K/DA ALL OUT | Official Event Trailer - League of Legends: Wild Rift

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League of Legends: Wild Rift

2 måneder siden

You look like you could use some MORE. Go all out with new K/DA champs, skins, icons, emotes, and baubles from 30 October to 19 November 2020 UTC 00:00
Learn more at support-wildrift.riotgames.com/hc/articles/360056267654.
Dive into Wild Rift: the skills-and-strats 5v5 MOBA experience of League of Legends, now built from the ground up for mobile and console. With fresh controls and fast-paced games, players of every level can team up with friends, lock in their champion, and go for the big plays.
Ready for the Rift? Pre-register or download today. (Availability varies by region)
Follow for 200IQ gameplay clips, dev and feature updates, and a whole lot more:
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Facebook: playwildrift
Twitter: wildrift
Website: wildrift.leagueoflegends.com

Ayy Dag siden
Glad I completely missed this because this game ain’t in America 😔
Carlos Luna Pizarro Guerra
Carlos Luna Pizarro Guerra Dag siden
Now all the people in America lost these rewards 😭😭😭
John Leonard Agot
John Leonard Agot 2 dager siden
Real Jon Inigo
Real Jon Inigo 3 dager siden
Di pa ako gumastos sa ML ng skins dahil ang mahal at low quality. Pero mapapagastos na ata ako sa Wild Rift. Mas worth it lalo na ang KDA
Roberto Pech Chan
Roberto Pech Chan 4 dager siden
y en latam para cuando?
Irwin Snieder
Irwin Snieder 4 dager siden
Why make event before official release? So no way I can get those emotes and icons now
Dionne Tristan Ferrer
Dionne Tristan Ferrer 5 dager siden
0:11 *Ahh... SO GOOD*
Bamboo Kun
Bamboo Kun 5 dager siden
0:34 satisfying the beat goes with the song
Leidy García
Leidy García 5 dager siden
what is the name of the song
Krust Bruh
Krust Bruh 5 dager siden
K/DA- More
Kuro Yamato
Kuro Yamato 6 dager siden
Try them on the highest graphics they are really good. ❤️
Kade Rector
Kade Rector 6 dager siden
Why are the cinematics always better then the game itself?
AI Lovelypinch Gamings
AI Lovelypinch Gamings 7 dager siden
Why blitzcrank dance in song... Hahahha
Karlo Gregor
Karlo Gregor 7 dager siden
When they put so much effort on Seraphine but people ends up simping Evelynn.
AlexIshCute 7 dager siden
Somehow i feel like my device lags when i get to the part where texts transition shows up.
Swan Gaming
Swan Gaming 7 dager siden
0:18 Kai'Sa has glasses in trailer but not in the actual game
Bish Papi
Bish Papi 8 dager siden
Im watching like 10 times a day😭 this is the best ads i have ever seen😭💖
Ajrobnala Nisemerda
Ajrobnala Nisemerda 8 dager siden
How to get that diva icon? Is dat limited?
Φορέας θανάτου
Φορέας θανάτου 8 dager siden
Ryan J
Ryan J 9 dager siden
Did anyone notice that this advertisement has more views than the pc one?
