Scaring my Girlfriend in my Single Turbo 335i!

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Adam LZ

Måned siden

The 335 is the best it’s been in a long time - and it’s only going to get better from here!
Thank you @RKTUNES @precisionsport and for helping make this happen!

DarkAlpine 18 timer siden
You know what they say about girls that wear chokers?... That's their black belt at suckin that D
Christos 2 dager siden
Hey wat does you copilot use to track through a usb? Looking to datalog/monitor through a tablet as well
Fuk Yoo
Fuk Yoo 4 dager siden
1.5m views? Nice, glad this one went well. It's a cute video. Was hoping these compete with your mom's vid but Holy shit that things up to 13 mill
MeiMeto 4 dager siden
Who tf is that. That’s not his Gf what happen to the one from like 3 years ago 😂😂
moshe 4 dager siden
new gf? he got divorce?
markST24 5 dager siden
Girlfriend: @21:22 "What tires are on this car...???" Wife it quick bro...
Brett King
Brett King 6 dager siden
Why you baggin on n54s?:(
Dusky 6 dager siden
Da og whip yessir
11green11 7 dager siden
She wants to know why and how... humor her bro. She looked so let down when u blew her off 😔
GEHF 7 dager siden
Z1_ performance
Z1_ performance 8 dager siden
Weren’t u married not you have a girlfriend
OspreyBravo18 8 dager siden
Mustache makes him look like he is in his 40's. PS. FCP is the shit.
Enrique Diaz
Enrique Diaz 9 dager siden
For this wedding, Colette will be drifting around Adam in his wedding dress.
g. 23 timer siden
@Colson Bennett loooong gone
Speedier 2 dager siden
@Colson Bennett They divorced
Colson Bennett
Colson Bennett 3 dager siden
where did his first wife go
Mr Mills
Mr Mills 9 dager siden
Wait what happened to the other woman?!
phoenix Moore
phoenix Moore 10 dager siden
Do u still ride bmx
LIL DREW 10 dager siden
Holy shit; its a beast
Destro 691
Destro 691 10 dager siden
wait a fckin minute!!! where is your gf from day 1...shet made me sad af she was a good one
ben florence
ben florence 10 dager siden
she's hot
SLJ 11 dager siden
You screwed up man i miss your ex😔
Ethan Fallowes
Ethan Fallowes 11 dager siden
13:28 notice how he blurted out the speedometer
Brayan Goulart
Brayan Goulart 11 dager siden
0:00 Song Name?
Spirited Driver
Spirited Driver 12 dager siden
you made a few comments that makes me think you need to clean the gas pedal contacts, or replace it.
NOFOOD? 12 dager siden
Boi LZ look like he dying needds to start riding BMX again...
Igniux 13 dager siden
The look she gave after a pull :))
Family Man
Family Man 14 dager siden
Must be nice to have 3 million subs to watch him piss away money from the views we give him. We paid for that car
Family Man
Family Man 14 dager siden
How does this guy have 3 million subs? I cant even get 300 and I have video on everything you can think of. Its because he has more money. Possibly abducting women and selling them
IDrlz2 16 dager siden
He tells his girl every thing about cars
John Dc2
John Dc2 17 dager siden
Ne special tool used to install the teflon injector seals? Perhaps the cause of the issues.
fartzani tarzani
fartzani tarzani 17 dager siden
i bet everyone smiles when stutututuut
New World
New World 17 dager siden
That boy got to much pain in his heart😒
Gravitystars101 18 dager siden
She kinda bad thoooo...
GTClutch 19 dager siden
I was really hoping you were gonna build a crazy rotary 😞😞😞😞😞😞😞😞😞😞😞😞😞
GTClutch 19 dager siden
why the pops are so loud from this N54 tho, I feel like it more brutal than the RB25 sadly
GTClutch 19 dager siden
Yo dat shit really pops 💥💥💥💥💥💥
8minute 19 dager siden
20:00 for y’all that don’t wanna watch the whole thing and wanna see tiddies
Dean Testa
Dean Testa 19 dager siden
Help with wot box wiring pls
Jonathan Cyrilien
Jonathan Cyrilien 20 dager siden
All that dedication and commitment and he still can't pull 3/4 like cleetus in that video, that guy is a legend 👌🏾🤣
Alex Walsh
Alex Walsh 20 dager siden
Hey man love the video. How important are suspension bump stops apparently mine are crumbling but the cost is horrendous more the labour to replace. Is it worth it. Got an E93 btw
Пошлый Мексиканец
Пошлый Мексиканец 21 dag siden
Let's give an amicable applause to those idiots who weld without protecting their skin. 👏
Muzaffar Khan
Muzaffar Khan 22 dager siden
Where is
Kevin Akers
Kevin Akers 22 dager siden
She looks 17 He looks 42
Brett Cooper
Brett Cooper 23 dager siden
Boring unsubscibed
Trent Watts
Trent Watts 23 dager siden
Iv just found your channel man you’ve got it goin on I’m sure you already realized that lol
Tomekgv 23 dager siden
His girlfriend got the black belt tho
HBL W. 23 dager siden
Teenagers with moustaches...
Its Maki
Its Maki 14 dager siden
you realize he is in his mid 20's right? lmao
Alexandre Deschênes
Alexandre Deschênes 24 dager siden
21:20 you got pretty close getting spot by this cop damn
Alonso Ramirez
Alonso Ramirez 24 dager siden
Adams mustache cracks me up.
Hillary Levenworth
