Two Chainsaw Secrets | Turning a Tree into Perfect Boards

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This video is about two hacks you can use to cut a log into perfectly straight and smooth boards by turning your chainsaw into a sawmill without any attachments.
Friends, for your convenience I assembled a chronologically arranged list of videos about my efforts in establishing this log cabin camp in the off-grid remote location of Karelia (All Seasons):
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1 episode - ​​​​ (2 season) 2015
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3 episode -​​ (3 season) 2016
4 episode -​​​​ (3 season) 2016
5 episode - ​​​ (4 season) 2017
6 episode - ​​​ (4 season) 2017
7 episode - ​​​ (5 season) 2018
8 episode -​​ (6 season) 2019
9 episode - ​​​ (6 season) 2019
10 episode- ​​​ (6 season) 2019
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Advoko MAKES
Advoko MAKES År siden
I wanted to ask you guys for advice. I no longer trust my Stihl MC260 as it gave me repetitive problems even after it was repaired by a dealer. In other words, what chain saw of comparable size would be a good choice for cutting logs into lumber using my method ------------------------------- Friends, for your convenience I assembled a chronologically arranged list of videos about my efforts in establishing this log cabin camp in the off-grid remote location of Karelia (All Seasons): ------------------------------- 01 episode - @ (1 season) 2014 02 episode - @ (1 season) 2014 03 episode - ​@ (1 season) 2014 (not translated) 1 episode - ​​@ (2 season) 2015 2 episode - ​@ (2 season) 2015 3 episode -​@ (3 season) 2016 4 episode -​@ (3 season) 2016 5 episode - ​@ (4 season) 2017 6 episode - ​@ (4 season) 2017 7 episode - ​@ (5 season) 2018 8 episode - @ (6 season) 2019 9 episode - ​@ (6 season) 2019 10 episode- ​@ (6 season) 2019 -------------------------------- My Patreon page: ​@t​
James Freeman
James Freeman Dag siden
I can't say I know of a MC260 but the ms260 pro I have. Having been in tree service for a long time I only use Stihl. I have never had issues as in scoring the piston or sleeve but I have seen damage like that because of people start and go with out the saw having time to evenly heat up the piston sleeve evenly which burns the rings scores the sleeves damages the piston. seeing that you are running the saw in all weather hot or cold it needs to warm up for a minute or two depending on the weather to insure even expansion of the sleeve. I have a MS 251 pro and have used a large range of sizes up to a MS 880. hope this helped
John Rider
John Rider 2 dager siden
Stihl 500 fuel injected
JMGeronimo 2 dager siden
@Tyson Madding the makita pro brand I have is pretty good. They compare very well to stihl. They are made lighter now I agree , my father's were beast. And as maybe a 10 year old I was running them. Looking back it wouldn't be allowed now.ea 5000 prel. Average size. , Going for the big one soon or maybe the Aliexpress beast that seems pretty good.
Tyson Madding
Tyson Madding 2 dager siden
The problem with the saw is they don't make them to last anymore can. Find a 20 yr old stihl that will outlast a brand new one
JMGeronimo 2 dager siden
I know it's an older video but thanks, Makita(dolmar) also has great chainsaw.
Armourer Reloading
Armourer Reloading 4 timer siden
Remember your rakers can only be filed the same way you sharpen the teeth
James 44 MAG
James 44 MAG 8 timer siden
I would suggest finding an older o44 Stihl. 0 prefix saws were much better. 0 28, 032 Etc
Thomas Kraemer
Thomas Kraemer 11 timer siden
I love my 661. Its a bit heavy, but I haven't ripped into to many tree's that slow it down. I run a 30 inch bar on it typically. I had to use my 59 inch bar a few times.
Robert Franz
Robert Franz 16 timer siden
I know zip point nothing about chainsaws or cutting logs. But anytime you're working against your tool, something has to give. This intuitively feels right
R B 18 timer siden
What if you cut at an angle in relation to the guide to minimize tooth contact as you cut? Like built in a 45 degree or even made it adjustable?
Advoko MAKES
Advoko MAKES 17 timer siden
You can try but I doubt it would help significantly.
