Hungary and Ronaldo's Portugal play out six-goal THRILLER | Euro 2016 | ITV Sport

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5 måneder siden

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Portugal and Hungary ensured their place in the knockout stages of Euro 2016 with a six-goal thriller including a Cristiano Ronaldo double to become the first man to score in four European Championships.
Portugal advanced as only one of the four best third-placed teams without winning a single group match but they wouldn't do too badly after that...
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Sebastian Mccullagh
Sebastian Mccullagh 3 måneder siden
The Hungarian captain scored a hat trick
K SS 5 måneder siden
Ronaldo is the GOAT
Hugh Seager
Hugh Seager 5 måneder siden
Was great to see Portugal win the Euros. But I struggle with the fact that Portugal finished 3rd in their group out of 4. But due to the increase in the number of teams, they could still go through.. seems to water down the group stages a bit imo
RolloKollo 5 måneder siden
Ronaldo's poor back must be aching...
Vic Vinegar
Vic Vinegar 5 dager siden
@EpilepticRabbit Have a day off pal.
EpilepticRabbit 5 måneder siden
Atleast he has some International hardware to show for it unlike Messi
david conway
david conway 5 måneder siden
Ronaldo is such a clutch player
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