this INSANE self-sabotaging play broke ALL suspicion...

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i knew they wouldn't go for it.

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Harshavardhan Padala
Harshavardhan Padala Time siden
Erin Fulbright
Erin Fulbright 10 timer siden
Can you marrry pokimane please
Le Lemons
Le Lemons Dag siden
Sykunno your so good at among us and your so chill
Ashley Wang
Ashley Wang Dag siden
There is a task in security
Rishi Pandit
Rishi Pandit Dag siden
"rae don't trust me" sykkuno as an impostor but still being wholesome as he is
Hjnv Kkknn
Hjnv Kkknn 2 timer siden
Lmao the comment you stole is right above your comment
Playztube 2009
Playztube 2009 Dag siden
I hope I'm not the only one who's upset that Corpse isn't playing. ;-;
Julia Stock
Julia Stock Dag siden
i love arias voice
Drift_ Rider
Drift_ Rider Dag siden
“Wendy caught in 4K” I mean theres no getting out of that one.
Lizzie Playz
Lizzie Playz 3 dager siden
A speed legend just like Corpse ❤️
nanas moralin
nanas moralin 4 dager siden
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Belén Palomino Loncharich
Belén Palomino Loncharich 4 dager siden
“Look at me in they eye Wendy cuz I only have one eye” is peak comedy
Tiegan Marriott
Tiegan Marriott 5 dager siden
Sukkuno trying to convince himself isn’t Peter
Turtle God
Turtle God 5 dager siden
"Galaxy brain guys"
Gacha_Demon _Edits
Gacha_Demon _Edits 5 dager siden
Is it just me or does his intro sound like a blessing from the gods lol
Sally Parker
Sally Parker 5 dager siden
You spell impostor incorrectly in your captions at the beginning...
Lysander 5 dager siden
Imagine voting off your own teamate trash liek you are the reason the game isn't fun anymore.
James Zimmerman
James Zimmerman 6 dager siden
(CORPSE voice 20Hz) WHAT!?!?!?
James Zimmerman
James Zimmerman 6 dager siden
(CORPSE voice 20Hz) WHAT!?!?!?
Alyssa Everdeen
Alyssa Everdeen 6 dager siden
"All part of my big brain plan, I knew that they wouldn't go for that, I knew they would think I'm too bloodthirsty, too crazy" LMAOOO ICONIC
James Zimmerman
James Zimmerman 6 dager siden
CORPSE's voice hey how you doing in a deep version
Stewy. 7 dager siden
your voice is satisfising
Yeeskies 7 dager siden
An Innocent crew member will do the med bay scan! *proceeds to vent*
Compgames Yt
Compgames Yt 7 dager siden
Syykuno:I’m so bad and I can’t lie Im trash at it Also syykuno 10 seconds later:IM SO SMART GUYS
Compgames Yt
Compgames Yt 7 dager siden
Everyone:who’s sus? Syykuno:ITS OVER OMG WE LOSE Everyone:yeah Peter is sus even if he’s dead
Alex RBLX 7 dager siden
I have once killed in front of 5 people and they said it was orange when I was white..
Duck Duck
Duck Duck 8 dager siden
Brie Shepherd
Brie Shepherd 8 dager siden
I have to say this cause its bothering me..medscan is a visual task 🥺 how do they just let him live when it's obvious to tell when you're faking a visual task 😣
Rajveer 8 dager siden
8:21 That's too much for Leslie's small brain
Julie Milne
Julie Milne 8 dager siden
i might name my dog after you lol
Techable Tech
Techable Tech 9 dager siden
Please make a different intro
The J
The J 9 dager siden
"Galaxy brain" LMAO
Iskadaps 9 dager siden
Toast: How dare you sell out your partner like that. poor abe burning in hell! -Toast 2020
trashbird 9 dager siden
beggining of the video: "guys, i'll be honest" my brain for no reason at all: "well i'll be honest, i don't really understand. but i feel down this hill and i've got glue on my hands! and i've got records on my fingers (what?) records on my fingers, i've got records on my fingers and i just can't stop (don't stop!) can't stop i've got a platypus controlling me!"
Nazarene Jessie Pata
Nazarene Jessie Pata 9 dager siden
nobody : me : one of the bg music was from produce 48...
