I really miss you... Chill vibes

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Love Life Lyrics

3 måneder siden

I really miss you... Chill vibes
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Hi guys, every day I update the channel with lyric videos of the newest pop, chill tracks, indie pop, pop soul, pop r&b and chill vibes playlist / best chill out music mix/ sad - beautiful love songs for my subscribers.
♪♪ So, chill with some lovely songs and tell me about your feelings in the comments.
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Love Life Lyrics
Love Life Lyrics 8 dager siden
Listen to this: bit.ly/Louis_The_Child_COIN_Self_Care
siewkong chin
siewkong chin 3 dager siden
vitalii nim
vitalii nim 4 dager siden
73 >
Ava Griffin
Ava Griffin 7 dager siden
I love this song
200 MiloX
200 MiloX Time siden
this reminds me when my cat died to kidney failure he was the best cat.
FBA MGMT 2 timer siden
check out Jehry Robinson
Happy Teacher TV
Happy Teacher TV 5 timer siden
I love this collection...
Autumn Sumner
Autumn Sumner 6 timer siden
The tedious prison summarily manage because jasmine startlingly interest during a subdued cornet. receptive, awful headline
Dat One Crazy Gurl
Dat One Crazy Gurl 7 timer siden
Damn most ppl missed the old me, nowadays ppl just... lose interest ig
Ds Sd
Ds Sd 8 timer siden
She said she loves me I miss what she made me feel, but nah. I have to forget her, and disappear from her life I know she didn't love, I know she liked her bestfriend I don't know why I thought it may be different just because I was her first girlfriend I don't know why I believe in all the promises I don't want to feel this It hurts She seems so happy now, she says that she didn't love anyone before him So, what about me? It was a lie? She's a lier
Geolius Espinas
Geolius Espinas 9 timer siden
Am i Allowed to use this for my livestream>????
Marcelo Binwag
Marcelo Binwag 9 timer siden
What's the title of the second song??
Abbey J Foley
Abbey J Foley 10 timer siden
Listen to this: bit.ly/Louis_The_Child_COIN_Self_Care
Abbey J Foley
Abbey J Foley 10 timer siden
I don't miss nobody, I miss myself ... I miss the person I used to be before
ASHKID OÂH 13 timer siden
I'm from Morocco :) Hbu?
christhian jeanpier nancay ortiz
christhian jeanpier nancay ortiz 14 timer siden
ummm hola soy nuevo escuchando estas canciones los escuche por casualidad y nose si alguien me pueda enviar los nombres de las canciones y en castellano o a lo menos los links porfavor en verdad nose q significa y bueno quisiera saber por q suena bien la musica y me gusta ummm xfavor gracias
DUDA 14 timer siden
queria acordar desse pesadelo.
Leonardo Pereira De Aragão
Leonardo Pereira De Aragão 14 timer siden
민하나 17 timer siden
i still miss him but he is now happy with my bestfriend 😞
aca gatakut gendut
aca gatakut gendut 18 timer siden
hey, imu rn. but i can't tell u abt this. hope u okey there, hope u still remember our last conversation. do you know? i always listen ur voice before im sleep. i love u, forever.
mik srey poch
mik srey poch 21 time siden
I really miss my first and last 😔
ernney sion
ernney sion 23 timer siden
miss someone while listening to this.. i hope he will find someone worth loving out there...
Dory Brown
Dory Brown 23 timer siden
Chill out remix
ᴀʏᴜ ᴡᴀʟɪᴛɪʏᴀ
ᴀʏᴜ ᴡᴀʟɪᴛɪʏᴀ 23 timer siden
Hey , I miss you so much . You dont know how happy i am able to see you without talking to you . I've been dying to see you face .
Klára Vladyková
Klára Vladyková Dag siden
i love the song 1.
javier enrique santiago alamilla
javier enrique santiago alamilla Dag siden
javier enrique santiago alamilla
javier enrique santiago alamilla Dag siden
dung nguyễn
dung nguyễn Dag siden
what's the name s-of the song??
