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6 måneder siden

The wait is finally over. Watch the three-day finale of the 2020 CrossFit Games right here. Buckle up for an unforgettable weekend. Every event of the final stage will stream live, including a live, two-hour broadcast on CBS Television Network on Saturday, Oct. 24, from 10 a.m. to noon PT.
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Nug Wyvern
Nug Wyvern 5 dager siden
Damn...Adler with no Belt👏👏
some guy
some guy 28 dager siden
What the hell is that on top of Ohlsen's head??
Mike Barbato
Mike Barbato Måned siden
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Carmen Dubon
Carmen Dubon Måned siden
Haley Adams looks so miserable all the time.
Alejandro Alcala
Alejandro Alcala Måned siden
Dont forget to wear your plus 10 strength belt
siralf1979 Måned siden
What's the trick to pass a ped test.... asking for a friend lol by asking the pros. Lol
Jonah Price
Jonah Price Måned siden
Adams' game face on her second deadlift attempt was something serious.
Roger Frontera
Roger Frontera Måned siden
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Keith Greenshields
Keith Greenshields Måned siden
Hailey has a cute pouty face!
Mavis Hicks
Mavis Hicks 2 måneder siden
The furry furtive lipstick especially mourn because edward lamentably bleach below a ad direction. eight, acidic event
WarHammer 2 måneder siden
Ron’s story in between workouts was pretty awesome! Keep it up bro 👍🏼
ReGrez love
ReGrez love 2 måneder siden
Would be better if annie torrisdotir was sellected rather than Katrin
Laura Koester
Laura Koester 2 måneder siden
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OneStGermain 2 måneder siden
Anavar thought I would say this...these guys are natural! These comps are tested for steroines?
Need_MO_Pyro 2 måneder siden
46:17 shut up Meg
Juan Miranda
Juan Miranda 2 måneder siden
I like how the commentators are saying things like "oh he/she should be lifting more weight than that" when I am sure they can't lift the weight that these athletes are lifting lol
Halyconix 2 måneder siden
1:15:04 how is this a counted rep? The bar obviously bounced up from the downward motion. It is for sure a press but not strict.
Terri Motherof
Terri Motherof 2 måneder siden
I love how guys who couldn't HOPE to participate in these events want to comment about what makes it easier or harder... HMMM.
Jay B
Jay B 2 måneder siden
the fuck is this joke event recommended to me. Gtfo🤣🤣🤣
Janna Wester
Janna Wester 2 måneder siden
The women seem to be squatting different from the men. Is this because their bodies are built different or do they have poor form? Kari's squat looked the most like it imo
Desiree Cruz
Desiree Cruz 2 måneder siden
I kept squinting the whole way through. Super cool to watch though.
Workouts Chiromassage
Workouts Chiromassage 3 måneder siden
0 technique in those DL
Maria Love
Maria Love 3 måneder siden
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lopa ivrine
lopa ivrine 3 måneder siden
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CHAMP50_01 3 måneder siden
Adrian H
Adrian H 3 måneder siden
1:01:25 "clap those knees to lift 225, I'll sign up for that". What a way of leading people to have knee issues. That's why people is scared of lifting, poor technique
Fellipe Ribeiro
Fellipe Ribeiro 3 måneder siden
bob knob
bob knob 3 måneder siden
Ashlie Babbitt was it silly rabbit dirt nap for a traitor 😎🙌
Greta 3 måneder siden
I feel pain watching them 🙈
Greg Hilliard
Greg Hilliard 3 måneder siden
Salil Panwar
Salil Panwar 4 måneder siden
1 woman vs 4 men...... not fair...!!!!!!
Justin Kerns
Justin Kerns 4 måneder siden
In my opinion strict bb press should definitely be a staple of determining strength. I don't understand why strict press isn't used in powerliftng competitions. I love the strict press.
Andrea Bazil
Andrea Bazil 4 måneder siden
No one is talking how Toomey did those deadlifts beltless!!!
