THE CHENVAALA DREAM! - Hearthstone Battlegrounds

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Måned siden

Hearthstone Battlegrounds - Take a weak Hero and crank the RNG to over 9000.
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Faisal Mohamed
Faisal Mohamed 5 dager siden
Too much money to play game, screw playing this game. Say something ffs kripp. I get this is your career but fuck man, I really expected you to say something meaningful.
Thomas Culver
Thomas Culver Måned siden
Wow, didn't realize that was you who was playing chenvalla, I was millhouse and was like wtf because you stole all the late game elementals before I could even see them. Plus no token turn 1 or 2.
Wamb0wneD 3000
Wamb0wneD 3000 Måned siden
when you highroll so hard that nomi becomes not good enough.
Kevin Stapp
Kevin Stapp Måned siden
Exactly 6 damage.
1989Brolly1989 Måned siden
If you pick some creture type it's always the least represented
Well Hello
Well Hello Måned siden
Bob: “How many Lil Rags do you want?” Krip: “Yes”
qwerterific Måned siden
Balázs Serfőző
Balázs Serfőző Måned siden
4:38 okey gg
Ramiro Jaume
Ramiro Jaume Måned siden
Hmmm. This must have slipped NOpost censors
Atwa Måned siden
Wow what a great mode, this run has such deep level of complexity and decision making. It went: pick every single elemental deal 30+ damage every turn after turn 9
Alvise Cattaruzzo
Alvise Cattaruzzo Måned siden
Disgusting 🤣
zhang huijian
zhang huijian Måned siden
We this kind of play in china as play using the left of your life`````
Kiri ZPraid
Kiri ZPraid Måned siden
crazy RNG CHENVAALA game... real dream game! PERFECTION!
Grom Hellscream
Grom Hellscream Måned siden
Selling Garr is causing the community to revolt against Kripp
Antoine Fabre
Antoine Fabre Måned siden
Amazing run, but it pretty much seems like you need to sleep
Oscar Måned siden
7:30 I would like to remind you that this was turn 7 I can't believe how shit these two boards were
Max Motion Videos
Max Motion Videos Måned siden
BGs are so bullshit right now. No skill. Just pure Djinnie luck. Elementals fucked it up actually
Rounderino Winerino Kripperino
Rounderino Winerino Kripperino Måned siden
Kripp won 7 out of 13 rounds this game which is 53.84% win rate.
ItsRatedXL Måned siden
You have some of the luckiest rng lol
Scrubby Måned siden
Remember when they nerfed beasts? That guy rolled pre-nerf beasts, and honestly, wouldn’t have won even if kripp rolled way lower
Dieguen EC
Dieguen EC Måned siden
just realized, chenvaala is an anagram for avalanche
SombraYeah Måned siden
15:30 he just sold 20 - 13 for a 4-4 buff FailFish
Archermit Måned siden
Elementals have put me off playing battelgrounds recently...and I was hammering the game and loving it...I wouldn't be the best player out there but seeing everyone playing elementals and them winning almost every game with a tiny amount of early's just silly
Jakub Chytła
Jakub Chytła Måned siden
15:28 why did you sell 20/13 Gar instead of 6/3 majordomo? :(
Jakub Chytła
Jakub Chytła Måned siden
It grows and with rags buffs it can be huge. Mozdormu was giving like +5/+5 per turn while gar can give like +0/+30 per turn.
Dr Dr
Dr Dr Måned siden
20/13 is useless.
J K Måned siden
Elementals will start rotating, like other classes from lobby to lobby at some point right?
Cambria Måned siden
Yes. Better sooner than later but normally it should be when the next bg expansion hits.
Josh Amos
Josh Amos Måned siden
10:02 I would of sold party elemental instead of Domo tbh
Cambria Måned siden
I would HAVE aswell.
Edson TNG
Edson TNG Måned siden
What the f**k is this?
nason malczon
nason malczon Måned siden
Damn I got a good laugh from this one
KebzStyle Måned siden
Tutorial complete
Entr0pyDee Måned siden
"Garr is actually kinda ok here." Me: Is it finally time? *another mini-rag* "Oh, well, bye Garr." Also Me: ;(
Caspar Michael
Caspar Michael Måned siden
He gets only elementals early on and yet he complains at the start of his video that he had an unlucky start without elementals ... :(
Андрей Кадыков
Андрей Кадыков Måned siden
Crazy, Dude 👍👍👍
Anton Borissenko
Anton Borissenko Måned siden
Kripp plays Chenvaala: sees 9 elementals by turn 4. I play Cheenvaala: finds the first and the only elemental through triple into murozond after a battle against a guy with 7 elementals at turn 10.
