Joyner Lucas - Snitch (Evolution)

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Joyner Lucas

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Cherilyn Johanna
Cherilyn Johanna 2 timer siden
Send me shaggy as a lawyer, it wasnt me 🤣
the skull
the skull 5 timer siden
Guilty conscience
Isaiah Washington
Isaiah Washington 16 timer siden
Kayla Spazzz
Kayla Spazzz 18 timer siden
Damn this reminded me of Eminems Guilty Conscience video !!!
Jay Cee
Jay Cee 21 time siden
I know I would snitch, I’m a selfish piece of s*.... that been said, that’s the reason I don’t put myself in a position where I have to snitch on somebody!
Bum._._ On ig
Bum._._ On ig 22 timer siden
This reminds me of guilty conscience from Eminem and Dre
Brendan Maher
Brendan Maher Dag siden
God bless the black Bob... THE ROAME
Antonio Camacho
Antonio Camacho Dag siden
nice song, similar to guilty conscience Eminem & DRE
no-one Dag siden
Darren Payne
Darren Payne Dag siden
How is there dislikes
ThaNdosy Cele
ThaNdosy Cele Dag siden
Lucas is the best....
Aaron Sprague
Aaron Sprague Dag siden
If you was trading in the public, I’d buy stock in your shit man. You the Elon in it right now and can’t want to see you keep growing man.
Francisco Soto
Francisco Soto Dag siden
something i learnt from life, if you wanna be a "ganster" forget about have a family, be loyal until the end if you need to die with your boys accept the death ! if you snitch you know police only will protect you until they get what they want. so choose wisely your way in life and follow the way you pick until the end. sorry for my english ik is bad :'[
playing instyles
playing instyles Dag siden
they dont give him hes credit
DrunknHamster 2 dager siden
Is the detective the same guy from the logic album the incredible true story?
Aquaslayer 21
Aquaslayer 21 2 dager siden
The beat starts at 0:55 if anyone want to skip the talking (even though you should listen great storyline for that song)
Nate Peacock
Nate Peacock 2 dager siden
moral of the story: the more crimes you do, the more raps ur joyner lucas subconscious will give you
enzom tsoriano
enzom tsoriano 2 dager siden
Reminds me of "Guilty Conscience" by Eminem and Dr Dre, haha
Calvin Jones
Calvin Jones 2 dager siden
He asks for his lawyer still gets life in prison, that is probably the most realistic outcome.
Frank Snyder
Frank Snyder 2 dager siden
Joyner's version of "Guilty Conscience"...
Joseph Walsh
Joseph Walsh 2 dager siden
I want to see my lawyer Is the first thing you need to say ....that and whats my bond ....⌚⏰⏳☎
Chilledbeaver Music
Chilledbeaver Music 2 dager siden
Lol this song reminds me of eminem quilty conscience
Merciful Koji
Merciful Koji 2 dager siden
Here I thought I was seriously watching a documentary ._.
Aman Nebyatlegese
Aman Nebyatlegese 2 dager siden
Why I don’t see 69(rat) .?
YSB 2 dager siden
Corey Adams
Corey Adams 2 dager siden
Snitching is part of the game
BlackNinjaTurtle 2 dager siden
75% of the people in the room are bald.
Master Mind
Master Mind 2 dager siden
Like comment 👍 or else.....🔫 😑
Santana City
Santana City 3 dager siden
Elite storyteller 💯
IINOFX - 3 dager siden
All the haters that disliked this video are jealous they can't even rap. Dorks!
Evi Regnat
Evi Regnat 3 dager siden
guilty conscience like EMINEM
ashley Kyrie
ashley Kyrie 3 dager siden
U don't have any morals because u talked about people committing increadbly illegal acts... Right
John Murdoc
John Murdoc 3 dager siden
That video was that lowell mass Howard st. Mill city. 978.
Sean Stover
Sean Stover 3 dager siden
I ain't no rat, fuck droppin the dime
Spencer Holan
Spencer Holan 3 dager siden
broo Joyner is fucking jropping jaws. This shit is out of this world.
Holy Aaron
Holy Aaron 4 dager siden
They call themselves trying to flip the game...all while they the low key snitches.(INTERSCOPE) nd its outlet companied.
Claire Egler
Claire Egler 4 dager siden
The hallowed point definitely irritate because linen lately explain beneath a poised disadvantage. like, short kimberly
Ariuane Parker
Ariuane Parker 4 dager siden
He really slid on this 🔥
White Trash
White Trash 4 dager siden
Don’t snitch
Levelz 4 dager siden
Very smart video. Super intelligent.