Thapelo Afrika
Thapelo Afrika 4 måneder siden
@1:28:46 Brooke Wells thinking "B*tch!'
thelastpolygonbender 4 måneder siden
Crossfit: the sport that was invented so that people who go to the gym could be champions at something.
Niklas Norberg
Niklas Norberg 4 måneder siden
Im kind of shocked to see such lack in proper squat technique at this level of competition. But hey, crossfit right.
ilovemusic437 4 måneder siden
Davi Leone
Davi Leone 4 måneder siden
Vai laguerta
Earl Hamilgton
Earl Hamilgton 4 måneder siden
Watched the first ten minutes of this and I have to say one thing: Damn their technique sucks.
Graeme Thomas
Graeme Thomas 5 måneder siden
Y’all have to be fucking joking with the form
Marcin Sikorski
Marcin Sikorski 5 måneder siden
Why there are no spotters?
Rachel Clay
Rachel Clay 2 måneder siden
They are taught and practice bailing safely out of the way of the bar (while not for pr maxs but in the lower wieght workout) and im sure due to covid social distancing
Joel Mendoza
Joel Mendoza 5 måneder siden
Man, Fraser squats so narrow, man...
3dgar 7eandro
3dgar 7eandro 5 måneder siden
I love this!!!😎🙌🙌👏
3dgar 7eandro
3dgar 7eandro 5 måneder siden
42:01 pure canadian gold 😎😂😂😂🙌🙌👏👏
nursewildfire 5 måneder siden
WTH is up with Noah's hair this year???!!
Joy Peaches
Joy Peaches 5 måneder siden
So much complaining and un-constructive criticism all over the comments. Makes me remember why sometimes I disappointed by the fitness community. The weightlifting community in person are some of the most supportive humans around. Congratulations to all the athletes that participated, competing is never easy.
Evolve MMA
Evolve MMA 5 måneder siden
J B 5 måneder siden
I squatted 500 back in the day. So what would my deadlift be? They say it should be 90% of your squat.
Vergil Valerian
Vergil Valerian 3 måneder siden
Actually across the board, deadlift numbers are usually higher than squat. It does vary somewhat person-to-person, but most lifters deadlift more. That being the case, the two lifts are very different... not really a relationship between the #s.
J B 5 måneder siden
I can feel my joints hurting looking at this
True Life?
True Life? 5 måneder siden
I wish they showed their roid stacks, would be interesting to compare and contrast
Riley Laursen
Riley Laursen 5 måneder siden
nah, these numbers are all realistic natural
Real Natural
Real Natural 5 måneder siden
YESSSS SO INTERESTING HOW FAR WE'VE COME!!!! All we had to do was take P.e.d's outside of competition!! yaaay
Jarrod Bagwell
Jarrod Bagwell 5 måneder siden
is it healthy if you are on drugs
Vergil Valerian
Vergil Valerian 3 måneder siden
As long as the test says you are...
Jarrod Bagwell
Jarrod Bagwell 5 måneder siden
is still fit if you are on drugs
JEANIUS FILMS 5 måneder siden
Brooke Wells a Cutie!
SARTHAK BANSAL 5 måneder siden
They are squating 480 , is this kg or lbs ????
we know his voice
we know his voice 5 måneder siden
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Julian Smith
Julian Smith 5 måneder siden
Sounds like the beginning of a Wii game
esteban collazo
esteban collazo 5 måneder siden
Is it me or does Haley adams looks like she’s angry and crying all the time
esteban collazo
esteban collazo 5 måneder siden
My knees hurt watching this ,females squat pretty good weight but that knee caving is not good
Kennedy Souza
Kennedy Souza 5 måneder siden
Why do women keep on thinking that making the same things men do, will make them "equals"?... men and women were made different... Why don´t they come up with some kind of real women competition, like, "fastest diaper changer" or "fastest dish washing woman" or "fastest clothes washing lady"?
