Will Starship and Commercial Landers Make Artemis Better Than Apollo?

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NASA's making some big moves to finally get humans back to the moon for the first time in over 50 years. The Artemis program is shaping up with checks written and hardware built! So how does a 21st Century program to the moon compare to that of the 1960's?
In Today's video, we’re going to answer the question, why does NASA think Artemis will be a sustainable program when SLS is sooooo dang expensive AND it’ll take at least two launches to get humans and their lunar landers to the moon.
This CAN’T be more sustainable than Apollo, right? Well, we didn’t even begin to scratch the surface of the costs, so today we’re going to really dive into the total costs, including development, infrastructure and hardware by giving SLS and Orion a full cost audit.
But we’ll even show you how the Apollo program and Artemis mission profiles differ including the specific orbits and rendezvous and everything required to get humans to the surface of the moon and even talk about the upgraded safety considerations and hardware involved.
Once we look at all these details, we can answer the question, 50 years later, is the Artemis program actually an improvement over the Apollo program or is NASA going completely in the wrong direction when returning to the moon?
#ApolloVSArtemis #SLSVSSaturnV
00:00 - Intro
03:50 - The Hardware
15:55 - The Missions
29:15 - Safety & Upgrades
35:50 - Program Costs
46:20 - Rant
52:25 - The Good Parts of Artemis
55:35 - Conclusion
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Teveten 8 timer siden
34:08 ”Orion’s computer is over a thousand times more powerful”. Cannot be only thousand times? I mean, it has been 50 years?
Teveten 8 timer siden
Moore’s law is doubling every 18 months. If we conservatively calculate doubling every 24 months, in 50 years it would be approximately 33 million times as powerful
John Ryan
John Ryan 13 timer siden
didn't apollo do all this in less time given they had to start from scratch? why are we so slow now?
Mike -X
Mike -X 2 dager siden
For refueling a starship for use on the moon as a shuttle between Orion and the lunar surface, seems to me that since almost 80% of the fuel requirement is LOX capable of being processed on the moon, then only 20% methane is needed. A separate starship tanker designed for storing, transporting and transferring methane could travel to the moon to provide the methane to refuel the starship lunar shuttle for several trips from lunar orbit to the lunar surface when combined with the LOX produced on the moon. One starship dedicated to methane transport from the earth to the moon (returning and repeating) and one starship for lunar shuttling between Orion, lunar orbit refueling and the surface of the moon. When the Gateway is complete they’re going to need a “tanker” to keep it full of fuel to make sure necessary fuel can be shuttles to the surface. Space-X would just be ahead of the game.
Chris Sartain
Chris Sartain 3 dager siden
Great Show as always! The shirt too but! Ask your lady to iron it lol.....
aleksander Okonek
aleksander Okonek 3 dager siden
Love the vid, love the rant! love it when you tell us how you really feel haha Thanks Tim!
Chungwei Wang
Chungwei Wang 3 dager siden
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Chris Pal
Chris Pal 3 dager siden
We need to start building spacecraft in space. I understand arguments against it. Somebody needs to do it. It'll probably end up being SpaceX and or Nasa or both of them working together. Anyway might as well start building a generational ship. Perhaps if they started it this upcoming year(2021) we could have something awesome and ready to go by 2030. My personal goal would be at least 30,000 people able to carry on life and sustain themselves on a generational ship. Anywhere it's probably just a dream. It would need to be big enough to allow for some form of artificial gravity through some kind of centrifugal force or spinning motion
schwabental socorro
schwabental socorro 4 dager siden
‘It’ll be virtually impossible to have cost overruns’ Boeing: Well how we gonna make money now?
Robert Orr
Robert Orr 4 dager siden
SLS is lower risk higher cost. Starship is lower cost higher risk. Is it better to spend more money on an approach with higher probability of success of getting back to the Moon? Or is it better to spend less money on riskier technology and unproven operational concept that may very likely fail? These are the real outcomes at stake in our current dual parallel effort approach.