Kizaru Kizaru
Kizaru Kizaru Måned siden
This title really offends me. Ive played chenvaala like 6-7 times after the buff and i only managed to activate the hero power 4-5 times in all games combined. The game does not want to give me elementals when playing this hero. And every other game that i get a hero that can play anything (rafaam maiev etc) i constantly get elementals. Like im on the edge of madness. I love playing elementals but for christ sake if someone doesnt come forth and tell me that blizzard has actually rigged the game so that chenvaala gets less elementals than any other hero im gonna lose my shit
Sir Red
Sir Red Måned siden
Damn. Why can't I get that lucky, my last game with that hero I basically had no elementals but I did have doubke Kalegos
Brian Tee
Brian Tee Måned siden
Not sure if Kindergarten kid would have 0.1% chance to tie a World Champion 13:36
Angelo Baloy
Angelo Baloy Måned siden
but never plays galakrond. right galakronderino?
GitGud Måned siden
We need a Garr kripperino at this point
habib rouatbi
habib rouatbi Måned siden
hhhhhhhhhhhhhh noob
EternalHappElements Måned siden
Just a high roll video. Nothing really is important.
Brant Lunsford
Brant Lunsford Måned siden
not taking nomi turn 9 and then selling the domo instead of party elemental hurt my soul
Josh Amos
Josh Amos Måned siden
I know He would’ve had a bigger wind fury at 10:02 by a large margin, better then the later turns he played domo for only +4/+4 but other than that I was handle well.
Billy Begood
Billy Begood Måned siden
Elementals are so fucking stupid. They are far better than any other tribe and make them pretty much pointless to play. All of my first place wins have been with elementals, except for one time that I got first with Ragnaros and a divine shield build.
Mister Noodle
Mister Noodle Måned siden
Honestly, I am not the biggest fan of the ultra high rolls like this anymore. Like, I definitely enjoy it as content but *playing* this kind of build isn't super fun to me anymore. When I get this kind of roll, I honestly just feel bad for the other players in the lobby and hope someone comes up with an interesting build to beat it. There comes a point that I play the high roll, but I kinda feel like the boss that secretly hopes the underdogs win. I guess that is why I have lost a lot of interest in being "competitive" in this mode.
SMILEPANTS Måned siden
2:56 the play was not that. The play was buy both and discover a 4
CrazyLasagna Måned siden
I swear to god Kripp, THE GARR! KEEP THE DAMN GARR! Some of them kinda makes sense but the one on turn 12 baffles me; the Garr got +12/12 and was SOOO much better than the Majordomo, especially since the change of another turn was very high.
Floodx4 Måned siden
Elemental's are busted as hell.
ND Put
ND Put Måned siden
It pains me to believe that they thought djinni to five was a better change than garr to five x(
ND Put
ND Put Måned siden
Everyone including me: buys djinni Everyone except me: Rag, Amalgodon or Tempest Me: Molten rock Every. Damn. Time.
Ereth Måned siden
more like malding rock
Danny Ice folf
Danny Ice folf Måned siden
I think i was that malygos :c
A. Crowley
A. Crowley Måned siden
Turn 9, 10 this is fucking ugly. No wonder some people rage when they marched against such shit (((
Scope Reoxist
Scope Reoxist Måned siden
Elementar is easy snd op
Kudo TV
Kudo TV Måned siden
12:55 I can't even imagine what kind of unholy things happened in the one simulation where this was a tie... I guess sneeds + chadgar into 4 maexnas was probably part of it?
Cambria Måned siden
Probably kripp hitting sneeds with at least two spots left before selfless died. Spawn maexnasses. Slefless gives maexnasses divine shield. Slightly unlikely..
druid ster
druid ster Måned siden
@Mauer01 not possible. Sneeds cannot deathrattle into Ghastcoiler. Ghastcoiler is not a legendary minion.
