These COMPLETE KNOCKOFF mountain bike pedals have me heated!

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8 måneder siden

Today, we examine a complete copy of the Raceface Chester pedals by a company called "Fooker". This is an appropriate name for a company that hired sponsored ads on Amazon to appear above Raceface's original pedal. I guess spending money on engineers and R&D isn't as effective as cheating.
In any case, they made a copy of a good pedal and did a good job of it. If you bought the Fookers, you made a smart decision and probably bought a decent pedal. I'm just frustrated with the blatant reverse engineering.
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Jeremy Eden
Jeremy Eden 3 timer siden
I apply thus same theory on hookers. The "COMPLETE KNOCKOFF" ones are good enough 😃 😄 😁 😆 😅 😂 🤣 🥲
Klepto Naisa
Klepto Naisa 23 timer siden
China China China guess what, its only gonna get worse. All the hard work people put in making products, only to have it stolen by China China China.
Rocky 2 dager siden
"atleast until this covid thing is over"
Flying__coulours _
Flying__coulours _ 2 dager siden
From north east England and so happy you mentioned us
Well at least I could buy a cheaper one but I can't trust it as much as the original one....
Martin Luther
Martin Luther 4 dager siden
Hey! It's been like 8 months since you run the Fookers.
Spartan 5 dager siden
Saw those fookers pedals on amazon at a price of $30.99, also found the race face Chester's on sale at a price of $40.99 originally 49.99, you said the cookers sucked, I think you making that video is cool, and your findings show your opinion, I think sometimes customer pays more for a name brand,and at the end the customer will make a decision which brand to choose from and what price to pay for, for an item that could perform equally or possibly better, I do not own neither brand,but if I choose buy some pedals I will look at customer reviews on both items to compare, and if reviews are rated even, I would not mind buying the fookers or any other god given brand,by the way good job on those videos they are entertaining and informative 👍
A Glass
A Glass 5 dager siden
You should have put the name "Fooker" in the title, so that when people are shopping and looking for reviews this will come up on the search.
Sams bike hacks
Sams bike hacks 6 dager siden
I've actually been running a single pair of fooker pedals for 4 years now. I've ridden all over western North Carolina including Beech mountain, the Riveter, Dupont, Pisgah, Bent creek, and everywhere else you can think of. They do loosen up a bit more than the Chester's but never seem to move more than 2-3/10 of an inch. They've held up really well considering the abuse they've gone through. The pins do wear out faster and the spindle has that little bit of play I mentioned, but other than that they're solid. If it's your only choice, its not a bad buy. But otherwise, just get the Chester's. They're only $20 more and the spindle construction is far better in terms of reliability. and yes my name is basically the same as the fooker pedals, I just thought it was funny.
Thomas Gurney
Thomas Gurney 6 dager siden
Salty Seth is really funny...
PdyakCool Adventures
PdyakCool Adventures 6 dager siden
Ampffttt... Pedals.. 😂😂😂 Any way.. great video sir. 👍👍👍
Eric Tornel
Eric Tornel 6 dager siden
The name “Fooker” is probably the best thing about those pedals.
cozzyco 9 dager siden
On Amazon UK the Fookers are as I type more expensive (£52.80) than the Raceface Chesters (£49.95) !!!! Work that one out.... Fookers
dexter morgan
dexter morgan 9 dager siden
this video made me buy two pair of fookers.
wildheartedson3 9 dager siden
Thought your dog was going to pee on the Fooker.
Chris Browning
Chris Browning 11 dager siden
Fooker? I just met'r!
Elixir 0987
Elixir 0987 11 dager siden
its means f*ker
BNE 96
BNE 96 11 dager siden
bought my chesters just because i like linkin park and bennington RIP 🤷🏻
Samuel Steward
Samuel Steward 11 dager siden
i had been running race face on my hardtail but wanted to see for myself if they were worth the extra 20 dollars, so I bought a pair of fooker pedals, and because I go through a set of pedals every 3 months or so. I now use fooker because its cheaper, and I haven't noticed a significant difference in how they feel. however, I would not recommend going for a lower quality product if your safety depends on it for example, if you are going to ride whistler or something of that nature.