Spartan 506
Spartan 506 4 dager siden
Saturn V > SLS
Nathan Lee
Nathan Lee 5 dager siden
This video is amazing!
George Breiling
George Breiling 5 dager siden
hey there @TimDodd! first time watcher actually, i enjoyed the detail and breakdown of each side. wonderful job researching but anyone can get statistics and numbers and lotsa jargon, in the end, it's all about the delivery. even though this was an hour long, you had my attention the whole way thru, the sections segued cleanly and i was nodding my head in agreement by the time i got to the rant section. thats powerful stuff but nothing that nobody else is thinking. we are ALL nodding in agreement with you. ya just got a much better way of delivering it than i can lol. i enjoyed my first episode with @EverdayAstronaut and i shall watch past episodes and will await for future ones as well. quick question tho: i seen somewhere (i dont recall exactly where, its been quite awhile) that 37 cents of every tax payers dollar, is the sum NASA is given for funding. is there any truth to that? seems ridiculously high amount of money to me. im just curious is all. that and i wouldnt even begin to know where to look up info like that. thanks for your hard work tho. it shows in the quality of video ya make my friend. bravo!
Everyday Astronaut
Everyday Astronaut 4 dager siden
Wow thank you so much for saying hi and for tuning in! I appreciate it! I put a lot of effort into my videos and quality and getting the facts right is what matters most, more than making a lot of videos. I’m glad you appreciated the effort!
Marks Movies
Marks Movies 6 dager siden
The Rant - All the contractors have been using NASA as a cash cow, the people at NASA don't care, it's not their money, it's OURS. NASA should be dismantled it has served it's purpose, it is time to hand the reins over to the private sector, they can do it faster, safer, bigger and for 1 tenth the cost, less actually. it was fun but now it's over.
Arthyu Alagao
Arthyu Alagao 6 dager siden
"no cost overruns" NASA: laughs in sunken cost fallacy
Eduardo Amaro
Eduardo Amaro 6 dager siden
Hello friends, solid rockets from the beginning are absolutely independent machines that do most of the initial acceleration effort ... If these thermal machines were part of the Saturn V this three-stage system would be much more capable than current SLS ... Launch systems will be 100% reusable throughout orbit ... It is more economical, logical and profitable ... New design of solid accelerators ... More payload to space ... The ships or modules and acceleration systems will be manufactured automatically and modularly ... Component stamping ... The automated manufacturing process has come to the aerospace industry to stay ... Now we can do it very well
Darker Fire
Darker Fire 6 dager siden
The costs aren't so much compared to the $600 billion we spend on the US military
starman jair
starman jair 6 dager siden
SAO is trash
yjy Pyyj
yjy Pyyj 7 dager siden
How far is Earth from the center of the Milky Way Galaxy?
Sznurek55 7 dager siden
50:00 well then nasa should start building their towers out of money.
