I tried Bruce Lee's training program!

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Magnus Midtbø

4 dager siden

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I tried Bruce Lee training program. This training program was supposed to be the pillar of his strength.
- Toyota
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TriksterHD 16 minutter siden
For anyone looking to do this, both behind the neck press and upright rows are considered to be bad exercises to do. They are bad on the joints.
TriksterHD 22 minutter siden
The Bruce Lee part starts at 8:45
Adam Murphy
Adam Murphy 22 minutter siden
Watching you struggle inspires me. I also lookup to Bruce lee :) .
Alessandro Echevarria
Alessandro Echevarria 30 minutter siden
My PT has actually told me that behind the neck press is bad for your shoulders due to loading them while at the end of their range. and you're not really working out anything you wouldn't be by having less extreme angle on your shoulders, by bringing the bar in front of your neck.
Hang Tyrants
Hang Tyrants 2 timer siden
I haven't watched but, no, no you did not try it. You may think you have done what you call trying it but if this were true we wouldn't be currently hearing from you until your legs could move star systems and that would be the start of beginning to try , maybe.
Hunter Flannigan
Hunter Flannigan 2 timer siden
Only advice I would want to give is to keep your wrists straight when you do the upright rows. Twisting them under load is pretty bad for the joints apparently.
Kev Scheepers
Kev Scheepers 2 timer siden
yes on forearm training programm
LRoyz Climbing
LRoyz Climbing 3 timer siden
Love to see the forearm workout too
Deon Ceruti
Deon Ceruti 3 timer siden
He makes it look so easy
Neofolis 4 timer siden
Magnus, the only person to bench double his squat. For future reference, whilst the behind the neck press is a well known and relatively popular exercise, it's not great for shoulder health.
vinasu maaj
vinasu maaj 5 timer siden
2 minutes and already a lot of comments
Jacob 5 timer siden
Please don't take this as hate but rather constructive feedback but I feel like Rungne is quite overpriced for the fairly basic designs! Is it the quality that bumps up the price - just curious! Love your content Magnus
Tormod Tjåland
Tormod Tjåland 6 timer siden
ChaosOnTour 9 timer siden
Commenting for the algorythm. Great vid. :D
vinasu maaj
vinasu maaj 5 timer siden
have you ever tried speed climbing?
Tom Maddock
Tom Maddock 9 timer siden
What does the barbell lat pullover work? looks interesting
Tobias Sarnow
Tobias Sarnow 10 timer siden
what a video quality improvement - very nice magnus - keep going
9999rockey 10 timer siden
Bruce lee did this fancy exercises in that time is it?
ricardo barboza
ricardo barboza 13 timer siden
don't do upright rows!
soniyu ziuy
soniyu ziuy 13 timer siden
another solid motiff xD
Will 13 timer siden
Ideal physique! 🤯
Eric Beeman
Eric Beeman 14 timer siden
Visit tom and juji again if ur lacking in power
Yak1B 14 timer siden
8:40 - Bruce Lee Training
Brandon Eller
Brandon Eller 16 timer siden
i would like to see the forearms
soniyu ziuy
soniyu ziuy 13 timer siden
WTF Magnus and Shirts?
NeroKoso 16 timer siden
Uuuuuh those knee sounds. That can't be good. o.o Yikers.
Benjamin 17 timer siden
Watch Warrior Tv series
Денис Романцов
Денис Романцов 18 timer siden
30 on the bar or with the bar??
Audio Books Shelf
Audio Books Shelf 18 timer siden
perfect hoodies 💪😎😍
Andulas is
Andulas is 19 timer siden
MegaStorm75 [FBDS]
MegaStorm75 [FBDS] 19 timer siden
have you ever tried speed climbing?
jnygaard257 20 timer siden
What's this algorithm thingy?
The Hazelnut
The Hazelnut 20 timer siden
12:34 that upright row features external rotation which is pretty bad for your shoulder joints. Pls don't damage your shoulders!
Henrik Have Lindberg
Henrik Have Lindberg 20 timer siden
Epic effort. You have a great style! :-)
Chirrup94 21 time siden
Would definitely love to see you try that green 8A again! I can't believe how insane V11 boulders are :O
Nikolai Westall
Nikolai Westall 21 time siden
Incredible back!
herman höijer
herman höijer 21 time siden
For the algorithm.
MrCevant 21 time siden
I visited bruce lee’s grave in the Seattle area years ago. Several people were there but they didn’t know anything about bruce lee, they were there looking for Pokemon. I don’t think we are going to survive as a species guys.
Rainer Lampatzer
Rainer Lampatzer 22 timer siden
WTF Magnus and Shirts?
