The Lamentable Tale of POKIMANE

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Andrei Terbea

3 måneder siden

Over the past couple of years, Pokimane has essentially become NOpost's copyright Karen. By taking down videos and going after people's sponsors, she's turned a lot of people against her, and in today's video we have to take a look at how it all happened, and what it all means.

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Andrei Terbea
Andrei Terbea 2 måneder siden
After I posted this video Pokimane made a response, addressing it. She brought up some relevant points, so if you're interested in hearing her side, you can check it out here:
Mr. Penguin the small youtuber
Mr. Penguin the small youtuber 2 dager siden
btw sssniperwolf isn't a twitch streamer she is a youtube from great Britain or the UK or what ever
Sparise4691 6 dager siden
Andrei terbea
Hoang An Nguyen
Hoang An Nguyen 6 dager siden
I thought she was gonna copyright this video too hahhahah
Rajat Shukla
Rajat Shukla 7 dager siden
Dude the closing bit is soo fun Where you and Wolfie wave around your arms😂
Saba Khan
Saba Khan 8 dager siden
sreeja sasidharan
sreeja sasidharan 7 minutter siden
copyright claiming and simp supports is like the only bad factor about female streamers and ya also the Karen effect
Jana Zahradnikova
Jana Zahradnikova 2 timer siden
Lamentable!!! Yeah hes a twoseter.
Parham Davoodi
Parham Davoodi 2 timer siden
7:30 is that Hasan abi? He advocates communism Andrei and since you grew up in ex communist in poverty you should criticize him he is an asshole
Parham Davoodi
Parham Davoodi 2 timer siden
Legally within your right to take down that video?what happened to social commentary
Withered Foxy
Withered Foxy 5 timer siden
*funny pokemon pokimane head*
Cat Boi VR
Cat Boi VR 5 timer siden
I was here before pokimane took this down I'm a gamer now
Dr_Do Good
Dr_Do Good 6 timer siden
7:15 NOpostr dont sit around they have to edit there video get every take right and deal with hater
girtavatar plays and game
girtavatar plays and game 6 timer siden
thanks andrei
WTF Incorporated
WTF Incorporated 10 timer siden
I never really cared for her honestly. I mean I knew what she did I just never really cared to get to know her. Another reason for that is that she rubbed me the wrong way like, the first time I was aware of her existence. And now I know why, screw that hag.
nad 11 timer siden
the fact that this has 8.6k dislikes speaks volumes
Collin Riviello
Collin Riviello 11 timer siden
Bro, you dont have original content. You TAKE CURRENT EVENTS and just animate the transitions between each shown clip. Toilet Paper video, animated, but not original. This ixeo, animated, but nothing here was original. Yes, your animations are cute, yes they take skill, yes I'm sure you deserve some recognition for your efforts, but unlike JaidenAnimations, Odds1out, Domics, YOU DON'T HAVE ORIGINAL STORIES. You don't share your life experiences. This channel doesn't have to be all about original content like the above mentioned, but you don't even have one within the year (2020) that doesn't involve a drama already created or a problem already solved or talked about by main stream media. I'm not hating o you. I respect what you do and try to do as a youtuber. Your animations are nice, but I can't just sit here and watch you sit there and talk about how it's unfair that other people are being sucessful by doing less work than you.
Sophie Hoskins
Sophie Hoskins 12 timer siden
Ok this is my problem with you. You tend to paint the wrong people as the villains. First James Charles and now Pokimane. The clip you showed was of a guy who made a sexualized video of Pokimane. If you watched the full clip you would have realised that she was in the right. Andrea you are someone with a huge fanbase and a mojority of that fanbase is young and impressionable. As someone with such an impressionable audience it is your responsibility to tell the truth and imform.