David Tekaat
David Tekaat 7 dager siden
I have looked at a lot of videos about colonizing the moon & Mars. And I haven't found any with my same ideas. I think we should set up a moon colony on earth. We should have inflatable domes, which we cover with 3D printers with simulated moon mortar. The domes should be connected to each other by inflatable tunnels covered with simulated moon mortar. There should be living quarters, hydroponic green houses, gardens with garden soil for recreational gardening, a 5 acre pasture with one inch of garden soil and one inch of grass turf, a park with artificial turf and with small sections of real grass turf, and maybe even a very small zoo. All the domes will have plastic floors so no water is lost. Condensation forming on the ceilings will be drained into the water supply. All the domes will be blown up with compressed air from earth and will have a refresh system, which will refresh the air and maintain the air pressure. Humidity, Temperature will be maintained by humidifiers, heaters, fans and coolers. Light will be provided by multi-color LEDs, mostly white. Power will be supplied at first by solar power, and later by nuclear or fusion power. All water will be re-cycled, almost zero loss of water. There will be a bull, a cow, two sheep, and two goats, two chickens, two turkeys, two fish, and two rabbits. There will also be pets, two dogs, two cats, two bunnies, etc. (and maybe a small zoo) All of this will be set up by astronauts and robots before the colonist arrive. The first colonist will be 5 fathers and 5 mothers, and 90 babies. The parents will be good parents, gardeners, farmers, zoo keepers, teachers, etc.. During the first two years an exact duplicate facility will be built on the moon. When the babies are two years old, they will move to the moon and live on the moon. Or if it is proven that they will be too young to travel to the moon than the facility on earth will be added to, to accommodate 10 more parents and 90 more babies. The two year olds would move into the new addition. Every two years the facility will be either added to, or 100 people will move to the moon. This plan will allow the kids to grow up in the isolation of the colony, and will make it easier for them to live in the isolation of the colony on the moon. And will allow them to grow up on the moon and be better able to adjust to the lower gravity on the moon, although some artificial gravity maybe eventually provided. This artificial gravity will especially be good for the parents. The kids will have everything in the facility to keep them occupied and entertained. Also they could have some books, movies, games, etc., especially adapted for them, being careful not to give them anything that would make them feel isolated. After 20 years there could be 2000 people living on the moon, most of whom grew up on the moon. This program could be speeded up so in 20 years there could be 4000, 6000, or 8000 people living on the moon. This program could be simultaneously done to colonize Mars so we could have 2000 people on the Moon and Mars at the same time. For the moon we could send supplies every month, but for Mars we could only send supplies every 26 months. So I suggest we send 10, 20, or 30 rockets to Mars every 26 months all at the same time. We could have several refueling stations along the way to mars and orbiting mars so rockets could refuel along the way to mars and right before landing on mars so the empty rocket would have enough fuel to take off again, refuel in space and return to Earth. Eventually the colonist could grow trees, bamboo, and other plants for raw materials that could be used for making things. Eventually the moon and Mars could export minerals or small expensive items that were assembled on the moon or Mars, like jewelry, iphones, iwatches, etc. Or grown on the moon like caviar, marijuana, etc. What do you think ? :-)
anhtshrm 8 dager siden
I would really like to see a remake of N1 Rocket. That was one unlucky beast.
telfordguy34uk 8 dager siden
Brilliant as usual. Wiled away an hour waiting for SN8 to fart thunder.
Rich B
Rich B 9 dager siden
Why are they only landing on the South Pole of the Moon?
Dan Smulders
Dan Smulders 9 dager siden
Sure they may be able to reuse some craft, but it won’t be an infinite amount of times, think of airplanes and how they are only allowed to do so many flights, due to pressurization and depressurization fatigue, they will have to keep manufacturing new craft continuously.
Kennith Franklin
Kennith Franklin 9 dager siden
Excellent presentation.
Jason Plant
Jason Plant 10 dager siden
I love your looong videos!
parmenides Kim
parmenides Kim 10 dager siden
The biggest difference between SLS and Apollo program is the absence of strong control tower, that is, Von Brown. Now we have Elon Musk instead of Von Brown! SLS should be cancelled immediately and all resources should be turned to Elon Musk.
Ricky Crochet
Ricky Crochet 10 dager siden
cool vid
Le Quoc Hoan
Le Quoc Hoan 10 dager siden
"The rockets should by no measure be going backwards." That's why it's essential to verify which is the pointy end before launch.
Niyas Ahamed
Niyas Ahamed 10 dager siden
Nasa is just wasting their money. They should just fund fully on private space industries, they will get way better results in less cost.
Loris Martino Perfetto
Loris Martino Perfetto 10 dager siden
Hi tim. I would love to see video about rockets like ariane 5 and Vega
beidorion 10 dager siden
could we not "just" put relay satelites up around the moon for signal coverage on the entire luna surface ?
MrTophead 11 dager siden
This is one of the very few channels where I like the video before I see it because I already know it's going to be awesome.
