$1.5m Champions Chess Tour: Skilling Open | Day 3 | Live commentary by Peter Leko & Tania Sachdev

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2 måneder siden

World Chess Champion Magnus Carlsen & 15 more elite players compete in the Skilling Open, the 1st event on the $1.5 million Champions Chess Tour. GM Peter Leko & IM Tania Sachdev commentate live on Day 3. Watch the games: chess24.com/en/watch/live-tournaments/champions-chess-tour-skilling-open-2020-prelims#live
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D Dosier
D Dosier Måned siden
Immortal GMs Ever 1970-2020 nopost.info/throw/mNS7nKec3a2pmtU/video
Dion Advincula
Dion Advincula 2 måneder siden
Famil Memmedov
Famil Memmedov 2 måneder siden
Good luck Radjabov 🖤✌️
Dhanesh Dhingra
Dhanesh Dhingra 2 måneder siden
Top Ranking Chess Players 1970-2020 nopost.info/throw/mNS7nKec3a2pmtU/video
GreatMnn 2 måneder siden
5:26:05 😬😬😂😂😂 the sound
Tute 2 måneder siden
4:03:32 The small pause Peter does when he realizes Qxb7, is just amazing. And Hikaru checking the lines behind, what a move!
Ayoub Shintaro
Ayoub Shintaro 2 måneder siden
sebastian lopez giacomelli
sebastian lopez giacomelli 2 måneder siden
Fck alireza how can u lose such dead drawn game. Unbeliavable
Edddo 2 måneder siden
Nepo should've not qualify, he was gifted by undeserved point from Magnus.
Edddo 2 måneder siden
@SubZee The mouse slip is the gift. Nepo had a zero merit in that win, it was lost position.
SubZee 2 måneder siden
That was not a gift. It was a mouse slip
Tiến Nguyễn
Tiến Nguyễn 2 måneder siden
Le quang liem is amazing
Maciek Trybuszewski
Maciek Trybuszewski 2 måneder siden
Leko Sachdev commentary - 8k viewers. Howell Houska commentary - 1.3k viewers. That tells much.
A L 2 måneder siden
With respect to every commentator ( they were just doing their job), target audience were different, thats why they do 2 broadcasting
starry2006 2 måneder siden
Howell Houska is for Eurosport and that audience will be large.
World iSmine
World iSmine 2 måneder siden
Vidit should stick to playing among us. Also he so unsportsmanlike. Never takes the blame on himself. Vidit is just a sore loser.
ThisIsBad 2 måneder siden
Light Yagami
Light Yagami 2 måneder siden
Stfu Pikachu
Hubbi Muhammad
Hubbi Muhammad 2 måneder siden
Omg liem quang lie really looks nice guy
Yolcu Leon88
Yolcu Leon88 2 måneder siden
Teymur recebov
Hrudaya Ranjan Sahoo
Hrudaya Ranjan Sahoo 2 måneder siden
4:11:35 --> BAN Levon Aronian for using a clearly visible assistant in the match!!!
Elaniago Måned siden
Actually took me a while to figure this one out. Got me! 😄
Hrudaya Ranjan Sahoo
Hrudaya Ranjan Sahoo 2 måneder siden
@Stranger heart The engine is actually a dog named "Ponchek" :D
Stranger heart
Stranger heart 2 måneder siden
After queen b4 he all move are engine moves
Doji-San 2 måneder siden
Lol L
Kkshitij Kapadia
Kkshitij Kapadia 2 måneder siden
Karan Singh
Karan Singh 2 måneder siden
Peter Leko needs new mic
jz kramer
jz kramer 2 måneder siden
How is that you amateurs at Chess24 can't arrange a simple graphic to show the standings? Un-fucking-believable.
Gauri 2 måneder siden
Tania you did wonderful commentary. Keep rocking
Manan 2 måneder siden
Jesus Revolution
Jesus Revolution 2 måneder siden
God bless you and Jesus Christ almighty loves you!