GG NoGods GG
GG NoGods GG 5 måneder siden
Do anyone know if they test for steroid use in these games (competitions)??
GG NoGods GG
GG NoGods GG 5 måneder siden
If they would just set the bar LOWER on the back squat, that would help them lift a lot more, and initiate the movement from the BOTTOM with the hips, they would lift a lot more.
a h
a h 5 måneder siden
most of these people train olympic lifting style and a lowbar squat just isnt functional for that. Also if you never train a lowbar squat you wont lift more with it. So thats the reason they arent using low bar.
Carlos E
Carlos E 5 måneder siden
¿El que va de blanco que quiere decir que es el campeón actual?
Jane Dough
Jane Dough 5 måneder siden
Watching those girls squat was hard to watch lol and these commentators sound like they’ve never done compounds movements lol 😂
키리캣 5 måneder siden
Pyrros Dimas
Pyrros Dimas 5 måneder siden
why do they skip the second part of the lifts. Why do the competitors load the bars themselves?
deep5811 5 måneder siden
The overall "leader" should go first. That would make it a very competitive competition. If you are good enough to lead you shouldn't need to know what you need to do to keep it, you should do what a leader does, and lead the pack! It should be keep lead, not defend the lead. Succes in the face of the unknown.
Pyro G
Pyro G 4 måneder siden
Being the overall leader is earned, so getting to wait until the rest is what’s earned, kinda like a round 1 bye if you watch other type of sports. Or how 1 seeds will play the 8 seeds in a playoff format
JG 5 måneder siden
these aren't real athletes lol
Jess R
Jess R 3 måneder siden
What the definition of real athlete?
Brad Bassett
Brad Bassett 5 måneder siden
Cross fitter get a lot of bs but they are bad ass!
Briten Barber
Briten Barber 5 måneder siden
55:57 the nobull rubber ducky's🐤
Bryan Lewis
Bryan Lewis 5 måneder siden
Tia is a beast
BlackBoarPL 5 måneder siden
All I can hear is ZEROOOO
Karl Decathlon
Karl Decathlon 5 måneder siden
The Crossfit should actually cover the entire fitness, i.e. strength, endurance, speed, coordination and mobility. Force is overrated at this event. Also why is calculated in pounds and not in KG. Typical American exceptionalism. I don't think any of the participants could get through a triathlon.
SomeRandomGuy 3 måneder siden
crossfit does cover the entirety of fitness, and I guarantee most of these people could get through a triathlon
Leandro Cabatino
Leandro Cabatino 5 måneder siden
All I see in the back squat are people trying to break their knees lol
Eric Taylor
Eric Taylor 6 måneder siden
That look at 1:28:48 though...
Manu 6 måneder siden
This is so stupid
Shaquan Jamison
Shaquan Jamison 6 måneder siden
Love seeing fake athletes getting injured.
Aaron Thomas 7
Aaron Thomas 7 6 måneder siden
This is way more entertaining than a power lift meet
TIMMIAY 6 måneder siden
Jesus my knees hurt watching this garbage
esteban collazo
esteban collazo 6 måneder siden
Fun watching “The Hoff” participate, impressive.
SportY 6 måneder siden
Weights and rankings missing. A bit confusing.
Cihan Boztarla
Cihan Boztarla 6 måneder siden
worst games ever
Sanjay 6 måneder siden
Why didn't Ohlsen just hit 5 plates? Dude wasn't even using a belt.
digital subliminal messages
digital subliminal messages 6 måneder siden
S T O P. R A P E I N G. B A B I E S I bet // ... honestly nothing major / but I am anticipating , the human trafficking plan /// but seems to be the game question / human trafficking , or ressurection /coorisponding candidates
Bobson Dugnutt
Bobson Dugnutt 6 måneder siden
The fact this was the top recommended video while I was watching gym fails... Yeah seems about right.