The squad
The squad 11 dager siden
I’m up at 4 am in the morning
J. C.
J. C. 12 dager siden
I think you're overthinking it. They're probably made in the same factory in china.
David Noceti
David Noceti 13 dager siden
“You shouldn’t buy these pedals.....but if you do, here’s my amazon affiliate link!”
Shane The Cooldude
Shane The Cooldude 14 dager siden
I actually bought those exact fooker pedals about 6 months ago not realizing they were knockoffs because I had just started mountain biking... oops
Satern 14 dager siden
The funnyest video yet
katakis1 14 dager siden
They're now called "Mzyrh", in case you can't find them on Amazon. Same packaging and all, they simply changed the logo.
zepp3lin 15 dager siden
AMoother Fooker pedal.........ROFL... but loving it so far. Can buy 3 sets of it, no need maintenance, spoil and change to a new one. Feel like a sponsored rider, change to a new set every time........
Andy D
Andy D 15 dager siden
7 months now what's happening
Jacob Plambeck
Jacob Plambeck 15 dager siden
I own both, don’t notice a difference who cares about the name
Aykez 15 dager siden
I’m from North West England and this is the most fookin funny company name
Shameful 16 dager siden
I like Fooker name. Only thing better WOULD be Pedalphile!
What's The Doug Score
What's The Doug Score 16 dager siden
Those Motherfookers
Maxophone 52
Maxophone 52 17 dager siden
I’m thinking about getting some chesters they would look great on my trek marlin 4
TheIngoBeck 17 dager siden
Please make a video compilation of 5 minutes of you JUST saying "water".
Nicholas Korajkic
Nicholas Korajkic 17 dager siden
Fooker sues berm peak
CalikuhL 18 dager siden
I said Fook those things and got the Chesters 👍 the RF Chesters are pretty sweet for not being fookin biters 😁 good video review !
Kanon 08
Kanon 08 20 dager siden
China Special.
Hello Hi hi hi
Hello Hi hi hi 20 dager siden
Der fooken copy’s
Isaac cuartas
Isaac cuartas 21 dag siden
I want to know that I was not the only one that bought the fooker pedals
Jonah Sturges
Jonah Sturges 7 dager siden
I bought them as well.
Tristan Winters
Tristan Winters 22 dager siden
Short-term it's great to save money on some surprisingly half-decent knock off pedals and have a laugh over the name, but long term theres a team of qualified engineers, designers, marketers and testers at that rely on your consumer revenue for their jobs. Manufacturing has been outsourced offshore for 30 years and is never coming back. Keep buying into this trend and engineering, design, marketing, etc will go offshore too.
Patrick Diaz
Patrick Diaz 22 dager siden
I'd buy the fooker😂
9A-RAMA 23 dager siden
It's frickin 7 Month seth where is the reveal
Brian F.
Brian F. 24 dager siden
What probably happened is that the company that raceface contracted with to do their molding work, probably made a run for fooker. It is common in moldings and forgings for one manufacturer making moldings for multiple companies, who then finish the item to meet their specs and price points.
8000RPM 25 dager siden
Let me guess,...made in China...
rickydlp 26 dager siden
I can't believe I got this cheap pedal 😣😣😣 Sending back. Haven't installed.
wordreet 27 dager siden
Damn! I'm pretty sure that Ford were planning on naming their next SUV the Ford Fooker 4X4!
wordreet 27 dager siden
Blue is blue right?
Dean- 27 dager siden
why are you mad these companys are making like like 95 profit they need a copy cat
Kin Måned siden
Reid Måned siden
I like how no one has mentioned that the patent probably ran out that’s why it’s legal to copy it
Neuro Måned siden
Saw someone on a forum somewhere say that fooker is a good name. 🤦‍♂️
Calvin Poole
Calvin Poole Måned siden
It is pretty funny
A.I. Privilege
A.I. Privilege Måned siden
I like that name lol
Nathaniel Lewis
Nathaniel Lewis Måned siden
I’m from the uk so I’m allowed to say, these guys are fookers but I’m going to buy them because I’m cheap
Unkown Måned siden
#1 for bike pedals on Amazon so it can't be that terrible although I understand the obvious anger mentioned in a complete clone a company spent money in engineering
kousinkoolaid Måned siden
I believe in China, in order to manufacture, you forfeit your IP. Hence all the 1:1 copies of name brand items.
