Did Matpat FIX the Zelda TIMELINE? - ft. HMK (Game Theory Response)

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Is Hyrule Warriors the missing Link to solving the Zelda Timeline? HMK and I try to answer this question by watching a recent video posted by The Game Theorists!
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HMK År siden
This was really Fun! Glad We worked together!
okaminokuro År siden
@spyro115 you mean the the thing the opening sentence of this video claimed wasn't the focus of this video?
RussMaster Master Of Russes
RussMaster Master Of Russes År siden
Why don't you ever colab with matpat himself on one of these videos? I think that would be cool.
MJ År siden
HMK Breath of the wild is all just the dream Link has before he wakes up in Link’s Awakening
Haruhi Suzumiya
Haruhi Suzumiya År siden
that omnic mechanic
that omnic mechanic År siden
Also the hats more a green...not yellow people are pulling at fucking pulling at straws LEAVE THE TIMELINE ALONE
Tralfazz74 2 dager siden
Tralfazz74 2 dager siden
You can also say it's Canon, then go "three different worlds merged, the geography and names got all warb-b-bbled"
Matt Gonzo
Matt Gonzo 17 dager siden
Luke Seigel
Luke Seigel 19 dager siden
I have my own theory, that a hero of the past merged the timelines together using sheikah tech in an unknown timeline. The souls of the heros that remained were sealed away and the sheikah were banished for messing with the laws of time.
Erik Gibson
Erik Gibson 23 dager siden
The first six minutes dont realy have that much content in relation to the "thewy" I cant get over the accent
Super New10doh
Super New10doh 26 dager siden
Um no the seas of time line is a reference to Ocarina of Time as she compared the Master Sword to a ship that with the added abilities of the Ocarina of Time allows him to sail the Seas of time to whatever destination he desires.
Joseph Goodman
Joseph Goodman 28 dager siden
Everyone is overcomplicating things. The Zelda team is obviously trying to get away from this timeline crap. The game is set 10,000 years from the other games! The past games are but a mere legend, thus explaining an inconsistency in the games. BotW is the present and current time.
Brnt Food
Brnt Food Måned siden
Yo dude congrats on 250k subs!
Oscar Tobias
Oscar Tobias Måned siden
Man, remember it is only a theory, a game theory
Isabela Menon
Isabela Menon Måned siden
sup HMK
Jim Smith
Jim Smith Måned siden
I genuinely hate MatPat as a human and as a content creator, but I absolutely agree that Hyrule Warriors is a perfect way to tie this whole fucking timeline rodeo together.
AG14 Måned siden
why di you hate mat pat?
AngelicusEXperiment Måned siden
The Hyrule Warriors theory doesn't explain everything, and requires a large number of assumptions. But even if there's no way to make it perfect, it's still a more comprehensive answer than anything we'll get out of Nintendo directly.
AngelicusEXperiment Måned siden
With regards to Midna's comment on the divine beast, that's still a feasible connection. Remember who the Twili descend from, and remember who built the Divine Beasts.
Fnaf Vr Boi
Fnaf Vr Boi Måned siden
Wow I guess I should not always rely on matpat to solve mysterys
ZeldaFire 2 måneder siden
MatPat is absolutely right, as he always is. His theory makes PERFECT sense!
