I Spent 100 Days in the Arctic in Minecraft and Here's What Happened

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I Spent 100 Days in the Arctic in Minecraft and Here's What Happened
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Minecraft Hardcore Mode is tough, and if you've watched my RLCraft series you'll know I'm not the best at Minecraft. But... I Spent 100 Days in the Artic in Minecraft and Here's What Happened ! The original idea for this video came from Luke TheNotable, who graciously gave me permission to do this. So check him out!
#Minecraft #HardcoreMinecraft #100Days
I TRIED to Survive VR Hardcore Minecraft For 100 Days And This Is What Happened
Video Includes:
Hardcore Minecraft VR Gameplay
Hardcore Minecraft VR Guide
Hardcore Minecraft VR Episode 1
Hardcore Minecraft VR Lets Play
Hardcore Minecraft VR
Hardcore Minecraft VR 100 Days
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Forge Labs
Forge Labs Måned siden
I’ll give away PS5 to one of my subscribers in PLINK app! Download Plink here: plink-app.onelink.me/OPNv/2360c416 Get best teammates for playing Minecraft and other multiplayer games! Use my promo code: ForgeLabs Add me: ForgeLabs#46825 Don’t miss your chance!
Nomia H
Nomia H 12 dager siden
Dandoragon 17 dager siden
why didn't you just get a villager to farm for you like pewdiepie
Jonathan Fomperosa
Jonathan Fomperosa 18 dager siden
What’s the mod called pls it looks like a lot of fun to play
Eric Williams
Eric Williams 18 dager siden
@Akif Demirturk ツ paper
Jack Borman
Jack Borman 18 dager siden
DO 200 DAYS (or u cant do that) DO IT I SAY DO IT please ;)
eterna 3 minutter siden
I lov how he crafts a shield but he doesn't use it
Visitor 6 minutter siden
This man loves to say man
Herdy6 8 minutter siden
Imagine a feminist watching this video lol.
Jack Marston
Jack Marston 25 minutter siden
Making a lot of excuses
Charley Blaser
Charley Blaser 34 minutter siden
Lighfury Omega
Lighfury Omega 48 minutter siden
Guy don't be a noob but nice video watch it for the vibes
Ethan Bondick
Ethan Bondick 54 minutter siden
The resonant hardware customarily rob because dirt preferably murder afore a brash stocking. different, calculating cannon
Olivia Lim Xiao Xia (Student)
Olivia Lim Xiao Xia (Student) 56 minutter siden
spoilers, this is not hardcore anymore lol🤣
megalodon din
megalodon din Time siden
Clickbait Vidio
JustLeeGuy Time siden
Is the shield just for looks? It could've helped you quite a bit in this video.
grishm one
grishm one Time siden
this video is just a disaster
RXQC Time siden
Think about it this way, if he did count those deaths, we wouldn’t have a video
amsyar9k YT
amsyar9k YT Time siden
not really booring since there is more than 9 million watching on 1/2/2021 XD
Karen joy Querubin
Karen joy Querubin Time siden
andyrocks705 Time siden
Great content!
Will Jacobson
Will Jacobson Time siden
You can just hear the Canadian in his voice
Seralily Time siden
*Eats venison infront of a deer*
RXQC 2 timer siden
I can’t tell if this is just how he talks, or if he’s being funny, I approve, because I’ve had many friends who say the same word a lot even when they don’t mean to do it so I’m very used to it and find it funny, it’s just hard to tell
Max Thomas
Max Thomas 2 timer siden
such a brave man on day 22 :pray:
Vortex77 2 timer siden
All but 2 deaths are his fault. I don't count him walking away. As ya walking away unpaused isn't a good move but that fire came from noware and he was in his houce.
Kaden 2 timer siden
wow he played the song jumper!
BobTenGamer 2 timer siden
what shaders do you have?
Praud Liyuma
Praud Liyuma 2 timer siden
I love it
QUEEN B 2 timer siden
This mans could of done so much things better aaAAAAaaanaoajeidnfj it’s so triggering
Lowkey Loki
Lowkey Loki 2 timer siden
be careful ltn might sue you 😃
Oh Yeah Yeah?