Jazzy Beat
Jazzy Beat 9 dager siden
Rae:it’s me Syykuno: who’s sus? *complety ignoring Rae sayying she’s imposter
Undo441 None
Undo441 None 9 dager siden
sykkuno best voice
Geovanna Tavares
Geovanna Tavares 9 dager siden
his intro gives me serotonin
iiEllzx MSP
iiEllzx MSP 10 dager siden
That was a save
Kai Lin Feng Chen
Kai Lin Feng Chen 10 dager siden
Quinten Preece
Quinten Preece 10 dager siden
how can 600 people dislike this?
BobaBerry 10 dager siden
Who just found out corpse’s sexuality- I suppport lol
layla hayaden
layla hayaden 10 dager siden
0:43 the bueatiful intro
Nirvana 10 dager siden
He's not even good, the crewmates are just dumb af
kobe bryant
kobe bryant 10 dager siden
Rae:it’s me Syykuno: who’s sus? *complety ignoring Rae sayying she’s imposter
F2 qzBaller
F2 qzBaller 11 dager siden
naveen _
naveen _ 11 dager siden
Anyone heard background music
Avril Lim
Avril Lim 11 dager siden
Now which one of you have 0 loyalty huh? To SeLL oUt yOuR pArTnEr LiKe DaT... poor abe... BURNING in HELL right now... -Toast 2020
Ged Ged
Ged Ged 11 dager siden
She said she sold out abe
Lyla Graham
Lyla Graham 11 dager siden
Any other impostor: (Closes doors to storage and cafe, sabotages reactor and then vents out of admin after killing) Wendy: *kills Toast and then just leaves*
Tesse Äggman
Tesse Äggman 11 dager siden
Aria: "Okay here's my defense. I sold out- how was the **other** imposter? Why didn't they immediately get her out there? 🤣
ModernTarte 12 dager siden
I like seeing sykkuno’s POV on this game after seeing Toast, knowing that toast is saying “alright, come on simp” to get sykkuno to follow 😂
Big Swole
Big Swole 12 dager siden
I like watching but there is some stupidity here. Dude saw wendy kill in admin and didn’t convince everyone to vote for her. They just skipped.
Charles Thiry
Charles Thiry 12 dager siden
Hi Sykkonu
rosiebudgm 12 dager siden
i bmm
LemonCafe 12 dager siden
My first thoughts of watching sykkuno- i think his intros cringy
Bearly Grown
Bearly Grown 12 dager siden
The “Wendy...Wendy....look at me in the eye Wendy because I have only one eye” did it for me 🤣 Sykkuno you truly are amazing and I love your content so much. Pls keep making videos 🙏🏼🤗
katherine howard
katherine howard 13 dager siden
"I was in top right cafeteria" "Its sykkuno because there's a vent from shields to navigation" I mean you're right that's where he actually was but that's not where he said he was???
Sonny B
Sonny B 13 dager siden
Everytime a body is reported: Sykkuno: I'M DEAD I'M DEAD
Zackoy 13 dager siden
the second match. we saw Ludwig and GreaseBall going to the smoky room thing near medbay, GreaseBall keep goin to Speciment room but Ludwig's body stays there. but turns out GreaseBall is a crewmate. How tf??
Frustrxe 13 dager siden
At 5:28 he turned into Light Yagami if you know then you know
frogg e
frogg e 14 dager siden
*e* *frick frock*
Joseph Keller
Joseph Keller 14 dager siden
Sykkuno: “I know what a innocents crewmember would do, they would do the medscan” 3 seconds later Sykkuno in the vents
Logan Graves
Logan Graves 14 dager siden
Vextato 14 dager siden
Is it just me or did I not realize that 5up was in the second round until the end of the game?
Kayla 14 dager siden
I love the editing
Gaming With Sadie
Gaming With Sadie 14 dager siden
Sykkuno: They know Me:but how would they know Everyone playing: PETER
NOT_ Hyp3r
NOT_ Hyp3r 15 dager siden
Poki catches the imposter. Also poki: randomly accuses peener
Riki Tsethlikai
Riki Tsethlikai 15 dager siden
I love how rey was so obsessed with peener that no one noticed sykkuno mentioned being in cams while he was in the vent
Jonatha Zubia
Jonatha Zubia 15 dager siden
I love how sykkuno is bullshitiing, and everyone is okay with it
elijah lol
elijah lol 15 dager siden
Dear Sykkuno, pls don't steal my friends color and hat ty :) from a man named ej
Aesthete Aesthetic
Aesthete Aesthetic 15 dager siden
I recommend not to stack with more than two people or the killer could stack with you and kill you, and frame the other person or they would just be confused because there would be to many people to know who is it
RGSD CB748 15 dager siden
why did you put a add at the end of the video
DageLV 15 dager siden
As impostor this would be sick. Stick multiple rounds with one dude, vote out one impostor, then split. While saikuno was with toast it was only single kills, then toast can marinade sykunno till the end and then pull the corpse classic even if it was 1 impostor and 3 crew. Sykunno would've believed whatever toast says. The second cremate would also trust sykunno and toast, because... They were most of the game together, they're hard vouching for each other, so I bet they're safe, let's vote on 4th guy. 4th guy gets voted,then it's left 2v1 and thats ez win
Allen Vance
Allen Vance 16 dager siden
sykunno seems like such a stoner tbh. he cool af.
