I Spent $150,000 On This Pokémon Card

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Logan Paul

Måned siden

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That was intense... love you Gary thank you!!
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I’m a 25 year old manchild living in Los Angeles. This is my life.

Alan Zabek
Alan Zabek 5 minutter siden
Who else concerned why he hasent posted in a while
EpiCz 28 minutter siden
Where’s the vids atttttt
Elxte_Playz 41 minutt siden
You are so lucky
Being Scared
Being Scared 45 minutter siden
Pretty sure I had that card when I was a kid. 😳
Pëęp 47 minutter siden
It’s been a month
akzion garcia
akzion garcia Time siden
Omg man no one fking cares
Teamobile Time siden
Hope he doesn't spend it all cus he would have to pay taxes.
Fletcher Sturgill
Fletcher Sturgill Time siden
Logan bring back the episodes that are animated and you tell stories
troy vanderbilt
troy vanderbilt Time siden
When will you upload another fucking video
Enrique Valladares
Enrique Valladares Time siden
He should help homeless people stead of buying a stupid card dumbass dude in the world.
Greyson Much
Greyson Much 8 minutter siden
I agree but it’s his own money
Shin Godzilla
Shin Godzilla Time siden
cant believe jj's punch actually changes people this much jj should punch jake paul in the face not gonna lie
VioletRiver's Youtube World
VioletRiver's Youtube World Time siden
this reminds me of Yu - Gi - O-
Dr Noodles
Dr Noodles Time siden
Wow Logan I see that you channel still says new videos Monday Wednesday Friday can you change that to I don’t want to put out content that you guys don’t have to pay for
Kadence Padilla
Kadence Padilla Time siden
Logan please trade with Isaiah Photo
Tyler Wannamker
Tyler Wannamker Time siden
Yo what happened no post dot a month?
Hoacs Time siden
Lmao so yall really gon tell me this dumbass is gon beat Mayweather?
Patrick Brady
Patrick Brady 2 timer siden
Why has it been this long 😔
streamers clips
streamers clips 2 timer siden
i am wondering if that old man recognized Lana from some videos he used to watch
Stratton Shufelt
Stratton Shufelt 2 timer siden
Hehe when u try to ask out a girl and she says maybe Logan:sooo is that a yes?
D Plush Show
D Plush Show 2 timer siden
Pov: If I'm gonna encourage my mom to buy an expensive toy
Daniel Lumowa
Daniel Lumowa 2 timer siden
Gamren Faliure
Gamren Faliure 3 timer siden
After this pandemic is over I need to see it somehow
Gamren Faliure
Gamren Faliure 3 timer siden
Gamren Faliure
Gamren Faliure 3 timer siden
This is the most expensive pokemon to date
Nickname in 2018? LUL
Nickname in 2018? LUL 3 timer siden
best person
Robert Reed
Robert Reed 3 timer siden
Upload more videos I want to hear some boxing stuff because Jake won the fight
Aaron Knipfel
Aaron Knipfel 3 timer siden
Where are you
ACE_King 3 timer siden
He’s gone. Plz come back, I need my fav yt rn.
Damian Kordalski
Damian Kordalski 3 timer siden
yoboimigrate 3 timer siden
Anthony 4 timer siden
Darius Christopher
Darius Christopher 4 timer siden
Hey Logan please answer
Erez Arslan
Erez Arslan 4 timer siden
me wonderering why i didn’t get notifications 😂😂😂
Wh1te Put1N
Wh1te Put1N 4 timer siden
Who want ..im new here... Open my channel just click my video Thank you Love you Logan ❤️
DevonLIF3 _
DevonLIF3 _ 4 timer siden
Bro where is he now lol
Cooper Turner
Cooper Turner 4 timer siden
Logan Paul says fuck yea and drops it in the pool 😂😂😂l
NightbotSeinBaba 4 timer siden
Diamondsnoo, Roblox
Diamondsnoo, Roblox 4 timer siden
I think he’s better than Jake but they are both dickhead but Logan is better
trxy king
trxy king 5 timer siden
Honestly.. I like you better then your brother.
Iris Huang
Iris Huang 5 timer siden
You know what I steel in enjoy your videos 🤩
Deshawn Williams
Deshawn Williams 5 timer siden
Would have been sold it
Faze God
Faze God 5 timer siden
Logan start posting please
Ab d
Ab d 5 timer siden
i didn't understand the eminem and drake part can someone explain it to me please
Benny lugo
Benny lugo 5 timer siden
Dude i love how much logans changed and now he is in my top 10 favorite NOpostrs
SWAGELISIOS 6 timer siden
Imagine Logan Paul and Lana Rhodes all coming to your house to talk to your dad about Pokémon cards.
Owen D
Owen D 6 timer siden
Mike Buttski
Anzu 6 timer siden
there are people going homeless and starving and he spends that much on a pokemon card we need a new plagu.... oh wait..
Joey Smith
Joey Smith 6 timer siden
If you don’t upload I’m losing my mind
Keggan Schmidt
Keggan Schmidt 6 timer siden
