Cold War Zombies: The RPG Pack-A-Punched.. IS DEVASTATING!

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2 måneder siden

Welcome back to my new series where I will be Pack-A-Punching every gun in Cold War Zombies and upgrading the guns to max tier, showcasing their full Zombie killing potential!
Up for review next is the RPG aka the CR17-D20!
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Blade Hart
Blade Hart 12 timer siden
Have you done the Cigna?
Cat Krusader
Cat Krusader Dag siden
Haha recent comments
ur_local_yeehaw 3 dager siden
I'm not sure if you have already, make a hauer 77 pack a punch video
First name: BURNED FIRE
First name: BURNED FIRE 4 dager siden
When you realize that the RPG was actually the war machine but better
louis robinson
louis robinson 4 dager siden
Did you not watch ur own video when u were making the title lol
Logan Soutar
Logan Soutar 5 dager siden
Plz do a sniper
THE MEMES 6 dager siden
15:49 ok zoidberg
Ashton Hancock
Ashton Hancock 6 dager siden
Type 63! Do the type 63 please.
Sylvester Tvarnø Antoft
Sylvester Tvarnø Antoft 6 dager siden
Do The Hauer 77
Robin 6 dager siden
Blue imposter
Blue imposter 7 dager siden
Please treyarch give us PhD slider
ObviouslyTaxi Dag siden
Nah bring back PhD flopper.... Or both as one
NewbCh8surr 7 dager siden
It's DEVASTATING. 3.5 out of 10
skyson b pei
skyson b pei 8 dager siden
Dont push me cause im close to the edge
Cudket 8 dager siden
I thought I was watching XQC for a second
Happy DayZ
Happy DayZ 9 dager siden
Rocket Goes brr
Electrickiller 098
Electrickiller 098 11 dager siden
Your using the wrong rocket launcher the other one is like a wonder weapon it’s so op
Noah Sullivan
Noah Sullivan 4 dager siden
Fr its so much better
KJB 8 dager siden
People asked for the rpg not the sigma that’s why he’s not using it
Salami Gaming
Salami Gaming 8 dager siden
Which one
A Part Minotaur
A Part Minotaur 12 dager siden
15:54 proof that the dogs cheat
CallOf Swatz
CallOf Swatz 7 dager siden
Fr annoying ass dogs
Flidd 7
Flidd 7 12 dager siden
It has 666k cmon watch people
Kjetil W
Kjetil W 13 dager siden
Please do the exstraction at the end of these vids
aku halttu
aku halttu 13 dager siden
pellington 703 do 70 800 damage on the head:D
travis mingione
travis mingione 14 dager siden
The rpg is fun but the cigma 2 hits way harder lol
Bailey Misken
Bailey Misken 12 dager siden
But mobility is Important in zombies
John Sandoval
John Sandoval 14 dager siden
15:54 Pitbull owners be like: " he just wants to play"
Henry Lawton
Henry Lawton 13 dager siden
max krohn
max krohn 15 dager siden
Crazy I use to watch him back in bo2
Nam Nguyen
Nam Nguyen 15 dager siden
You don’t know real recoil yet till you use the Cigna 2 lol
Mark De Haro
Mark De Haro 16 dager siden
Yall remember the 8 shot RPG from black ops 2
Lennon Lindholm
Lennon Lindholm 17 dager siden
This dude might be the most consistent NOpostr of all time
Justin Calderon
Justin Calderon 20 dager siden
Been here since syndikate lol
iammaxitaxi 21 dag siden
You can’t unlock camos whilst an ammo mod is active...
Shadow Blade
Shadow Blade 17 dager siden
@Natedog Games The ammo mod's kills don't count, but you can use them while getting camos. It slows the process down a bit though. Any zombies effected aren't counted.
Natedog Games
Natedog Games 20 dager siden
Unless you mean that like if you get dead wire and it electrics them
Natedog Games
Natedog Games 20 dager siden
Wait really because I was using shotguns to get plague diamond and l got camos with ammo mods
Alejandro B
Alejandro B 21 dag siden
William Samato
William Samato 22 dager siden
I remember youre minecraft videos
TheReal_IronDre 22 dager siden
use a better ammo mod for it deadwire
Its M8
Its M8 22 dager siden
oh so half way you put a epilepsy disclaimer...
din farfar
din farfar 23 dager siden
He proly has more subs than numbers in his bank account😂 Love from here syn❤️
robot zach
robot zach 23 dager siden
Lol 2 shots an entire hoard.....some he calls it trash lol
RUGBYKING 23 dager siden
Syndicate it’s glad to see you alive and well after such a long time I remember watching you in bo1
kerosienimies 23 dager siden
The äæh phįî đžțiî
Tekashi 6ix9ine
Tekashi 6ix9ine 24 dager siden
At 15:50 the dog flew like Harry Potter
SSkrtSSkrt 25 dager siden
yes, this is my main in zombies every game
Brendan Fogel
Brendan Fogel 16 dager siden
Yeah it’s a good secondary to wipe down mobs and big guys
1 25 dager siden
He looks like the kinda guy to pull a mini ladd
Mr. Big man walrus
Mr. Big man walrus 25 dager siden
The Mistake
The Mistake 25 dager siden
I mean, if u use the rpg to dmg and stun them, you could use the wonder weapon to suck them up for ez ammo
Boiz itz TM
Boiz itz TM 25 dager siden
Imagine phd in Cold War , It would be syndicates best friend
josh mclean
josh mclean 26 dager siden
Mukesh Ambani
Mukesh Ambani 27 dager siden
wonder whether he’s got Beck... guess we’ll never know
Julian Blank
Julian Blank 29 dager siden
How long have I been under a rock lol? When did syndicate come back to zombies tf?
