this INSANE self-sabotaging play broke ALL suspicion...

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6 mÄneder siden

i knew they wouldn't go for it.

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KC uwu
KC uwu MĂ„ned siden
good ol dayz
Edgar Nickols
Edgar Nickols MĂ„ned siden
Poor Abe, burning in hell. Lmao that one got me
GD JOJOS bizzare demons
GD JOJOS bizzare demons 2 mÄneder siden
Moon Dash
Moon Dash 2 mÄneder siden
Last time I played among us, I saw lime kill and I said it was lime and lime said it was me, not a single person voted lime, they all voted me, and lime ended up winning the game because they never suspected him afterwards. I was literally screaming WHAT A BUNCH OF IDIOTS YOU NOOBS and then at the start of the next game lime said they had no idea why everyone voted me and someone said they just wanted me out Another reason why they were all a bunch of noobs Voting me out because Iwas screaming LIME LIME LIME in an annoying way? NOOOB
Moon Dash
Moon Dash 2 mÄneder siden
Ok i’m really sorry nobody wanted to know this, I never got to rant about that so
sartorian darkstorm
sartorian darkstorm 2 mÄneder siden
must be torture for toast to die round 1 and have to see his crew mates make so many obv mistakes
gia 2 mÄneder siden
sykkuno : "I'm not good at imposter" also sykkuno : wins almost every imposter game.
Carlos Martinez
Carlos Martinez 2 mÄneder siden
Tyson 2 mÄneder siden
Why is it that every time 5up joins this lobby he dies first?
Sothearith Kray
Sothearith Kray 2 mÄneder siden
when toast explain ,I only heard fusile making noise
LeadfootJohnny 2 mÄneder siden
I would have voted for Neytiri as soon as she said "I sold out the other impostor"
PrincessDeSynk 2 mÄneder siden
Sykkuno and Toast in the last clip where Toast cleared Sykkuno surprised me, I'm typically seeing Toast all like "OH IT'S SYKKUNO" and not like "well I know it's not Sykkuno"
João Gonçalves
João Gonçalves 2 mÄneder siden
Bro, they didnt voted of Wendy in the first round. She was running out the body. That was a steongly evidencie. Why they didnt voted Wendy out. They are all Noobs
João Gonçalves
João Gonçalves 2 mÄneder siden
John Lee
John Lee 3 mÄneder siden
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Gopal Krishna
Gopal Krishna 3 mÄneder siden
If toast was the imposter would have been in top 10 anime betrayals
Jacob Carrizales-Lopez
Jacob Carrizales-Lopez 4 mÄneder siden
O did that play
Emma Johnson
Emma Johnson 4 mÄneder siden
The sneaky raft aesthetically claim because postage reassembly pat under a plain witness. lumpy, childlike windchime
juniam sheldom
juniam sheldom 4 mÄneder siden
Wendy really went off with the vent kill right after killing toast in admin 😂😂😂
Dakota 4 mÄneder siden
RMJ 4 mÄneder siden
Oh my gosh you have Produce 48 song in the background around 14:15!! I love that song!! (Reach You?)
Luis Cruz
Luis Cruz 4 mÄneder siden
Galaxy brain🌌đŸȘđŸŒŒ
ryan L
ryan L 4 mÄneder siden
what is this outro music????????? oh my GOD
ChrisSoCalm 4 mÄneder siden
Windy put them acting skills on. She laid it on thick
No Ah
No Ah 4 mÄneder siden
Isko JC
Isko JC 4 mÄneder siden
sykkuno listening to pd48 piano nice
Ariane Berroya
Ariane Berroya 4 mÄneder siden
Why would someone dislike sykkuno???
Vertigo Descent
Vertigo Descent 4 mÄneder siden
Sykkuno, when he isn't trolling, is actually EXTREMELY intelligent. Everyone keeps forgetting this. You have to be quite smart to play dumb well.
Ashton Jefffers
Ashton Jefffers 4 mÄneder siden
I remember when you had 145k
LE0 REDD 4 mÄneder siden
"What is up guys it's Sykkuno here!" Oh, thanks! I didn't know that.đŸ€—đŸ‘‹
eattheboard 4 mÄneder siden
The fact that Toast literally said Wendy killed and they all skipped made me so mad for Toast.
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isabella brown
isabella brown 5 mÄneder siden
omg sykkuno u hit 2 mil !!!!
