First Look at the PlayStation 5 User Experience

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Finally - here’s a sneak peek at the PlayStation 5’s user experience! Watch our new video walkthrough to see new features designed to make your gaming experiences more fun, engaging, personalized and social on the PS5 console.

Note: This walkthrough is set in a pre-production environment, so there may be some minor changes once the PS5 console launches in November.

Traig Born
Traig Born 6 timer siden
Dude what dose switcher do
Tony C
Tony C 9 timer siden
Thought PlayStation was "for the players" and didn't want it to be an "entertainment system" like when the XB1 released. Sell outs.
Mistaa Jay
Mistaa Jay 13 timer siden
Here before it’s recommended, when PS6 comes out!!!
Just some guy without eyes
Just some guy without eyes 18 timer siden
It has a screen share, finally. So i can see my friend playing summer lesson
Coco B fan
Coco B fan 23 timer siden
Sony releases the PS5, out of stock everywhere now that's what I call a monumental **** up volume 1.
W Dag siden
If you don’t like the PS5 controller you can use your PS4 one
Mind Of Exalt
Mind Of Exalt Dag siden
whos here when the ps6 just came out?
Zaharuddin Bab
Zaharuddin Bab Dag siden
Ps5 can play youtube and netflix?
Sheepy99 Dag siden
Dude, use your natural voice - you don't actually sound like that ...
N F 2 dager siden
We want to play online for free 😤 No ps plus anymore
Aziz B
Aziz B 2 dager siden
The interface is really bad and impractical… you need ages to get to your Friends or Messages etc with many steps and categories until you reach the window you're looking for. I hope they update it and make it somehow like PS4 interface where you just need the arrow buttons to get to wherever you want.
B-will for real
B-will for real 2 dager siden
Hey guys I'm a nintendo player can someone tell me what its like to have a playstation??
Michael Paulino
Michael Paulino 2 dager siden
what this was posted in oct 15,2020 but the ps5 came out on nov 12 2020
NathanDoesGaming 2 dager siden
After all this time waiting ps5 is not even better than ps3 😭
NathanDoesGaming 10 timer siden
I don't personally find it that hard to use, but I definitely agree that playing video games is about relaxing and having fun and it is hard to relax while playing games on pc.
nathan kracht
nathan kracht 10 timer siden
@videoYa but its so hard to use. on consoles you can just lay down on a couch grab a remote and relax while playing a game. On pc its hard to use the mouse and keyboard at the same time, its nearly impossible to lay down while playing and there are just so many keys for most games. Even minecraft is difficult to play on pc.
video 2 dager siden
@nathan kracht And PC is far better than the rest of the consoles! I play on PC and it's far better than playing on Xbox or Playstation!
nathan kracht
nathan kracht 2 dager siden
Plus both the ps4 and the ps5 even after you buy their system, buy the game you want, and pay for internet. Charge you an extra 10 dollars every single month just to go online and play with your friends it’s a load of garbage. This is one of the biggest reasons why ps3 is better
nathan kracht
nathan kracht 2 dager siden
I know right. All they seem to care about is making more money not actually making a better system.
Noitartenep Darhartlu
Noitartenep Darhartlu 2 dager siden
hope I come back here 10 years later, and stumble upon this comment of mine :)
GEN ZOD 2 dager siden
I have a question? Will the PlayStation 5 play PS3 games? Could I access the games I bought on ps3 to play???
CEO of Horny
CEO of Horny 2 dager siden
After experiencing it myself I can tell that it's going to be a nightmare to navigate. Idk why they haven't kept the ps4 ui, so simple.
NathanDoesGaming 2 dager siden
Or the ps3 even simpler.
Coke 3 dager siden
Duncan M
Duncan M 3 dager siden
Serious question Sony, why did you swap the PS button function entirely from PS4? Why is it now long press to return to home in game, and short press to summon the quick menu? That makes zero sense, now we all have to undo the last 7 years of muscle memory. I can't begin to describe how frustrating it is.
Duncan M
Duncan M 2 dager siden
@LenZcg5tWV I'm not talking about closing an application. Did you read the post at all?
LenZcg5tWV 3 dager siden
Because it works. You'll never have to leave you game full anymore.
Ishir Kolankarai
Ishir Kolankarai 3 dager siden
who's here after the ps6 reveal?
BoppyNoggins 3 dager siden
Who else here is 100% asking for this on Christmas?
BoppyNoggins 3 dager siden
I hope I don't need an online subscription to play online multiplayer.
i Low
i Low 2 dager siden
Uh i think you still have to pay witch is some i thought they would get rid of
HAYA 3 dager siden
I wanna get one
Nawal Email
Nawal Email 3 dager siden
Best then Xbox series Fridge
Nawal Email
Nawal Email 3 dager siden
Is like ps3
mikGaming 4 dager siden
i like the xbox one too thanks playstaton
D3VILI5H GAMES 4 dager siden
Who's here in 2027? I know I'm not!
