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My Twitch: www.twitch.tv/themystic7hwd
Here are ALL the MEGA Pokémon in Pokémon GO! Today we have a MASS evolution haul of all the new MEGA Pokémon in Pokémon GO, they’re BEAST! Have you MEGA evolved anything quite yet?
#PokémonGO #MegaPokemon #MEGAs
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elliot :0
elliot :0 14 timer siden
u should be able to have more than 1 mega
Jubdabest Dag siden
4515 1853 3844
PokeKing Dag siden
He is transferring all those charizard’s blastoise and venasaur but then I transferred my chansey on accident and I cried how did he do that
Guadalupe Aguirre-Moreno
Guadalupe Aguirre-Moreno Dag siden
I want to get mega eveloshon from pokestops
AT Yeet
AT Yeet 2 dager siden
By the way I like ya cut g 🖐
Patrick Perry
Patrick Perry 2 dager siden
I won a genasect and dint catch it :(
Reyyan Mahmood
Reyyan Mahmood 4 dager siden
Can I have a charizard pls hook me up
Reyyan Mahmood
Reyyan Mahmood 4 dager siden
Can I get free good Pokémon
Rio Gaming
Rio Gaming 4 dager siden
Where do u live vro
Krypt Snagz
Krypt Snagz 4 dager siden
how is he raiding from home
DyalFN 6 dager siden
23:10 if you want a close look at his account now
Paul Benny
Paul Benny 7 dager siden
Him:makes a mega shiny Me:not even have a single shiny nor a mega
Alfie Manley
Alfie Manley 11 dager siden
i like ya cut g 👋
Kalani Thijssen
Kalani Thijssen 11 dager siden
Im new to the game, but do you need internet/ wi-fi to play on the street
JanusSnekBoi 12 dager siden
So when will he get the mega Abomasnow and Aggron
Zentric 13 dager siden
I kinda want mega evolution to be a during battle phenomenon like the games instead of finding mega energies
ko killa
ko killa 13 dager siden
Who want my shiny grimer
Minecraft Player
Minecraft Player 13 dager siden
Whenever I watch his videos I’m like shiny come on but I never guess it right!
Aiden Gabbard
Aiden Gabbard 14 dager siden
I like ya cut g 👋🏻
Mohammed ALQasem
Mohammed ALQasem 17 dager siden
I would change the time limit
Hasnat Ahmad
Hasnat Ahmad 17 dager siden
Can you send me your trainer code
Muhammad Radithya Safwan
Muhammad Radithya Safwan 19 dager siden
7333 3649 7629
AceChopperDog Gaming
AceChopperDog Gaming 19 dager siden
Ishaan singh
Ishaan singh 21 dag siden
Do the mega pokemon turn back in the previous version because you said that it’s for four hours I don’t remember the full line is it so?
Jesus Aceves
Jesus Aceves 22 dager siden
I'm not even close to any of these. I just have beedrill as a mega 😂
Heniii Boii
Heniii Boii 23 dager siden
Is it only me that is playing Pokémon go while watching?
xsep user
xsep user 26 dager siden
did anyone else cry when he transfered all the 3rd stage pokemon?
ElectritzMC 28 dager siden
Can o have aaaaaaaaaaa charizard
Derek Santana
Derek Santana 28 dager siden
What about pidgyot
Andrey 29 dager siden
Maybe so they stay mega in your inventory forever, mega time goes down only when in battle
erica atilano
erica atilano 29 dager siden
There was a shiny char air out side the raid batle
Harry Mulligan
Harry Mulligan Måned siden
“Everyone has Charizard Venusaur and blastoise”. I only have a charizard since I started in 2020 lockdown I haven’t been able to do much But I got. Shiny and regular charizard. I also got 3 legends
Jennifer Harris
Jennifer Harris Måned siden
i like ya cut g
Marco Herrera
Marco Herrera Måned siden
You’re so stupid there’s a shiny Charizard next to the gym
LEON Måned siden
I once got shiny coboleon from a raid
Christian Christopher
Christian Christopher Måned siden
Imagine wearing a mask when u outside. It’s better for u to get some fresh air, for your health.
Edwin Recon
Edwin Recon Måned siden
For 1 minute of game play .
Gazza 0
Gazza 0 17 dager siden
Edwin Recon
Edwin Recon Måned siden
Lol 4 hours. Waste .
Deadbomb10 Dolloff
Deadbomb10 Dolloff 7 dager siden
Ultimate Warrior
Ultimate Warrior Måned siden
I stop watching for a while because all of the pokemon he has made me jealous
Samuel Barney
Samuel Barney Måned siden
Im just waiting for that mega mewtwo or rayquaza
Jinx Måned siden
Just started getting back into Pokemon go pls give me some tips
marina sajko
marina sajko Måned siden
Megas raids have wayy too much cp
hmk715 K
hmk715 K Måned siden
Are you having Chick-fil-A
mr. pitzco
mr. pitzco Måned siden
סאב לנוטאטקו
Game pro Sharma
Game pro Sharma Måned siden
hello iam from india i like you to e frend and want you to trade some of your extra pokemon if you aggry message me
Franky C
Franky C Måned siden
Every raid should give us mega energy
Dark Gamer1258
Dark Gamer1258 Måned siden
can i friend u in pokemon go???