Martin 5 mÄneder siden
Why does he cover his face when laughing?
Sushila Yadav
Sushila Yadav 5 mÄneder siden
some ppl have a habit of covering their face while laughing
Fayez Bilal
Fayez Bilal 5 mÄneder siden
The capricious birch conversely remind because hobbies continuously interfere concerning a petite peace. remarkable, bitter apparel
Shahan Sivajeevan
Shahan Sivajeevan 5 mÄneder siden
It’s beankunno
SilySam 5 mÄneder siden
Oh my- that intro is so humble.
Koki Brawl Stars
Koki Brawl Stars 5 mÄneder siden
Hi thomas
Marielisr20 9
Marielisr20 9 5 mÄneder siden
:) every video from a NOpostr I like I writes a smiley face to see witch NOpostr notices me :) aa
Charlotte Lundy
Charlotte Lundy 5 mÄneder siden
Sans Gaming
Sans Gaming 5 mÄneder siden
Lol i dis that a long time ago
Sans Gaming
Sans Gaming 5 mÄneder siden
But i accused them for venting
Apex‱ 5 mĂ„neder siden
chotto matte, osu! music in the outro?
Ulterior Motive
Ulterior Motive 5 mÄneder siden
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J 5 mÄneder siden
your fans are so wholesome i love it :)
Ani Lynch
Ani Lynch 5 mÄneder siden
Grown For YouTube
Grown For YouTube 5 mÄneder siden
Tatul Yakhanyan
Tatul Yakhanyan 5 mÄneder siden
tbh I really love your intro
larawabsie 5 mÄneder siden
11:22 pls ignore
Mawardi Abdi
Mawardi Abdi 5 mÄneder siden
Is it just me or does sykkuno always cover his mouth in random situations đŸ€”
Dum Ass
Dum Ass 5 mÄneder siden
Bruh I do that when I'm imposter with 2 other people I black them đŸ€Łit always works
Simply Mike
Simply Mike 5 mÄneder siden
Thanks for the dancing rat ad. I *very like LOVE rats*
j u n n a ヅ
j u n n a ヅ 5 mĂ„neder siden
the “what is up guys, it’s sykkuno!” literally gets me *everytime.*
Harshavardhan Padala
Harshavardhan Padala 5 mÄneder siden
Erin Fulbright
Erin Fulbright 5 mÄneder siden
Can you marrry pokimane please
Vxrtex Yt
Vxrtex Yt 5 mÄneder siden
Sykunno your so good at among us and your so chill
Ashley Wang
Ashley Wang 5 mÄneder siden
There is a task in security
Rishi Pandit
Rishi Pandit 5 mÄneder siden
"rae don't trust me" sykkuno as an impostor but still being wholesome as he is
Hjnv Kkknn
Hjnv Kkknn 5 mÄneder siden
Lmao the comment you stole is right above your comment
aki 5 mÄneder siden
I hope I'm not the only one who's upset that Corpse isn't playing. ;-;
Julia Stock
Julia Stock 5 mÄneder siden
i love arias voice
Drift_ Rider
Drift_ Rider 5 mÄneder siden
“Wendy caught in 4K” I mean theres no getting out of that one.
nanas moralin
nanas moralin 5 mÄneder siden
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Belén Palomino Loncharich
Belén Palomino Loncharich 5 mÄneder siden
“Look at me in they eye Wendy cuz I only have one eye” is peak comedy
Tiegan Marriott
Tiegan Marriott 5 mÄneder siden
Sukkuno trying to convince himself isn’t Peter
Turtle God
Turtle God 5 mÄneder siden
"Galaxy brain guys"
Gacha_Demon _Edits
Gacha_Demon _Edits 5 mÄneder siden
Is it just me or does his intro sound like a blessing from the gods lol
Sally Parker
Sally Parker 5 mÄneder siden
You spell impostor incorrectly in your captions at the beginning...
Thomasstuff 5 mÄneder siden
Imagine voting off your own teamate trash liek you are the reason the game isn't fun anymore.
James Zimmerman
James Zimmerman 5 mÄneder siden
(CORPSE voice 20Hz) WHAT!?!?!?
James Zimmerman
James Zimmerman 5 mÄneder siden
(CORPSE voice 20Hz) WHAT!?!?!?
