. But I do remember the games that shaped my childhood, the games of the mid to late 9Os, the experiences and stories and books I read, and stumbling upon these moments and realizations, or ones very close to them. Thanks for making these videos. These video essays are works of art in and of themselves. I should be so lucky to have a single work of mine discussed or written about with even a fraction of the love you put into these videos.
Demetri Frost
Demetri Frost 2 måneder siden
The comment about the bread crumbs and pacing for Sephiroth, our best boi, was really appreciated and not lost on me. It's one of the major things I don't like about the remake. They just obliterated that pacing and pulled him out in the like, what? First 2 hours? If that?... Kinda lame, ngl lol Liked the pacing of the original on that part, much better.
Kohdok 2 måneder siden
Thanks, you just reminded me of the Bass Pro Fishing Controller Copypasta.
LON009 2 måneder siden
Such a beautiful game, the story, the music, the characters, the Summons! I finished it for the first time last week. It took me a year of infrequent play, with all the sidequests completed, and, wow, it felt so rewarding to finally Omnislash that silver haired mf. I know you're meant to win, but still, I loved that moment.
BootStrap Paradox
BootStrap Paradox 2 måneder siden
“Terrible” fan art? That’s ur best joke yet
Norvek 2 måneder siden
Right before you played the PlayStation ad for FF VII a PlayStation ad put on your video.
Smelly Friend
Smelly Friend 2 måneder siden
Wonderful video. Its these points and more that makes this game my favourite of all time. I've spent all my gaming life since chasing those feelings but nothing ever came as close. Maybe Nier. 2nd playthrough revealing the atrocities I'd been committing was shocking, and being asked to delete my save file to save the world for the true ending felt like a real sacrifice. Only in a video game.
Khan821000 2 måneder siden
To me the music is just so prefect
Spartan Dumpster
Spartan Dumpster 2 måneder siden
There's something I'm worried about for the future entries of the FF7 Remake. Since there's going to be at least one more game (with this first ending when you escape Midgar), I would hate for Cloud and the rest of the cast to get Metroided (go back to level 1, lose all their gear). It wouldn't be too much better if you're just placed at a fixed level with fixed equipment that you may or may not have had by the end of the first game. One thing I like about how FF7 starts is how you're not at level 1. Since Cloud is an ex member of Soldier, meaning he's undergone intense training, likely has seen plenty of action, it wouldn't make sense for him to be at level 1 at the beginning of this game. In the flash back where you're with Sephiroth, Cloud is level 1 and I believe Sephiroth is actually level 50, which is a point you should be far beyond by the end of the game. I've always liked the idea of a character's level reflecting themselves, syncing up with what we know of their upbringing, background, or environment to provide more insight into them. If you meet a rugged, older person who has lived in a dangerous area where everyone needs to fight just for their next meal, it wouldn't make sense for them to only be level 10. It can be kind of funny in some reasons, because if you take that same sort of rugged character and put them in your party or even make them the protagonist, then it seems odd that they apparently only started earning experience points when we first took control over them.
Salvatration 2 måneder siden
I wouldn't worry about the level and gear stuff. 7R only letting you hit 50 seems like it's for a relevant reason.
Spartan Dumpster
Spartan Dumpster 2 måneder siden
Something I've always liked in games, especially as a kid, was when they could make me feel smart, like if I discovered something that the developers might not have even known about. A big one I can think of is in Spyro 2, before I found out about all the glitches (some of which are extremely useful and relatively easy to pull off) in the first level you can't reach a flying power up needed to complete a challenge because you can't climb ladders yet. In this level, you can access the same power up in another location, so as a kid I figured "why not use this power up to fly to the other one?" It felt good that a little kid like me might have outsmarted adult designers and programmers. I honestly find it kind of sad how in the Reignited Trilogy they made this trick immensely more difficult to pull off because you might as well tell people "nope stupid, don't try to test stuff like that in this game" since it's also very inconsequential. Doing this trick means you get 1 orb earlier than usual and you won't have to back track for it. Anyway, the Materia system really does this too, by giving you so many potential combinations for what feels like near-limitless results. Pairing Phoenix with Final Attack feels so strong that as a kid you might think you're exploiting something the designers hadn't taken into consideration.
Sam Rowett
Sam Rowett 2 måneder siden
Great work! It’s clear you put a lot of love into this. I think I’m a bit envious of VII fans. It’s a game I’ve always been somewhat frustrated by because I’ve just never been able to get into it, or see what others do in it, despite multiple attempts to play through. It’s like hearing a joke you had to be there to understand, even when it’s explained the impact is still lost on you. I recognise it’s importance to gaming history and why it has its fans, and I’m interested in learning why it matters so much to them, but it’s just never clicked with me. Maybe I played it too late and had read so many books before doing so that a lot of its twists and turns weren’t really shocking to me, maybe I just didn’t enjoy the ATB system so playing it was a bit of a slog, I don’t know what it is but decades later it’s a game I can’t escape and yet simultaneously one I just can’t get into. But really wish I could.
javier mauricio
javier mauricio 2 måneder siden
Why was Cloud so shaken by the fact that his memories were a little scrambled? He might have started out as a regular soldier, but by the time the events of the game take place he was a badass. So it didn't matter that he was not a strong warrior at the beggining, he bacame the strongest
Nick Murph
Nick Murph 2 måneder siden
You remember not getting Knights of the Round before the final fight? Yeah, I remember that too.