Dominik Szabo
Dominik Szabo 22 timer siden
the 8a looks so insane
huttio srreu
huttio srreu 22 timer siden
Now to find a streaming service in Sweden to see Norway "mästarnas mästare"
Designer 22 timer siden
Do the forearms. Clean and Press: Two part movement. Clean the bar (shrug it up with an upright row, then drop below it however far you need to, to get your elbows around under/in-front of it, and the bar to your chest), then slight squat and drive the bar up over your head. The bar should not go from the ground to above your head in one movement. You were doing basically a poor form snatch.
Louis 1
Louis 1 22 timer siden
To the chest and press
Finn Miller-New
Finn Miller-New 22 timer siden
So just from an exercise selection point I would definitely avoid behind the neck training in general for shoulder health. Also same again for the upright row, all those muscles you'd never felt before shouldn't really be put in that position under stress. Overall very enjoyable as always
huttio srreu
huttio srreu 22 timer siden
Try the green again. Please :D
MrSemtx 23 timer siden
really wanna see that forarm programm!!!
Miguel Oliveira
Miguel Oliveira 23 timer siden
I was not really interested in Bruce Lee's training, but was really pleasantly surprised that you did climbing in the first part of the video. really cool boulders!
Silverback Gaming
Silverback Gaming Dag siden
De to første øvelsene kommer til å drepe skuldermobiloteten din. NB! Ikke fortsett med dem. Intern rotasjon som presser armene ut av skulderen. Leddene kan fort bli skadet, så det er ikke rart at du kjenner det.
Aaron Clineman
Aaron Clineman Dag siden
It amazes me how someone can be so graceful at one style of movement and so awkward at another. Great video.
Dularfullur Dag siden
8:45 starts Bruce Lee training portion
Einstein0808 Dag siden
Nice video Magnus! Good editing too Marcus.
Logan Dag siden
Tom and Juji missed out on this one haha
Alexander Lee
Alexander Lee Dag siden
For the cleans, you need to catch it at your shoulders and the shoulder press it up, it's not in a single movement. There's a bunch of other techniques that goes with it when you're going to the ground to your shoulders with the barbell but youtube videos usually help with that part.
Joscha Tilgner
Joscha Tilgner Dag siden
The Form is very Hard to watch. Please consult someone who knows how to train with weights. And please Stop the Behind the Back press! It is very Bad for the shoulders!
pc0s050 Dag siden
Do the forearm workout!
Ashraf Ben-Sarghin
Ashraf Ben-Sarghin Dag siden
it'd be nice to see Bruce Lee's forearm training program
Tarik BJJ
Tarik BJJ Dag siden
Awesome video! :D
MrApetape Dag siden
Athleanx sees upright row.. sheeesh. Dont destroy your shoulders! I know for some it works for years, but its a risk/reward thing. There are equal as good shoulder exercises without the high risk of an upright row. Your shoulders shouldnt be so much internally rotated when lifting. It could lead to a lot of problems!
MrApetape Dag siden
Try the green again. Please :D
Chaotica a
Chaotica a Dag siden
Maybe a video call with Juji and Tom would help you sort out some of the form issues!
Anh Le
Anh Le Dag siden
Magnus’ lifting technique makes me feel a little bit better about my noob climbing technique 😂 anyway just the fact that you casually carried the squat rack across the gym had me in tears already! Love that you are constantly trying new things outside of your discipline - would love to see you try something like pole dancing 🤪
K Cannon
K Cannon Dag siden
Yes please to the fore arm work out! Great editing this video!
Rolf Nilsen
Rolf Nilsen Dag siden
You could try the intervals he did as well. 12 rounds of 1 minute jog, 1 minute run and 30 sec sprint. Then add the bagwork with punching and kicking combinations. No wonder he was fit as f..
Bercean Ioan
Bercean Ioan Dag siden
I would like to see the green one done! Looks damn hard!
Ayn Bernos
Ayn Bernos Dag siden
Magnus, I want a Normal Girl t-shirt pls. For us who got into climbing because of you and Marte hahaha
Colin Tomcak
Colin Tomcak Dag siden
When are the chalk bags going to be back in stock? They’ve been out of stock forever
dueeh nyyu
dueeh nyyu Dag siden
insane on how good your video editing skills have become, Magnus!
Rokkubilly Dag siden
So there is a new anime about climbing called "Iwa Kakeru!: Sport Climbing Girls". Could be fun to see you watch and react to some of the episodes.
Tyler Mark
Tyler Mark Dag siden
comment for the al go do the 8A rithm
honky canuk
honky canuk Dag siden
anyone else thinking a Zack Tellander collab?
Tater Totinski
Tater Totinski Dag siden
Would definitely love to see you do Bruce Lee’s forearm workout👍
dueeh nyyu
dueeh nyyu Dag siden
and up? :P
solly Brown
solly Brown Dag siden
Magnus got so lean wtf
SyrupyBrandy Dag siden
We often have some assymetry between our left and right sides. Having a mirror may help you notice and correct imbalances.
