RAID BATTLES ARE SO ADDICTING! | Pokemon Sword Let's Play #3

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Our Pokemon Sword and Shield Let's Play continues!
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RAID BATTLES ARE SO ADDICTING! | Pokemon Sword Let's Play #3

Undershadow 343
Undershadow 343 6 måneder siden
After bingeing the nuzlocke challenges you did I get panic attacks when I see you go into the red health...
Hackemu 112
Hackemu 112 År siden
The point that mr fruit loves OPPA more than olive and appa combined
Personguy År siden
3:48 I'm genuinely scared by Mr fruit with wide eyes
David Treppo
David Treppo År siden
"Get lost puppy! I'm playing with virtual puppy!"
Stock Stew
Stock Stew År siden
Wild area is CAHNTENT
Adam Young
Adam Young År siden
I wish i knew about this channel sooner. You should promote this one once in a while. I've been watching your for over a year and had no idea of it.
Isaac Storr
Isaac Storr År siden
Definitely going to have to pick up a switch to play this. I was hesitant after debit but it still looks like a lot of my favourites are in there
Crym År siden
There's a guy in city with the opening ceremony who gives earbuds that let you control the volume of specific game features. Might need to look into it.
Feher Lofia
Feher Lofia År siden
If you dont have friends who play , how accessible are the raids. Average queue time ?
Drew Rosier
Drew Rosier År siden
If you dont have friends who play, it'll pair you with rando bots.
Michael Jones
Michael Jones År siden
Loving the cahntent froot
Tsuria Dragon
Tsuria Dragon År siden
I hope you keep playing thru the whole game Mr.Fruit this game is amazing 😁✨
Mr Abba
Mr Abba År siden
Pro tip Mr fruit! if you already did not know, if you have a stone evolution pokemon such as vulpix etc normally you would have to hold off evolving them so they could learn some decent moves however just evolve them straight away then take them to the pokecenter talk to the remember moves guy and they will have all the moves they could have learn strait away, i had a lvl 9 ninetails with fire blast, flamethrower etc... but that would make the game a little to easy i suppose.
Arod År siden
Let’s get it!
Senjuubi Gold
Senjuubi Gold År siden
When I can't watch this playthrough I have legit withdrawals Fruit, please papi give me more cahntent 😤
Andrew Tarry
Andrew Tarry År siden
SO MUCH C A H N T E N T!!!!!
TheRogueRobin År siden
Mr Fruit: I hear this game is pretty easy Also Mr Fruit: Spends nearly 2 hours getting experience and overlevelling in the Wild Zone
Ollie W
Ollie W År siden
@More Mr. Fruit Wait til you get wonder traded a lvl 60 Haxorus before the first gym.
TheRogueRobin År siden
@More Mr. Fruit I cant actually blame you, Im doing the same thing. Love ya fruit
More Mr. Fruit
More Mr. Fruit År siden
I just wanted to explore and catch pokemon and it makes me too OP :(
MissBandito Gaming
MissBandito Gaming År siden
Th År siden
Love the content
Nikachu_I_choose År siden
Mr. Fruit telling raid bosses to Chec The Bun. #grookeygang
Ben Johnson
Ben Johnson År siden
Pokémon shield nuzlok run
Kaeldo År siden
Please share your League Card code with us, i need a fruit in the collection
Brandon Melin Jr
Brandon Melin Jr År siden
You missed a delibird... You had one job
Dylan Stock
Dylan Stock År siden
Giant Oppa is the best thing to ever happen in one of these let's plays
Nick Leone
Nick Leone År siden
I can't get enough of this series
Mason Wade
Mason Wade År siden
One max raid got my cinderace frome 91 to 95
Tyler Lynn
Tyler Lynn År siden
The wild area is so addicting man I love it
Abith Ahmed
Abith Ahmed År siden
Chewtle will evolve at level 22
MisterDepressed År siden
Hey! NOpost algorithm this is me interacting
NVY År siden
I love getting home from school and seeing a mr fruit video!!!!
Aidan Kauffman
Aidan Kauffman År siden
Wait until you get to 5 star raids. They're not hard, just very annoying.
Ben Adams
Ben Adams År siden
Is it bad I like this channel more than the other one
Matthew Everest
Matthew Everest År siden
Same. Its more personal feeling
Aaron Borton
Aaron Borton År siden
I’ve put entirely too much time into this game already but hey I’m almost done with my dex!
Austin Dow
Austin Dow År siden
I don't think Treecko, my favorite evolutionary line, is in this gen, so that is a bit disappointing.
Gabe Dresen
Gabe Dresen År siden
They dropped so many Pokémon
Kestral287 År siden
He's not. Only Gen I and VIII starters made it in.
Amer AL-MUSAWI År siden
I demand longer episodes.
James År siden
Last Pokémon I played was X, do you guys recommend I get this game. Because I hear a lot people bashing this game
onlylaser 11 måneder siden
James Theus good game, and WHO IS BASHING THIS
Cameron Bergeron
Cameron Bergeron År siden
Silver Scorpio
Silver Scorpio År siden
"The S-word playthrough." You mean Sword? Are talking about Sword right? Not Shield but Sword?