Fred The bread
Fred The bread Måned siden
“These pedals may be good but I still hate the fact that they still exist” quoted by seth
chaole matados
chaole matados Måned siden
hii pls try cleats pls
Jamie Borg
Jamie Borg Måned siden
I have a question Do all bike pedals have ball bearings inside of them?
JOHN_R_LEGIT Måned siden
You can get needle bearings in the fooker pedals
Matthew Flindall
Matthew Flindall Måned siden
They do! Unless you have the WORST 50’s bike maybe
Nate Wager
Nate Wager Måned siden
Dawson Måned siden
7:44 "at least until this covid stuff is over" Us in december: :|
BadMTBrider 11 dager siden
It’s 2021 time
Tom Kittow
Tom Kittow Måned siden
When Seth said about the Fooker coming up first on Amazon. When you type fox jersey on google the first results are from wish 😂
Jason Cook
Jason Cook Måned siden
How’s the follow up coming along?
Ayan Mukherjee
Ayan Mukherjee Måned siden
It has a five start review
SYNTHETIC MW788 Måned siden
I just bought them because they were cheap, but not too cheap not to trust, they were my best option
Ethan Burton
Ethan Burton Måned siden
Speaking if snapping pedals off a jump, I snapped my Exustar E-PB557 s'.
Sergio Denis
Sergio Denis Måned siden
Hahahaha soo funny, getting rekt by a chinese company and Amazon!!
Oliver Leigh
Oliver Leigh Måned siden
9:36 how does COVID have to do with. How good your biking❓
Johnny Gunz
Johnny Gunz Måned siden
Don't go breaking your neck ending up taking a ICU bed / drawing on resources for a hobby. I get it as in ride a little more conservatively to stay out of the ER.
Ilana Siegal
Ilana Siegal Måned siden
i have some fooker pedals they are diffrent ones and i think they are great
D1LLDOJOE • Måned siden
Updates on these fookers?
Ryker Alvey
Ryker Alvey Måned siden
I have fookers...
Biking it and liking it
Biking it and liking it Måned siden
Damn, I bought the Fooker based on the color (yellow) matching better to the yellow Ortlieb panniers I have. Oh well, I'm not using em off-road.
G. Fortin
G. Fortin Måned siden
I agree.. sucks ! I think people should boycott those pedals. Don't support MTB knockoffs .
Mike Herbst
Mike Herbst Måned siden
Mother footer 😂
luke antony
luke antony Måned siden
it says "ride with a dream" of owning Raceface pedals.
Gunny Måned siden
The BAD part is they will sell a bunch of them, because a lot of people just want to go cheap.. SHAMEFUL FOOKER
Ieuan Lloyd
Ieuan Lloyd Måned siden
Am I the only one who noticed that B P aim the box was highlighted on the Fooker box
Zack Skinner 2
Zack Skinner 2 Måned siden
this is like my favorite video lmao
David Tufino Photography
David Tufino Photography Måned siden
Just ordered the raceface because i'm for supporting MTB companies and not copycats!
Mandelbrot Måned siden
2:13 but kinda different
Nordi Mejia
Nordi Mejia Måned siden
Fookers are good, to be honest.
ShredReady Films
ShredReady Films Måned siden
"At least 'till this COVID thing is over" Oh past Seth, if only you knew
Rebecca Anderson
Rebecca Anderson 24 dager siden
@Bob Guru comes from the guy who loves off brand shit don’t get me started
Bob Guru
Bob Guru 28 dager siden
@Rebecca Anderson because you're* just one of the people that just write something that they can not back up... L.
Rebecca Anderson
Rebecca Anderson 28 dager siden
@Bob Guru cuz your such a fanboy of the pedals fooker
Bob Guru
Bob Guru 29 dager siden
@Rebecca Anderson Why do you think that? Can it be that you have such an opinion because of this video? Have you done some testings? Investigating the matter? Background of such decision to implement the particular part and how exactly that affects the product?