Griffin White
Griffin White 13 timer siden
making a video about pokimane? flagged for simp
Gary John
Gary John 13 timer siden
she just seems too be sticking up for her self :( and she is nice but pardon
Turtle Toons
Turtle Toons 2 timer siden
Gary John SIMP
Kyle Mchugh
Kyle Mchugh 15 timer siden
Jeez Andrei 300k likes not bad tbh
Anton Nemkov
Anton Nemkov 15 timer siden
that tiktok video reminds me of thatveganteacher
yaish yamak
yaish yamak 17 timer siden
10:28 andrei:cute mode activate me:listening and watching the outro ten million times
Jaiden Pontifis
Jaiden Pontifis 18 timer siden
6:55 wilfur is a simp
Jaiden Pontifis
Jaiden Pontifis 18 timer siden
Jaiden Pontifis
Jaiden Pontifis 18 timer siden
He gave 500 dollars 7 times so that’s 3500 dollars
Krisztian Pósa
Krisztian Pósa 18 timer siden
i love your content and its really well made
dakrarkorvax 19 timer siden
pokimane is gay
Pyro Idk
Pyro Idk 21 time siden
is youtube because the chimp no free money but twich free money get a butt more money than youtubers and is just hard for youtube
Eevryone_YT 21 time siden
Make a follow up with the new documents!
THAT WEEB YISH 23 timer siden
This is gonna get copyrighted
theSquirrel gamer
theSquirrel gamer 23 timer siden
Dislike are the *tier 3 sub*
꧁Hayaboo꧂ Dag siden
the dislikes were simps
Percy WONG
Percy WONG Dag siden
why do I watch offline tv
ᖇOՏᗴՏᗴᒪᗩ ᗩᑕOՏTᗩ
ᖇOՏᗴՏᗴᒪᗩ ᗩᑕOՏTᗩ Dag siden
pokimane Got boring I'm not gonna lie...
parul singh
parul singh Dag siden
whoever pokemaine is i am sensing that the subs are simps.
parul singh
parul singh Dag siden
who is pokmaine?
ItzUniquePlayz Dag siden
My ears kinda hurt cause of the censored words
Ashton Ireland
Ashton Ireland Dag siden
I'm surprised this video wasn't taken down
Player Machine
Player Machine Dag siden
when you censor Catastrophic, Controversial, Terror, and Human
iAgentLu Dag siden
Why anyone would watch shit like pokimane?
cloud gaming
cloud gaming Dag siden
Me I watch her but I don't like her that much as dream, lazarbeam, pweds, corpse etc
TrapGang Dag siden
Next month This vid is down 😂😂😂
Gaming Gamer
Gaming Gamer Dag siden
She is like a cry baby
Claire Mccarroll
Claire Mccarroll Dag siden
2:47 why is swaggersouls just vibin on the couch?
Hailstormz Dag siden
The 8.5K dislikes are SIMPS!
RooringNos Dag siden
That thumbnail tho
Nikodem Zabinski
Nikodem Zabinski Dag siden
10:26 wilfer show that to ur self
Andrea Gonzalez
Andrea Gonzalez Dag siden
Ok If you are going to start fighting with another youtuber, you are going to make polemics and be in the mouth of everyone, it's just a basic youtube rule Pokimane is the tipe of girl that wants to fight with everyone, but doesn't want to be criticized, and my dear that's not how it works It's exactly why most of content creators want to be away of that shet
Trying-to-get 100Sub
Trying-to-get 100Sub 2 dager siden
They don't simp for her they wank at her
Yrr_Bs 2 dager siden
ngl i find pokimane ugly imao
pingasnetwork 2 dager siden
Yeah ok, now hear me out... Does this actually matter?
Sbubby Sbubs
Sbubby Sbubs 2 dager siden
and now there is the situation with pokimane being a terf
Rad Metal
Rad Metal 2 dager siden
Guess that pokimon its pokimane
Fran Bo
Fran Bo 2 dager siden, we need an update on this...
Twinkle James
Twinkle James 2 dager siden
At the end ..u gotta be a minister
Maria Magdalena Quiroz
Maria Magdalena Quiroz 2 dager siden
I feel like both platforms are really hard to get recognition when you lack of Captivity and entertainment and let’s be real if you lack in the department of attractiveness then your video is going to do not so great in either platform.
