the CLOSEST vent kill I've ever done in Among Us

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3 måneder siden

they thought Edison killed his own finance...

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Ro z
Ro z 10 timer siden
They invented proximity chat before among us did
Joseph Kiernan
Joseph Kiernan 15 timer siden
The difference between knowing who the imposter is and proving it.
Fayez Bilal
Fayez Bilal 18 timer siden
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ella macklin
ella macklin 20 timer siden
Did anybody notice when Sykkuno laughs he covers his mouth with his hand?
Grace Li
Grace Li Dag siden
*sykkuno literally comes up with all the genius ideas and a way to win* Also sykkuno: “Danny your insane!”
Hal cookie
Hal cookie Dag siden
10/10 on the background music, that just maybe bc it’s sky does minecrafts into music
Sinsamadic Stephen Martin
Sinsamadic Stephen Martin Dag siden
Ok so I know this is three months late but I just had to come back and say I love how he puts in the title the closest vent kill I’ve ever done in Among Us like he vents irl 😂 like on the daily 😂 oh and hi
Ohiochef Weiss
Ohiochef Weiss Dag siden
I love the intro
Issy Stewart
Issy Stewart 2 dager siden
Edison: my finance Me: g o l d d i g g e r JK dont come for me
Rawley Rifsdal
Rawley Rifsdal 2 dager siden
He is only cleaning the vents like every other imposter would
Dornaweirdo5 2 dager siden
Proximity chat before there was proximity chat
Rainy Day Daydream
Rainy Day Daydream 2 dager siden
14:35 That has to be the CLEANEST double kill I have seen
matthew mckillop
matthew mckillop 4 dager siden
Michael B. Jordan
Cody Bennett
Cody Bennett 4 dager siden
There wasn't three people in the room
Isolation Queen
Isolation Queen 4 dager siden
If you want the beginning screen (when it says "shh") to go away just click it add you will be in the game faster then everyone else:)
Alan Mullner
Alan Mullner 4 dager siden
The music in this video is stressing me out
Lira Krznaric
Lira Krznaric 5 dager siden
the vent is the fastest way there!! lol
shaila imaan
shaila imaan 5 dager siden
omfg why is sykkuno so cute i cantttttt. his laugh and his smile even tho we cant see it is so cute to me - WWWAAAAIIIITTTTTT IM SIMPINGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG
Cameron Ross
Cameron Ross 5 dager siden
Did sykkuno invent proximity chat?!
J B 5 dager siden
Predicted it before it was even a thing!!
Walter Kyson
Walter Kyson 5 dager siden
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eysshhh 6 dager siden
sykkuno your smile is cute don't worry
angela playz uwu
angela playz uwu 7 dager siden
Shannon Green
Shannon Green 7 dager siden
I feel so bad that Sykkuno has to cover his smile because people bully him for it, I haven’t really seen his smile because he always covers it up, but I really think it would be cute, love you Sykkuno!❤️
LuAnX Music
LuAnX Music 8 dager siden
14:38 My eyes, it’s too good to be true!!
Fenix Meaney
Fenix Meaney 8 dager siden
So, what actually happened that last round?
Fenix Meaney
Fenix Meaney 8 dager siden
Loving the mechanolith ambiance
Adriana Barragan
Adriana Barragan 8 dager siden
To the vents😌i-i to the lights😬😳
Jolene Bint
Jolene Bint 8 dager siden
18:50 why is he upside down on the card haha
Christopher Carter
Christopher Carter 8 dager siden
has anyone seen sykkunos first vid
caitlynn clark
caitlynn clark 8 dager siden
I love how you admit your imp like everytime and they dont vote you out 😂
BertiPlaysRblx 9 dager siden
We'll try it once yknow.. *And a new game mode was born*
Robert Rubiera
Robert Rubiera 9 dager siden
Is it lilypichu who sings sykkunos outro???