Karlito Serrano
Karlito Serrano Dag siden
You're an artist ;-)
Jacob Harrington -CoCorKiller
Jacob Harrington -CoCorKiller Dag siden
Thats whats uppp
tom mathews
tom mathews Dag siden
Bananas Dag siden
Lucy Sims
Lucy Sims 2 dager siden
The agonizing factory neurologically afford because cemetery hopefully matter barring a overwrought euphonium. combative, vivacious triangle
andrew balfour
andrew balfour 2 dager siden
Lyle MacDonald
Lyle MacDonald 2 dager siden
Discovered this video by chance as a friend is seeking help in such building methods. I have run a MS260 for a decade that has cut down and bucked at least 50 cord of firewood plus trail cutting and with the exception of one carb kit it has never let me down even during the hardest use. I have only used a 16 inch bar so as to better fit on my quad. Thank you for such an informative video. Regards from BC Canada 🇨🇦 Omar Omar 2 dager siden
At Malaysian is the same way to make a pieces of timber board, we don't have bend saw at wilderness... Yes, chattonlad said are true, I saw that Husqvarna is two time faster running than another chainsaw...
Advoko MAKES
Advoko MAKES 2 dager siden
I recently switched to a Husqvarna chainsaw with good results.
Fluke Skywalker
Fluke Skywalker 3 dager siden
Awesome & Thank you woodsman.
Shane Pettman
Shane Pettman 3 dager siden
Husqvarna 268xp runs nice
Advoko MAKES
Advoko MAKES 3 dager siden
I ended up switching to a Husqvarna 356 chainsaw last summer. I didn't let me down.
TerritoryProud 3 dager siden
This dude is a chainsaw Jedi
Justin Tackett
Justin Tackett 3 dager siden
Whole video. Amazing. Wisdom. And simplicity. And hard work. And inspiring logs.
Ahmet Narci
Ahmet Narci 4 dager siden
Kannst du auch den längsschnitt zeigen,denke nicht.Verarschen der leute.Aber reklame machen😁😁😁
jaime lesgens
jaime lesgens 4 dager siden
ces un metier bucheron il taille les arbre comme dans une scieris il sont fort les homme
Shrek PA
Shrek PA 4 dager siden
Man you’re awesome 👏🏽 what’s a work
Edmund Farmer
Edmund Farmer 4 dager siden
Your Lifes Your Experience
Your Lifes Your Experience 5 dager siden
Sorry but I was passing myself with the logs attached to the 50cc scooter 😅
Mr X
Mr X 5 dager siden
My uncle wasted logs as he couldn't carry from the deep jungle. A nice way to cut it .
AnnoyingT Solicitations
AnnoyingT Solicitations 5 dager siden
. Makes sense The weight of cutting across Left to Right puts weight on the chainsaw Cutting vertically leaves the boards standing on its own Excellent video Thanks for sharing Be Well God Bless ~ ...
Orçun Dursun
Orçun Dursun 5 dager siden
boris bellone
boris bellone 5 dager siden
Brandon McCreight
Brandon McCreight 6 dager siden
I know this is a late answer; the husqvarna 450 or 455 would be great for this.
Advoko MAKES
Advoko MAKES 5 dager siden
I recently switched to a Husqvarna chainsaw with good results...
Jon Boy
Jon Boy 6 dager siden
Thank you for sharing this. I got a downed Maple and a Red Oak behind my place from a storm,been trying to figure out how to get the boards from them. Cant afford the Alaska mill, but I can follow these instructions! Looking forward to trying this out, thanks again
Advoko MAKES
Advoko MAKES 6 dager siden
Many people reported success using this simple milling technique on the first try here in the comment suction.
Shelton McGraw
Shelton McGraw 6 dager siden
A 250 will outlast any other saw. The best one made
George Ellis
George Ellis 7 dager siden
Nice work well done thank you for sharing & have a good. day.
Miguel Dominguez
Miguel Dominguez 7 dager siden
nice video!
Pedro The wise
Pedro The wise 8 dager siden
Great skill
Covid70 8 dager siden
dull saw makes for dust instead of chips
José Torcato de Almeida
José Torcato de Almeida 8 dager siden
That little spider at 11:00 looks like is going to have a surprise.
jtaustinmusic 9 dager siden
Dude. Such a well done video and your English is exceptional.
Advoko MAKES
Advoko MAKES 9 dager siden
Thank you!
Charles Reliable
Charles Reliable 9 dager siden
Max? Since You are using the teeth, at the end of the bar, do You have to change the geometry of the tooth grinding? I understand, when cutting with the grain, like an Alaskan Sawmill, a different tooth shape is better...But with Your method, Ya just use a regular toothed chain? Thank You.