Rob Israel
Rob Israel 11 dager siden
Love the video, but at 23:30, pretty sure you have the Apollo lunar orbit backwards here. Looking down from the North pole it should be clockwise (anti-spinward).
Matthew Kaiser
Matthew Kaiser 11 dager siden
Need true commonality - like Mark Watney says - "Yeah standardized parts!"
Sayyadina Narysian
Sayyadina Narysian 12 dager siden
Wouldn't it make more sense, to stage dozens of part into LEO. Either by themselves or to the ISS or another station, using multiple cheaper heavy-lift missions to build a station that could then go to the moon in one go. Using the ISS or another such facility as a staging area would reduce the need to take the heatshield with you on every mission. Astronauts can be housed on the staging station. Then they could be brought back using a simple low cost crew vehicle like SpaceX's Crew Dragon, or Boeings capsule. Which has already proven it can handle the re-entry phase. This means you only need to have a transfer vehicle to the moon side gateway. and you could assembly and send cargo on these transfer missions. to build a larger and more useful gateway, that could eventually send a lot of its resources to a potential lunar base. It would also get you a larger more capable vessel that doesn't try to do it all in one go. but builds its capability with every mission, and can handle a much longer-term mission and more science done on-site, rather than through a relay of materials from the surface. All in one go, works for exploration, but not for colonization. It would be better to take more with you, do more there, and make less trips overall. This would also make sense as it generates valuable info on staging, in space construction and deployment of larger space vehicles. Since that is required for the colonization of Mars in a meaningful way. It could also lend to the construction of a lunar orbital elevator. which is wholly attainable with modern materials and upcoming launch vehicles. Why blow money on tiny missions that can't do a whole lot. Why not solve the larger issues. Build an elevator you now no longer need a lunar lander, and only need a transfer vehicle. Why waste loads and loads of time and money discarding stages and vehicles in one-offs. If you're going to put something into space or onto the moon. Why not make it part of a building block for something larger and far more useful?
Brian McNellis
Brian McNellis 12 dager siden
TunnelformMars@1bar PLEASE!!!
Blue Spinning Dot In Space
Blue Spinning Dot In Space 12 dager siden
"Yes they dropped a tank, oops" im sorry what???
Sadistic Ogre
Sadistic Ogre 12 dager siden
when you have a society that is heavily based on capitalism, you cannot complain about excessive costs. Because in the US, somewhere, somehow, some rich bastard will ALWAYS find a way to line their pockets. And the American govornment has a proven track record for keeping key companies in-funds, regardless of how safe, or productive they are.
TinyRodent 13 dager siden
11:25 OMG he pronounced Thales right. I'm proud of you whether you researched that or not. Much love from a Thales employee who is planning on making the move to Alenia Space based in Bristol, UK.
Ella Leshchenko
Ella Leshchenko 13 dager siden
Great video man!!! When I saw it was a whole hour, I was like oh god, going to finish it tomorrow. But I just couldn't stop watching. Please make more of these great videos.
Eric Michel Yunis
Eric Michel Yunis 13 dager siden
The Billions given to Boeing and others was secret programs cost .. not the advertised open programs
Eric Michel Yunis
Eric Michel Yunis 13 dager siden
What will happen to the orbit of the moon and earth if greedy humans start mining the moon and changing its mass ?
Warren Saccapilltio
Warren Saccapilltio 13 dager siden
I think it will cancel before it ever flies.
Nahuel Costa
Nahuel Costa 14 dager siden
27:24 how was that filmed?
abigaile lucline
abigaile lucline 14 dager siden
I watched the launch from the southern coast of North Carolina. I could see everything from the first stage ascent, cutoff, second stage ignition, entry burn, and SECO. It was cloudy all day but the sky opened up at sunset and there was not a cloud in the sky for launch! What an inspiring sight seeing the second stage soar across the sky with humans on board! Godspeed and congrats to everyone involved!