Max Clemento
Max Clemento Måned siden
I wish you could keep your mega instead of losing it after 4 hours
Cash m
Cash m Måned siden
Dude how are you finding such nice pokemon😂
fortnite-bob 123
fortnite-bob 123 Måned siden
It hurts me when he transferred all those
Jenacc 2 dager siden
ZELDRES_FF Måned siden
i need a pokemon can't you give me legendary please
Big Bär
Big Bär Måned siden
Unpopular opinion. But a shiny rate should not be 1/20. I grew up with Shinies being something elusive and mysterious. Today on community day I went out and got 8 shinies. They lost their value.
najwa Alshheed
najwa Alshheed Måned siden
I like ya cut g
Just an average Anime fan
Just an average Anime fan Måned siden
Him: I got a new cut My stupid brain: I like ya cut g
ALEC WONG Måned siden
How to catch Charizard Blastoise and Venausaur?
mewtwo343 Måned siden
You talk too much
Canned Bread 101
Canned Bread 101 Måned siden
When mystic7 transferred all of those blastoises and charizard and venusaur I almost cried
Cameron Goodall
Cameron Goodall Måned siden
Why the fuck is this video half an hour
OCD Måned siden
Travis scott
khan rangi Paniora
khan rangi Paniora Måned siden
I try to beat them on my own, but unfortutly it doesnt work at all Because it hard to beat them by yourself
Outright Måned siden
I like ya cut
Elijah Renae
Elijah Renae Måned siden
Wait did he do mega charizard x
Xo Xo
Xo Xo Måned siden
who else saw the 2 squirrels at 13:29-13:22
Ferdia Kavanagh
Ferdia Kavanagh Måned siden
Ferdia Kavanagh
Ferdia Kavanagh Måned siden
Emily Spence
Emily Spence Måned siden
Smelly pickle
Quik sands
Quik sands Måned siden
I think it should last for ever but not be has strong just to even it out
Filip Cox
Filip Cox Måned siden
Filip what are you doing today
Filip Cox
Filip Cox Måned siden
rxs_adrian Måned siden
I like your cut g
charlie sines
charlie sines Måned siden
i have a mew but not the points of dis comment cuz i have a shiny charizard and can mega evolve
Alpha_Tro1 0
Alpha_Tro1 0 Måned siden
I think mega pokemon should come out of a 50k egg
WAtermelon games alot
WAtermelon games alot Måned siden
Bruh you delted a lot of good pokemon
Brayden Bloomfield
Brayden Bloomfield Måned siden
i would like mega raids to be like five star raids cause where i do raid battles it is on my phone and my moms phone and nobody else joins. Also there should be a mega stone instead of energies that you can use once every phew days. I just thought it would be cool that the more hearts you would have with your mega evolved Pokemon the more powerful it would be. 😊
Jose Garcia
Jose Garcia Måned siden
Weird, I did beedrill too just this morning first mega ✌
Jamie Saunders
Jamie Saunders Måned siden
I like your cut g
Nathanael Morlock
Nathanael Morlock Måned siden
it would probably be a lot more over powered but, i feel like if it’s a raid mega it should stay mega forever or atleast it has a mega time boost when you mega it.
Kevin Donis
Kevin Donis Måned siden
Just found out that you could only keep mega evolves for certain time 😐🤦‍♂️ BRUH
Ayden Pfaff
Ayden Pfaff Måned siden
I would make it easier to kill mega Pokémon
Nikolaj Lökken
Nikolaj Lökken Måned siden
i like a cut g hahaha
nathan Måned siden
When he said cut I thought he cut him self no he just got a hair cut (Insert meme here)
Nickie Smale
Nickie Smale Måned siden
Henry Vaughan
Henry Vaughan Måned siden
At 17:41 he named his requaza laulau69 you love to see that
Ty Ty
Ty Ty Måned siden
What is the twitch stream name or discord
AGGRON YZ Måned siden
I think every pokemon shuld have an mega evoliton
King Mimiku
King Mimiku Måned siden
They should make mega raqaza
Adams Lewis
Adams Lewis Måned siden
What is your username and password
Ready up bro
Ready up bro Måned siden
I had mega shiny beedrill
Albino White
Albino White Måned siden
my absol doesnt have an option to MEGA EVOLVE im i missing something?
Joshua Rodriguez
Joshua Rodriguez Måned siden
I would like that mega energy lasts forever
Khushal Singh
Khushal Singh Måned siden
Love from india
OpTic Gamer72
OpTic Gamer72 Måned siden
There’s 7 for me
William Korbel
William Korbel Måned siden
Me battling a mega raid ...... RETRET FALL BACK
Tosca Sanders
Tosca Sanders Måned siden
It would make doing tasks to get mega energy funner to do
Tosca Sanders
Tosca Sanders Måned siden
I agree that mega evolutions should be permanent
Tristan Brady
Tristan Brady Måned siden
I think when you mega evolve the Pokémon stays mega so you don’t keep having to grind for mega energy
Tristan Brady
Tristan Brady Måned siden
@LemonDuck yus yus
LemonDuck Måned siden
Did u like your own comment
Willie Ellison
Willie Ellison Måned siden
Who’s watching this in 2020of November
Maksim Martin
Maksim Martin Måned siden
I like your cut g
The Great Chase
The Great Chase Måned siden
i have got 2 shinys from a raid in 1 day
The Great Chase
The Great Chase Måned siden
i think in raids lower it because you cant get in really big groups of people like how you used to
Ramiro Ramos
Ramiro Ramos Måned siden
Ay got all mega
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