Josh Maxwell
Josh Maxwell 5 dager siden
This song is amazing
Rasheed Carter
Rasheed Carter 4 timer siden
There is no cgi
Josh Maxwell
Josh Maxwell 5 dager siden
How much is cgi lol I can't tell
McGovern1981 5 dager siden
Fucked either way...
Elias Novillo
Elias Novillo 5 dager siden
Guilty Conscience's Em memories!
Convicted Runescapist
Convicted Runescapist 5 dager siden
My boy Ant Prenda.. was locked up with him up state in Mass.... Good dude... ( Main dude in video )
Chael Sonnen
Chael Sonnen 5 dager siden
Is it just me or does Joyner look related to Yoel Romero in this video
Fearing 6 dager siden
That bald guy would be the next 6ix9ine
Ivory Smith
Ivory Smith 6 dager siden
THE BIBLE SAYS: They will suffer the punishment of eternal destruction, away from the presence of the Lord and from the glory of his might, (2 Thessolians 2:9) And throw them into the fiery furnace. In that place there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth. (Matthew 13:15) But as for the cowardly, the faithless, the detestable, as for murderers, the sexually immoral, sorcerers, idolaters, and all liars, their portion will be in the lake that burns with fire and sulfur, which is the second death.” (Revelation 21:8) THIS DOES NOT HAVE TO BE YOU. JESUS CHRIST PAID THE PENALTY FOR YOUR SINS 2,000 YEARS AGO ON THE CROSS AND IF YOU REPENT OF YOUR SINS AND ACCEPT JESUS CHRIST AS LORD AND SAVIOR THEN YOU WILL BE SAVED FROM HELL. HE LOVES YOU AND DOES NOT WANT YOU TO GO. REPENT AND TURN TO JESUS TODAY.
Jason Tucker
Jason Tucker 6 dager siden
Haha got locked up mom wouldn't even send the letter. Be careful who you run with cause in the end you're all alone
LadiesLoveMusik 6 dager siden
You'll be doin my vids soon joyner
Grayson Maddox
Grayson Maddox 6 dager siden
IOLA BUTLER 6 dager siden
I'm not sure if anyone notice in the comments but this was pretty much a remix to Eminem's guilty conscience
Troy Vann
Troy Vann 6 dager siden
Free Bobby!!
FreeForm Puddle
FreeForm Puddle 6 dager siden
yung obama
Multi Function
Multi Function 6 dager siden
So basically if you choose this life style DO NOT SNITCH. You chose that life so stick with it including the rules. If you ain’t apart of that life snitch away
C9_ Qartzz
C9_ Qartzz 6 dager siden
joyner makes songs that never get old even if you listen to them a thousand times
Anthony Layfield
Anthony Layfield 6 dager siden
*I'm Getting Slim Shaddy Vibe's from this*
Hawk Eyes
Hawk Eyes 6 dager siden
Tekashi 69 is Playing this song 🎧 while nobody is watching
KEKO 6 dager siden
Joyner has been running the game as of recent. You're a big inspiration to small artist like me. Keep up the good work joyner. Much love bruv 🙏🖤
DJ PJ 6 dager siden
free shmurda
ElAM BEATS 6 dager siden
PΔΠDΔ 7 dager siden
That one song that teaches you to snitch on the homeboys😂
Nick Wyatt
Nick Wyatt 7 dager siden
You gotta sit thru your bid, you shoulda thought about that shit before you did what you did. Facts. I personally know real ones laying it down right now. Everytime I listen to this song I think of them.
Gbemiga Bajulaiye
Gbemiga Bajulaiye 7 dager siden
69 will have a hard time watching this video
Zale Homer
Zale Homer 7 dager siden
My dad told me about you I've been here since before devils work I haven't seen my dad since july
Zale Homer
Zale Homer 4 dager siden
@Richard Smith yeah mate it is true I'm not sure if he's dead
Richard Smith
Richard Smith 4 dager siden
I'm sorry man if that's true I feel bad for u did he die or something?