Anonymous Anonymous
Anonymous Anonymous Måned siden
This video just debunked it
Bluedragon967 2 måneder siden
easy fix, it isn't a canon game
LPFan 2 måneder siden
One year after, it is time to respond to the responce. First, I want to say that I agree with the overall stance that the theory is straightup wrong due to the reasons you gave, namely the point of hyruöe warriors being to keep the timeperiods seperate. However, what I wabt to do is to talk about where you guys are wr8ng and where you are right and what my thoughts on the matter are. Well, let's begin with midna:that is straight up just an error I did not even notice because I am dumb and that they never bothered to fix. If one pays attention to the plot, Midna is still in her Twiliform when Cia invades and changes the outcome of the battle between midna and zant which leads to twilight princess(so yeah, cia just changes the timeline permanently lol). You know, because Cia is the one that transforms her here. The thing is that twilimidna was not programmed in until the DLC after and they appearenrly never bothered to fix this error. Nice job, koei techmo. You fucked up. Anyways, Cia forces Zant into her ranks and he takes over the throne, so no contradiction here. The only issue really is that they forgot to put the correct version of midna there lol. When it comes to the descriptions, I have no real rebuttal because those really are a contradiction. However, there is a catch. These descriptions are not part of the story, they are outside of the story. The story itself never introduces these contradictions, so I would just write it up as them having too much fun with the fanserviceaspect of "You know these guys". The closest thing to an actual contradiction is that ruto and darunia are sages here, but that is not even a hard contradiction because we have no idea what happened prior to twilight princess or how the sages operate. It is possible that these two were recognised as representatives outside of the sacred realm. We just have too little information to make a meaningful choice on if it is a plothole or not. It already was an issue in Twilight princess itself where we do not know who these sages are or why they never replaced the watersage who got punched in the face by ganondorf.(so we might as well call TP noncanon too lol) And lastly, the timelineplacement-argument....it is still child in the game, even if there were bigger contradictions(which I just said, there are only minor questions that cab be reasonably explained why they are there). If we pay attention to the way characters react, we notice that these games that either happened everywhere or in child exclusively are considered legends, while nobody has any idea what the hell is going on when the portal to windwaker opens. And that kinda paints a clear picture as there is NO downfall-content in the storymode that could contradict anything. And considering the lore of HW points towards child, we can even explain the game using four swords adventures of all things. Link just used the four sword to split ganons soul into 4 and somehow spread it across time to make sure it can never reform or reincarnate, one of these pieces being sealed by the mastersword which only he and his reincarnations can pull. It is actually a genius plan and it is questionable why no one else thought of doing something similar. There are still some problems with my explanation, but it solves the majority of the issues. Now to BotW. The first game makes sense if we assume that the royal family used the triforce to collect knowledge from other timelines and then over the eons it got mangled up which timeline anything belonds to, meaning historybooks became useless. It does not explain the salt, but literally nothing does. The game does not work in adult because the great sea is never drained(as far as we know)and link and zelda founded new hyrule somewhere else entirely. So the great sea is not a viable way to explain the salt. My best guess is that it is ancient salt from some kind of originsea that happened before skyward sword that we know nothing about. So far, everything is good and nothing is beyond reason. However, they increased the resemblance to tp ganondorf significantly in BotW2, turning it from an easteregg to a legit lorepoint. so that game broke the timeline beyond repair. Yeah, the game is not even out and it already fucked shit up.
Agam Forever
Agam Forever 2 måneder siden
I think it falls under the child timeline since you know..... GANONDORF FROM TWILIGHT PRINCESS MAKES AN APPEARANCE
Michael Curley
Michael Curley 2 måneder siden
Nah mat pat is right
GhettoLion king
GhettoLion king 2 måneder siden
1 year later...hyrule warriors: age of calamity out in 2020... you guys should make another video because matpat might be right
AnoyinDoge 2 måneder siden
Maybe the great sea stayed long enough to make the rock salt?
the true bendy
the true bendy 2 måneder siden
im an avid game theorist. and when i saw this i was like " oh... a theorist war. this will be fun" i do belive in the convergence theory but using hyrule warriors to explain it is a little iffy
Davanthall 2 måneder siden
I’m not gonna argue that HW is canon but I do firmly believe that BOTW takes place some undefined amount of time after some sort of event that did indeed unite the three time lines into one. I think that’s called the Convergence Theory, right? Yeah, I believe in that.
games and Gacha
games and Gacha 2 måneder siden
Hmmm I think matpat has more evidence
Ridley12 2 måneder siden
Personally, I think it *might* be acceptable to put it between the timeline and BotW/2, canon or not. Of course, since it's non-canon, it is different from each person's opinion.
Ethan Arkham
Ethan Arkham 2 måneder siden
So when talking about Lana and Cia protecting the Triforce, why can't this be done? If it were to take place after all three timelines there's no reason to suggest that they couldn't be doing so in Breath of the Wild, as the game says this is after they split.
