Billie Eilish, ROSALÍA - Lo Vas A Olvidar (Official Music Video)

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Listen to “Lo Vas A Olvidar”, out now:
Director - Nabil
Producer - Tara Razavi
Production Company - Happy Place
HP Line Producer - Jared Fassler
Cinematographer - Diego Rosenblatt
Production Designer - Miranda Lorenz
Editor - Sebastian Zotoff
Colorist - Brandon Chavez
VFX - The Kroot
Follow Billie Eilish:
Facebook: billieeilish
Instagram: billieeilish
Twitter: billieeilish
Facebook: rosalia.vt/
Instagram: rosalia.vt
Twitter: rosaliavt
Official Site:
Music video by Billie Eilish, ROSALÍA performing Lo Vas A Olvidar. © 2021 Darkroom/Interscope Records

Adhiraj Lahon
Adhiraj Lahon 35 minutter siden
Hey I'm big fan of you it's become a big dream for me to meet you and Collab with you 😊😊😊...
_beanoftheblues_ Time siden
Eh to all the comments uh Yo no hablo español
franklin franklin
franklin franklin Time siden
Fernando sikez
Fernando sikez 3 timer siden
Amo 🖤
romano ramsaran
romano ramsaran 4 timer siden
I think this is the first tim i actually heard auto tune in her song
Едино Л̷и̷з̷а̷
Едино Л̷и̷з̷а̷ 4 timer siden
Billie Eilish 🌸 I love you 💚💚💚 🥺🥺🥺🥺
IRIAX 4 timer siden
словами не могу передать которой этот трек Ваууу, просто послушайте
X_Darkzoid_X 5 timer siden
I speak Spanish but I don’t know what there saying... like I can barley hear there voice 🇲🇽🧍🏻‍♀️🙈
Alex Canchis Angulo
Alex Canchis Angulo 5 timer siden
Qui yo larco ??
Belial felvelial вэлл
Belial felvelial вэлл 5 timer siden
Enrique Guardia Medrano
Enrique Guardia Medrano 6 timer siden
No les entendi ni mierda a ambas xd
Leslie Lopez
Leslie Lopez 6 timer siden
no manches this fire ninos
Andiyol El Vocablo Tv
Andiyol El Vocablo Tv 6 timer siden
Andiyol El Vocablo Tv
Andiyol El Vocablo Tv 6 timer siden
AMaNdX 7 timer siden
Billie cantando en español es todo lo que esta bien 🛐
Camila gaming tik tok
Camila gaming tik tok 7 timer siden
And my family talk's Spanish and I can understand dit not speck as well like she was on fire and i all ways like u sense u start I was a kid but when I grew up I uset to hear old songs like hosting or oshen eyes I love u soooooo much as a singer your song are everything when I new song comes I say yes yes yes to everyone in the class and that is all I will say I used to do that in 2 grade now I just dance in my room and say yes yes as new song
Camila gaming tik tok
Camila gaming tik tok 7 timer siden
Dang she can talk Spanish I am bilingual I she does it better than me my family talk's Spanish oh and my favorite part billie sang was like the best oh like that part was like I found my heaven
Reine Kharl Balisbis
Reine Kharl Balisbis 7 timer siden
Reading spanish comments had me seizure 😭💀
奈津Natsu 8 timer siden
¿Cómo hace Rosalía para ir al baño con esas uñas? Edit: Billie igual tiene uñas así, ¿cómo le hacen?
Vitória Silva
Vitória Silva 8 timer siden
Shanks 么 Animes
Shanks 么 Animes 8 timer siden
give me money :)
6-1 2021 Mariana Agudelo Zapata
6-1 2021 Mariana Agudelo Zapata 8 timer siden
si la verdad se le entiende mas el español a billie talvez por ue la rosalia casi ni termina las palabras 🤔🤔
6-1 2021 Mariana Agudelo Zapata
6-1 2021 Mariana Agudelo Zapata 8 timer siden
aaaaaa billie en español 😍😍😍
602 Alison Lombana castañeda
602 Alison Lombana castañeda 8 timer siden
All the girls who are from the United States report back, I didn't understand anything they said, I'm from Colombia.😙😘😘😘 I don't know English I'm using a translator and I love Billi even though I don't understand what she sings and my dream is to know her. 😊😊😊love
alkimiya 8 timer siden
uqe asco rosalia malogro a mi billie
xxxDeep 8 timer siden
Lilian Gomez
Lilian Gomez 8 timer siden
que disparate de cancion no hate solo es muy repetitiva
Gh Er
Gh Er 8 timer siden
ولله الغنيه زي الخراء بس يتكلومن عن الشياطين
Marco 9 timer siden
The song was damn near perfect. That auto tune was horrendous.