Itzz ArKo
Itzz ArKo 16 dager siden
Bruh i just want to get some subscribers🥺🥺💔
Samantha Sandy
Samantha Sandy 16 dager siden
OML I love his intro 😀
Compgames Yt
Compgames Yt 16 dager siden
Rae:it’s me Syykuno: who’s sus? *complety ignoring Rae sayying she’s imposter
Ruan Antunes
Ruan Antunes 16 dager siden
The other day I killed in front my Impostor partner and the moron reported and got me voted out. I was so angry, I don't think he understood the basics of the game.
Dylan Winchester
Dylan Winchester 16 dager siden
I love the content
Coby Maitland
Coby Maitland 16 dager siden
This guy is so adorable and I love it.
Kurbii 16 dager siden
chim Phan
chim Phan 17 dager siden
I watched this from Toast's perspective in his stream. This was so frustrating lol. He was just in utter disbelief during the meetings. It was so funny.
Soft_Cotton 17 dager siden
"Sykkuno and Rae"
Luke C
Luke C 17 dager siden
Outro song?
Not steven flores
Not steven flores 18 dager siden
Elan Wan
Elan Wan 18 dager siden
13:00 I would actually say it’s Sydney here because Abe has been sus for a while and if Sydney were to do that kill, she knows that they would probably vote Abe off because he’s sus. If Abe really was impostor, he probably wouldn’t do that kill because he knows that he’s already sus
litte hawkeye
litte hawkeye 18 dager siden
Where is oily at for 50 50
Sarah Syed
Sarah Syed 18 dager siden
Click bait much
Sarah Syed
Sarah Syed 13 dager siden
@Sprinkle cuz the when he calls out Wendy no one even hears him and it’s not the theme of the vid idk
Sprinkle 14 dager siden
Why clickbait?
Henry Lee
Henry Lee 18 dager siden
"5:01" Happy to get Always Imposter, Unlock Skins, Mod Menu from *** 📌📌 😍 මට එය ප්‍රයෝජනවත් බව පෙනේ
Kenna Davis
Kenna Davis 18 dager siden
wow i love seeing the growth in Sykkuno. it seems like he’s becoming more confident and not as shy! he’s the cutest
Skyde 18 dager siden
That one kid in a random public lobby be like:
Sutetchi 19 dager siden
One of my favorite things about this group is that majority of the time they all get their chance to speak. No one is talking over each other unless it’s 2 people accusing each other. But most of the time it’s very serious and I personally like watching that
Joseph Rodriguez
Joseph Rodriguez 19 dager siden
Who loves sykunnos voice
Daniel Gelongo
Daniel Gelongo 19 dager siden
Anyone knows the song the boing boing girls sings at the add??..
BOMBASTIC STUFF 19 dager siden
NOpostrs building for each other to make a video like they all knew who is the imposter here.. I'm not against that but respect your viewers and make a good gameplay video if you gonna play among us, please!
BOMBASTIC STUFF 19 dager siden
report: the kill in reactor. sykkuno: i didn't kill in reactor. everyone: it's peter.
Kayla Nguyen
Kayla Nguyen 19 dager siden
If blaza was playing at 12:41 “I hAvE a cOiN tHaT wIlL dEcIdE yOuR fAtE
Fancy Gif
Fancy Gif 19 dager siden
Sykkuno: "Oh No, its a Fifty Fifty." *Me, watching the heartrates on vitals* : Well yes, but actually no.
Ashley Dag siden
I dont understand the heartbeat
I’mASamuraiWhale O___O
I’mASamuraiWhale O___O 19 dager siden
Don’t hide your smile Sykunno!! We all love you and your laugh!!
Fayez Bilal
Fayez Bilal 20 dager siden
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that awkward moment when...
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He ONLY trusts me when he's Impostor..
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