Mr.Dragon 2 måneder siden
I do think the general concept of the theory works, but not the details. A being like Cia, that monitors the triforce and those who bear it through the ages and has the power to drag the timelines together, or just that it is possible such a power exists, would solve everything. I could accept it if there was "temporal bleed" so to speak... lingering elements of all three timelines flowing into one due to the chaos caused by the incident. Considering Aonuma has now officially recruited that team to help tell BotW's prequel, I genuinely wouldn't mind if they brought Lana and Cia back as a cameo to Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity. Though maybe redesigned to be a bit less... Koei-Tecmo. I mean... I love me some of the eyecandy Cia brings... but it should fit in the BotW aesthetic. So she should dial back the cleavage a bit at the very least. Lana also needs to be a dialed back a bit, I have no other way to put it than that she's too... anime. No offense meant, I watch a lot of anime myself.
p3st gaming
p3st gaming 2 måneder siden
kinda late but i think breath of the wild is more an reaimagend version of the og zelda , at least most of the devs handled it like this also basicly the whole timeline disccussion started to get out of control for years now ......there is no real time line nintedo just create a timeline for the fans ....not for the game...you could put most games in any order and put 100 years between and it would fit (besides majora) , and it makes even less sense that games like skyward sword and minsih cap are connected !! its a LEGEND not a STORY and legends are allways retelled on a new way , just saying
Shayaan Ansari
Shayaan Ansari 2 måneder siden
I know this is a year late but since age of calamity was announced I think the game is going to merge the timelines somehow even though it's meant to be a direct prequel to breath of the wild
Seth שת
Seth שת 2 måneder siden
Now that Nintendo has licensed _Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity_ as an official BOTW prequel, I'm gonna say that MatPat is correct. It wouldn't surprise me if Nintendo's plan with the original game was, “We need an excuse to merge these three crazy timelines. Koei Tecmo makes ensemble games. If they make a story that brings in characters from all eras, we can claim it's a way to bridge the timeline.”
FREDERICK KIDSTON 2 måneder siden
it solves the timeline
Scolvic 2 måneder siden
Who came back to this after nintendo announced about Hyrule Warrior's : Age of Calamity?
Garage Life
Garage Life 2 måneder siden
I loved this! But you really need to do a theory about demise and his connection to Ganondorf.
WEEABOO 64 2 måneder siden
I don't believe that Hyrule warriors is what "solves the timeline" but I still think botw is a "merged" timeline. It might be solved with a prequel, who knows?
Tristyn Jones
Tristyn Jones 2 måneder siden
You say that the sudden introduction of Lana and Cia into the timeline would not make any sense. But Nintendo already added Hylia to the timeline during Skyward Sword with the same exact role. Lana and Cia could simply be the Goddesses replacement for Hylia since she reincarnated as a mortal.
sawcy bui
sawcy bui 2 måneder siden
What if Botw exists in a separate universe, an entirely different story all together
Link in smash
Link in smash 2 måneder siden
My theroy: botw is part of all timelines . It explains why lynels appear in botw with fourths of the twilight mirror.
fam wam
fam wam 3 måneder siden
i mean. he does say its just a theory-
Kieran WASTIE 3 måneder siden
The first video of him with his timeline placement was prior to botw 2 trailer
Ricky the Rock
Ricky the Rock 3 måneder siden
Yeah I get it you’re jealous you didn’t think of this first. So you go to point out all of the tiny nitpicky problems you had with it. Also the timeline is way to complicated so why try to disprove this theory.
chilli cc
chilli cc 2 måneder siden
Jason Newbery
Jason Newbery 3 måneder siden
Lost me at hyrule warriors
P3dro _18
P3dro _18 3 måneder siden
2:16 BOTW sequel : OH HELL NO!