Łukasz Kos
Łukasz Kos 6 måneder siden
It's just me or they are bad at math and don't know how to calc weight on the bar?
S Oz
S Oz 6 måneder siden
Washed up loser olympics! 🤣🤣 Hey I know- let’s rename normal exercises and then do them with horrible form and let everyone cheat!! 🤣🤣
Thomas Cogger
Thomas Cogger 5 måneder siden
What did they rename? Back squat? Strict press? Deadlift? These are all conventional names
Anykine 50
Anykine 50 6 måneder siden
Geez his manbun is horrendous what an asshat
R Patel
R Patel 6 måneder siden
Just show Mat and liked the video
Steven Szabo
Steven Szabo 6 måneder siden
esteban collazo
esteban collazo 6 måneder siden
Is it me or does Haley adams looks like she’s angry and crying all the time
emanuel carey
emanuel carey 6 måneder siden
Kari should win. Purely based on not having a completely shitty form
emanuel carey
emanuel carey 6 måneder siden
Knees stay bucklin! Hahaha off CrossFit.. and no one calls the bs hah
August Thor
August Thor 6 måneder siden
22:31 what’s that?
akdjl adkjl
akdjl adkjl 6 måneder siden
late to the game, but why are all the fittest males... under 6'0"?
Flyer Måned siden
I think it has somn to do with me the disadvantages of having less mechanical leverage for longer arms and legs.
N3stoor 6 måneder siden
so, they have to put the weights themselves? LOL this is why crossfit is a joke
Alejandro Sanchez
Alejandro Sanchez 6 måneder siden
What shitty form by “athletes” from weightlifting backgrounds
Haidel St.Charles
Haidel St.Charles 6 måneder siden
I HATE when they say Back squat. It's JUST A SQUAT. "Squat" implies back. Just like "Bench Press" implies flat bench. Unless otherwise stated.
Haidel St.Charles
Haidel St.Charles 5 måneder siden
Finally an intelligent response. You defended your point eloquently, didn't put me down, and made think and reconsider my stance. I never thought of the considerations of Olympic lifters. Thank You.
a h
a h 5 måneder siden
@Haidel St.Charles actually if someone asks how much i squat i do ask front or back because there different and most of the people who would be asking are also Olympic lifters. So we typically differentiate between the two for the sake of simplity. Its the same thing as arguing is it called a snatch or a squat snatch. Well it depends what the goal is. If you want the person to go into a full squat then you say squat snatch. If you just want them to snatch the weight you can say snatch. But they may muscle, power or squat snatch. So basically realize you have to look at the sport being referenced. Some sports different lifts need to be differentiated between for clarity. Just because your specific sport or hobby doesn't include multiples doesn't mean others don't.
Haidel St.Charles
Haidel St.Charles 6 måneder siden
Correction. You're right. There is a front. But no such thing as a back squat. Just "Squat." Just like bench. When someone asks, How much do you bench? You don't reply, Incline, decline, or flat bench? You know what the Fuck he meant.
Haidel St.Charles
Haidel St.Charles 6 måneder siden
Haidel St.Charles
Haidel St.Charles 6 måneder siden
Nope. Just squat.
Anders Midtgaard
Anders Midtgaard 6 måneder siden
It would be much more interesting if they were not allowed to use equipment like belts, lifting shoes, wrist wraps, knee wraps etc. Then you would really know who is the strongest!
Anders Midtgaard
Anders Midtgaard 5 måneder siden
@a h Thats your ignorant opinioin, i know people who can barely squat without belts and special shoes.
a h
a h 5 måneder siden
ya...thats stupid. Give every person the equal opportunity to use something yet say its somehow unfair. Thats like saying give every nascar racer a prius instead to even the field even though there faster cars are all allowed to be identical. Every athlete is allowed to use each of those items if they want to. which means they are all on equal terms.
Stuart Young
Stuart Young 6 måneder siden
Why are these videos loaded up in a retarded order. I already know who wins I don’t get it
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