Max McGlone
Max McGlone 29 dager siden
Can you do the gallo
Brian Ceja
Brian Ceja 25 dager siden
@Outlaw ahh okay thanks. 👌
Outlaw 25 dager siden
@Brian Ceja get all the camos in the weapon class
Brian Ceja
Brian Ceja 25 dager siden
@Jonah Dyke how do u get it to diamond?
Ryan Godbold
Ryan Godbold 25 dager siden
arguably best non-wonder weapon in game
Jonah Dyke
Jonah Dyke 25 dager siden
It’s decent, just got them diamond
PEACE OUT 29 dager siden
if u froze them u can 1 shot them
Gaming Republik
Gaming Republik Måned siden
the ahh-p-gee
Gerardo Måned siden
This is good for a secondary, to take out the bosses
Jon Lemay
Jon Lemay 23 dager siden
@mmjacksom ... he was wiping out bosses rounds 30 and up
mmjacksom 24 dager siden
Once you get into the mid 20s it sucks against bosses
Richard Wright
Richard Wright Måned siden
How you go from wave 13 to wave 12 to wave 14?
Yeet Magheet
Yeet Magheet Måned siden
Ok it’s kinda lame but do ray gun
CopiousSage Måned siden
it's beggar's bazooka in the ring of fire xD
IssaLyfeStyle Måned siden
This ain't it *proceeds to get to about round 40*
Syndicate Måned siden
Hunter TheGreat
Hunter TheGreat Måned siden
My dude you been playing zombies since it came out. We have already seen you pack a punch every weapon, and you’ve done all the challenges etc. time to move into some new content.
LUM1NAT3 28 dager siden
Yeah I have no clue what ur talking about. Everyone enjoys this legend coming back to zombies and this cod is bringing a ton of players back so take ur hate somewhere else
Zen_ Måned siden
this is a new zombies with a new gameplay system where he's testing how weapons work with the new upgrade system. Seems like new content to me.
Syndicate Måned siden
A lot of people enjoy this so I’ll keep posting till I’m done :)
Tragedy Måned siden
Get every cod zombies weapon pack punch maxed ? ... key word cod zombies .. all zombie maps !!!! I challenge you !!!
Sneaky Måned siden
Use the gallo sa12
Sneaky 29 dager siden
@Need_more_time11 it does
Need_more_time11 29 dager siden
It tears no cap
Jayden Mcclure
Jayden Mcclure Måned siden
use the hauer
cortez primm
cortez primm Måned siden
10:40 ,yep patched
Ashley Buchanan
Ashley Buchanan Måned siden
PhD flopper would be nice in this game
Jelow Måned siden
8:00 I swear I cried out laughing after he said what day is it
BUB8LE5 Måned siden
*fires 5 RPGs into crowd* "Are they dead?!" 🤣 (Also, technically "decimate" means to reduce be one-tenth...)
тεα૮μρ૮αҡε Måned siden
For some reason half way through this I decided to make a yessir tiktok sound and I did lol Tiktok is iqurnt btw.
Daniel Patchett
Daniel Patchett Måned siden
Mac 10 kinda shreds, burns through ammo tho
Tommy SuhLami
Tommy SuhLami Måned siden
Deadshot and full damage recoil reduction is nice
BizarreGaming Måned siden
The name for the rpg pack a punched is weird! What's it supposed to spell out
Tommy SuhLami
Tommy SuhLami Måned siden
Crit dealer
Syndicate Måned siden
No idea!
Elmin L
Elmin L Måned siden
Is flopper was in this map...oof would this gun be good with ring of fire. Literally wouldn’t be able to die.
Syndicate Måned siden
Sadly not!
Matthew Bennett
Matthew Bennett Måned siden
Are the launchers automatic after packed? What lol
Z Måned siden
No, that's just the ring of fire
e Måned siden
Does anyone remember the hellion launcher for bo4? Now that's the power a launcher should have in this zombies. Why they made launchers suck so much this time is beyond me.
Donnie’s Commute
Donnie’s Commute Måned siden
2 EZ
Drew Dawson
Drew Dawson Måned siden
Name one of the guns KingLoser
Mike Mayhem
Mike Mayhem Måned siden
I did not know the ring of fire did that can you elaborate?