Julio the 3rd
Julio the 3rd 3 måneder siden
I had captions on and when he said breath of the wilds sequel the captions said “breath of the wallets equal”
elder jose
elder jose 3 måneder siden
in my view, hyrule warriors explains LOTS, how to introduce the perfect possibility of fusing the timelines, or even how aspects of it may be in brath of the wild, I believe that in some hyrule warriors 2 there could be a definitive fusion of the lines of time (and let's face it, Aonuma never said that Hyrule warriors wasn’t canonical, he said he wasn’t from the same universe as the original timeline, meaning it can be like the Marvel and DC multiverse, it’s canon, but not in the same universe, so a clash between universes and timelines is entirely possible)
elder jose
elder jose 3 måneder siden
you know that no one mentioned cia or lana before is not a problem for the franchise since before nobody had mentioned a goddess Hilya until skyward sword right? And now even temples she owns .....
Michael Joniaux
Michael Joniaux 3 måneder siden
The Deku tree isn’t in faron in botw. It’s in the lost woods.
jet13pac 3 måneder siden
Yes game theory did fix the time line
Anonymous Anonymous
Anonymous Anonymous 3 måneder siden
No they did not
TheUltimateP1e 3 måneder siden
I dont really like this vid
Micheal Watts
Micheal Watts 3 måneder siden
Even though the world was put back together and separated again... idk I just enjoyed the idea that this game where the timelines merge and then create something new is a cool concept.. Kind of like How the DC Multiverse formed into the DC Universe with heroes changing or dying or coming together etc etc.
Enrique Vargas
Enrique Vargas 3 måneder siden
Oh shut up. No one Fucking cares!!
Enrique Vargas
Enrique Vargas 2 måneder siden
@chilli cc was I fucking talking 2 u?! Worthless piece of shit!!!!
chilli cc
chilli cc 2 måneder siden
@Enrique Vargas no
Enrique Vargas
Enrique Vargas 3 måneder siden
@Anonymous Anonymous k. Then I won this as argument.
Anonymous Anonymous
Anonymous Anonymous 3 måneder siden
@Enrique Vargas You have to be one of the pettiest people I have seen on NOpost it's been weeks since I first replied to you and your still going I am not going to answer again
Enrique Vargas
Enrique Vargas 3 måneder siden
@Anonymous Anonymous Aha sure😒. whatever u say buddy😒. You're just worth it😒.
Solarblade 3 måneder siden
While I do acknowledge everyone's entitled to their opinion , I would say that ( *IN MY OPINION , REMEMBER THAT PART INTERNET* ) Matpats video made perfect sense to me and I agree with his theory of the re-united timeline
Bl4ckf4ll 3 måneder siden
I thought he was going to say "But hey, that's just a theory, a game theory" when he says "but hey" near the end (17:24)
Grimm _
Grimm _ 3 måneder siden
Did Mat pat said the book said to use your imagination¿¿¿
Sandalwood 3 måneder siden
I think this theory creates more problems than it solves. Still, great try MatPat.
Ahmad Rafa
Ahmad Rafa 3 måneder siden
Bassically everyone: *visible confusion*
Kaempfdog 4 måneder siden
I use this as my base of BOTW Hyrule. I use Hyrule from OoT and an expansion west into the land of Termina. Termina's desert/barren land is around the same location as the haunted wasteland and Gerudo valley. Hebra is most likely Snowhead crossed with Snowpeak. And in the unseen map, the lost woods likely wrap underneath lake hylia and mix together a little bit creating the Southern swamp Woodfall. Almost all of the locations remain the same. Termina wasn't fully expanded into, hence the lack of Clock Town and the Great Bay. And a small expansion in the other direction as well taking on a lot of the Akala region. I wish I could include Twilight Princess into this map more accurately especially since Botw 2 is very likely going to involve a lot of Twilight Princess lore apparently, but thanks to my past with the Wii version and the WiiU version, my head is a bit muddled on organizing that map properly. Any alterations? The deserts of Termina and Hyrule is what lead me down this path regarding the heights, the valley, and the desert all being in that area. But the shift of land mostly makes sense thinking in this regard. Nintendo says Link isn't dead in Majora's mask. Maybe because they live in such close kingdoms of similar land styles leads the Termanians and Hylians looking much more alike? Similar evolution.