Itzel ivonne Urbina Aleman
Itzel ivonne Urbina Aleman 9 timer siden
Que dice en el minuto 1:21 no entendí nada
YoUsMeLl BaD
YoUsMeLl BaD 9 timer siden
Itzel ivonne Urbina Aleman
Itzel ivonne Urbina Aleman 9 timer siden
Minuto 2:36 puro Auto-Tune
la maison de Lily
la maison de Lily 9 timer siden
Fuck depressing
shirley2009 10 timer siden
Morsa Anarquista
Morsa Anarquista 11 timer siden
billie eiliogs h tiebe vagyna jajajajj
Morsa Anarquista
Morsa Anarquista 11 timer siden
vagyna peluda Xdddddd
Morsa Anarquista
Morsa Anarquista 11 timer siden
Luis Salazar
Luis Salazar 11 timer siden
Pues yo si entendí a las dos ni que tan estúpido fuera para no entender
Raúl Reyes
Raúl Reyes 11 timer siden
Rosalía. Menos autotune, más vocalizar.
Jelly hub
Jelly hub 11 timer siden
What is this
Danar Danar
Danar Danar 12 timer siden
I love you sumach ❤️
EDG 12 timer siden
Dios rosalia que voz
LAEN GAMNG 12 timer siden
العرب وينكم موجودين
Serenitee Velasco
Serenitee Velasco 12 timer siden
I really hated the autotune where they sounded like robots so mf bad- but the song was good:) you’ve come so far Billie. We’re proud of you.
{gabi chan}
{gabi chan} 12 timer siden
Gente cadê os fãns brasileiros da bili 😳 nem parece que ela tem fã brasileiro
Luh Moreira
Luh Moreira 8 timer siden
Calma amiga o q não falta e fã brasileiro da billie ksksksksk
Camila Lemes
Camila Lemes 12 timer siden
Aqui o comentário em português que tu tanto procurava❤
Ronja Mäkelä
Ronja Mäkelä 13 timer siden
Daniel Jack
Daniel Jack 13 timer siden
И кто эта девушка
Daniel Jack
Daniel Jack 13 timer siden
Что-то не очень
ابو فله AboFlah
ابو فله AboFlah 13 timer siden
A minute of your time is a mercy on the young Muslims everywhere.🇮🇶🇮🇶🇮🇶🌹👍
ابو فله AboFlah
ابو فله AboFlah 13 timer siden
Subscribe, but we sang.
Laura Loulou
Laura Loulou 13 timer siden
anyone here after seeing the documentation? btw.. I’m so proud of this little but also big creature to live in this world and i’m so sooo sooooo thankful and grateful to be part of her life! I always be there to protect you and be by your side and support you how ever I can! be the way you are and don’t let you down for anyone! love you 🤍
cool xd español
Νικολαος Παπαθανασιου
Νικολαος Παπαθανασιου 13 timer siden
zeyenp dilsiz
zeyenp dilsiz 13 timer siden
hey bille ı very very very love you But I can't show my love to you, you can't see me, it makes me sadbb billie bb ı love you
TOURE REID 13 timer siden
Your the best Billie
ورده الامل
ورده الامل 13 timer siden
احبك بيلي 😘😘
a person
a person 13 timer siden
I don't understand a thing but this is still a masterpiece
VINE 08 14 timer siden
Tem algum brasileiro 🇧🇷😒
AnaDalia Alcazar
AnaDalia Alcazar 14 timer siden
Yudith Rodriguez
Yudith Rodriguez 14 timer siden
Billie eilish cantando en español 😔🤚amo
Νικολαος Παπαθανασιου
Νικολαος Παπαθανασιου 14 timer siden
zgotar 14 timer siden
It has such a beautiful vibe
JIKOOK BTS 14 timer siden
Seni çok seviyorum ve umarım hep berbat 💚💚
RAYITO YT 14 timer siden
Extraño a x 😞
Brissy Araujo
Brissy Araujo 14 timer siden
cuant@s latinas siguen escuchando esto?