Chris Davies
Chris Davies 14 dager siden
Unique has a meaning. It is definitive. You can no more be "very unique" than you can be "very dead". You are either dead, or you are not. Something is either unique, or it is not. Period. End of story.
Jo-Erlend Schinstad
Jo-Erlend Schinstad 14 dager siden
«When computers were the size of a room», is a bad metaphor. Today, computers are the size of cities, they're just further away from us. How large is the NOpost computer compared to the computers that sent people to Mars, for instance?
almafuertegmailcom 15 dager siden
The development cost of Falcon 9 + Dragon capsule costed less than a billion dollars. NASA's contractors are simply riding the gravy train, on the taxpayer's dime.
lightning1091 15 dager siden
Did they realy show the Daesh Sign?
Rams495 15 dager siden
I'm about as optimistic about Artemis as I am about my car flying me to work in the next ten yrs. They've been working on Artemis under different names for over 30 yrs. It'll get cancelled or changed before they finish. We get one admin that's going for it only to get another that don't want to spend money or give the other admin a win. Our best hope is by far SpaceX. They aren't going to be defunded and will soon have a massive revenue boost from star link. Just hope nothing happens to Musk because he's the one man our future in space depends on for the next 30 yrs, anyway.
Marina Simmons
Marina Simmons 16 dager siden
“Boeing: ‘Failure is not an option, it comes standard in every product.’”
Ashton Bouma
Ashton Bouma 16 dager siden
Are we going to visit all the lunar landers from the Apollo missions
Olympus Space
Olympus Space 17 dager siden
Everyday astronaut:space nerd musician gamer collecter and lego fan me:I really have no purpose
Pierre Beausoleil
Pierre Beausoleil 17 dager siden
FROM QUÉBEC CANADA the must exciting thing about the moon is when you are working outside and you com inside and your full of moon sand.THE DREAM IS OVER WHAT CAN I SAY, I WAS A BELIEVER BUT NOW ITS NOVEMBER HERE AND IMAGINE THE COLD UPTHERE BUT THE DREAM ITS NOT OVER just saying
bradman Swag
bradman Swag 17 dager siden
It would be sweet if the starship went to the moon then came back and became a new part of the ISS.
Marlene Schmidt
Marlene Schmidt 18 dager siden
At 50:02 Tim finally uses the word “literally” properly. I am figuratively blown away.
chris Anderson
chris Anderson 18 dager siden
13:50 incomplete charts
BoZo McDooozy
BoZo McDooozy 18 dager siden
SLS is not real and will never be real.
starman jair
starman jair 6 dager siden
@BoZo McDooozy it most certainly will fly
BoZo McDooozy
BoZo McDooozy 14 dager siden
@starman jair As "Shuttle-derived", one could claim a lot of that stuff existed since 1979. But that would be just as big a joke. This stuff won't fly, but it'll keep costing.
starman jair
starman jair 17 dager siden
Laughs in core stage, orion esm, Las, and Srbs
Eli Teichman
Eli Teichman 18 dager siden
there is some commonality between starliner and dragon they can both fly spacex
Alexey Simchenko
Alexey Simchenko 19 dager siden
Great work!
Robert Cash
Robert Cash 19 dager siden
I fear there will be no Artemis...elections have consequences.
Julius Caesar
Julius Caesar 19 dager siden
yjy Pyyj
yjy Pyyj 19 dager siden
Hey everyone! We are wanting to do a run of helpful DIY videos and are looking for your input. Please leave us a comment below about any and all "how-to" videos you'd like to see from us. Thanks!
Jason Plant
Jason Plant 20 dager siden
I can't watch any of your videos. Your channel and a few others involving SpaceX and launch educational providers are not being available to your viewers. Just so you know Tim. Can't watch the static starship burn.