[ ]
[ ] 2 måneder siden
I gave up on Final fantasy 7 at the church scene with Aeris (not tryna get removed). you have NO idea how much I'm regretting that now. I was sold when you started talking about the unique and charming world, atmosphere, and visuals. I fucking _live_ for that shit.
smokeldogg 2 måneder siden
To me the best part of FF7 is Zenogias
Heather Campbell
Heather Campbell 2 måneder siden
Aeritttthhhhh. ;) :p
Ash Gardner
Ash Gardner 2 måneder siden
have you played the remake ? what are your thoughts on it ?
Ash Gardner
Ash Gardner 2 måneder siden
fuck yes my friend this video was great. wonderful insights, personal, informative. highest of 5s to you.
Archagent Everlasting
Archagent Everlasting 2 måneder siden
It changed everything by pulling RPG story standards even further down the shitter.
Fapmetal God
Fapmetal God 2 måneder siden
love how comfortable Eyepatch is Whispering to us ...or an Andriod . lol love u Epw
tansy lesser-aase
tansy lesser-aase 2 måneder siden
I love this game, it had an enormous impact on my life. Thank you for feeding my obsession and bless you for including the og commercial. Edit: Also YES, her name is Aeris. Thank you for that! I love that you mentioned Rude had a crush on Tifa and will not attack her. It really is cute.
Kix Musaid
Kix Musaid 2 måneder siden
Bruh this homie out here got me emotional
GeekTheGecko 2 måneder siden
Hey, since all the alternate timeline and shit, I doubt they will kill Aerith this time around. So, don't be sad.
Jays Mart
Jays Mart 2 måneder siden
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John Baxter
John Baxter 2 måneder siden
Shit what a great video. I loved this game so much
Farhan Rahman
Farhan Rahman 2 måneder siden
You should do The Impact of Metal Gear Solid
Cumulus Halo
Cumulus Halo 2 måneder siden
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Draco Wright
Draco Wright 2 måneder siden
I got final fantasy 7 for my phone. Cuz I want to do one of the hardest challenges out there getting clouds final break limit before you leave just one. It is possible very very hard
Majora489 2 måneder siden
I tried playing FF7 for the first time this year. I got through about half way through the original FF7, and realized I wasn't having fun. The plot was great, but combat, which is the bulk of the game, was boring. I found I was forcing myself to play the game rather than be excited to get back into FF7's world. Does anyone else understand this?
LEO SOLOMON 2 måneder siden
Eye patch wolf has outdone himself in this video Ive never played this game but I too felt the loss.
oofingberg 2 måneder siden
Aeris sucks good she died lol
Death Maniac
Death Maniac 2 måneder siden
I really love the choice of music you give to these videos, it gives me a good feeling
Porkchopsrock12 2 måneder siden
Hey youre saying her name wrong. Just thought i should let you know in case you didnt realize :P
The Affable Stranger
The Affable Stranger 2 måneder siden
8:05 I see what you did there.
Jarray Playz
Jarray Playz 2 måneder siden
Dang dude this is freaking amazing, thanks for such dope content
Ez0o 2 måneder siden
I remember I got this game for the PS4. I chose a game made in 1997. I chose this game because it's amazing. This game is why I love JRPG's. Good gameplay, great soundtrack, great characters, and a good story.
C. D.
C. D. 2 måneder siden
Man, just found out your channel through this video and it gave me shivers. The part where you describe how well you fit into Cloud's character is exactly how I felt back in the days living a similar experience. I totally agree with your analysis and thanks for sharing this video and your past feelings. I truly believe that the ones you so well elucidated are the reasons why we felt so much in love with this game. They made us grow, the let us know we were enough as we were and that there was a chance to grow into our real selves. Thanks again for this beautiful and deep video!
Gaming Bat
Gaming Bat 2 måneder siden
I personally think you should have at least mentioned how cloud became a hero in the flashback and killing sepheroth since yeah he wasn’t a hero but becomes one even in the position he’s in
AstonishingREDD 2 måneder siden
I present to you this video, if you don’t understand why so many fans are dissatisfied with the direction that FF7 Remake’s story is going. THIS is what we wanted to see remade. Not a 1 for 1 remake of course.
Radin V.
Radin V. 2 måneder siden
This video perfectly explains why FF7 means so much to me.
Alan Lee
Alan Lee 2 måneder siden
*gasp* a prestige game that is actually good. I don't think we'll ever see this again.
fieldy2o 2 måneder siden
After the remake comes out, I'm very happy that they have included many memorable details and I hope the developers keep this for the upcoming parts.
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