Mauer01 Måned siden
sneeds can deathrattle into the beast thats deathrattles other dathrattles. so there is a world in which he won that round.
marcos ramos
marcos ramos Måned siden
Massive hate boner against garr
Alan Duncan
Alan Duncan Måned siden
The Garr disrespect is real in this one.
Feuerbringer Måned siden
They should've just kept all the op stuff and add more op stuff. Because mechanically pretty much all of them were really fun and the game will never be balanced anyway.
Daniel Centurion
Daniel Centurion Måned siden
What you think of zeprys??? Play whit him jajaja
James Gabbert
James Gabbert Måned siden
avg dmg: 40 enough said about this video
Matthew Arant
Matthew Arant Måned siden
Elementals are obviously overpowered there is no debate there. You can still get top 4 consistently though. But I think the worst thing about elementals is that the game isn't fun. It's just boring. Every game is just elementals elementals elementals. I had a game where 5 people where playing elementals. It's basically just a competition of who high-rolls the most. It's just so repetitive.
John Gleeman
John Gleeman Måned siden
18:15 Take your beating like a man!
Menega007 Måned siden
Now this is a highroll
ElRoT iX
ElRoT iX Måned siden
Imagine my guy would've faced this. He would've cried like the biggest pussy. I don't like how he doesn't embrace his own luck but flames on every coinflip he loses...
Tia Gen
Tia Gen Måned siden
5 RA's early on, alrite
Robber Vandenduppen
Robber Vandenduppen Måned siden
I wonder how many people Bob has called "his favorite commander" You're fake bob, I know, you're lying
Josh Amos
Josh Amos Måned siden
Imagine going into a round like this and have him say, “I think you can win this.”
NoNamedPleb Måned siden
I wish there was a way to mute Bob. I had enough of his bullshit.
R Y Måned siden
Btw last round is 40 dmg average!!
Magnum Dong
Magnum Dong Måned siden
Kripp fucking hates Garr with a passion
James Hamann
James Hamann Måned siden
We had Garr for 10 seconds :(
Kripperino Awayfromkeyboardino
Kripperino Awayfromkeyboardino Måned siden
kripp does not go afk in this video
Alex Strigle
Alex Strigle Måned siden
5:53 “I don’t.... wanna be alive” that sounded wrong
Frey Vestergaard
Frey Vestergaard Måned siden
He actually said "No I won't... I wanna be alive." So it actually sounds good 👍
Jordan Coleman
Jordan Coleman Måned siden
wait kripp is almost 13k playing memes wtf?
RDxMaverick Måned siden
Never lucky
Ledor Bloodraven
Ledor Bloodraven Måned siden
Kripp: Garr would actually be good here... Lil Rag: I am about to end this man‘s hole career!
roberts1711 Måned siden
I see so many vids of kripp claiming he has bad rbg. He fucking blessed. He more elementals with chevala by turn4 than i get in a full game with it
Subby Måned siden
200 years 😂
Kopadoodle Is me
Kopadoodle Is me Måned siden
Elementals is the new merlocks
Cleaverino Kripperino
Cleaverino Kripperino Måned siden
Kripp does not say this hydra is a little late in this video. But he definitely should have kept and tried to tripple that wildfire elemental cleave imo.
goegrog27 Måned siden
@Aldo Horn Toolaterino Nomirino
Aldo Horn
Aldo Horn Måned siden
Are you really determined to be the "Hydrarino" person.l? You could be the "Cleavarino"... I mean... since Kripp will never again say that a hydra is too late.
Poke Brother
Poke Brother Måned siden
HitchensImmortal Måned siden
13:08 Kripp: "It's like..." Me "SWATTING INSECTS!!!"
xLegend 89
xLegend 89 Måned siden
The amount of disrespect you show garr pains me
Craftuar Måned siden
5 times i got Chenvaala as Hero, and everytime i got my first elementals @tier 4 or 5 :(
Nota Realperson
Nota Realperson Måned siden
Keeping majordomo over Garr hurt me.
Jasei Wilde
Jasei Wilde Måned siden
5:54 kripp & morty
Lucas Ribeiro Principal
Lucas Ribeiro Principal Måned siden
They removed megasaur nerfed milhouse removed Tirion, Just to introduce 40 dmg to the face on turn 9-10 what a Fair adjustment.