Ayush Saripalli
Ayush Saripalli 5 dager siden
Hello everyone. My birthday is Dec 4. I really want this console. Can y’all not buy that much so I can buy it
Michael 5 dager siden
3:55 oof that frame rate took a hit
imabitofanarse 5 dager siden
I’ve never been a huge play station fan but... WOW. Makes the new Xbox look pointless. And that’s coming from an Xbox user
Shadow Of Light
Shadow Of Light 5 dager siden
In the UK, it came out yesterday. I managed to avoid seeing the UI until then and I was so happy to have been surprised! It’s beautiful, just like the console. And for everyone who’s here when the PS6 is releasing, I hope the future is nice!
Amaliyah Jean-Louis
Amaliyah Jean-Louis 5 dager siden
Can we have discord on ps5 please :(
Amaliyah Jean-Louis
Amaliyah Jean-Louis 5 dager siden
This looks like xbox
Mythix 5 dager siden
Playstation Home?
ItzYaBoyTwan 5 dager siden
Wait so I need PS Plus to get game help, hahaha greedy asf Sony 4:22
NathanDoesGaming 2 dager siden
Ya they have been getting really greedy. Ps3 is definitely still the best PlayStation console the graphics are still amazing and best of all when you pay for the console, the games you want, and internet you get full access to that game. On ps4 you can’t even just play with your friends without paying an extra 10 dollars every single month on top of all that.
tiagoBENDÃO ink
tiagoBENDÃO ink 5 dager siden
When the ps5 slim will launch?
Aron 5 dager siden
Wyatt Wilson
Wyatt Wilson 5 dager siden
Get into your defensive positions! Don’t let people make those “WhO’s HeRe AfTeR pS6 rEvEaL”
Austin Gigstead
Austin Gigstead 6 dager siden
I like this
Nikki Roeleveld
Nikki Roeleveld 6 dager siden
About two years ago ps5 sounded so weird to say but now it sound so normal
iTzHyruleGuardians 7 dager siden
For anybody thats reads this beware that humans are going to be abducted by aliens in 20 years. Hellooo 2040 people !!😃
Xavier Johnson
Xavier Johnson 7 dager siden
Xbox fanboys like, "shut up about your exclusives we have more" yes y'all have more but we have more relevant ones
Xero Z
Xero Z 7 dager siden
If I can’t use my voice fir most of the things I’m not buyin it
Deine Ehre
Deine Ehre 7 dager siden
Can i play ps5 With my friends when he plays on the ps4
NathanDoesGaming 2 dager siden
I think on some games.
Hero 1
Hero 1 7 dager siden
JOAQUIN MEJIA 7 dager siden
Bro zack boy is there!!!! WHAT I missed that game
Fang X. Q.
Fang X. Q. 7 dager siden
0:00 - 0:20 7:36 - 7:48
Fang X. Q.
Fang X. Q. 7 dager siden
0:00 7:36
yEeT aNd dEleTe
yEeT aNd dEleTe 7 dager siden
1:27 they still respect the killzone series
Giorgi Muzashvili
Giorgi Muzashvili 8 dager siden
To be honest this totally deserves the hype!
xd Sandyy
xd Sandyy 8 dager siden
Will the ps5 has ps5 cards with money in them like the ps4? Please answer me
Aaqil 8 dager siden
WHO’s here before ps6
clash gamer
clash gamer 8 dager siden
Reply to this comment when the ps6 launch up💜
DENVER GROUCH 8 dager siden
Hey sony get this garbage blm app off the store...NOW
Berkan Basilgan
Berkan Basilgan 8 dager siden
Nice review
Renne Toledo
Renne Toledo 9 dager siden
Nonessential Gaming
Nonessential Gaming 9 dager siden
See ya in 6
Alex Coman
Alex Coman 9 dager siden
More likely to get the PS6 Super Mario Edition than the regular PS5
Travelling Man
Travelling Man 9 dager siden
COD cold war unsynced my controllers and I can't resync them. My Playstation turns on and I can turn on my Playstation with my controller but the controller doesn't anything on the home screen. Thanks alot for such a trash game.
Laserpoint 7 dager siden
@Travelling Man no problem
Travelling Man
Travelling Man 7 dager siden
@Laserpoint Thank you
Laserpoint 7 dager siden
Connect your controller with the cable then press the ps button, always works for me when that happens on ps4. Wouldn’t is be the same
Syed Haider
Syed Haider 9 dager siden
pc is better ps5 is stinky 60 fps console
KingDonWahed 5 dager siden
PC gaming is for virgins Playstation is for the Gods
AMAZINGELAYAH 8 dager siden
You mad cuz you can't get one?
merio 9 dager siden
we don't care if you're from PS6 reveal
Def Not Sus
Def Not Sus 9 dager siden
Idgaf I'm not paying for ps5 games unless I need to if it can play last gen games
ICEBAM 9 dager siden
10:33 "Parties are bigger than just voice chat now" 😑😒😒 Other than that everything looks great
Diego Velasco
Diego Velasco 9 dager siden
Who’s here after the ps7 reveal?