J B 5 dager siden
Jo Yuri Queen
Jo Yuri Queen 9 dager siden
14:38 godly
Gacha_mel_ 5000
Gacha_mel_ 5000 9 dager siden
jj gamz
jj gamz 9 dager siden
I love how she said to the vents when she was unmuted
Laya Ford
Laya Ford 9 dager siden
he’s so adorable I can’t even🥺
Veggie Twins
Veggie Twins 10 dager siden
Who else lives for “ hey what’s up guys it’s syyyyyykkuno here” cause I do 😭😂
Sykunno 10 dager siden
Wait are u copying me?
Farah Roslee
Farah Roslee 10 dager siden
Wait a minute. Is this like the proximity chat origin story?
Israel Becerril
Israel Becerril 11 dager siden
Sykkunno was there in weapons alone
mariana tancara
mariana tancara 11 dager siden
He is getting cuter and cuter
MinxKit Catty
MinxKit Catty 11 dager siden
Sykkuno predicted proximity chat before it was a thing
Anime Weebo
Anime Weebo 11 dager siden
3:54 is the most energetic ive seen Sykkuno
abra2440 12 dager siden
Edison: can I ask you your name
Alistair MacKinnon
Alistair MacKinnon 12 dager siden
Proximity chat foreshadowing lmao
Jonathan Payne
Jonathan Payne 12 dager siden
Jesus loves you
Kai Sage
Kai Sage 12 dager siden
In the first round they turned into a public lobby for a sec.
FNZyki 12 dager siden
Is no one gonna talk about the fact they killed at the EXACT same time?
Evade 23
Evade 23 13 dager siden
He. Choked so hard in the beginning
Borna Hossain
Borna Hossain 13 dager siden
Is Red and cyan
Aliina Geshel
Aliina Geshel 13 dager siden
3:54 lets appreciate dat smile
angelbelle 13 dager siden
Hey sykkuno I think I have a getaway strategy for you...just say “if you have ever seen my face you would know that I am a baby and I would never kill anyone!”
Alyssa Channel
Alyssa Channel 13 dager siden
i love rae but she pisses me off sometimes ;-;
Yosimite Art
Yosimite Art 14 dager siden
Quickest way to die Say: *TO THE VENTS*
GG Channel YT :D
GG Channel YT :D 14 dager siden
The birth of proximity chat
jey 14 dager siden
19:12 (don't mind this i'm just simping)
Wendy Elena
Wendy Elena 14 dager siden
you know you're the cutest face on youtube. period. :)
tspectuning 14 dager siden
Love the background music to this video
hypra pok
hypra pok 14 dager siden
This is like a pre-version of Proximity chat lol
dragonsarecool 15 dager siden
Hey you. Yes you. You matter. You are loved. i don't even know you, and I can tell you that you are important. I love you!
Jillian Doyle
Jillian Doyle 15 dager siden
To the vents and beyond
Muaaz Ali
Muaaz Ali 15 dager siden
Sykkuno every time you think you know the impostor is you cover your mouth. Why is that?