Max Louhio
Max Louhio Måned siden
@Maguc • Tirion in addition to being good was the most boring hero to play.
UnseenIncognito Måned siden
This in itself is not the problem. Tirion was too consistently stronger than average, same with Millhouse. The problem right now though is, that the difference between highroll and lowroll has increased substantially compared to back then, resulting in situations like this, where players die before turn10 because they are ahead of the curve by like three turns while others lack behind. I am not sure if or how they intend to fix this. Right now Battlegrounds for me results way too often in sorry emotes for opponents or ragequit.
Maguc •
Maguc • Måned siden
Kind of crazy how Tirion, once considered the best most op hero, would be a really bad pick right now
MrBaris115 Måned siden
Tirion would be removed no matter what since bg went into an "archetype" focused mode. Blizz removed most of the tribeless minions from bg
AGuyNamedSmith Måned siden
So *that's* how the devs intended chenvala to be played!
SnewNl Måned siden
Mr krip is super strong
vidya Måned siden
This is straight up cyberbullying
dima petrov
dima petrov Måned siden
mr streamer, just 38 damage and you call it a skill? get better please Kappa
PokeLogik X
PokeLogik X Måned siden
I havnt gotten chenvaala once since it came out. I was offered everything else at least 7 times.
Garrarino Carryrino Kripperino
Garrarino Carryrino Kripperino Måned siden
Lieutenant Garr did not carry this game but... we were close guys! Lieutenant Garr almost was good enough until Kripp got another Lil Rag. One day we will see Garr's return!
water2770 Måned siden
Does Kripp throw Garr in the trash this game? Yes he does
Godplayer Måned siden
you play slower than death
MS Måned siden
He really gonna value that Party Elemental over Garr, huh.
Blacky Maze
Blacky Maze Måned siden
@rustyhughes I have 10k rating. Hate Garr aswell, its pure garbage. Only low players pick garr...
Jacob Luneberg
Jacob Luneberg Måned siden
seeing him keep the party over garr was hard. seeing him keep domo over garr infuriated me
Mike Arsen
Mike Arsen Måned siden
He hates garr
rustyhughes Måned siden
His Garr would have been 200+ health if he’d kept it - I can’t understand how he doesn’t think it’s a good card
Ridwan Bahri
Ridwan Bahri Måned siden
@Jarekx2007 it's a tie, but if the 1/1 poison paired with baron and triple selfless that stats is outdated. The more "eazy" way to counter this is to play George full poisons when murloc and beast are not banned Edited: quote on quote
Dr. Terrivian Vess
Dr. Terrivian Vess Måned siden
wow, you play new heroes regardles of power level? Well, Galakrond came out and you played 3 games with him, then played straight Raafam and Eudora, then switched to Hooktusk for those 1st place clickbait titles. #Unsilence Galakrondarino
Thanatos Måned siden
@Cambria Those are at least commenting on things happening in the video, not begging.
Cambria Måned siden
@Thanatos So are the hydra are late, jeezus, battlemaster, saltmeter, just all that crap. The only good kripperino I'v seen in the past 5 years are the luck factor dude.
Thanatos Måned siden
@Dr. Terrivian Vess Good, they were obnoxious.
Dr. Terrivian Vess
Dr. Terrivian Vess Måned siden
It's mostly cause he silenced a kripperino. Just upload a game where you get super lucky, call it the character, and everyone is happy. Instead, all galakrondarinos comments are deleted.
Thanatos Måned siden
Galakrond sucks. Can't make something from nothing.
Anik Talukder
Anik Talukder Måned siden
wtf gar you got rid of
Piotr Måned siden
Got Chenvaala today (account without the extras) and it was absurdly easy to just annihilate people. Double nomi into double rag, golden gar... This game mode is utterly broken right now. Hitting people for 38 on early tavern 4 yay.