Rebecca Anderson
Rebecca Anderson 29 dager siden
@Bob Guru well obviously the race face pedal is better cuz it doesn’t have a unnecessary bolt with a hole in it
Abhijit Rao
Abhijit Rao Måned siden
I think those are by the peaky blinders. By the order of the Peaky Fookin Blindors
Drummer Schmittle
Drummer Schmittle Måned siden
“We’ll come back and lol at these again in six months or so.” *Sees that it’s been six months* Silently knowing that I made the right choice in buying the chesters instead of those crazy fookers.
Biscuit112 DT
Biscuit112 DT Måned siden
I had a set of FOOKERS come apart while riding!.. I was an idiot for buying them.. LUCKILY I WAS NOT HURT! The fooker hardware backed off while pedaling and the pedal was just about to fall off. I put the bike in the car and pulling it out the pedal fell to the ground.. AVOID THE FOOKERS, I have to say it .. YOU MIGHT GET FOOKED
Josef E.
Josef E. Måned siden
Chances are these are made in the same factory, on the same machines and by the same people where the raceface pedals are made.
Havoc 2000
Havoc 2000 Måned siden
seth: ima ride hem tell this covid thing is over me: it will never end.
Richard Zippler
Richard Zippler Måned siden
Did they get a old mold?
Ralph_Barbasa Måned siden
I’ve been riding the fooker pedals for 2 years now still feels brand new
Daniel M
Daniel M Måned siden
It’s hard to hate these pedals. They come in almost 20 different colors and from what Seth is saying they are practically identical to the RaceFace Chesters. What sucks is that the REASON they are so cheap is because they spent no money on marketing or R &D. They STOLE a finished intellectual property and waited for people to look for the Chesters. I know it’s like $15, but Seth is right… If you can afford it, please buy the namebrand and support mountain biking manufacturers 🤙
David Cote
David Cote 2 måneder siden
They are probably made by the same company that produces the RaceFace Chesters... They just sell them under another name, not that RaceFace knows about it, or maybe they do, If they don't have exclusive pattern ownership with the company in China making them, then the Chinese company can do whatever they want... one of the downsides to producing products in China...almost exclusively, they have control of the patent and can do whatever they want with it. Hey, if you want dirt cheap labor, you have to give up something. *** Look at TV streaming boxes, you have the same box under many names. China doesn't care about product manufacturer name recognition, they just care about the $$'s spent on a product. "Product manufacturer name recognition" went the way of the Dodo Bird.
Harry Grimley
Harry Grimley 2 måneder siden
Hey Seth. It's been six months. How is the evaluation of the cooker and race face pedals? Anytime soon?
Aiden Mills
Aiden Mills 2 måneder siden
Have y'all ever gone to Valmont Bike Park in Boulder, Colorado?
Airtime with Aarav
Airtime with Aarav 2 måneder siden
Pause at 2:01
Philipp Beckmann
Philipp Beckmann 2 måneder siden
Kinda funny to hear him say 'until this covid thing is over' in may when im watching this is November and covid is as bad as always
Robin Rai
Robin Rai 2 måneder siden
After this video the sales of the Fooker's sky rocketed
paulkazjack 2 måneder siden
Just found out my pedals DO NOT HAVE BEARINGS, they have plastic bushes. In the bin they go.
Dustin B
Dustin B 2 måneder siden
chi chi china copy to copy get that money
Brandon Sheppard
Brandon Sheppard 2 måneder siden
Pretty common for mold shops in China to sell molds after the company is finished with them. Happens in the footwear industry all the time. In a lot of cases the factory actually owns the mold. All this proves is that race face is selling the product a huge margins and could still make profit if they cut the cost in half.
Benjamin Reppond
Benjamin Reppond 2 måneder siden
I’ve had the fookers for over a year. They work great. I’ve hit jumps and taken them downhill. I also weigh 270lbs. They work! Don’t be mad because people don’t have to spend more money, dickhead.
TyStyckify 2 måneder siden
Fooker is fine. Focker is better tho..,
soccerchamp0511 2 måneder siden
It's called competition. If cycling companies want to be competitive they should lower their prices. Cycling gear is outrageously expensive. Why would I buy something that is twice the price if the quality is essentially the same?
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