Advoko MAKES
Advoko MAKES 9 dager siden
Charles, I resharpened a regular crosscut chain into a ripping chain.
Frank Z
Frank Z 9 dager siden
This guy is a fucking genius! Very innovative..
Dr.House House
Dr.House House 9 dager siden
Спиздили канал у адвоката)))
zenLife 10 dager siden
& don't cut off your...
Eduardo Ghedini
Eduardo Ghedini 10 dager siden
You gave me a great idea! Thanks!
Eduardo Ghedini
Eduardo Ghedini 10 dager siden
You gave me a great idea! Thanks!
bbruce995 10 dager siden
i hope one day to visit Russia and its wilderness, beautiful to say the least
Abbas Samadi
Abbas Samadi 11 dager siden
Deforestation it's a crime against humanity
Advoko MAKES
Advoko MAKES 10 dager siden
I only use fallen trees for my projects...
bill murray
bill murray 11 dager siden
if you want them to stay straight cut out the heart wood, and use it to burn or something.
Saucerboss mackson
Saucerboss mackson 12 dager siden
nice saw vice! thanks
Anthony Wall
Anthony Wall 12 dager siden
Thank you
Willie Bahn
Willie Bahn 12 dager siden
try a skip tooth chain to cut down friction
Dan Darling
Dan Darling 12 dager siden
Strange, I have a Stihl 260 C and have had zero problems after several years of heavy winter and summer use.
Advoko MAKES
Advoko MAKES 12 dager siden
My Stihl saw was made in Brazil...
Dan Darling
Dan Darling 12 dager siden
@Advoko MAKES I assume America, not sure, but I am in Northern Michigan.
Advoko MAKES
Advoko MAKES 12 dager siden
Where was it made?
wrwhitsitt 13 dager siden
Really very interesting !
Don Fr0mal
Don Fr0mal 13 dager siden
Echo timberwolve
Ronnie Ferguson
Ronnie Ferguson 13 dager siden
Can you send me one like that to fit my chainsaw?
Ingmar Lee
Ingmar Lee 13 dager siden
Max, my 10-year-old son Zephyr and I are enjoying your fascinating videos very much! We do quite a lot of chainsaw milling, -usually with an Alaskan Mill attached to my giant old Stihl 090 chainsaw (videos posted on NOpost "Ingmar Lee") But I also frequently mill planks by eye as you are demonstrating here. I find that the cutting goes much easier if you rip from the top of the bar, instead of the bottom. What I do is plunge the saw right through the piece at the beginning of the chalk line, and then, with an approximately 45 degree cutting angle, just push the saw through the cut, instead of pulling. The saw pushes back at you of course, but it's a lot easier and more relaxing to brace, and you don't bury your line with sawdust. And the saw just climbs up into the cut and pulls itself along very easily once you get the hang of it. So you can see your line the whole way through, and all you need to concentrate on is keeping your saw plumb! Keep up the great work! Clearly, you are having a huge lot of fun and your bushcrafting is just excellent!! Cheers, Ingmar -writing from Denny Island, near Bella Bella on the British Columbia coast of Canada
Advoko MAKES
Advoko MAKES 12 dager siden
Please say hi to Zephyr from me))) Thanks for the tip too! Denny Island!...
Mike thompson
Mike thompson 13 dager siden
should invest in a 440 or 660 and ripping chains, it will cut so much easier.
Yoo toobe
Yoo toobe 14 dager siden
Nice video! Thanks!
InGod WeTrust
InGod WeTrust 14 dager siden
Great video. I prefer Husqvarna and Dolmar
Advoko MAKES
Advoko MAKES 14 dager siden
I recently switched to a Husqvarna 365 chainsaw with good results...
Blair Polden
Blair Polden 14 dager siden
I never plan on starting a chainsaw. I just like your voice. Years to acquire simple wisdom. Good people watch good videos. Russian and Canadians live in basically same environment. Different languages but a lot of the same traits. Tough independent.
Stephens Butt
Stephens Butt 14 dager siden
Going to be a lot of disappointment when people try this.
thedeakin 11 dager siden
care to elaborate or ...
Stephens Butt
Stephens Butt 14 dager siden
Scooter logging..
Chad Riglin
Chad Riglin 15 dager siden
Shindaiwa 600sx is the power you're looking for! I have a newer 491s its amazing but I mostly use a 30yr old Shindaiwa 49, always runs great but not always powerful enough.