Bailey The Witch of Void
Bailey The Witch of Void 4 måneder siden
Honestly it's just a case of waiting for Nintendo to create a minigame that merges world's, call it canon, and then pat themselves on the back for fixing the timeline
Monke Gaming
Monke Gaming 4 måneder siden
Call mat
GojiraGaming 4 måneder siden
This isn’t really important, but I would like to point out another piece of evidence: Epona doesn’t appear in BoTW. Sure, the Amiibo can unlock him, but as MatPat said in another vid, Amiibo’s shouldn’t be considered canon, they’re more like off-story Easter eggs. And that can also make it closer to the fallen timeline, as Epona doesn’t exist in that timeline either.
Curly_Haired_ Dude
Curly_Haired_ Dude 4 måneder siden
Me: sees no comment from matpat Also me: *visible confusion*
Jonathan Adorno
Jonathan Adorno 4 måneder siden
I think Nintendo is missing a key game that would fix the timeline. Let say in this missing game(could even be Breath of the Wild 2) Ganondorf gets to make a wish on the triforce, his wish was to stop the hero of time(for Ganondorf his problems started after his encounter with that hero), so after his wish, he is sent back to the time of his fateful encounter and now with his new knowledge he is able to stop the hero, in turn creating the downfall timeline. so the timeline would have all events play out the same, it would also explain why in the downfall time Ganondorf is unable to take his human form again, after countless years being a host for malice his mind his corrupted. To explain why the Gods would grant his wish (Ganondorf) they were angered at the Hylian for using the souls of the dead to power their machines (Sheika tech), I have more to this theory but I have no skill in creating a video that can show this.
RBEO22 4 måneder siden
You know, salt isn't just found in seas and oceans. It can be found in any body of water that DOESN'T have an outlet.
Michael Beverly
Michael Beverly 4 måneder siden
All true. However when looking at breath of the Wild and it’s timeline placement, there are three conclusions. One, that the timelines did somehow merge, in which case at least some of what mattpat said was correct. The second conclusion is that Breath of the Wild is at the end of all three timelines separately, meaning that no matter what, the events of breath of the wild must take place, this seems unlikely. The third option is that Nintendo didn’t care nearly as much about the timeline as the fans, and didn’t realize they needed a seamless canon until it was too late, and every time they trie to retcon themselves out they just sink deeper. Loved your videos as well as Mattpat’s.
Flamingpaper 4 måneder siden
MatPat's theory sort of makes sense. Just changing the plot a little would make it work as MatPat tried to make it work. But honestly, I think the official timeline is already wrong, and I would change things a bit. Specifically, Zelda 1 and 2 should go after Windwaker. Why? The toens in Zelda 2 are the names of sages in OoT, such Darunia, Saria, and most importantly, Nabooru. In the hero is defeated timeline, Nabooru wouldn't have been important since Link wouldn't have awoken Nabooru, so she wouldn't have been a sage, and naming a town after her would be weird. And since Tetra would have known the names of the sages from the past, being a historian, Tetra would know Saria, Darunia, etc, and Nabooru from OoT, in a timeline where they were all awoken, AKA the adult timeline. Also, the Zora evolved into Rito (bird people) in Windwaker, and Zelda 2 specifically has 2 enemies called Fokeru and Fokka, which are bird like people exclusive to the game (although only in The Great Palace).
William Machie
William Machie 4 måneder siden
So time is fragile when in skyward sword and Ocarina how often you change time it created a fracture where timelines converge at a single point so that the world's didn't collapse on each other... warriors kinda fit that perfect
ItzSmokey_ _
ItzSmokey_ _ 4 måneder siden
Just bc Nintendo says it’s not canon doesn’t mean it is canon
inXine 4 måneder siden
i think that alot of people are trying to "fix" the timeline, so i wouldnt say Mat was necessarily wrong for outting H. warriors into the mix. hell, its the Devs fault in the first place that we, the fans, have to fix is since they came out and said "its up to ur imagination how the timeline works". thats basically saying "yeh we dont reaaally care about the timelines and we change it with every new entry anyways, so do what u want with it".