Yo we not gonna mind that kid has Lana Rhoades in his house?
seasickmist14 YT
seasickmist14 YT 6 timer siden
Upload u lazy shit
Rat Man
Rat Man 7 timer siden
Moist started this Logan started do this
Alev Kaya
Alev Kaya 7 timer siden
Noah Carlin
Noah Carlin 7 timer siden
hopefully he never posts again
Doge Dogee
Doge Dogee 7 timer siden
Logan Paul gets robbed of his pokemon cards
w m
w m 7 timer siden
ayoub abubaker
ayoub abubaker 7 timer siden
bro this is straight up not fair lmao he only posted vidoes for the maverick club and tbh it sucks..... well onto ksi
Marcos Arzola
Marcos Arzola 8 timer siden
Bring a video now
Brumby 8 timer siden
Upload video
Broccoli boy
Broccoli boy 8 timer siden
When are you going to post again Logan ?
Spirit Seeker
Spirit Seeker 8 timer siden
Come back plz
Gustavo mendoza
Gustavo mendoza 8 timer siden
Why don't you fight your brother bro? See who is the dominant one. I wanna see him het knocked putout.
Bhargav kataki
Bhargav kataki 8 timer siden
Logan Paul we need your new video 😭😭😭
23kdemon 8 timer siden
And I love your vids
23kdemon 8 timer siden
Yo Logan, ur brother jake will be in trouble if he keeps beefing with basketball players or other youtubers. He needs to stop. He doesn’t know what he got into by fighting Nate Robinson
SiMon Turner
SiMon Turner 8 timer siden
fight Josh Brueckner
SiMon Turner
SiMon Turner 8 timer siden
from jatie vlogs
Sexy Girl
Sexy Girl 9 timer siden
Who’s Been Here Since 20,000,000 Subscribers I’m Gifting My Next 10 Subs Who Subscribe To Me
antonius GT
antonius GT 8 timer siden
Ive been here since 10mil
Joseph Lackey
Joseph Lackey 9 timer siden
You should do more vids with patty mayo
Lakers Fan
Lakers Fan 9 timer siden
Logan you need to fight your brother
Jace Hartley
Jace Hartley 9 timer siden
I miss oldlogan paul fight again
Robert Symalla
Robert Symalla 10 timer siden
ngl this man changed
lukinhastrankss 10 timer siden
you're a pice of shit man
Michael Jansen
Michael Jansen 10 timer siden
Logan what's with the beard🦍
Antares Virsala
Antares Virsala 10 timer siden
ras shvebni shechema rogor xar ro shempoirdi dagigiftavo sad aris?
سيف المزروعي و اقطع
سيف المزروعي و اقطع 10 timer siden
Mike looks like a low budget adam sandler
Random Beast
Random Beast 10 timer siden
👇 this is how many days Logan hasn’t posted
Meliodas dose yt
Meliodas dose yt 10 timer siden
Update on dog ?
2 brothers
2 brothers 10 timer siden
مين جه من الشورجيه
Joel Earl
Joel Earl 11 timer siden
Gary is obviously nervous because his favorite porn star is right there
Pifo 97
Pifo 97 11 timer siden
Lemme Knock you out boa
timo brandsema
timo brandsema 11 timer siden
Where are you???
Diego Martinez
Diego Martinez 11 timer siden
Your getting fucking shit on by Floyd mayweather😂😂
Eduardo Alicea
Eduardo Alicea 11 timer siden
imagine thinking Eminem is better than drake
AFGHK _ 12 timer siden
You could've go like 100000 ps5s and one for me 😭😭😭
leeminjem 12 timer siden
Yo its been one month since this twat uploaded
dfghjk dfghj
dfghjk dfghj 12 timer siden
im a big fan
thy luke
thy luke 12 timer siden
Logan is heading towards the light
Nirzon 12 timer siden
I heard he got scammed buying these?
YouTube Zenzey
YouTube Zenzey 12 timer siden
Why u dip
Jaredthe_420 13 timer siden
New video??
lilsumowx Wael
lilsumowx Wael 13 timer siden
Yo i feel like Jake is bigger than u lol
Female Macrophilia
Female Macrophilia 13 timer siden
Into Feet Fetish? Come Check It Out My Channel For More Pleasure!
By 38
By 38 13 timer siden
Йоу чувак ты больше не будешь делать русские субтитры...????
eduardo martins
eduardo martins 13 timer siden
When is this man making a video again
Ryan Kim
Ryan Kim 13 timer siden
Logan I know ksi always takes the piss out of you but at the end of the day us ksi fans just want both you and ksi to be friends
Mikael Teixeira
Mikael Teixeira 12 timer siden
I'm just glad they respect each other
James Sutton
James Sutton 14 timer siden
Lmao we’ve got the fucking Jordan Belmont of buying Pokémon cards over here!! Good shit dude!
兵長リヴァイ 14 timer siden
Tauran lea
Tauran lea 14 timer siden
Probably used the money from the last pack opening video so basically got this card for free
Aryan Nagpal
Aryan Nagpal 14 timer siden
pls pls shave your beard
Eli Mccaslin
Eli Mccaslin 14 timer siden
where you at man.we miss you
Dragon Fighter
Dragon Fighter 14 timer siden
This is stupid why people pay all of that money just for a card 🤦🏻‍♂️
sierra earhart
sierra earhart 15 timer siden
Fake ass boxer I would fuck your world up
الجوري النعمي
الجوري النعمي 15 timer siden
مين عربي؟
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