D3SH 2 måneder siden
Although Leko is not playing, I think it's very tough to commentate and analyze this kind of tournament. He needs to keep up the concentration to commentate and analyze all the games at once on a high level for hours plus having less breaks than the players because he always needs to stay until the last game of the round ended. He's doing a great job as always.
Stefan Holbek
Stefan Holbek Måned siden
@Alexander Ying Nope. That would spoil the idea of inviting former or current super-GM's to commentate. Tanya plays the role of a "stupid blonde looking cute, showing skin" (despite being from India with black hair) ... like we see in other sports or games to make the show "watch-worthy", but Leko is just about THE most knowledgeable and studious Top GM, we could ask for! He doesn't need engines to find great moves, and if he's wrong? Naaah. Shit happens! 😎👍
Uzeyir Valizada
Uzeyir Valizada Måned siden
@Alexander Ying No. She mentions somewhere in the video that they have no help other than that bar.
Alexander Ying
Alexander Ying 2 måneder siden
Do they use engines to help them see possible moves? They‘re so quick sometimes, I‘m curious
Cyber Dragon
Cyber Dragon 2 måneder siden
4:03:35 peter leko suggested the best tactic of the day!
A L 2 måneder siden
Indeed, notably after 4 hours plus commentating. Big respect to leko
Faizan Akhtar
Faizan Akhtar 2 måneder siden
I watched levi's stream and he was stunned by that, peter still has the eye of a super GM
Vincent Charles
Vincent Charles 2 måneder siden
Why don't the commentators show the standings to the audience?..Very uncomfortable to hear about players qualifying chances without the result boards.
apala paneeyam
apala paneeyam 2 måneder siden
Nowhere could i find how many points each player had after each round.
Vincent Charles
Vincent Charles 2 måneder siden
Only after the end of the day. They should show it after every round.
Rohan Datta
Rohan Datta 2 måneder siden
They did show it
Alwin Biby
Alwin Biby 2 måneder siden
Feels bad for alireza😢
A L 2 måneder siden
Usually total points taken from the same point opponent
Chess Player
Chess Player 2 måneder siden
Anish and Aliresa had the same points so how did anish qualify?
bote bote
bote bote 2 måneder siden
f*** was this streamed live? I've been watching from day 1 on twitch and the 3 hosts there are terrible. they don't show other games. they just say the results but they don't show other games. can someone tell me if this is showing here on YT live everyday? i will switch to watching here if so
jin shui
jin shui 2 måneder siden
Just follow this channel and hit the bell icon
Small PP Big Dreams
Small PP Big Dreams 2 måneder siden
You can watch this commentary on twitch Chess24GM or something... youtube livestream spams Vidit OP lmao
bote bote
bote bote 2 måneder siden
@Jolly Roger thnx. watching it now i see i missed a lot
Jolly Roger
Jolly Roger 2 måneder siden
Yes it does run parallel to the main stream. Somehow they thought it was a good idea to have that horrendous stream as the main one and have this one hidden, cause it doesn't show automatically, even tho the commentary by Leko especially and Tania is miles better.
Yours truly _
Yours truly _ 2 måneder siden
The points system is messed up. In my opinion, there should be 3 points for a win and 1 for a draw. To give incentive to play good chess
Alwin Biby
Alwin Biby 2 måneder siden
Yup.. then alireza would have qualified
ramadeo jurilla
ramadeo jurilla 2 måneder siden
go go go go Wesley !!!! we Filipinos are proud of you ...
A L 2 måneder siden
Even fabi was/is italian lol
new god
new god 2 måneder siden
@Adelaide Corpuz there is no such thing as full American lmao
Adelaide Corpuz
Adelaide Corpuz 2 måneder siden
Yah i went to wikipedia. Said he is filipino. Im sorry bro. He was born in philippines.
Adelaide Corpuz
Adelaide Corpuz 2 måneder siden
Stop claiming wesley. He is a full american now.