Xcùz Dag siden
Damn really upping the production quality
Mike Dag siden
You gotta do the forearm training and you can punch a bag of chalk before you punch a bucket of gravel
Ath Uchiga
Ath Uchiga Dag siden
You, Tom, and Anton should do this, it would be a great way for you to learn more about barbell training and how you could apply it to your current training pathology.
Eric Peterson
Eric Peterson Dag siden
For the algorithm! But also, big congrats Magnus for being featured in Men's Health magazine! www.menshealth.com/fitness/a34402903/bruce-lee-training-workout-muscle-magnus-midtbo/
Feroce Dag siden
Oh christ that knee popping is insane. Your knees shouldn't pop unless you have incorrect form. Try adjusting the angle of your feet, most people tend to have their toes pointed closer together than you did, and drive up with your glutes and hams instead of your knees. You can also use a box or bench as an assist which can save you from knee damage, you really only need to get your thighs parallel with the floor.
Feroce Dag siden
I should add, there is no single correct form with it, just follow these as a *guideline* and adjust for what is comfortable for you and to stop your knees from exploding.
Jason Shea
Jason Shea Dag siden
index finger handstand !!!! Bruce Lee was one of the only>> I recon you could be a contender!!! Jason M. Shea
chding zuure
chding zuure Dag siden
Magnus looking "normal" next to bruce lee on thumbnail Whats Bruce Lees favorite drink? WATAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH
TheTrackSlide Dag siden
Magnus you could ask Toby Segar from Storror if you can do some parcour with them or if he wants to climb with you. That would be such a cool collab!!
Kay Emm
Kay Emm Dag siden
Upright row and pressing from behind the head have both been found to be damaging to the shoulders. You won't find them on modern training programs. Also your knees were clicking because your knees were tracking too far forward, you generally want to be squatting with your hips going down backwards like sitting on a toilet, this keeps your lower legs much more vertical and protects the knees.
chding zuure
chding zuure Dag siden
I really enjoyed the extra time and effort you all put into showing more details of the technicalities of more difficult climbs.
Logan Jackson
Logan Jackson Dag siden
Good job happy to see you balancing physique so you don't get injured like me. Trust me you don't want a torn labrum in both shoulders like me. Stay balanced. And be healthy and pain free. I don't do or enjoy climbing but I wanted to say I enjoy your videos I think you have a wonderful personality . Very helpful and humble guy Very nice and entertaining. I like guys that don't have an ego on youtube
Kieran Dag siden
Definitely wanna see that Bruce Lee forearm workout
erraticbro Dag siden
Weird to me, but every time you are showcasing the hardest boulders in the gym, it's always in that same section of overhang. Are the other walls not steep enough to set V10 and up? :P
Joel Virolainen
Joel Virolainen Dag siden
Upright rows mess your shoulders really easily. nopost.info/throw/q9eXaqTV14iPmMU/video
As Zoolen
As Zoolen Dag siden
Thanks Magnus, today just wanted to thank you
Ian Goode
Ian Goode Dag siden
Are you kidding me! It is when in doubt campus out, geez what a facepalm
Lars Martin Skar
Lars Martin Skar Dag siden
Green boulder next time!!
Vincent Tedjakusuma
Vincent Tedjakusuma Dag siden
For the algorithm!
Brendan O'Malley
Brendan O'Malley Dag siden
what does his brand's name mean?
Luke Wells
Luke Wells Dag siden
I don't know if it's just me but I can't ring dat bell. It says "this action is turned off for content made for kids" o:
Onzego6 Dag siden
It would be so cool to see you do this with someone guiding you for the best form and technique. I think this way you could get the maximum benefits from it.
Levi Dag siden
Not bad Mr Meatball
נרי זאבי אדלר
נרי זאבי אדלר Dag siden
Yeah do the forearm training
Leto Atreides
Leto Atreides Dag siden
Glenn Wilkerson
Glenn Wilkerson Dag siden
Love your videos! They have been instrumental in maintaining my sanity. It’s always funny to me how hard you are on yourself when you are so strong on stuff you have never done before. I’m curious about how you psychologically handled transitioning from competition to non competition. Have you ever used a sports psychologist or anything like that? Was it mentally hard to adjust to normal life?
The Gilbert
The Gilbert Dag siden
I really enjoyed the extra time and effort you all put into showing more details of the technicalities of more difficult climbs.
Andre Dag siden
no hate magnus, been watching your vids since forever but you had the time to look up a training program but couldnt invest 10 more minutes to search for 'how to do x' ? save your joints.
Elias Martelo
Elias Martelo Dag siden
comment for the algorithm
Jools Grommers
Jools Grommers 2 dager siden
When I do pull overs I prefer to be slightly further down on the bench so that my head is just supported. Helps with the unwanted neck strain..
Nils Kirchvogel
Nils Kirchvogel 2 dager siden
love your vlogs
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