SMILEPANTS Måned siden
Stop lying weirdo
Krooked Monkeys
Krooked Monkeys Måned siden
Had he actually kept Garr this wouldve been an insane board but for some reason he hates that card
Gaston Consorti
Gaston Consorti Måned siden
@Joel Timonen Well we are talking about two diferent moments in the game, although now i realise that i was confused when i said that he sold the Domo, so that might be the reason for the confusion. I was talking about the very first Garr (since it was the one with the biggest grouth potential) and how in that moment selling the garr for the Rag was a lot better, and that in that turn domo gave +16+16 You are talking (i assume) about the last Garr of all, and yes i agree that Garr was a lot better than the domo, my guess is that at that point the game was already won and he was playing on autopilot and didnt notice that the Garr got all the buffs from the rags instantly, or that he didnt want another tount so that Gini would die garanted
Joel Timonen
Joel Timonen Måned siden
@Gaston Consorti I mean, the Garr was a 20/13 with potential to get more health. The Majordomo was a 6/3 who's going to buff the leftmost minion for +4/+4 for that turn (obviously the Domo's getting sold the next turn, so that +4/+4 is the last buff he's going to give). I'd say 20/13+ is overall a lot better than 6/3 that gives another minion +4/+4. You're free to disagree.
Goscalyon Måned siden
@Gaston Consorti The thing about battlemaster is, it doesn't scale after it is played. The garr just keeps getting bigger and bigger
Gaston Consorti
Gaston Consorti Måned siden
@Dr.Rockets that does makes sense, specialy when you consider that Garr is similar to battlemaster (low atack huge health) and how broken an early geni is at 5
Dr.Rockets Måned siden
Garr should be the 5 drop and geni back to 6 that way geni get's rebalenced and garr see play.
Xarx3s Måned siden
Best Chenvaala run I had was getting 5 sellementals and a bunch of other tokens, allowing me to hit taven 4 and pick up 2 golden minions extremely quickly. Which were the genie and Baron, I then sold everything else off to pick up the parrot on the board. The opponent didn't instant kill the genie and the parrot got to attack giving me 4 elementals. 2 of which were amalgadons. No-one even came close to beating me and the game was over shortly after.
Bogdan Popovici
Bogdan Popovici Måned siden
Same thing here as lich king. Double tripple into baron and djini and hp the djini and buying parrot. Lost the first round though, I did it later than you for sure. Luckily I lived and got rags and amalgadons.
vqeujfckl ntb
vqeujfckl ntb Måned siden
lol Kripp calls that amusing? You can tell from his eyes that he feels this is actually unfair and broken af when he was playing xd
Max Louhio
Max Louhio Måned siden
He's just so used to be that jannie in the end where you're 34 hp on turn 13 and take 70 damage in 2 turns.
Iris Waldenburger
Iris Waldenburger Måned siden
11:45 Garr is ok here, right ? Yeah ... 12:15 bye Garr
Robert Malone
Robert Malone Måned siden
15:28 why the hell did you sell a 20/13 garr over a 6/3 majordomo
Anobeus Måned siden
lol every video someone asks about Garr
Diego Gonzalez
Diego Gonzalez Måned siden
i’m fairly sure kripp has a hate boner for garr, it’s really annoying how much he hates that card
Kraily 4t8
Kraily 4t8 Måned siden
1- majordomo gives stats (strangely, domo didn't get any stats from lil rag) and gar self gains stats plus eats stats from lil rag and party ele that could go to the other ele's on his board 2- another taunt would eat hits when he most likely would rather have djini eat it instead so he can get more ele's on the off chance his opponent lives 3- he wanted to make his windfury bigger 4- the game could've ended that turn and a small garr doesn't do much but eat like 1 hit and not kill anything, but domo is in the sidelines giving buffs and pads player dmg if not killed
Robert Malone
Robert Malone Måned siden
garr could easily because over a 30/60 in 2 turns while majordomo is usually just gonna give +15/15 over those 2 turns
Λουκάς Παπανικολάου
Λουκάς Παπανικολάου Måned siden
Mahodomo can give a lot of stats, while garr only gains health so it makes sense Plus gar needs time to be actually viable (+ needs Ragnaros to buff his attack by a lot)
Alex Blind
Alex Blind Måned siden
damn this hero is broken
CouchPotatoCNPB Måned siden
Are...are you allowed to post this video? I'm pretty sure this was a war crime
my message to KSI. lmao.
Jake Paul
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my message to KSI. lmao.
Jake Paul
Ganger 2,5 mill
BTS (방탄소년단) 'Life Goes On' Official MV
A Star Witness Was Born in Michigan Thanks to Rudy
The Late Late Show with James Corden
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