Gorilla Go
Gorilla Go 2 måneder siden
He is american.
Sean Horshington
Sean Horshington 2 måneder siden
Though Tania is a good commentator. She is clearly biased. Peter is very objective, he is on the board, analysing games, giving amazing insights. Comes to show why he is a GM and the other is not. Congratulations to all the players, just being on this stage speaks volumes!!
Meh le
Meh le 2 måneder siden
@Susan karanam she supported every single player. She was upset ding didn't qualify she literally gave excuses for his loss I think you have your vision clouded cause she's indian so if she says a supportive statement towards vidit she must be biased. She Legit said that she is biased towards alireza in one game. You guys just want to hate for no reason. I saw the chat how unhappy you guys were with "too many Indians" and somehow want to project it on Tania. I didn't see her sad that vidit didn't qualify, she was more disappointed when alireza and DING didn't qualify. Smh
Susan karanam
Susan karanam 2 måneder siden
@Meh le Tania Is also partial for indian players such as Vidit She supported Vidit All through the tournament
Meh le
Meh le 2 måneder siden
Where was she biased? Towards alireza? She def is in charge of the direction of commentary and does a good job at it, leko only gives the analysis and insights he couldn't do it alone. I don't understand this hate towards her, even the chat was so toxic today. She asks all the right questions in interview and gives right direction you don't need to be aGM for that, calm down with the patronising tone.
lm s
lm s 2 måneder siden
Formula for success from Hikaru : 1).Cheat online; 2).Pay xQc to play with you and promote you; 3).Stupid chess community;
Adelaide Corpuz
Adelaide Corpuz 2 måneder siden
Hikaru is just good online. But he sucks on board
Rolo Young
Rolo Young 2 måneder siden
lmao this has to be the lamest comment here and there are so many of them 😂
SubZee 2 måneder siden
1. Provide proof that Hikaru cheats online 2. This is actually a genius idea! I think the payoff for Hikaru is he is now getting over $20,000 per month on twitch subs alone because of his collab with xQc.. 3. Now you're just salty...
Teddy Finger
Teddy Finger 2 måneder siden
Does any of it shit makes sense to you guys stop the hate and watch chess or leave @Im s
Cyber Dragon
Cyber Dragon 2 måneder siden
@Ramy Asar i think he’s just an idiot, idk why u think he’s magnus toxic fanboy
Jamo4 2 måneder siden
Tania's voice is so fucking annoying. Horrible accent and high pitched frequency makes this video impossible to sanely listen to.
Chess Games
Chess Games 2 måneder siden
Guys, I need your support, just leave a comment on my website: www.chessgames.video
artemis chen
artemis chen 2 måneder siden
Emir Sorensen
Emir Sorensen 2 måneder siden
4:32:19 classic ding liren opening with white every game
Joe Dorben
Joe Dorben 2 måneder siden
Hopefully this will give Ding a chance to take a break from online events and regain his form for when the events that actually matter - the classical ones - return. Of course this Candidates is gone but maybe he can perform well in some of the other big tournaments throughout the year
Joe Dorben
Joe Dorben 2 måneder siden
@Deepankar Singh that's not an excuse. since april he's exclusively played online events, and chess is literally his job. so he needs to adjust. it is unfair that the asian players need to adjust, but that's the way it goes, for the majority of the players that's a time that works
Deepankar Singh
Deepankar Singh 2 måneder siden
I think he could have played better but it was 4-5am in the morning in China it's difficult to play at this time your mind doesn't function properly
shaaz khan
shaaz khan 2 måneder siden
Why alireza not qualified 😡😡
Edddo 2 måneder siden
Because Nepo was gifted by undeserved point from Magnus in round one, it was a mouse slip. So Nepo should've have 7,5 points so Alireza would be at 8th place.