owell oficial UwU
owell oficial UwU 11 dager siden
seraphine is my favorite among k/da
Gameshaker52 11 dager siden
If you felt useless , remember all 1.6k dislikes from MlBB players
i hate you
i hate you 7 dager siden
BerTsek 12 dager siden
Zagi Productions
Zagi Productions 11 dager siden
MORE by kda
Ralph Vargas
Ralph Vargas 12 dager siden
If ml can't be this popular how about pc version if you think you can beat lol it 11 years seen I play this game to season 1 to 11 and now lol mobile is season 1 men and I play ml but I didn't like all the champ it overpower and also skin are sucks I can compare to lol there skin are good and all of event and tournament skins are good to I wish this will even good in near future
Dush Kun
Dush Kun 13 dager siden
pls change eve's ult effect
Star Light
Star Light 13 dager siden
Did u remove everything from Evelynn but you want people to buy it.Akali have music in WR but Evelynn not. This is UNFAIR you should make music for all kda not only for Akali -_-
Star Light
Star Light 13 dager siden
Hear me up,i wanna know why you guys remove Evelynn music when she is in her passive ? Like i liked very much that part :(
Adam Bility
Adam Bility 14 dager siden
What game is this
_Gio mantika galaxy_
_Gio mantika galaxy_ 14 dager siden
Wild rift
Heveru Official
Heveru Official 15 dager siden
Seraphine My Favourite 😀❤️
Heveru Official
Heveru Official 15 dager siden
Isabella Solis
Isabella Solis 15 dager siden
Cuál es esa splicasion
Pietro Monteiro
Pietro Monteiro 15 dager siden
0:14 Wow,Beautiful❤❤ 1:26 😳
52AKJ 16 dager siden
Too much feeders☹️
parnupong prasertsung
parnupong prasertsung 16 dager siden
Miss Fortune : 🙄
PhantomKing #1225
PhantomKing #1225 16 dager siden
Wild rift ako panget ml
Gage Ebert
Gage Ebert 17 dager siden
Im guessing they didnt do much for the add cause they spent like 3 grand on the pcc version XD
CatLady 18 dager siden
It is so unfair, we couldnt play the game because wasnt released and they put this event when we couldnt play
AquaticRain 18 dager siden
yo league wtf is this shit??
CayxdenPlays 18 dager siden
To bad we cant play seraphines other forms
Fernando Alvarez
Fernando Alvarez 19 dager siden
@Riot: Habt ihr schon mal darüber nachgedacht die Vollversion von League für Konsolen umzuprogrammieren? Dürfte nicht so schwer werden denke ich, vorausgesetzt die Steuerungsmöglichkeit bleibt bei Maus und Tastatur - wird länger schon von XBox und PS unterstützt. Auch Crossplay mit PC,Xbox und PS wäre dann möglich. Ich liebe League und spiele sehr gerne Wild Rift- Wirklich gelungen! Würde dennoch gerne das Original League auf der Konsole spielen wollen- natürlich nur mit Maus und Tastatur 🤓
Freddy'06 19 dager siden
1:24 Kda's new member is the sixth😂
EGGDOG 귀엽다 4 dager siden
Andy Skoura
Andy Skoura 19 dager siden
How can i get Akali all out free?
Harleen Lamba
Harleen Lamba 20 dager siden
Kai sa looks different from the actual music video more
zoe 03
zoe 03 20 dager siden
Thats music is kpop
•아리 크다
•아리 크다 20 dager siden
Now MLBB Dead.
Nosferatu Red
Nosferatu Red 21 dag siden
I couldn’t participate in this event cuz I’m not Asian. I’m so disappointed in Riot I really am 😞
Genetic Vector
Genetic Vector 21 dag siden
Gonna admit this is the best ever I ever seen
Noormeily Ani
Noormeily Ani 21 dag siden
Nice and Amzing😄😮
Give me 1k likes I smell like cheese
LheXer 22 dager siden
{ softie lia }
{ softie lia } 22 dager siden
song name??
Zagi Productions
Zagi Productions 11 dager siden
MORE- kda
High Noon Darius
High Noon Darius 21 dag siden
Kda popstar
no name ideas
no name ideas 22 dager siden
dark moon
dark moon 22 dager siden
dropped cat
dropped cat 23 dager siden
High Noon Darius
High Noon Darius 21 dag siden
C4MPER 22 dager siden
Are the best
LA Lopez
LA Lopez 23 dager siden
Arhi is my fav
ABIJAH GOMEZ 23 dager siden
I all ready have that game and it was sooooo cool and awsome
DYNAMITAE 23 dager siden
Not a fan of LOL, not a player of LOL, not a fan of the singer but I keep coming back here because I love the song. It sounds badass
NavySeal 168
NavySeal 168 23 dager siden
Is this Kpop
OriginalRandom 24 dager siden
Lol there ads get little kids to download well cuz......... back............. u know.........