Emluukoi Tran
Emluukoi Tran Dag siden
Joshua Agarwal
Joshua Agarwal Dag siden
is the Ariana cover at 30:11 a joke?
sarai paspuel
sarai paspuel Dag siden
Juan Jose Blandon C
Juan Jose Blandon C Dag siden
hola, soy un comentario en español, te deseo un buen día. hasta luego
AnaMaria Marin
AnaMaria Marin Dag siden
I miss being calm..
Maryam Ahmad
Maryam Ahmad Dag siden
I miss being a kid
Hayden Dag siden
miss you by @Rxseboy is better...
Emma Copley
Emma Copley Dag siden
Trang Trang
Trang Trang 2 dager siden
Who can tell me the name of song in this video pls. Thankssss :(((
Philip bernard S. Formentera
Philip bernard S. Formentera 2 dager siden
I feel comfortable this song when i heard on my neighbor song or sing and they sang for it see more......
LavLav Gaming6176
LavLav Gaming6176 2 dager siden
So many ads
Sara Webb
Sara Webb 2 dager siden
The beginning of the title where it says “I really miss you” I the way I feel about my dog who died on Feb 5, 2019 due to old age. Hear is a song that reminds me of her nopost.info/throw/p8DUi5jIw6lzXdE/video My dogs name was Lilly and she was only 15 in human years and 100 something in dog years. She was my best friend and she always will be. Do you have a best friend who died? If you do then sorry for your loss! We will get through this together! I promise! And stay happy!
Dat One Crazy Gurl
Dat One Crazy Gurl 7 timer siden
Im sorry for ur loss, a dog is like a human. The bond is u describeable. I hope u feel better
Clary Fashion
Clary Fashion 2 dager siden
Love this collection 👍😍
*Berkat Samuel 21*
*Berkat Samuel 21* 2 dager siden
​i just wanna cry so loud
-syauqiganter -
-syauqiganter - 2 dager siden
10:11 what name the song??
Guillermo 2 dager siden
Ánimo a todos soldados. Ánimo a todos.
Guiller Jake Delos Santos
Guiller Jake Delos Santos 2 dager siden
31:05 what was dat??
FACTIONTPH 2 dager siden
Icecreamshrimp 2 dager siden
When you've never had a boyfriend but still cry over imaginary break ups for no reason😂
ShadowValleys Dag siden
lol dudeeeeee
Julia 2 dager siden
Everyone needs music, so I put it in my Favourites now...
Alicja Kmiołek
Alicja Kmiołek 2 dager siden
Te piosenki przypominają mi o kuzynie(dalszy, przyszywany) i naszych wspólnych chwilach i czujeee.... Czuję... Że to nie tylko kuzyn dla mnie chciała bym mieć osobę której bym mogła to powiedzieć 😭😔😕🥺chce mi się płakać
Yaashi 2 dager siden
Best playlist ever!
claudia senem
claudia senem 2 dager siden
sim eu sou o comentario brasileiro que voce esta procurando mais ja que leu isso vc e uma pessoa incrivel
Aliyah Isnaini C
Aliyah Isnaini C 2 dager siden
I miss him who is far there from me :D
MoShna TV UOGC 2 dager siden
We didnt see many years, in real we dont know each other. We did see only each other. heh... Is unbelieveable what we did create Beast, isnt it? Only on feeling base. What a story.... I am sorry than I forgot. I didnt forget feeling. Is like a smell always the same and fill only to one.
MoShna TV UOGC 2 dager siden
I know Beast. Me too. Heh...
AdeIstami 2 dager siden
Isabel Fernández Rus
Isabel Fernández Rus 2 dager siden
Q horror la de tears left to cry
EL HASSAN AIT SALAH 2 dager siden
story el
story el 2 dager siden
Aku merindukan seseorang yang akupun tak tahu apakah dia merindukan ku.. 4 tahun berjalan tanpa Ada kepastian dan mencintai sepihak itu sakit... Kuputuskan untuk melupakannya tapi tak mampu untuk baik2 Saja.. Ku harap takdir itu berbalik 💖
Alejandro Fernandez
Alejandro Fernandez 2 dager siden
The aloof fibre sporadically fasten because mom antenatally back atop a impolite education. craven, medical wool
Rana Erdoğan
Rana Erdoğan 3 dager siden
陳玟羽 3 dager siden
sKy I miss you every day------
Darek Klich
Darek Klich 3 dager siden
The spotted reminder rhetorically multiply because cross univariately buzz behind a same bankbook. clever, gleaming woman
Lazar Stavrov
Lazar Stavrov 3 dager siden
i am going to cry
Lazar Stavrov
Lazar Stavrov 3 dager siden
not this song its so saddddddddddddddd mm
Verønica. 3 dager siden
you know what ? I really still love you and miss you but.."well time can heal,but this won't"..