Alyssa Everdeen
Alyssa Everdeen 5 mÄneder siden
"All part of my big brain plan, I knew that they wouldn't go for that, I knew they would think I'm too bloodthirsty, too crazy" LMAOOO ICONIC
James Zimmerman
James Zimmerman 5 mÄneder siden
CORPSE's voice hey how you doing in a deep version
Stwy 5 mÄneder siden
your voice is satisfising
Yeeskies 5 mÄneder siden
An Innocent crew member will do the med bay scan! *proceeds to vent*
Compgames Yt
Compgames Yt 5 mÄneder siden
Syykuno:I’m so bad and I can’t lie Im trash at it Also syykuno 10 seconds later:IM SO SMART GUYS
Compgames Yt
Compgames Yt 5 mÄneder siden
Everyone:who’s sus? Syykuno:ITS OVER OMG WE LOSE Everyone:yeah Peter is sus even if he’s dead
ThatOneGuy 5 mÄneder siden
I have once killed in front of 5 people and they said it was orange when I was white..
Duck Duck
Duck Duck 5 mÄneder siden
Brie Shepherd
Brie Shepherd 5 mÄneder siden
I have to say this cause its bothering me..medscan is a visual task đŸ„ș how do they just let him live when it's obvious to tell when you're faking a visual task 😣
Julie Milne
Julie Milne 5 mÄneder siden
i might name my dog after you lol
Techable Tech
Techable Tech 5 mÄneder siden
Please make a different intro
The J
The J 5 mÄneder siden
"Galaxy brain" LMAO
Iskadaps 5 mÄneder siden
Toast: How dare you sell out your partner like that. poor abe burning in hell! -Toast 2020
trashbird 5 mÄneder siden
beggining of the video: "guys, i'll be honest" my brain for no reason at all: "well i'll be honest, i don't really understand. but i feel down this hill and i've got glue on my hands! and i've got records on my fingers (what?) records on my fingers, i've got records on my fingers and i just can't stop (don't stop!) can't stop i've got a platypus controlling me!"
Nazarene Jessie Pata
Nazarene Jessie Pata 5 mÄneder siden
nobody : me : one of the bg music was from produce 48...
Jazzy Beat
Jazzy Beat 5 mÄneder siden
Rae:it’s me Syykuno: who’s sus? *complety ignoring Rae sayying she’s imposter
Undo441 None
Undo441 None 5 mÄneder siden
sykkuno best voice
Geovanna Tavares
Geovanna Tavares 5 mÄneder siden
his intro gives me serotonin
EIlzx MSP 5 mÄneder siden
That was a save
Quinten Preece
Quinten Preece 5 mÄneder siden
how can 600 people dislike this?
BobaBerry 5 mÄneder siden
Who just found out corpse’s sexuality- I suppport lol
layla hayaden
layla hayaden 5 mÄneder siden
0:43 the bueatiful intro
Nirvana 5 mÄneder siden
He's not even good, the crewmates are just dumb af
kobe bryant
kobe bryant 5 mÄneder siden
Rae:it’s me Syykuno: who’s sus? *complety ignoring Rae sayying she’s imposter
qzBaller 5 mÄneder siden
Naveen 5 mÄneder siden
Anyone heard background music
Avril Lim
Avril Lim 5 mÄneder siden
Now which one of you have 0 loyalty huh? To SeLL oUt yOuR pArTnEr LiKe DaT... poor abe... BURNING in HELL right now... -Toast 2020
Rage Master
Rage Master 5 mÄneder siden
She said she sold out abe
Lyla Graham
Lyla Graham 5 mÄneder siden
Any other impostor: (Closes doors to storage and cafe, sabotages reactor and then vents out of admin after killing) Wendy: *kills Toast and then just leaves*
Tesse Äggman
Tesse Äggman 5 mĂ„neder siden
Aria: "Okay here's my defense. I sold out- how was the **other** imposter? Why didn't they immediately get her out there? đŸ€Ł
ModernTarte 5 mÄneder siden
I like seeing sykkuno’s POV on this game after seeing Toast, knowing that toast is saying “alright, come on simp” to get sykkuno to follow 😂
Big Swole
Big Swole 5 mÄneder siden
I like watching but there is some stupidity here. Dude saw wendy kill in admin and didn’t convince everyone to vote for her. They just skipped.
Charles Thiry
Charles Thiry 5 mÄneder siden
Hi Sykkonu
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