Advoko MAKES
Advoko MAKES 14 dager siden
Chad, thanks for the info. I recently switched to a Husky and Echo saws...
Angel Face
Angel Face 15 dager siden
Echo chainsaws
Advoko MAKES
Advoko MAKES 14 dager siden
I actually switched to an Echo and Husqvarna chanisaws last season...
Thomas Steed
Thomas Steed 15 dager siden
Id stick shims in as im going to keep the length gou already cut from binding the blade.
Starving Bruddah
Starving Bruddah 14 dager siden
But he uses the cut for his guide
short film natural es
short film natural es 16 dager siden Great method and skills 🤗😋🤓 Thanks for sharing it 👌👌
The Dolphin
The Dolphin 16 dager siden
I LOVE your accent.
Mark Torres
Mark Torres 16 dager siden
Im going to give it a try
Jim Schlough
Jim Schlough 16 dager siden
I also had a cheap chainsaw, not very different from the Stihl. I changed over to a Husqvarna and never looked back. I have other Stihl products, and they are very fussy about gas additives, and I often replaced Stihl carburetors. We can buy small engine gas in a can at the hardware store for these kind of problems.
Advoko MAKES
Advoko MAKES 16 dager siden
Jim, I recently swithched to a Husqvarna saw with good results.
Jesper Makes
Jesper Makes 16 dager siden
Best video. Ever.
mel niel
mel niel 17 dager siden
Are you using fuel from a gas station? These new fuels are no good for 2 stroke engines! Instead buy TrueFuel it is specifically made for small 2 stroke engines!
Mathias Willems
Mathias Willems 4 dager siden
@Ken2234 synthethic fuel burns cleaner and most important less hot, thats why! It's composid from far less components than natural fuel.
Ken2234 7 dager siden
why is that?
FlyFish Mange
FlyFish Mange 17 dager siden
*you have my attention...*
bobaom 17 dager siden
Aah Stihl,the saw by which all others are measured.
jeff morgan
jeff morgan 17 dager siden
echo p600 works great
Advoko MAKES
Advoko MAKES 16 dager siden
Jeff, thank you for the info. I ended up buy a Husky and an Echo last summer.
str8 menace
str8 menace 17 dager siden
Dolmar light weight and plenty of power
Advoko MAKES
Advoko MAKES 16 dager siden
Thanks for the info. I ended up going with a Husky chainsaw...
Greg Hayes
Greg Hayes 17 dager siden
I built a saw mill using a Stihl 084 ( 120cc). The power of the saw was very good. However it is heavy and taxing on the arms and shoulders. I would recommend a saw around the 85cc range for best results.
Yossman 18 dager siden
The scooter is just incredible :D, the modern work horse noone knew about!
Tonka Troy
Tonka Troy 18 dager siden
Stay out of the forest! People like you are the problem, stay in your cities, clean those places up
randy beard
randy beard 18 dager siden
Chainsaws Chains do not like to Cut With the Grain..
Chris Harrison
Chris Harrison 18 dager siden
There are specific chains with a different tooth angle for ripping planks
Michael Worley
Michael Worley 18 dager siden
you should build a tree house.
JD Smith
JD Smith 18 dager siden
Tried it and It works perfect! Never will buy again wood again
Howie47 18 dager siden
I just cut a 12" cedar log in half using the same method. I saw another video of lumberjacks in South America using the same. I did finally get the log cut in half with my little 14" bar. But it was a hell of a mess with uneven cuts going in every direction. I now see your advice on having a properly sharpened blade was my problem. Thanks for the lesson.
Here now
Here now 19 dager siden
Also the key is the 45 degree angle your cutting at it always finds a straight cut providing one follows the top line accuracy at 45.. . Хорошее видео
Bjoern Andersen
Bjoern Andersen 19 dager siden
What's up guys? Not even one high five in this episode? Or did I miss them?
Danielle Pardiac
Danielle Pardiac 19 dager siden
Wow! That was excellent and useful information! I'm glad I was able to see your video.
Jake Songster
Jake Songster 19 dager siden
I have a problem already, it's hard to find trees this big anymore.