Chelsea 3 dager siden
I miss my best friend. We used to live so close to each other but I moved back to my home country. Haven’t seen her for two years. I miss u ashlyn, I really do and I’d do anything to see u again.
Apex Bear99
Apex Bear99 4 dager siden
Apex Bear99
Apex Bear99 4 dager siden
no one seems to care even if there are alot of people hurting
Arjay Amposta
Arjay Amposta 4 dager siden
when i started the vid you make me made my work fast
cepres deligero
cepres deligero 4 dager siden
nkaka iyak
Ric Maximo
Ric Maximo 4 dager siden
odi sss
Ric Maximo
Ric Maximo 4 dager siden
Tfopstoo? dtepwo too me to?
Cliff Thorne
Cliff Thorne 4 dager siden
I miss you so much joe, this sucks so bad..still catch myself thinking about you.
Sofia Guerrero
Sofia Guerrero 4 dager siden
Morgan Loxterman
Morgan Loxterman 4 dager siden
this is grat
Hadley Gerboth
Hadley Gerboth 4 dager siden
i love this song omg i looooooovvvvvveeeeee it
Jerelin Reyes
Jerelin Reyes 4 dager siden
como se llama la canción?
LD50 4 dager siden
Support all artist something like this great ❤️❤️❤️💯
Shravanam Appadoo
Shravanam Appadoo 4 dager siden
LD50 4 dager siden
Your like justin bieber
thatoneNeRd 4 dager siden
HyperBluePlayz 4 dager siden
If Your Single And Want Someone To Love? Your not alone.
TheDancerCami roblox
TheDancerCami roblox 4 dager siden
Read this if you have ever felt alone, depressed, suicidal, lost, scared, worthless, abandoned, or anything of that nature this is for you 👇 You are beautiful. You are wanted. You are wonderful. Don't quit on yourself. Don't hurt yourself. You are worth the world and nobody wants to see you suffering. This is not the end. The way you feel right now will pass. People's mind will change. Things will get better. We love you and are always here for you. Do not do something permanent over something temporary. You're better than that. All stars need to see darkness before the light Your Own Unique Mindset Always Tries To Engage in the Right ways Now read the first letter of every word You matter! no matter what other people may say. Always know this is true. It helps. You are worth my time to write this. I do care. Continue on to be a soldier. Fight that war. Because you can. I believe in you. I'm rooting on you! Good luck! Please pass this on to other videos! ❤❤
Just Maria
Just Maria 2 dager siden
thank you i really needed this may God bless you ❤
BESTBOI 2309 4 dager siden
1. Before You Go -Lewis Capaldi 2. Forever -Lewis Capaldi 3. 12:45 (Stripped) -Etham 4. Never Not -Lauv 5. Always, I'll care -Jeremy Zucker 6. Heather -Conan Gray 7. Falling Like The Stars -James Arthur 8. Impossible -James Arthur 9. No Tears Left To Cry -Gmiller
Ava_ ER
Ava_ ER 4 dager siden
Why does it hurts..?
Ali Nishonov
Ali Nishonov 5 dager siden
kenneth sabado
kenneth sabado 5 dager siden
Before you go
Viryanto Wijaya
Viryanto Wijaya 5 dager siden
HI >3
Jasperangelo Banarescarino
Jasperangelo Banarescarino 5 dager siden
the new national anthem
Rick Gonzales
Rick Gonzales 5 dager siden
Mari! I really miss you. 😪 Please call me!