Lil KiSsEs
Lil KiSsEs 24 dager siden
Horibline Fenix
Horibline Fenix 24 dager siden
Theese ads are f*cking cringe
kevin 22 dager siden
Go back to your kid game don't come to wild rift
i don't know what to name my channel
i don't know what to name my channel 24 dager siden
Mas cringe mobile legend
Dzaki Al Ghifari
Dzaki Al Ghifari 24 dager siden
Oh god people are already comparing skins with mlbb in the comment section.
Gacha _Kylie
Gacha _Kylie 24 dager siden
Uh- why do you copy MLBB? Did you really Or nah? KDA is my fav song Byeeeeeee
Gacha _Kylie
Gacha _Kylie 3 dager siden
@dRd gaming yeah I don't really know about this so I'm just gonna say sorry
dRd gaming
dRd gaming 3 dager siden
dRd gaming
dRd gaming 3 dager siden
@Gacha _Kylie stupid Cringe
Ryo Making Progress
Ryo Making Progress 17 dager siden
At least LoL:WR trailers actually reflect what happened in the game, not unlike ML with too many Balmond and Chou goofing around in a cringe SourceFilmmaker robotic animation That K/DA skin actually had that CG animation when you choose it In PC version they are just repeated gif loop splash, nice to actually see what the skin looked like in actual CG
kevin 19 dager siden
@Gacha _Kylie yes
Amilgaul Zed
Amilgaul Zed 24 dager siden
Aucn nio muna game,
쇼카 24 dager siden
Can yall bring this back? How th I'm I gonna get a KDA profile Pic or microphone PLEASE.
Reinhardt Wilhelm
Reinhardt Wilhelm 25 dager siden
Now THIS is how you advertise.
chanteuse Doaaa
chanteuse Doaaa 25 dager siden
J'adore ces chanteuses mais comment on fait juste pour installer ça marche pas et après il me dit c'est bientôt dispo et après maintenant quand je réinstalle il fait que c'est trop long et après ça peut plus installer mais quand même j'adore kDa
ItsSen 25 dager siden
Is it my fault im playing mobile legends just because i dont have a Device that can support LOL PC AND WF:(
Mirah Offc
Mirah Offc 25 dager siden
Fiks yg unlike anak moonton:v
tech boy XD
tech boy XD 25 dager siden
jakeson BG
jakeson BG 25 dager siden
Dude there no boys
Toxic Klutz
Toxic Klutz 25 dager siden
Can't wait for wild rift to be released!!!
S4MURAI47 25 dager siden
I didn't have time😭
Joeric Israel Gonzales
Joeric Israel Gonzales 26 dager siden
I just saw a teenager beating up a child with soundwaves.
Carlitos Balde
Carlitos Balde 26 dager siden
For does of you didn’t know is that a guy name Watson Xu Zhenhua was the one who was named in the court document, not Moonton itself. There was a minor error. He was the person who was working in Tencent as a senior employee and he is the real reason who responsible to give copy from the company.
RenardU08 27 dager siden
Dikira ff
Liaoni.e 27 dager siden
Anyone want to be friends with me in Wild Rift? :( I'm new
Radu 27 dager siden
please stop this gay ad
FROST XT 27 dager siden
My Dude Blitzy be vibing 🤙🔥🔥
Seventy Four
Seventy Four 27 dager siden
You don t get to see those Ahri tail physics on PC..