Ram Datovsky
Ram Datovsky 19 dager siden
Grow trees...dont cut them
Paruh Blgen
Paruh Blgen 20 dager siden
Господин адвокат, я уловил Ваш русский акцент, но с большим трудом, наверно по звуку "и". А текст отличный, да и тема. И нельзя работать с металлом голыми руками, попадет микрозаноза и глубоко - не вынете, берегите себя.
explodingplanets 20 dager siden
Is that a fukking Vespa he used to haul logs im ded
Billy Adkins
Billy Adkins 20 dager siden
A good bible study I found is MARK13 RECORDS u tube channel get into your heavenly FATHER'S WORD now while you still have time to study like your LIFE DEPENDS on it because it does please everyone!
Huskydoggg 20 dager siden
Your original problem was that the chain would not bite into wood for long, deep cuts. Your technique and homemade guide were excellent, but you simply had the wrong chain for that type of cutting. “Skip chain” is commonly used in chainsaw mills. It has half as many cutters and usually lower rakers. This reduces friction, increases cutting, and reduces strain on the saw. I used skip chain with my Husqvarna 365 with 42” bar to cut flats on spruce up to 38” diameter for my log house. Worked great.
Louis 20 dager siden
Thank you for your experience and knowledge on log cutting I found it very informative. From California.
Joaquin Larriba
Joaquin Larriba 20 dager siden
The MS 260 is "supposed" to be commercial grade, it is not. When you were pouring fuel into the saw from the red can, it appeared that the fuel was unmixed. The fuel was extremely clear in color, a properly mixed fuel will have a greenish/blue tint to it. Using poorly or un-mixed fuel will overheat a two-stroke engine and the piston will scar, thereby losing compresion. In my humble opinion, the saw you are using is waaay to small. If you are going to use a small saw like that and want to stay with Stihl, perhaps you could get lucky enough to find a used 038 Super. Otherwise, save your pennies and jump up to a (362, 462 or 500 fuel injected!!! Or, a used 440 or 460, also a used 041 Super----ALL COMMERCIAL)
Advoko MAKES
Advoko MAKES 20 dager siden
Thank you for your reply. I recently switched to a Husqvarna chainsaw with good results...
CsendPenge 20 dager siden
I saw piston in such a state when my buddy forgot to mix proper fuel, used only half amount of neccessary oil onto the gas. Such a heavy damage to a piston suggest the same error, the oil/fuel mix wasn't good. You should ask a pro mechanic.
Juniper Grove
Juniper Grove 21 dag siden
from Canada with LOVE!!!
Rick Stevens
Rick Stevens 21 dag siden
I imagine sharpening your chain so it cuts straight...
Brian Turner
Brian Turner 21 dag siden
i found your youtube channel 2 days ago. I think ive already binged watched 20 of your videos. My new favorite youtuber.
Advoko MAKES
Advoko MAKES 21 dag siden
! )))
Rusty Hawkins
Rusty Hawkins 22 dager siden
The disturbed push dfly continue because dryer ipsilaterally arrest within a capable spruce. phobic, angry transaction
Luis Miramontes
Luis Miramontes 22 dager siden
I'm planning on using reclaimed telephone poles to landscape a small flower and Vegetable garden that i recently acquired and your technique for cutting will be very helpful in my project
Don Breest
Don Breest 20 dager siden
Luis, be careful using those poles. Most are saturated with creosote and can be poisonous.
Advoko MAKES
Advoko MAKES 21 dag siden
Glad to hear that!
Luis Miramontes
Luis Miramontes 22 dager siden
Your video was very informative and helpful, thank you very much and greetings from the USA
Urbicide 22 dager siden
A year & a half later, nearly 3500 views. Great video. Looking at the destroyed piston, it looks like you had a lean seize. A chain saw's primary cooling is furnished by the incoming fuel/air mixture. For milling, it is usually recommended to fatten up, or enrichen, the carburetor mixture a bit. Another thing to do is to use a bit more oil in your fuel mix, & use the best air cooled, 2-cycle mix you can find, along with fresh gasoline. You may have to clean or replace your spark plug more frequently, but a spark plug is much cheaper than a piston & cylinder. Check & clean the air filter regularly. Also, there is no replacement for displacement. More CC's is better. BTW, Mahle is the top manufacturer of professional grade P & C for the OEM manufacturers. Cheers!
PAUL O' Flynn
PAUL O' Flynn 22 dager siden
This is great. Well done. One comment; I feel You should remember is that it is the noise from the chainsaw that is such a high pitch you cannot hear it and that is what damages your hearing.
StihlPancakes661 22 dager siden
Log scooter! That’s amazing!!
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