Justin Guagliano
Justin Guagliano 5 dager siden
Chill vibes is the best song I really ever heard Lewis Capaldi love it Brother
Justin Guagliano
Justin Guagliano 5 dager siden
Chillvibes now the day bleeds into knight fall
Vince lawrence Sumalinab
Vince lawrence Sumalinab 5 dager siden
every time I hear this songs I feel like I'm in a room with many monitors showing various throwbacks with many happy memories 😏
Nicole Jones
Nicole Jones 5 dager siden
Mohammad Nur Muchibbuddin Al Ghozi_Kelas B
Mohammad Nur Muchibbuddin Al Ghozi_Kelas B 5 dager siden
Black Swan
Black Swan 5 dager siden
what's the second song?
Yan Ying
Yan Ying 5 dager siden
I miss you so much, I want to go on that first date again with you, I'm still in love with you but I only miss the old you...
Verønica. 3 dager siden
Kandace Fritcher
Kandace Fritcher 5 dager siden
this is a very good song
sb_ gernade
sb_ gernade 5 dager siden
Love is like a Black Hole interesting to learn about but hard to experience
Mariam H
Mariam H 5 dager siden
You said you would stay with me forever, You said you were my partner in crime, You said we will get through this together but.... YOU LEFT ME! you promised we will stick together. I hate you... but I miss you!! Every day It kills me when I walk past you through the halls and you act you like you dont know me with your new friends. You said I WAS IRREPLACEABLE but You replaced me, You said You will stick with me through thick and thin but YOU LEFT, You said we might fight but You will never do anything to hurt me BUT YOU HURT ME! I cry myself to sleep at night and STILL HIDE MY FEELINGS! you are so toxic and I DONT NEED YOU but I miss you because you were my best friend and I HAVE NO ONE LEFT!! - TO MY EX BEST FRIEND if she ever sees this! ALSO DONT HATE BC ITS JUST A FRIEND not like It was a bf or anything BUT MY BFF WAS MORE THAN JUST A FRIEND! she was like FAMILY but she left me!
Amal Alohali
Amal Alohali Time siden
ik how you feel the same thing happened to me more than once and its ok bby we all go through rough times some time in our life but i promise it will all be alright
Janet A
Janet A 15 timer siden
im so sorry about that
Mystical Mood
Mystical Mood 19 timer siden
I completely understand!! My bsf left me to and we promised each other we would never leave each other as well then she just up and left.
Asia Moo
Asia Moo Dag siden
toxic ppl are not worth ur time ,,, stay strong !!!
Sara Webb
Sara Webb 2 dager siden
I was rejected and I was crying to the point I wouldn’t stop until I finally cried myself to sleep
Aidya Brewington
Aidya Brewington 5 dager siden
guys im having a hard time right now idk whats wrong with me...please help all i can think about is bad stuff happening and sad things im serious i need HELP..im crying please please HELP ME....
Cheatcodeforhappiness 5 dager siden
me over here being a helpless romantic. and dreaming of a future with someone with kids. yet. i cant seem to find anyone to be that for me. so im just here wishing someday ill have someone to sing these songs to.
Aidya Brewington
Aidya Brewington 5 dager siden
@Cheatcodeforhappiness yeah
Cheatcodeforhappiness 5 dager siden
Yeah. We be out here just wanting fucking love. Sometimes I guess it's just not meant for us. If it is. I guess well find out eventually.
Aidya Brewington
Aidya Brewington 5 dager siden
me over here sad hoping that someone would really care for me show me love and real friendship hoping no one has to go threw this crap anymore :/
Aidya Brewington
Aidya Brewington 5 dager siden
Vante KTH7
Vante KTH7 5 dager siden
the way this song is like the voice of Jungkook really breaks my heart
Nada Shabira
Nada Shabira 5 dager siden
No, i dont miss anybody else. I miss me. :’) Lost.
Slender Man
Slender Man 2 dager siden
I would say I lost myself too but it’s hard to lose something when you never even found it
Amzar Ismail
Amzar Ismail 3 dager siden
Well then that's good. Now you have the opportunity to find yourself :) good luck!
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