Oh Yeah Yeah? 2 timer siden
That music fits perfectly. Good choice
WhipperSnapper 2 timer siden
and this is how Santa found his reindeer
Rayaan Faiz
Rayaan Faiz 2 timer siden
Couldn’t you look through your footage and see where your chest is?
daniel visser
daniel visser 2 timer siden
Has anyone else noticed that he is using the Skyrim sound track for a bit of the video? I love it
Dr Venom
Dr Venom 2 timer siden
Rayaan Faiz
Rayaan Faiz 2 timer siden
The title of this video is I SPENT 100 days in the arctic.. not I SURVIVED 100 days in the arctic so technically if he dies he is not cheating?
Pheonix Seven
Pheonix Seven 3 timer siden
I nearly watched my friend die......and on a side note DEER
Mikolishken23 3 timer siden
The Skyrim background music throughout is so good my man
Mikolishken23 3 timer siden
Hey look at that man go!
Shadow_ Sniper474
Shadow_ Sniper474 3 timer siden
Do 200 please or 400 days
might make a YouTube channel later
might make a YouTube channel later 3 timer siden
I've done something similar to river boys well it was actually the same but my friend went in waste deep he was fine but very cold
E.M.P. 339
E.M.P. 339 3 timer siden
The story about Riverboys. This actually kinda scared me a bit. Not like horror movie style. Just the realism of it.
Lost in Time
Lost in Time 3 timer siden
When you don't know what RaYndiR spells like so you mispell it to the point that it looks like a joke.
Game Might
Game Might 3 timer siden
Wow, on day 22 I feel so sorry for you that reindeer murdered you and it’s not your fault and its good that you switched to survival mode.
Joel Aiden Darmawan
Joel Aiden Darmawan 3 timer siden
well, when u died from the reindeer, its ur fault 100 precent. the reindeer was in a small space and u right clicked on him to ride him and u suffocated in the ceiling
Blayke Elligott
Blayke Elligott 3 timer siden
1:01:02 That a fucking blaze just chilling outside your house?
Yung Yung Chip
Yung Yung Chip 4 timer siden
i actually cryed for you, i feel so sorry for you
harambe 5910
harambe 5910 4 timer siden
57:05 almost pulled a philza
patrick daviau
patrick daviau 4 timer siden
I love the Skyrim music
Max Bell
Max Bell 4 timer siden
you should have started in summer, and ended in early spring.
Max Bell
Max Bell 4 timer siden
im alarmed that the kidnapped deer counts as "having company"
Trenton Rosier
Trenton Rosier 4 timer siden
I dont blame u for that sad incident on 22 with mucknuck
David Lee
David Lee 4 timer siden
So we just ignoring geometry dash music at @40:12
Royal Porsche
Royal Porsche 4 timer siden
So glad that was the last time you guys play riverboys 😱
FlowingGames 101
FlowingGames 101 4 timer siden
Wow, on day 22, I feel so sorry for you, that reindeer murdered you. And it’s not your fault, and It’s good that you switched to survival.
Xavier Schoen
Xavier Schoen 4 timer siden
Tim Kurt Tadina
Tim Kurt Tadina 4 timer siden
Muhammad Umer
Muhammad Umer 4 timer siden
I think the reason he died from the reindeer is because he ate a meat is my pic cursed
Commander Vittitow
Commander Vittitow 4 timer siden
How many times he has said “ya know” but in the Canadian accent was wholesome. But hello Canada from the U.S.A from ND!!!!
Cynthia Redman
Cynthia Redman 4 timer siden
Iam in Canada
cha r
cha r 4 timer siden
kaiden morrison
kaiden morrison 4 timer siden
19:24 dream speedrunning
Kian Contreras
Kian Contreras 5 timer siden
Zombie hole about that hundred day survival i will wach that agin
nightfury 69
nightfury 69 5 timer siden
Im kinda mad he lowered the loot spawn chance ngl want to see how powerful he cold get
cha r
cha r 5 timer siden
its not your fault the reindeer murdered you
Chadi Channel
Chadi Channel 5 timer siden
When the earth is x2 as far from the sun:
King of potatoes
King of potatoes 5 timer siden
wat mods
Sparky Marky
Sparky Marky 5 timer siden
Alternative title: "I spent 100 days in Canada in Minecraft"
BrownieElf 5 timer siden
didnt die ina zombie apocilips died to a deer
Freyja 5 timer siden
I find it so strange that this man has played so much RLCraft and somehow still thinks a Halberd is better than a saber, you know the weapon that does 200% extra damage to mobs with no chest armor absorbs damage that you take AND lets you shield.