DarioX200 9 dager siden
More stock!!!!!! Please
Feras Ebrahim
Feras Ebrahim 10 dager siden
for the future people nobody care who came after the ps6 reveal who cares
Deconetao Record
Deconetao Record 10 dager siden
Bring Motor storm apocalypse to ps5 please!
SammoMX 10 dager siden
Hey just a quick question Lets say i but the ps5 where i can put disks in it and i use the disk on my account but then my dad uses it on his acc lets say on COD will i have all my progress on the dvd event tho its on my dads acc or will we both have different progress but with the same disk and 2 acc 1 ps5 thx!
Laserpoint 7 dager siden
assuming you have or will be getting a ps5 disc version, buying a physical/disc version of COD and playing it on two different accounts, no you will not have the same progress as your dads account, unless there’s a way to make the progress get shared, from what I’ve heard and seen I don’t think that’s a thing. But assuming your buying COD Cold War and will also play the campaign, the campaign has different slave slots.
HER DADDY 10 dager siden
Who’s watching on a PS5 right now?
Sailor light
Sailor light 10 dager siden
This comment will change once ps6 comes out
LightningVIPERYT 10 dager siden
Awesome! It’s like the Xbox one s crossed with PS4. Also it looks like the avengers tower
Jenő Puki
Jenő Puki 10 dager siden
This looks cool, but i think its easier to acces things on ps 4
NathanDoesGaming 2 dager siden
And even easier on the ps3
David Lorince
David Lorince 10 dager siden
PS5 is all for the CCP personal information harvesting just like the ballot harvesting.
GhostNinja 10 dager siden
Woahh i want a ps5! Like a lot. Seriously
David Lorince
David Lorince 10 dager siden
PS5 no FallOut ? Fail. Im sick of all this bubble gum smiling garbage. OverHyped
AwesomeePlayZ 10 dager siden
Hi (to the people who got this recommend at the release of ps6)
Terrence Tate
Terrence Tate 10 dager siden
So we need ps+ to play games online too?
NathanDoesGaming 2 dager siden
Probably. I recommend getting a ps3 if you don’t already have one. It’s so much better!
The random viewer
The random viewer 10 dager siden
Me realizing I won’t be getting ps5 anytime soon
Ashy OG
Ashy OG 10 dager siden
Can't wait to play RDR2 on here!
igamer64 10 dager siden
The second guy sounds like luigi saying * Hello mario*
Peach Touch
Peach Touch 10 dager siden
Make a remake transformers fall of cybertron and little big planet 3
Laserpoint 7 dager siden
Didn’t they already make a little big planet 3? Their is also another little big planet game called Sackboy: A Big Adventure that came out on ps$ and ps5 few days ago. But for a transformers fall of cybertron remake, as much as I love the game that will most likely never happen since Activision’s and Hasbro’s contract ended so Activision can’t make more transformers games. But ask the developers of the games your talking about since PlayStation doesn’t make those games
TeMeZuGames 10 dager siden
I dont have one 😭 I liv in europe
Sidney Rutledge
Sidney Rutledge 10 dager siden
There is something beautiful about this console's interface. Somehow, I feel like, if you'd gone and asked 12-year-old me, playing on his PS3, what the PS5's interface would look like, it would be roughly something like this. It just *feels* futuristic. The sounds, the visuals, everything. It's amazing.
Cristian 1
Cristian 1 11 dager siden
This comment will be older than the ps6 10 years later
LHH LAND 11 dager siden
ill be here 7 years from now when the ps6 comes out [ 13]
Antonio D
Antonio D 11 dager siden
They bit off xbox just moved the menu to the bottom instead of the left side.
Luis Augusto
Luis Augusto 11 dager siden
Bring this new interface for ps4 players pleasee
Wendy Thompson
Wendy Thompson 11 dager siden
bluebull2006 11 dager siden
This dosent look 4k
Clorox Bleach
Clorox Bleach 11 dager siden
Remember me when this gets recommended years later.
Ethan Kuiper
Ethan Kuiper 11 dager siden
We’re gonna look back at this video when the ps6 comes out.
kids lover 67
kids lover 67 11 dager siden
Seeing friend list load instantly Thank you Sony
Azeem Khan
Azeem Khan 11 dager siden
Is fortnite playable
Choongie Studio HOME
Choongie Studio HOME 11 dager siden
Gamer God
Gamer God 11 dager siden
Argentina Country
Argentina Country 11 dager siden
xsuvelocity 11 dager siden
I’ll never get one yet I’m watching this...
Máhdî 11 dager siden
A moment of silence for middle east people that can't buy this masterpiece cuz in this area dollar is incredibly expensive especially in our beloved PERSIA. WISH US LUCK.😔
Tiim Brunsek
Tiim Brunsek 11 dager siden
Im amazed... When does fnaf 9 come out?
Mr Long Head
Mr Long Head 11 dager siden
(For the people that got this recommend 10 years later) hi
Top NERF Gear
Top NERF Gear 11 dager siden
Looks amazing
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