Ruby_playz 14 timer siden
Billy are u still sad that XX died?
maxmixfan1 14 timer siden
Nice But Try The Mashup With Eric Pryds Opus By Djs From Mars !!!!!!
veronica Deal
veronica Deal 14 timer siden
truly amazing
Jose Spoturno
Jose Spoturno 14 timer siden
Joshua Porchia
Joshua Porchia 14 timer siden
Billie speaking Spanish WOwaaa
Santiago Farias
Santiago Farias 15 timer siden
am i the only one who actually understeand what rosalia is saying? lmao
Ojasvi Gupta
Ojasvi Gupta 15 timer siden
It sounds like two angels singing their prayers from heaven....
Esteban Josué Durán Fonseca
Esteban Josué Durán Fonseca 16 timer siden
illari jenny
illari jenny 16 timer siden
canta en español y no pierde su voz maravillosa , aunque hablo en español tiene su mismo sonido
Carmen Diaz
Carmen Diaz 16 timer siden
Love billie
Muhammad Alem
Muhammad Alem 17 timer siden
yg komen disini orang indo 3:28 NGE***T NABIL!!!!!
Eman sha
Eman sha 17 timer siden
We are Kurdish, we love you
LogicallySnuggles 17 timer siden
i love how she created something so beautiful in Spanish... this is so amazing!
Amin Dalvand
Amin Dalvand 18 timer siden
EvaSid ES
EvaSid ES 18 timer siden
Their nails tho theyre so strangley pretty
Herrera Barbosa
Herrera Barbosa 19 timer siden
Billi ablas español
Pavela Ureña
Pavela Ureña 19 timer siden
*** 20 timer siden
This hack(Eillish) isn’t bilingual. In fact her and her family resented living in a predominantly Hispanic neighborhood. Listen to her past interviews. She’s just another white girl appropriating another culture when it suits her.
ana lol
ana lol 17 timer siden
Wtf are you on? Singing in spanish is not culture appropriation.
M billi elish love
M billi elish love 20 timer siden
Avihay 21 time siden
I didn't understand nothing.
Avihay 21 time siden
Safaa Atik
Safaa Atik 21 time siden
I did not understand a world in Spanish in this song but the vibe is dope
Anushka Singh
Anushka Singh 21 time siden
Song's amazing ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ But Why do I feel like music video is all about flaunting those nails🙄
Juan molina
Juan molina 22 timer siden
I like that
Patar Sinaga
Patar Sinaga 23 timer siden
I like it you , i am in indonesian
TROJANxHYDRA 23 timer siden
i dont know y after lisning ot icepeak billie ellish dosent feel original.......
prince gamer
prince gamer 23 timer siden
Me: Not knowing what they are saying in Spanish but still like the song.😂
Jeffrey P
Jeffrey P Dag siden
Stupid nails
Funky Bridge
Funky Bridge Dag siden
¿Cómo no enamorarse de una mujer como tú?
Super Kid
Super Kid Dag siden
Oml sings good and speaks Spanish better than me 😩
prince gamer
prince gamer 23 timer siden
Royale squad
Royale squad Dag siden
Are u kidding me She is so craazy woman are u kidding me this is stupit mintes for doing crazzzyyyyyy stuf
karla 123_CS
karla 123_CS Dag siden
Billie te amoooo kgkgk
•Brenda Cortés•
•Brenda Cortés• Dag siden
Aunque la canción este en español no le entendí nada JAJAJA
Ian Flores
Ian Flores Dag siden
Billie eilihs español 😁
Bahar Dag siden
I love it🤎
Bahar Dag siden
That's really good
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