Adelaide Corpuz
Adelaide Corpuz 2 måneder siden
Dont be mad. He is young and he will get better for the next years
SubZee 2 måneder siden
@Sergio Maia Yes, if it was penalty kicks Firouza lost 5 times and Giri lost only 1 time, That means Giri's team kicked the ball in the goal 5 times and Firouza only once.. that makes Giri's team win doesn't it?
Bahasa Inggris Bersama Mr Adi
Bahasa Inggris Bersama Mr Adi 2 måneder siden
@Sergio Maia how many blunders amateurs made compared with these super GMs? Blunders are the indication of weakness It happens in all kind of sport and game
Teddy Finger
Teddy Finger 2 måneder siden
That’s unfair Ali must have qualified
Reylan David
Reylan David 2 måneder siden
Congratz to Liem Quang Le and Alireza! What a game! Also congratz to the top 8!
JaimePER CL 2 måneder siden
@Phuk Google Hahahahahaa
nihan ahmed
nihan ahmed 2 måneder siden
Ah...typical lame fanboys...aggression and defence both are important and this point system treats them equally...aggression isn’t everything
Joe Dorben
Joe Dorben 2 måneder siden
@Phuk Google Maybe you don't understand how basic math works, but if one player wins more than someone else but ends up with the same score, it means they lost more as well. When you lose your tiebreaks get worse. If you can get the same score with a bunch of draws and just a few wins, that's always a safer bet than lots of wins balanced out by lots of losses and just a few draws inbetween
Adelaide Corpuz
Adelaide Corpuz 2 måneder siden
I really like gm liem quang le Hes so calm and humble
Joe Dorben
Joe Dorben 2 måneder siden
they didnt make it
rumberitovideos 2 måneder siden
So sorry for Alireza. He was the best but very unlucky.
Joe Dorben
Joe Dorben 2 måneder siden
@rumberitovideos Yewh, the studio agreed he was playing the best chess when he won like 2 games in a row and was leading the tournament. But he didnt qualify, so clearly he wasnt the best in the end. That's still not being unlucky, he just lost too many games to have good tiebreaks. That's on him
Joe Dorben
Joe Dorben 2 måneder siden
@Aerospace Engineer I admitted you can be lucky. Not that bad luck exists. Bc it doesnt. This guy us claiming that Alireza got unlucky
Aerospace Engineer
Aerospace Engineer 2 måneder siden
@Joe Dorben Read your own comment carefully. You just admitted there's luck involved in chess.
rumberitovideos 2 måneder siden
I meant he was unlucky the rules fir the tie breaks was structured that way. The studio agreed he played the best chess. The tournament is less interesting now.
Joe Dorben
Joe Dorben 2 måneder siden
@TheBibabibab I should be the one feeling bad for you, going about life with such a pathetic mindset, and such a stark lack of common sense and basic logic. What a joke.
Magnus Brzenk
Magnus Brzenk 2 måneder siden
Can someone explain the various tie-break columns shown at 5:26:22?
wizardystaff 2 måneder siden
@Phuk Google should I bring up dota2 TI that make fortnite prize pool a joke?
ChillOnce 2 måneder siden
@Phuk Google it just part of the rules here though. Don't generalize, some tournaments have higher point when you win. Just like the Norway Chess
Guru H
Guru H 2 måneder siden
5 people were tied with 8 points. Among themselves whoever got more points are qualified. What I mean is look up who scored more among these 5 match ups. Anish lost to firouza. But drew 2. Won 1. Where as fiz won one. Lost 2. Drew1. Anish got 2 points. Fiz 1.5
It's Trading Time
It's Trading Time 2 måneder siden
TB1 is the number of points they got in the tournament: +1 for every win, 0.5 for every draw and 0 for every loss. TB2 is the number of points they got against players who finished at the same score. Radjabov, MVL, Giri, Alireza and Le Quang finished the tournament with 8 points, TB2 calculated the points only for the games they played against each other. TB3 is the number of wins in the tournament. TB4 is a system called Sonneborn-Berger-Tie-Break variable. TB5 is another system called Koya Tie-Break.
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