Grant Chang
Grant Chang 20 dager siden
excellent math work
Diane Reid
Diane Reid 20 dager siden
SLS looks like if Saturn V and The space shuttle had a baby
Much Respect
Much Respect 20 dager siden
Once Falcon9 became successful, it should have become apparent to NASA that reuse is the way to go for space launch systems. SLS should have been cancelled in its old incarnation and either a) NASA should have partnered more closely with SpaceX, or b) re-engineered a new SLS design. All that money would be much better spent solving the problems of living off-world, and developing non-chemical rocket technology.
Chelsea Overton
Chelsea Overton 20 dager siden
Phenomenal vid!! This is as good or better than anything I've seen on Discovery, National Geographic, PBS, ect. I love the fact that you don't dumb down the content but rather take your audience to be as smart as anyone else. Script, graphics, everything is A+! You could not have done a better job. You have created a unique space for your self that feels like your calling ...few ever achieve this. God bless!!
Marcus Berger
Marcus Berger 21 dag siden
It will be canceled i think. But we live in a new era of humanity. An Era where more and more of us humans understand the interwoven nature of our mutual relationships.
Anna Tice was Townley
Anna Tice was Townley 21 dag siden
Dear Mr Dodd. I ordered my husband a nominal hat. That was back in May,for his birthday. We still recieved it in England. How or what can I do about it?
Blue24angels 21 dag siden
You mean todd
Jesus McBeth
Jesus McBeth 21 dag siden
Heh? Orion pc is 1000 times stronger? A 10yo phone is prolly 1000 times stronger...
wrwhiteal 21 dag siden
You can’t put lipstick on the NASA, SLS & Orion pigs...NASA is government & Government is irresponsible uncaring waste, incompetence, pork, sloth & corruption... BTW the Constellation costs ($20 billion) & 6 years wasted should be added to SLS/Orion projects costs/time... same project really, just a cynical rename. The fault/blame is NASA’s..Congress reacts to what NASA tells/promises it & Boeing as contractor does what NASA tells & pays it to do... however stupid, wasteful, incompetent & wrongheaded.. no one now working at NASA has designed a single successful rocket or managed a single deep space manned mission.. Watching American private enterprise SpaceX efficiency, spirit, & innovation progress every day making space affordable with Starship is exciting & energizing... Watching Federal Agency NASA sloth, incompetence, & waste flounder every year spreading pork with SLS/Orion has been depressing & sickening. NASA is hopeless & should be downsized/eliminated & instead taxpayers directly fund worthwhile JPL probes & award x-prizes for American space achievements like lunar colonies, Americans on Mars, trips to asteroids, etc.. We’d get far more American space goals done for far less taxpayer money. After watching 50 years & $500 billion of Nasa dead wood HQ/centers manned space waste, incompetence, pork, futility with one dead end, unaffordable, unsustainable boondoggle after another.... Thankfully, finally Musk & Bezos said ‘F U Nasa, we’ll do it ourselves’.
wrwhiteal 17 dager siden
@starman jair Both Ares V & SLS use a stretched 8.4-meter external tank, powered by 4 RS-25s, use 5 segment solids, Initial designs for the SLS used the same Earth Departure Stage... Obviously Orion moved directly from Ares to SLS.. Regardless of self serving NASA revisionist BS SLS/Orion is an extension of Ares.
starman jair
starman jair 17 dager siden
W guy btw Ares V and SLS are very different as well as Orion CEV and MPCV.
starman jair
starman jair 17 dager siden
@Tidepool Clipper NASA's budget should be definently increased but distribute funding for worthwhile and ambitious programs.
Tidepool Clipper
Tidepool Clipper 21 dag siden
I could understand downsizing (even if NASA consists of less than 1% of the national budget). But eliminating? NASA still contributes significantly towards unmanned space programs and much of SpaceX's funding comes from NASA.