Ashton 2176
Ashton 2176 2 dager siden
I don't even know who pokimane is, and I watched this video to see what it was all about, also I like this animation art style it's really amazing!
Graham Inman
Graham Inman 2 dager siden
Are we gonna get a video on the fedmiester and Loki drama in the future? I still don’t fully understand it.
mr Gopnik
mr Gopnik 2 dager siden
Brace yourself everyone, there will be a continuation
ZuriKent 2 dager siden
Man I wish phantom thieves really exist, so they can change her heart
ZuriKent 10 timer siden
@dü baggins yeah
dü baggins
dü baggins 17 timer siden
but sadly they dont so we have to change things
Xrjcool 2 dager siden
*Y o u k n o w w h a t m u s t b e d o n e*
steven contreras
steven contreras 3 dager siden
You support Keemstar
Rajab K.B
Rajab K.B 3 dager siden
And then among us came and most forgot bout it 😑
Make Money Guide
Make Money Guide 3 dager siden
Your videos are splendid! Thank you for giving me a new perspective to contemplate!
Team Cringe
Team Cringe 3 dager siden
LemonDoski 3 dager siden
Why people are against her? Simple, insecurity. Tell me, is that random internet girl who is egotistical really something to get mad about? You don't know her. She doesn't know you. Yet here you are, getting mad over her. One of her biggest controversies were "YOU TOOK DOWN A RANDOM NOpostRS VIDEO DOWN OMFAFMDSMF" Nobody actually cares. That's just their convenient excuse. What people are actually bothered by is found via reading between the lines. Socially approved person = mask wearing conformist (pokimane) Socially disapproved person = no mask "genuine" person, (Think leafy) Values - Harmony axis. The mask wearing person is more detached from personal values. The latter isn't. Someone who is value oriented (Nonconformist) Will get less approval in exchange for closeness and security within their life. Genuinety. Someone more harmony oriented will get approved by nearly everyone and treated better. They will have an abundance of friends and support. But most of them won't be close or actually like them for who they are. The non-conformist can't stand harmonic people because of it their high approval rating. Conformist can't stand the non-conformist for being the "realer" person, secure person. The nonconformist wants the approval the harmonic ones get. The conformist wants the security that nonconformist have. Both fear rejection. If you want to learn more I pretty much explained a concept that lines up with MBTI and Ti-Fe. Considering Pokimane is most likely a EXFJ and the latter being IxTP (essentially opposites).
LemonDoski 23 timer siden
@TheLeaderZack k virgin
LemonDoski 23 timer siden
@ThunderBird 2831 "Congrats on finding thesaurus. Buddy these are words you learn in middle school. You're just stupid. I seriously wanna know which word gave you a hard time LOL
ThunderBird 2831
ThunderBird 2831 Dag siden
@LemonDoski What’s wrong with playing Minecraft? And congrats on finding to sound smarter, and not being disrespectful and refusing to listen to other sides of the argument.
TheLeaderZack 2 dager siden
@LemonDoski k boomer
Stephanus Kuwandi
Stephanus Kuwandi 2 dager siden
Ok buddy
Dhirga Razzaq
Dhirga Razzaq 3 dager siden
youtube is infinitely bigger than twitch-Ssundee 2020
meh G
meh G 3 dager siden
So is Pokimane like the Boxxy of the modern age?
C1utchLied 3 dager siden
8.5k people do be giving "feedback"
Charlotte Noname
Charlotte Noname 3 dager siden
I actually had a slightly positive view of pokimane even felt bad for her over the hate. While I still kinda feel bad for her, I don't like her anymore.
