It was the best decision NOT to do the Tour - Geraint Thomas | ITV Sport

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2 måneder siden

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ITV Wales' Beth Fisher spoke to Geraint Thomas about his omission from the Tour de France team, his form at Tirreno Adriatico and his hopes for the Giro d'Italia.
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Nick The Wine
Nick The Wine 2 måneder siden
Personally I’d take my coat off and smile to interview a national hero. Go G, you’re a god.
Liam Roche
Liam Roche 2 måneder siden
Imagine having raced the Tour de France so often you can't remember how many times you have done it! 6:50
gyp3xp48 2 måneder siden
That's sport. Nothing is predicable. That's what makes sport interesting. Teams evolve. You learn from adversity and become stronger as a result. I'm sure some arsehole will disagree. WTF
Fabian Wylie
Fabian Wylie 2 måneder siden
When your used to a Team and suddenly you see to top guns just dropped , this got to effect the team . Any way good for two or the chaps to have finished the stage in Tour de France 🇫🇷
Chris Martin
Chris Martin 2 måneder siden
G looks very healthy. nice one.
Dennis Nowland
Dennis Nowland 2 måneder siden
Typical media, always trying to accentuate the negative and trip up the person that's been interviewed. Talk about ulterior motives. Baiting bastard.
MD 2 måneder siden
DOn't lie G you girl
ivan lopez
ivan lopez 2 måneder siden
Lol, is funny how reporters try to make people fell like it was a bad idea to leave G and froome out of the tour., they were so out of form and yet now they are pretending that it was their choice not to go 🤣
Richard King
Richard King 2 måneder siden
Good luck in Italy!!! Go win that race!
Chris Randall
Chris Randall 2 måneder siden
Beth “what’s your strategy for the giro?” - G “stay upright....” 🤣
Kevin Reilly
Kevin Reilly 2 måneder siden
Very very last last question ...🤷‍♀️
Robert Waldron
Robert Waldron 2 måneder siden
Great interview Beth....can tell that you have been there yourself in sport great questions
jason schifo
jason schifo 2 måneder siden
Best decision because it allowed G to rest. Clearly Ineos overstrained into the season by the way the entire Tour team (who didn’t get a rest) is struggling to perform.
Santhosh Kumar K R
Santhosh Kumar K R 2 måneder siden
G is so pure man. Would be great to see him win the Giro.
jettrink13 2 måneder siden
thomas the party boy
Lewis John
Lewis John 2 måneder siden
I feel for Luke Rowe more than anyone. He was the only experienced one in the Tour team and look what has happened. Just goes to show how much of an integral part Thomas and Froome really are/were.
Lewis John
Lewis John 2 måneder siden
@CHUNKY497 he's the only one with a lot of experience in the TdF. He's ridden for the same team since it has started, or almost and been in all the team, mostly as road captain. As the other riders definitely have Tour experience, it's not on the same level of Rowe, Froome and Thomas who have worked as a team.
CHUNKY497 2 måneder siden
Lewis John maybe a bit harsh saying nonsense, but you get my point. How can you be saying Rowe is the only experienced rider
Lewis John
Lewis John 2 måneder siden
@CHUNKY497 ahhh ok. You're right 🙄
CHUNKY497 2 måneder siden
There are 2 grand tour winners in the squad including the current TDF winner and Grio winner. Not to mention Kwiato who is a world champion. Amador and Castro are also extremely experienced more so than Rowe. Nonsense you’re talking there
Tom Shaw
Tom Shaw 2 måneder siden
Good decision to go to the giro. He wouldn’t have been a factor in the tour and if his form continues to improve he could be in contention for the pink jersey.
Flakey101 2 måneder siden
Especially when there are 3 time trials in the Giro this year
M M 2 måneder siden
Have to laugh at Brailsford - now he's got nothin
Ali G
Ali G 2 måneder siden
@Hulk Truck carapaz is a stronger rider currently and sivakov crashed tbh
Andy Olsen
Andy Olsen 2 måneder siden
He assumed Bernal would pick up the slack. Everyone made such a fuss over Bernal for doing well on two stages last year and winning the tour that he could do anything the next
Hulk Truck
Hulk Truck 2 måneder siden
G and froome could've been better domestiques than shitty ass amador sivakov or carapaz 💩
Chris Hogg
Chris Hogg 2 måneder siden
Too right G you wouldn't have wanted to be part of that today! It will be very interesting to hear what big Dave has to say, somehow hell bulls*!% his way out of it.
StimParavane 2 måneder siden
Dave took a (risky) gamble and it hasn't paid off.
Sam Holder
Sam Holder 2 måneder siden
Give LR all the cyling-related content, please
jayaybe1 2 måneder siden
Err...I'll get right to it!
Eddie Noel
Eddie Noel 2 måneder siden
Awesome and honest, chapeau G
john evans
john evans 2 måneder siden
Now bernal is finished maybe he could go and ride in support of G!😉
Dome stique
Dome stique 2 måneder siden
finished at this young age?! You can’t win the tour without a strong character-Bernal has proven to have and that at an astounding young age! He will do better in the future 🤙
ohcrapitsmrG 2 måneder siden
G and Froome also underperformed in the warm up. Plus Froome and G are so much older than Bernal that better to invest in the future. Bernal career is far from finished
Quintin Lynch
Quintin Lynch 2 måneder siden
Egan said he might go help Froome in the Vuelta before the TDF.
Nathaniel Longmir
Nathaniel Longmir 2 måneder siden
Gives him a chance to win, not against Roglic or Pogacar.
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