Jassy J
Jassy J 7 dager siden
People will also lie about you to make you look a certain way or set you up to look a certain way in front of others to cover themselves so it looks like you're the one to go after, when the actual real truth is it wasn't you. You become a product, a diversion away from them. It's very clever, but it's fabricated and twisted AF. So then u got ppl spreading stuff across the world what was created and pre meditated. So they get off & you have to take on people after you, ppl wanting to kill you looking at you crazy, when you're lost, but later you see what they've done to make it look like you're the one to go after. It's sooooo shitty to do to someone, but ppl believe them because ppl are ignorant, so what tf are you supposed to do, u can't do nothing. So u have to accept the fact that other fools fooled everyone & now ppl been after you because the others cleverness, but Real truth is, you're innocent & they set you up to not look to be. People are evil & selfish af! Never think they care about you & money & power buys other fabricators and liars. backstabbers, betrayers. Staying away and hoping some ppl are smart is all u can do, but other ppl are stupid & can be manipulated. Just stay away from everything as much as you can bcuz ppl don't give af about you, especially when its dangerous terms. I hate ppl. The world's more fuked then ever nowadays. They'll even make u look guilty so u will go to jail & get attacked or killed. IMAGINE all this shit, when you're innocent to dangerous stuff bcuz ur not stupid. I hate ppl I swear. Atleast God knows the real truth, so anybody else reading this; it could happen to you. Stay away from ppl & do ur own thing. Damned if u do, damned if u don't and fuk that! Eventually, even if it's the afterlyf God will show his wrath to them. Less ppl in ur life, less problemas. -TRUST NOONE-
THEODORE DEROO 7 dager siden
Matt Dee
Matt Dee 7 dager siden
Let's be honest about one thing and that be the flow of this is epic!
Matt Dee
Matt Dee 4 dager siden
@Richard Smith he could sense I also have ADHD and was looking out for a brother.
Richard Smith
Richard Smith 4 dager siden
Holy shite u got a heart from joyner
Russian Doll Creations
Russian Doll Creations 7 dager siden
I interpret it as basically don’t get involved in gangs. You’re doomed either way. I love this bcs most rapper influence gangs, he shows the harsh reality of it. 10/10 🔥 fire
G Kane
G Kane 7 dager siden
Moral of the story do what you can live with 👌🏾 -Murda Man 🤧
Brandon Anderson
Brandon Anderson 7 dager siden
Joyner on another level man... 💪🥲
Blahbliblupp 8 dager siden
for years it has been Eminem, the goat... Joyner catches up! Big time!
exe. YT
exe. YT 8 dager siden
Basically at the end of the day, always listen to joyner he makes the right decision
RomeosWorld2 8 dager siden
♦️ Joyner Lucas, my new FAVORITE RAPPER. 💪🏿
Cravinga YeastInfection
Cravinga YeastInfection 8 dager siden
3 people can keep a secret if 2 are dead
River Mathis
River Mathis 8 dager siden
This was directed to 6ix9ine Snitch 9ine
831 blacksheep
831 blacksheep 9 dager siden
So u guys do understand were 69 came from of u feel this 🤷🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️
Delphine Swormstedt
Delphine Swormstedt 9 dager siden
Straight fire 🔥🔥🤩🤩
Unkn _zee
Unkn _zee 9 dager siden
ammarooo 9 dager siden
Ahhhh this is like guilty conscience by eminem and Dre
Depressed Chicken
Depressed Chicken 9 dager siden
JOYNER & DAX .....will be a T.K.O 💣💣💣
Madison DaLibra
Madison DaLibra 9 dager siden
Damn that baby mama line. Shots fired Six9ine
Pedro soliano
Pedro soliano 9 dager siden
the music sounding like killshot too damnn , this is fire
TheSoleSnatcher 9 dager siden
Speaking on shit that has nothing to do with you. Joyner Lucas stay in your place.
Ronzo 9 dager siden
please check out my music u wont regret it my peoples frfr
lil NS music
lil NS music 9 dager siden
Kem L
Kem L 10 dager siden
god this man's straight up kills it in every song. Joyner is outstanding with his songs, very talented. I'm so happy these songs exist
Gabriel Solomon 111
Gabriel Solomon 111 10 dager siden
This is hard Way hard!!!
Roydon Simmons
Roydon Simmons 10 dager siden
Niver Snitch
Al Fields
Al Fields 10 dager siden
This shit fire af
Savageboyfn God
Savageboyfn God 10 dager siden
That was next to my old house in middlesex Street
Damyon Brady
Damyon Brady 10 dager siden
TJ UK 11 dager siden
You can't deny talent
Pee jay
Pee jay 11 dager siden
Free. Bobby shmurda
Pee jay
Pee jay 11 dager siden
Just got out in April, can confirm
Vizzo Vendetta
Vizzo Vendetta 11 dager siden
Joyner is an amazing lyricist! This reminded me of Eminem x Dr. Dre - Guilty Conscience
rumeysa kagnıcı
rumeysa kagnıcı 11 dager siden
can someone please explain the case? why 69 comments are everywhere
GioSouthItaly '93
GioSouthItaly '93 11 dager siden
SnipA 11 dager siden
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