Hillary Levenworth 24 dager siden
Is that your "girlfriend" at 17:50?
YEEETyonk 24 dager siden
Hey what happened to your wife?
Gee Campos
Gee Campos 24 dager siden
Lovely way to use that seatbelt. Too bad it covers too much of that cleavage, right? Next time, why even bother.
Daniel Betancourt
Daniel Betancourt 24 dager siden
Dude I didn’t realize your shop was that close to me I live across the wa wa that you drove by on the test drive
newest bear
newest bear 24 dager siden
Very odd shifting look
newest bear
newest bear 24 dager siden
As soon as I get a car with this acceleration, cant wait to scare my blowup doll.
Wyatt Copeland
Wyatt Copeland 24 dager siden
Hey dude love y’all’s vids🤟🏼
ipi223 25 dager siden
MY girlfriend MY car........ ok the guy like Ownership
James Reedy
James Reedy 25 dager siden
I see TR Hamza has an American brother LOL...
Jay B
Jay B 25 dager siden
She had that look on her face the first time she saw me nekkid
EBIN MAGE 25 dager siden
Adam.. wanna go on a ride with my single Turbo 335i girlfriend.. you mean your car?
sundayfunday04 25 dager siden
Shelby Exotics YouTube Channel
Shelby Exotics YouTube Channel 25 dager siden
Adam. Don’t take this one to the bitter end. Trouble In paradise? I felt uncomfortable and I wasn’t even in the car.
Nathan Walkington
Nathan Walkington 25 dager siden
wondering.. do you mean Collette or the dude is your girlfriend?
Domi nik
Domi nik 25 dager siden
*Adam`s GF just vibin in a hoodie* Adam: " Babe, I´ll need you to wear a tank top today. Oh and also, move that seat belt away from your cleavage so I can make a thumbnail out of you thanks :3 "
Hi 25 dager siden
My dads 335 I has the same problem
samantha garcia
samantha garcia 25 dager siden
Why she look like a 35 yr old child?
Andryan Rinaldhi
Andryan Rinaldhi 25 dager siden
nice airbag
Johnathon Stager
Johnathon Stager 26 dager siden
nice ending man
Dominick Mcnulty
Dominick Mcnulty 26 dager siden
Everyone has to see how we have some fun after a hard days work like you, so go check out Grom_Squach channel to you might likely it just as much as you did this one I know I did be safe everyone
Anthony Stewart
Anthony Stewart 26 dager siden
1.4 mil views for a remake isn't even scared...
Greg Gblock
Greg Gblock 26 dager siden
I thought he was married to girl named Ashley
Jay P3869
Jay P3869 26 dager siden
What car is this cos it sounds like a damn supra 😂😂😂
tugra aksoy
tugra aksoy 26 dager siden
Kapak fotoğrafı görüp gelen Türk kardeşim sende bizdensin
Alex12 88YT
Alex12 88YT 26 dager siden
Ganz ok, Schaltest wie eine Alte Oma so wird die Kupplung nicht lange Halten, zumal man schon hören kann das die Kupplung schon rutscht.
chris sprenger
chris sprenger 26 dager siden
Roman Dzivulsky
Roman Dzivulsky 26 dager siden
Тачка работает неправильно
ell tell
ell tell 26 dager siden
Limp mode 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Santos 26 dager siden
This Lady looks like your daughter.
Alvru Azeredo
Alvru Azeredo 26 dager siden
nice girl, she wasn't scared, in fact she really liked
Bayu Prakoso
Bayu Prakoso 26 dager siden
Bimo pickypicks
LOOSE VALVES 26 dager siden
Whats the single turbo conversion like vs twin set up? Surely twin has more power?
Grant Davidson
Grant Davidson 26 dager siden
Tool lmao
Grant Davidson
Grant Davidson 26 dager siden
Runs like BMW junk
Grant Davidson
Grant Davidson 26 dager siden
Pure genus wow
Grant Davidson
Grant Davidson 26 dager siden
She's not scared she's laughing
Everything Adam
Everything Adam 26 dager siden
No matter how mechanically clever you are, i can't take you seriously the way you change gear 😂
Cornelius Sihombing
Cornelius Sihombing 27 dager siden
Girl friend i thought ur married??
MadCap T
MadCap T 27 dager siden
20:05 Tnx me later!
PerryPlays_ 27 dager siden
Weird. Haven't seen this guy in a long time. What happen to whats her face?
Richard Burns
Richard Burns 27 dager siden
Cute, you guys have matching mustaches. Twinsies 👯‍♀️
対象༒98’ OFFICIAL 27 dager siden
*I see thumbnail I click*
Yoshi Esquire
Yoshi Esquire 27 dager siden
More like, "Scaring my Daughter"
Roberts Lapins
Roberts Lapins 27 dager siden
20:55 - 21:24 ... and thats it? :D
moschoi 27 dager siden
Is it his mission to break his gear stick? He literally bites down his lips and yanks it as hard as he can..
Cino 27 dager siden
Maybe he's American. Americans can't shift gears.
Killamovz 27 dager siden
Idk how I feel about his new gf 😔
Mateo Bean
Mateo Bean 27 dager siden
Make a video where she knows how to properly wear that seatbelt.
Chris 2020
Chris 2020 27 dager siden
That's not fast 😂
TheWhitePuertoRican 27 dager siden
Girlfriend wasn’t Adam married 🤷🏻‍♂️
Rick 27 dager siden
Came for the girl skipped the rest.
Rick 27 dager siden
She’s a fits for sure
Sean kozwãck
Sean kozwãck 27 dager siden
She need to learn how to fasten a seatbelt
Rasmus Saarinen
Rasmus Saarinen 27 dager siden
18:05 nice girlfriend you got there
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