Alex Martinez
Alex Martinez 21 dag siden
Porfavor, podrias traducirlo al español, mi ingles no es muy fluido. Gracias
aaronsdavis 21 dag siden
Like so many big programs, particularly military programs, this is a case of spreading enough of the pork around the congressional districts so enough congressmen stay on side. That is not an efficient system. Side note: the "commercial" sector is massively subsidised. Not anywhere near Artemis, that's not my point. It's just that some people don't seem to know that with this kind of stuff, there really is no private sector to speak off, because there's no money in space. Yet.
Phill M156
Phill M156 22 dager siden
Boeing: we need the money to fix the 737 Max.....and continuing dividends for share holders & Golden umbrellas. Space X: you’re our last hope Obi-Wan.
Conrad Watson
Conrad Watson 22 dager siden
You should make a podcast
Conrad Watson
Conrad Watson 22 dager siden
I subscribed on apple podcasts. Thank you!
Everyday Astronaut
Everyday Astronaut 22 dager siden
olfpod.com 👍
666MikeRochip 22 dager siden
I love your enthusiasm and great presentation... thanks from down under 👍🇳🇿
Jason Phillips
Jason Phillips 22 dager siden
5% chance? So 9 missions, 8 successful, and all went to the moon and landed safely on the earth? You doing that common core math again? NASA is doing great by the way. Nearly 10 years without a manned launch. But by liberal standards they’ve already went to Mars when you tip all the scales in their favor. 16:30. So billions of dollars spent, and haven’t even left the pad. This is hilarious. I need a job where I get paid for doing nothing
Mark Holmes
Mark Holmes 22 dager siden
IF and it is still an IF, Space X are successful with their Starship project then all of NASA's efforts with SLS are wasted. its already a sickening amount of money, but, if starship works out, it'll be beyond sickening, it'll be criminal to continue.
Jason Phillips
Jason Phillips 22 dager siden
The way I see it is, the Saturn V was all one self contained rocket. Take away the two external solid rocket booster from the SLS, and it won’t rise one inch off the pad. Saturn V, winner
Jason Phillips
Jason Phillips 22 dager siden
7:00. 6.2 meters sq vs 9 meters sq is not a 50% difference. Not even close. Common core math didn’t take us to the moon, Slick
jyuy d
jyuy d 22 dager siden
Anyone who is surprised that retrofitting an older solution is so expensive has clearly never worked on legacy code. Making modifications to an existing system can be just as hard as building a new system sometimes.
faasd fer
faasd fer 22 dager siden
This monster of a video is excellent - great work Tim! Loved the rant :)
Daniel Frenzel
Daniel Frenzel 22 dager siden
SLS was never intended to be used. They use the money to subsidize other companies and save jobs. Similiar in Europe with Ariane. They rather keep a rocket which will never be reusable and produce more of them to keep the production line running and thus the related companies subsidized. The main goal is and was always to keep prices as high as possible to distribute a chunk of the money to the private sector. No one had interest in innovation. Even after SpaceX seemed successful.
Neil MacKenzie
Neil MacKenzie 22 dager siden
USA and NASA can't even launch a man into space, and their going to land on the moon by 2024 , dream on teen age queen
DragPlaysGames 21 dag siden
Funny how the whole of the USA is considered a rocket company. SpaceX has partnership with NASA which already launched 2 people into the space station on US soil.
DigitalMuse 22 dager siden
Little late to the show, but I have a few ideas to make the lunar starship work better 1. Two variants of the lunar starship-- a freight only version and a human transport version. The human transport version would carry a modified red dragon capsule that comes out of the starship cargo bay in LLO and lands on an artificial hard surface to avoid dust pickup. The red dragon returns to the recently refueled starship in LLO and returns to LEO where it docks with a dragon 2 to take the crew back to earth. Red dragon returns inside the lunar starship cargo where both get refueled (no humans on board during refueling). The lunar starship human transport will orbit the earth to await the next mission. Now, the other lunar starship variant will be the cargo version. It will land on the moon, drop off cargo and return to refuel in LLO and then head to LEO for another refuel and await more cargo. These starship variants would work just as well on a Mars mission. Albeit, more refueling stops.