Donnie’s Commute
Donnie’s Commute Måned siden
upgrade it. you deal twice the damage and while in the ring you also shoot from your ammo reserve instead of the clip. so you can shoot a launcher 20+ times without reloading
Jacob Wilson
Jacob Wilson Måned siden
Love this series. You just got a sub from me
Syndicate Måned siden
Marcus Boi
Marcus Boi Måned siden
I only play cod anymore for zombies so imma drop a follow to help get u to 10mil
Syndicate Måned siden
Thanks homie!
TheSuperyan06 Måned siden
I really miss the triple gun perk
ThisIsMyUsername Måned siden
@Chaotic Angel yeah but not to this map. I wont it on die maschine
Chaotic Angel
Chaotic Angel Måned siden
@TheSuperyan06 well it might get added soon
TheSuperyan06 Måned siden
Flinch_SNP Måned siden
Mule kick?
Hustle Humbly
Hustle Humbly Måned siden
Ly bad
David Emerick
David Emerick Måned siden
Woah... I haven't heard an "it's over 9000!!!" Reference in YEARS
SvGe Dubs
SvGe Dubs Måned siden
Name the Cigma “Cigma balls”
dikke zuen
dikke zuen Måned siden
15:55 hahahaha
Alex Demain
Alex Demain Måned siden
Whereabouts in Manchester aare you from lad??
Syndicate Måned siden
Looooool! Riperonie
Alex Demain
Alex Demain Måned siden
@Syndicate that's quality! I had no idea you were still up here. I'm up in Bury! Fingers crossed for a drop to tier 2 yeah! 🤞😂
Syndicate Måned siden
Just outside Stockport!
PO LO Måned siden
“The aaahh peegee” 😂
PO LO Måned siden
@Syndicate All ❤️ man!
Syndicate Måned siden
Vashkar Drigpal
Vashkar Drigpal Måned siden
Is it just me or I am so bad at z I only get to round 15 and die all the time to the boss
CriZLx3 Måned siden
SHXDØ Måned siden
Dom Bizzle
Dom Bizzle Måned siden
I don’t have the game yet....they have a kdr in zombies now?
Justin Brunick
Justin Brunick Måned siden
hector olivas
hector olivas Måned siden
Every weapon to you is devastating. But the fact is the guns in this zombies game are weak as fk. If you try to high round the only guns worth running with are shotguns and the wonder weapons and maybe snipers.
Headie One
Headie One Måned siden
Even says near the end he gives it a 3 and diesntnlike it
FaithVsFate Måned siden
Satisfying to watch!
Erick Hancock
Erick Hancock Måned siden
15:50 starwars reference
Coreh Eden
Coreh Eden Måned siden
How far can syndicate go with only fists🤌
Hazerithious Måned siden
if only you could... Pack-a-PUNCH.
Archie Ottone
Archie Ottone Måned siden
Shout out to bo2 RPG 8in a “clip”
Jamie Wilson
Jamie Wilson Måned siden
love you dad
Chefboyr Death
Chefboyr Death Måned siden
Would love to see you do this with a tundra
Shnauz Måned siden
this gon is fon
Kevin Hirstius
Kevin Hirstius Måned siden
pellington 703 is the way to go.
ChuckCantDrive Måned siden
@Hunter Kennemer Hate to break it to you, but the pellington and tundra are insane, if you have them legendary triple packed they are a one shot to the head FOREVER combine that with deadshot and boom big kills. Only the m82 is terrible which is a shame :/
Hunter Kennemer
Hunter Kennemer Måned siden
Unfortunately all the snipers are hot dogshit, and trust me I gave them a fair try my favorite og gun was the DSR 50
420 Z33
420 Z33 Måned siden
It’s not though
Claycius Austin
Claycius Austin Måned siden
"what day is it" xD I am now subbing
REDACTED _AZN Måned siden
Hes using a ARE PEE GEE
Kaustic410 - MIND OF M3
Kaustic410 - MIND OF M3 Måned siden
Bruh I love how you say pack a punch 😂😂
Geovannie Rodriguez
Geovannie Rodriguez Måned siden
Wooowww how did you get that skin
Bib Clive
Bib Clive Måned siden
Hauer 77
Bowie Marshall
Bowie Marshall Måned siden
Wait does he like it or not?
Edward Smith
Edward Smith Måned siden
Glacie Måned siden
Y’know- after getting dark aether, I can’t understand how this rates lower than the thumper.
Donald Hixson
Donald Hixson Måned siden
1v1 on bog.... lol
Davon Corrie
Davon Corrie Måned siden
It's been ages since I watch me some syndicate. Feels good to be back
What up yo
What up yo Måned siden
Because he only played Minecraft
[ REDACTED] Måned siden
Same ikr
peter6of9 Måned siden
While the new map is fun I still prefer the older maps. Anyone agree?
David Croyd
David Croyd Måned siden
You said it was devastating......yet gave it a 3 lol
David Croyd
David Croyd Måned siden
@GooGLE ExPreSS lol i see what you did cheat
GooGLE ExPreSS Måned siden
devastating in zombies Could be positive and negative thing lol
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