Razzieberry 014
Razzieberry 014 15 dager siden
that was the most synched double kill ive ever seen idk if i spelt synched right but still
Eleanor Gonzales
Eleanor Gonzales 15 dager siden
I just love that way he talks 😂 just so soothing
mxdnight 15 dager siden
Why does sykunno hide his beautiful laugh and sometimes smile?🥺🥺
DestLife Xx
DestLife Xx 15 dager siden
Jenny Monahan
Jenny Monahan 15 dager siden
ok, is it just me or are like all Asians hot, like he has THE BEST HAIR!!!! im jelous
evi vic
evi vic 16 dager siden
Sykkuno is a great NOpostr
Angela RosaAshkohossainR
Angela RosaAshkohossainR 16 dager siden
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c a t h y
c a t h y 16 dager siden
i love how he gets offended that they didn’t vote him out even tho he was pretty convincing on why it wasn’t him
reixnaφ 16 dager siden
Imagine its your best friends funeral and everyone is saying : *ʷʰᵉʳᵉ* There I fixed the word funeral y'all happy? ˣᵈ
Sabriyya Ebrahim
Sabriyya Ebrahim 23 timer siden
HY1D Reflex
HY1D Reflex 3 dager siden
@Nadya who wow
Nadya who
Nadya who 4 dager siden
Eva 5 dager siden
dhfufu22 5 dager siden
What is a furnel
Danny Merin
Danny Merin 17 dager siden
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Chun Ming Ho
Chun Ming Ho 17 dager siden
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JJCS 104
JJCS 104 17 dager siden
TO THE VENTS!!! thats what she said
Conner 17 dager siden
im cold
Wolfvie Blue
Wolfvie Blue 17 dager siden
Don’t cover you smile please
Pete cat
Pete cat 17 dager siden
1:49 did Yvonne’s glasses just disappear?
Hančaaa 8
Hančaaa 8 17 dager siden
14:39 that double kill was super clean tho
Andrea Hernandez
Andrea Hernandez 17 dager siden
3:37 I love that they call each other that (Leslie and edison)
Cool Person
Cool Person 17 dager siden
You can buy a tiny sykkuno plushie here
Purple Hearts
Purple Hearts 18 dager siden
I bet you have a nice smile 💕
Cheese Burger
Cheese Burger 18 dager siden
Am I the only one hearing ‘fake love’ by bts playing in the background around 5:51?
Guinea Pig Dance
Guinea Pig Dance 18 dager siden
I just want to brag that... I survived 2020
Gouri Khede
Gouri Khede 18 dager siden
The non proximity mic 😂
Ashlynn _
Ashlynn _ 18 dager siden
This guy keeps me sane 😌
Sarah Cooper
Sarah Cooper 18 dager siden
I see your “To the vents” and raise it with my “Time to do a stab” song. Time to do a stab A stabbity stabbity stab We’re gonna run We’re gonna hide And do a nice little stab A stabbity stabbity stab Oh oh oh it’s time to do a stab Lowkey I’ve played rounds and just sing that under my breath while doing tasks. It’s problematic while on a call...
Queenbee192 Rose
Queenbee192 Rose 19 dager siden
I love how Rae and the others kept sussing skkyuno when clearly it wasn’t him omg .
k x
k x 19 dager siden
why do you always hide your face when your laugh like some girl? wtf lol
avyQ brokeT
avyQ brokeT 19 dager siden
Bailey Gaskin
Bailey Gaskin 19 dager siden
Sykunno is so cute I can't
Among Us
Among Us 19 dager siden
BlueMurderer 19 dager siden
When Danny and Sykkuno were imposter it was one more task before the crewmates woulda won
Tiffany Gronski
Tiffany Gronski 19 dager siden
Does anyone else ever click the chat button like they are playing on their phone I always do it and I don’t know why😂
Brandon G
Brandon G 19 dager siden
Elena Tovar
Elena Tovar 19 dager siden
Did I go back and double check that rae and Edison weren't there. Yes. yes I did
qclwyastro 19 dager siden
peener: yeah so like even to be honest *gets killed* peeener: WHAT THE- also peener: anyway so like to be honest
GH0ST TE4RZ 20 dager siden
We need to see Sykkuno in a maid dress
Brandon G
Brandon G 19 dager siden
Is this a reference to the other person on tiktok with a maid outfit?
Nicholai Wile
Nicholai Wile 20 dager siden
What's the outro songs name?
Gabbie Hope
Gabbie Hope 20 dager siden
10:07 hops out of the vent* “eh” LOL
Gabbie Hope
Gabbie Hope 20 dager siden
This video got on my recommended abt when it came out, it was the first among us vid I watched and it’s how I got introduced to sykkuno and the others. :)
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Trust Me Im Everywhere
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