Seventy Four
Seventy Four 27 dager siden
@ethan cianfarani Wait it s official that these graphics will be on console? 100% they ll update the graphics of PC too. No way they don t.
ethan cianfarani
ethan cianfarani 27 dager siden
They still need to update the pc this is the mobile and future console version
Francis Gabriel L Abordo
Francis Gabriel L Abordo 28 dager siden
Dear developers, please add a feature that is like easypose, control their body posture pls
rangga aditya pratama
rangga aditya pratama 28 dager siden
Game goblog
Music isamazing
Music isamazing 28 dager siden
I didn't even know this was a legit MV for a game... Like the amount of hardwork they did for their freaking MOBA game unlike the annoying low budget ones like mobile legends. KDA is really on another level man. LOL is legit a legend. I don't play it but I came from the full MV. I saw the comment about Soyeon and someone else being in this ad so I listened to it. I am impressed
Shukri Musbar Ben Moses
Shukri Musbar Ben Moses 29 dager siden
What is ML?😂 You play ML? Eeeeeeee what is thattt😂😂😂 (Its a jokeeee😂)
Troung Vy Nong
Troung Vy Nong 29 dager siden
Are they all mage??
Ryo Making Progress
Ryo Making Progress 17 dager siden
Well, yes But actually, no Ahri (fox girl) is ambush burst and mage assassin, can also serves as ultimate mage, if you don't careful she can flank you and cut off your escape route with her dash ult, charm you towards her and hit you with a Foxfire as well as her giant magic orb Akali (the ninja) is assassin and mage, darting in an out of crazy fights with her smoke bombs and wall jumping dashes Evelynn (girl with glasses) is jungler mage assassin, she can camo getting invisible until she attacks and would wreck your solo jungler allies Kai'Sa (the girl with "rocket pack") is marksman mage, she rains death from safe range and will cut your escape route off with her ult by teleporting right up your face Seraphine (girl on floating stage) is support mage, excells in team fights boosting, buffing and healing allies while simultaneously landing ridiculously long range abilities and ults All five can play literally mage roles, jungler role, support role and marksman all at the same time
Alia Freya
Alia Freya 28 dager siden
Nope! Everyone has different attributes of im correct
Psych Maestro
Psych Maestro 29 dager siden
Ost track name ?
Rafał Janiak
Rafał Janiak 29 dager siden
There will still be this event in the eruption The game is from December 9
C U A C K 29 dager siden
Crack Head
Crack Head Måned siden
I missed this event !! Hope they would repeat the event or smth
Adrian Gabriel Wilczewski
Adrian Gabriel Wilczewski Måned siden
Stop ad me with this game, i dont give a tuck and im not interested.
Lee Mehue
Lee Mehue Måned siden
Baddest boleh
Arzee Geronimo
Arzee Geronimo Måned siden
i like thes game
BIMA Ariya
BIMA Ariya Måned siden
Baru kali ini nonton iklan
MarXAckerman Måned siden
"Sweet home Alabama"
DeemoniYT - Wild Rift
DeemoniYT - Wild Rift Måned siden
0:33 Perfect Sync...
Jessica Rubin
Jessica Rubin Måned siden
this song got stuck in my head kda show em how we do it evry day na na na na na na
themainer Måned siden
Im thinking to buy Ahris skin
•Moon_Rabbit• Måned siden
What music please?
Aditya Narine
Aditya Narine 28 dager siden
Random Dude
Random Dude Måned siden
KDA More
ImmA FatGamer
ImmA FatGamer Måned siden
I saw Blitzz dance and it's amazing.
Ali Uguz
Ali Uguz Måned siden
So the game was released on december 10th, way before this event. So all the unlocks are unavailable for us none beta players...
Alice Teodoro
Alice Teodoro Måned siden
Man this ad was better than those cringey mobile legend ads
Kenneth Javier
Kenneth Javier 5 dager siden
@Alec Cotler i dont want ti starr a figtg nobody is gann win anyway
Alec Cotler
Alec Cotler 5 dager siden
@Kenneth Javier mobile legends is a copy of lol pc tho...
Kenneth Javier
Kenneth Javier 6 dager siden
@Acid Wolf no i was saying i will play both of then and why not try wr bc i havent play it sk ye
Acid Wolf
Acid Wolf 6 dager siden
@Kenneth Javier wdym? I’m already playing wr. Lmao
Kenneth Javier
Kenneth Javier 6 dager siden
@Acid Wolf ill just play both game why not try wr tho
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