Tin619 5 timer siden
Can someone explain to me about that blaze on 1:01:02
Hardik_ Gamer_
Hardik_ Gamer_ 5 timer siden
Do 200 days
Tyrone Gaming
Tyrone Gaming 5 timer siden
Please do surviving in zombie apocalypse 200 days
Lee Corporation
Lee Corporation 5 timer siden
I could not forget the terror in his eyes.... You're never too young for a Vietnam flashback
TheRealCarnageGraal 5 timer siden
Haha great vid, you need a part 2 I believe you could do better
Toothtear 5 timer siden
I hear skyrim music awesome
Banakin Bywalker
Banakin Bywalker 5 timer siden
I love the Skyrim music over the play through, big nostalgia moment
Pickle Bricks
Pickle Bricks 5 timer siden
Goldy Anims
Goldy Anims 5 timer siden
Press LIKE to pray for muck nuck :(
the_Wasian 115
the_Wasian 115 6 timer siden
does anyone have any tips to help me grow as a youtuber, I want to try doing stuff like this but never get the motivation.
Chinmay Singh
Chinmay Singh 6 timer siden
man u cold have just farmed apples from oak trees u know a bunch of them and u willget some food
Sulthan Fathel Barka
Sulthan Fathel Barka 6 timer siden
why do you sound like FAZE tenser
Will 6 timer siden
Yooooo peep the Skyrim atmospheric music💕💕💕💕
Pancakes 6 timer siden
Bro could you make another video on this it was kind of unsatisfying since you died two times
Maria Catherine Mendoza
Maria Catherine Mendoza 6 timer siden
in arctic update they have new zombie call frostbitten
Colton Pretty
Colton Pretty 6 timer siden
That Skyrim soundtrack just brings back memories
Adam Lawson
Adam Lawson 6 timer siden
Bro this shit was sad af
Remer14 6 timer siden
No one gonna question why his hearts change from hardcore to normal
Dojie 6 timer siden
That Skyrim soundtrack in the background 👌👌
Isaac Gardner
Isaac Gardner 7 timer siden
Am trying to do same 100 days
Charles Adams
Charles Adams 7 timer siden
He used Skyrim soundtrack
BroncoSaurus 7 timer siden
I love how you do your voice overs. It makes it enjoyable
YourShareOfTheVoid 7 timer siden
Wow, on day 22 I feel so sorry for you. That reindeer murdered you and it’s not your fault and it’s good that you switched to survival mode.
Rockydiger YT
Rockydiger YT 7 timer siden
i love americans stories,culture,habits and life!!
SuperMadHatter 7 timer siden
I hope you killed the reindeer after that.
CreepyPanda 7 timer siden
He sounds so sad when he died on day 60 I actually felt bad
Chase Eckhardt
Chase Eckhardt 7 timer siden
Anyone else realize that he is using Skyrim music
Jacob Rankin
Jacob Rankin 7 timer siden
Bro this was nice vlog
Joshua Walton-Knight
Joshua Walton-Knight 7 timer siden
Hi I’m form Canada too 🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦
Nyandere 7 timer siden
100 days in Space
Random Person
Random Person 7 timer siden
I took a shot of water every time he said man and I almost died of alcohol poisoning.
Joe Nutz
Joe Nutz 8 timer siden
Muk Tuk doesn't like you.
diodio 8 timer siden
26:14 What so bad about a saber? I thought saber was always better since halberd is slow attack-speed. I remember never using a halberd for the spartan weaponry mod. not even good unless you compare the damage. eh, it's better but saber is handy against no armor mobs which you see everywhere you go. the downside is that it's a two-handed weapon, so no shield to protect you against hard-hitting mobs.
The Bears
The Bears 8 timer siden
forge got philza'd lmao
manafied 8 timer siden
is no one going to talka bout him saying is dont have an iron axe for redstone?
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