DominatorDanger 3 dager siden
so if you say the word "human" your video gets demonetized? ok seems legit
Jarmety Anthony Gaming
Jarmety Anthony Gaming 3 dager siden
I think this vid will get copy right strick .. sad man
KawaiiVtuber 3 dager siden
This video aged like a fine wine
Clutch YT
Clutch YT 3 dager siden
Did anyone else realize wilfur at 6:57 in the chat donating 500$
Clutch YT
Clutch YT 3 dager siden
Andrei: making a video with a lot of faxs Pokimane: copyrighting it
Sharzyz Playz
Sharzyz Playz 3 dager siden
Pokimaine: HeY I'm bOrEd lEtS CoPyrIgHT sOmE ViDEos
Mike Jones
Mike Jones 4 dager siden
The plot thickens
DEVILXGAMING 4 dager siden
wilfur is soooooo cute
Matmiste77 4 dager siden
How didnt pokimain copyright this
Sam 4 dager siden
If u make content u gotta be cool with the good feedback and the bad feedback
X P 4 dager siden
On the real
Hell On Head
Hell On Head 4 dager siden
Oh my fcking god... 8.5k simps.
Nicolás Tello
Nicolás Tello 4 dager siden
I feel like I’ve just watched 10 minutes of a guy talking and saying nothing lmao
M Mac
M Mac 4 dager siden
It’s pretty simple, Poki has no content of value. None. I’m pretty hard on the streamers in my community when they run out of ideas and they all work hard. I mean hour and hours of effects & editing plus the creativity required for the format. Their streams are high quality game play, for sure in the top 1% and funny.
Michael Rickard
Michael Rickard 4 dager siden
Good video man. Thanks for the info on Pokimane
osir2550 osir2550
osir2550 osir2550 4 dager siden
people that like the girl streamers that are appropriate things you are similar
osir2550 osir2550
osir2550 osir2550 4 dager siden
if which is just for people sitting on their asses not making any good content like you or other famous NOpostrs then it's not really even gaming at all
Lame Boi
Lame Boi 4 dager siden
I wise man once said on his most popular video “Reaction videos are lazy and bad”
Bob the cat
Bob the cat 4 dager siden
I came back to this video after the Fed receipts
lil birdy
lil birdy 4 dager siden
eat your cereal
will4601 will4601
will4601 will4601 4 dager siden
I agree with you soo much! I subbed btw.
justic 54
justic 54 4 dager siden
X_Bumblebee B-127_X
X_Bumblebee B-127_X 4 dager siden
"Vote on the poll" Oh wait... they took that away 😥
Bro Gamers
Bro Gamers 4 dager siden
hello andrei
Priyanshu Sinha
Priyanshu Sinha 4 dager siden
Who else is waiting for Andrew to make a video on the new "Pokimane and Fedmyster" drama especially after Fitz admitting that the "Steve" guy from Fyd's doc is actually him?
Priyanshu Sinha
Priyanshu Sinha 4 dager siden
@Gxaaz Shocking, right? Here's the reddit post where he confirms it:
Gxaaz 4 dager siden
Fitz is the "Steve Guy"??? 😮
Night Love
Night Love 4 dager siden
River M
River M 4 dager siden
6:51 look it says wilfur: just donated $500 ;) in the chat
AnanasJP 4 dager siden
huh... meh.... I mean yeah she made shit but... meh... not that horrible and she got a lot of shit so trying making her look like darth vador is maybe a bit too much
Tatqna Minkova
Tatqna Minkova 4 dager siden
all i know about pookimane is that she played among us
Dusd 5 dager siden
This aged well
Gxaaz 4 dager siden
Soham Mandavkar
Soham Mandavkar 5 dager siden
10:35 why is the bird angry?
Usukhbayar Tsendsuren
Usukhbayar Tsendsuren 5 dager siden
Aged like a fine wine
Gxaaz 4 dager siden
ganesh kvs
ganesh kvs 5 dager siden
I am just wondering why this video did not get copyrighted
Gxaaz 4 dager siden
Because Pokimane would've gotten further criticism so she was too scared
DreamCoffee 5 dager siden
Andrei, I really love your videos. Your animating and details are top notch, and you bring up a lot of valid and unbiased points when making arguments.
Jolly mone
Jolly mone 5 dager siden
Wow pokimane is an ass
THE RAIN BOOM 5 dager siden
How can she take down videos
Peach Usta
Peach Usta 5 dager siden
Andrei i think the pokimane simp army is marching to this video
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