NeonVisual 23 dager siden
It's entertaining that only one version can refuel in orbit, and the others are falling into the 60's trap.. Let's just throw away parts of our space ship along the way and pretend no one saw us, because that is obviously the solution and we have unlimited money, said no one ever. Tim, remember to slap yourself upside your face when you next see a jet refilling in the air from a sky tanker. Getting that phat tanker in the air isn't the problem, the problem is not being able to build a runway at 35k feet for the plane to land and be refilled. Both need to exist for the badass fighter planes to do more than the fuel tanker is capable of, and huge fuel tankers in the sky getting up to intercept the small fighter jets to give fuel would seem silly if both were only capable of a single trip before being obliterated. Once a fuel tank is in orbit it can stay there almost forever. Put 10000 of them in orbit and launch a city ship with an expandable fuel tank and we'll have the ability to escape the system before the sun dies. End of low cost fuel vs reusability rant. Xander.x
The Maxster
The Maxster 23 dager siden
NASA won't do jack. They are stuck in the 1960's. Just look at the SLS!
Bear Lemley
Bear Lemley 23 dager siden
Be prepared for goals for NASA to change here in the near future.
Ultimatebae 13
Ultimatebae 13 23 dager siden
The Rant was so satisfying🤣
Robert Carter
Robert Carter 23 dager siden
What do I think? if it’s not fully reusable it’s a complete waist of money. But don’t say that since you have to kiss Boeing and ULA bu$$ for your youtube channel.
eric garner
eric garner 23 dager siden
Anyone who is surprised that retrofitting an older solution is so expensive has clearly never worked on legacy code. Making modifications to an existing system can be just as hard as building a new system sometimes.
bserver Corp
bserver Corp 23 dager siden
It's flat bro. No bs landing. Pretty strong dome above
bserver Corp
bserver Corp 21 dag siden
@Tidepool Clipper hahaha. The only Asteroids Crashing are in your imaginations. Dream on
Tidepool Clipper
Tidepool Clipper 21 dag siden
For a supposedly "strong" dome, it sure failed big time to protect the Earth from ancient asteroid collisions.
My favorite Martian
My favorite Martian 23 dager siden
"Will Starship and Commercial Landers Make Artemis Better Than Apollo?"...............You are talking about a 50+ year old largely analog launch system VS All of the technology, engineering, materials and near Earth Orbit experience to draw from. Of coarse it will obviously be better. (Unless NASA and Congress demand and legislate that only Legacy contractors can be used.) Which is now a real danger. (If J.B. loses his job and is replaced by that Spacex Hating politician) In that case, 4 years or more of lobbyests, payola and pork barrel NASA projects. But Spacex will have orbited the Moon (Dear Moon), Learned to Orbital Refuel, Landed robotic Starships on Mars and put long haul airlines out of business. So I don't see a down side except for wasting tax money.
Hank Jay
Hank Jay 23 dager siden
People who take a critical look at government spending: “Wait this is insane these numbers don’t check out” Military industrial complex: “Money printer go brrrrrrr”
KpuBemKa 22 dager siden
Dude, shame on you
jyuy d
jyuy d 23 dager siden
Government projects... slush fund to feed defense contracts, the startling figure was the fact that the engines along cost more a piece that a whole Falcon heavy launch... bro
r mars
r mars 23 dager siden
the money received by those companies while many starve homeless on the streets
DragPlaysGames 21 dag siden
Ah yes.... Not like Departments and Agencies focused on those problems aren't getting money.
realrayra 23 dager siden
Give Tim money so he can buy something better than wrinkly t-shirts to wear on his vids.
Gerald Wagner
Gerald Wagner 23 dager siden
At 50:02 Tim finally uses the word “literally” properly. I am figuratively blown away.
HALF PINT CUSTOMS 23 dager siden
Doesn’t the gateway need to be added for this all to work?
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