Joshua York
Joshua York 4 måneder siden
i just came up with a theory for you to solve. when you warp in OOT everbody freezes but the fariys don't. how come they can move when time stops
William Wigley
William Wigley 4 måneder siden
I had hopes and just recently had the time to play it. Matpat was definitely convincing before I played and came to the same conclusion just moments ago then had to look up if you said anything about it. It was a fun game but I could have saved myself some anger if I had just watched this video before I bought the game😵
Niki Campbell
Niki Campbell 4 måneder siden
ok first of all STOP TRYING TO COMPARE YOURSELF TO A GOD TIER THEORIST even tho your a good theorist urself but like really? and you stole his video picture nice (this is not a hate comment im just saying also ur videos are good lol)
Anonymous Anonymous
Anonymous Anonymous 3 måneder siden
Nbc is a far better theorist then matpat though
Conner Payne
Conner Payne 4 måneder siden
I feel like botw takes place in its own universe
Russell Harrell
Russell Harrell 4 måneder siden
But...the TIME BREAK
darkraiguy 4 måneder siden
if the portals stayed long enough they could cause the melding of the world in a more permanent fashion
Paul Newhouse
Paul Newhouse 5 måneder siden
Time flows like a river.. That sea of time quite was referencing OOT.
Neel4312 5 måneder siden
When Zelda says "Over the seas of time and distance" shes not talking about the literal sea shes talking about the large amount of time and distance hylia has blessed them with
Sasori of the Red Sand
Sasori of the Red Sand 5 måneder siden
Matpat didn't say that Hyrule Warriors should be placed at the end of the child timeline, he said that it was the start of a new timeline
Mein Name ist Daniel
Mein Name ist Daniel 5 måneder siden
I hate this voice
Superstuff 5 måneder siden
Well the Twilight realm exists in every timeline, the enterloper war happens before the timeline splits. So the “Glowing Embers of Twilight” doesn’t quite mean the child timeline, it’s just a reference. I like the theory of the first Zelda game being in the adult timeline, because it makes sense. But I think botw fits in all timelines. No matter what you do, Botw happens in all timelines
marco mfdb
marco mfdb 5 måneder siden
matpat: salt can be only there by flood clouds and evaporation and salt in the evaporation compressesd together to make rock salt: let me introudus ourselves
michaael stanfield
michaael stanfield 5 måneder siden
lol I think im the only one who played and beat this game on the wii-u
Benn 5 måneder siden
Yknow, it would be hilarious, if another revision of the timeline came out, and it was revised to fit to MatPat’s theory.
Celly Milton
Celly Milton 5 måneder siden
I think that it does solve the problem as best as ANYTHING could. I'll fully admit that it's inconsistent... but _most_ Zelda games aren't made with lore consistency in mind. Both this AND Breath of the Wild are living proof of that fact. There's no doubt that it wasn't made with Breath of the Wild's lore in mind, but what other solution is there, besides just admitting that despite Breath of the Wild's connections to all other timelines, that it may just be a matter of it being a reboot that ignores the timeline? Is it just easier to say that Breath of the Wild is a completely new, and disconnected timeline? Probably. But if you want to argue its place in the existing timeline... Hyrule Warriors is practically your only real option, whether or not you argue that there's a timeline where the portals are closed and one where things aren't.
David Laranjeira
David Laranjeira 5 måneder siden
Honestly, we’re probably just gonna have to wait for there to be a game that solves the timeline. Think about it. The entire timeline didn’t even have a true origin until Skyward Sword in 2011, more than 20 years after the series began, so it’s pretty easy for me to believe that we’ll get an answer one day, we’ll just have to be patient. We’ll probably just get a game after botw 2 that’s explains what happened to the timeline, as there’s bound to be more Zelda games after botw 2. For all we know, botw 2 could just answer the question on it’s own. We’ll just have to wait and see.
Quantum The Engineer
Quantum The Engineer 5 måneder siden
That's too bad. I liked his video but hadn't played Hyrule Warriors. I liked the theory of merging the timelines. I made a comparison earlier today suggesting that there is some symmetry between the timelines similarity to the Goddesses. Hylia above all and then the three goddesses. One line and then the split. With the idea of merging timelines I suggested the three goddesses worked together to bridge them. This would then Unite the spirit of Hylia spread among them and reunite Ganon and Ganondorf to be vanquished once and for all. There is evidence of quite a bit of prophecy or future sight of the ancients in BOTW. That info had to come from someplace. It is more than coincidence that Sheikah temples are in relevant locations, the towers too set in the earth long before geologic changes, or the different tribes and species would reshape the land.
Nate Martini
Nate Martini 5 måneder siden
i think hyrule warriors is what is needed to fix the timeline. some of those flaws can be worked around.
raiko06 6 måneder siden
Bruh didnt you here what he said he used his ImaGinATioN
Jon Tillotson
Jon Tillotson 6 måneder siden
Yes it does
Christopher suazo
Christopher suazo 5 måneder siden
wow man you surely are correct and proved us wrong
colosine 6 måneder siden
Hyrule warriors is such a fun game, it's nice to see Zelda in such a different playstyle with such a familiar universe
Cade Anderson
Cade Anderson 6 måneder siden
Well for the sea(s?) of time and distance, it might not be referencing(?) the great sea. It could just be a metaphor that sounds like the great sea. Sea of time? What would that be? Sea of distance? Sure it could be the Great Sea but it could very well be something else. If anyone could clear stuff up for me, please comment to tell me. I have nothing better to do. Also for the two sages background information, they have fought Ganon in the past. Hyrule Warriors is combining all the games, so it would make sense to include what they did in the Adult timeline. Its basically gathering all the information of what they did, which is not much, and summarizing it. The argument that they have not fought Ganon in the past is invalid, because they are using Adult timeline info. If this argument is valid however then all other characters like Midna from other timelines information is invalid, because they are not in the Adult timeline. I hope my line of thought makes sense.
The Vault The Official Channel
The Vault The Official Channel 6 måneder siden
Game Idea: Legend Of Zelda: Meth of the Wild -Link finds out that he has only months to live, so he starts cooking illegal drugs.
Christopher suazo
Christopher suazo 5 måneder siden
what a dark story hahaha
War War
War War 6 måneder siden
The hyrule's warriors game was probably made with the attention of connecting all the timelines with Nintendo backed out of the last minute and switched it around so it didn't even fit on the timeline
Zubin Sundaram
Zubin Sundaram 6 måneder siden
Im not trying to hate on anyone, but i just found it confusing when you brought up the whole fact that cia wasn't mentioned in ocarina of time. My problem with this is that nintendo made cia after the release of ocarina of time, so i why should the theory be somewhat debunked because of the fact that the characters weren't maddening the realtime year of the referenced game?
Melon Tube
Melon Tube 6 måneder siden
Me scrolling through the comments looking for game theory: 🌚
itachi 6 måneder siden
I think matpat is right
Asia Inwood
Asia Inwood 6 måneder siden
I like the fact that when i look at this video thumbnail i thought it was Game Theory video
LSうさぎ 6 måneder siden
Dude i tottaly agre , but , couldnt you make a little differetn the tumbnail ? I mean you litteraly just toke matpat's tumbnail and made it yours Now do you have permission to do it ? If you have so , ignore this comment lmao , if you dint have permission ... idk do whatever feels right to you pal I love your vids either way Plus i just wanted to mention , matpat has mention in one of his videos that he doesnt agree in alll of his theorys , some of them are just for fun other are just an idea
Albus Dumbledore
Albus Dumbledore 7 måneder siden
Go to heak
Random Person
Random Person 7 måneder siden
6:46 the background text looks like sheikah or an early form of it
Diego Bertarioni
Diego Bertarioni 7 måneder siden
A theory of a theory... History channel be like: But ALIENS. Good video tho'
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Ariana Grande - 34+35 (official video)
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