Sébastien van der Helm
Sébastien van der Helm År siden
I agree with olive, when are you going to make a video of you playing with the doggo's?
Zachary Manning
Zachary Manning År siden
I ran into a 1% spawn drakloak this morning, ended up killing it. Still pretty mad
Zachary Manning
Zachary Manning År siden
@Celldweller Fangirl thanks! I ran into a lot this morning and even managed a Adamant one
Celldweller Fangirl
Celldweller Fangirl År siden
Zachary Manning You still need one? I've got like three of them if you need one
gabriel chiang Jun Yang
gabriel chiang Jun Yang År siden
Zachary Manning F
Brendan S.
Brendan S. År siden
Your 2nd channel playthroughs are probably my favorite content
DrunkDuck År siden
Btw have you notcied that Leon's hat is not a crown but actually it is supposed to be a charizard mouth if you pair it with his beard??? He just wants to get eaten up by char and thats kinda hot tbh
Nils Kavanagh
Nils Kavanagh År siden
Fruit i have watched you for 3 years now and every time you say addicting I have refrained from saying anything, but PLEASE ITS ADDICTIVE MY GOD MY SLIGHTLY GRAMMAR NAZI BRAIN CANT HANDLE IT ANY LONGER thanks bye
Kubuś År siden
Nils Kavanagh it is pretty addicting doe
MachineGun Red
MachineGun Red År siden
So Great seeing you play pokemon again Mr. Fruit, I am playing Shield while watching so play sword its like having them both. Grookey Gang!!!
Sirbloody År siden
Was like 3 gyms in and 17 hours played... Thank you wild area. Now I am 4 gyms in 27 hours played...
J Lebleu
J Lebleu År siden
Can't wait for you to never finish this playthrough
TheAndrata År siden
Mr. Fruit out here gonna make me buy Pokemon Sword so I can play some raid battles...
Marvin Alba
Marvin Alba År siden
And my I soild may pants once more. Thanks mr fruit
AuroraVoidGear År siden
hey Fruit whats your league card code?
Bloodcrusnik År siden
This is me interacting for the algorithm.
Dark A33a331n
Dark A33a331n År siden
u should give names like u did in hart gold and all that
sarah horley
sarah horley År siden
He will i think he just wants to learn the new pokemon names
Dig Biccerino
Dig Biccerino År siden
Fruit I hope you’re aware of how happy I am to come home to this stuff from a day of school. Please keep it up.
Ben Sansom
Ben Sansom År siden
Can you do a nuzlocke of this game aswell
onlylaser 11 måneder siden
忍者SNKY one pokemon in the wild area...
Aaron Panganiban
Aaron Panganiban År siden
Bruh, go find yourself a gigantamax raid. That Chewtle's evo is pretty dang sick
Jacob Yo
Jacob Yo År siden
Bruh progress through the story
Not Inzane
Not Inzane År siden
I love this! He released it during my lunch period so now I can enjoy THE CONTENT
YETI År siden
I’ve been waiting all day for this video
It’s me Jeremy
It’s me Jeremy År siden
Love watching these fruit can’t wait to get this game
RAddison GG
RAddison GG År siden
Me fruit had 69 likes at the time of posting this
Warrick Jones
Warrick Jones År siden
Warrick Jones
Warrick Jones År siden
This feels like a filler episode because the start is just Fruit doing raids n stuff
Warrick Jones
Warrick Jones År siden
BOLTS the Penguino yeah i dont mind but if this was an anime if feel like this would be filler
Ben Adams
Ben Adams År siden
The series is based around fruit enjoying it and having fun so I don't think it's to bad
Tim Wright
Tim Wright År siden
Gotta. Catch. Em. All.
Krimson Kegg
Krimson Kegg År siden
I love this play through man it’s so genuine and fun to watch you play a game unedited
TheAndrata År siden
Thank you for making an hour of work just fly by. It's most appreciated!
Hannes Horn
Hannes Horn År siden
Just in time FRUIT. Got mah bag o' chips. Got my glass of cola. I'm ready for this hour of the CAHNTENT.
Caleb Weekly
Caleb Weekly År siden
Kornél Viczli
Kornél Viczli År siden
Been waiting whole day for this!
Kuhh_ År siden
#groookeygang uniteeeeee!!! Really need this playthrough, rough time recently and this makes me feel a lil better... love ya fruit
Warrick Jones
Warrick Jones År siden
#thwackeygang now
Warrick Jones
Warrick Jones År siden
Im loving the extra sized pupper Imagine if Olive was a massive fluffy corgie Heaven
Sami T
Sami T År siden
almos 3rd
Sami T
Sami T År siden
4th actually
Matthew Chalfont
Matthew Chalfont År siden
Let’s goooo. We got some more Pokémon C O N T E N T!
Lt_ Slapnuts
Lt_ Slapnuts År siden
Mistaa fwuit
Matthew Nielsen
Matthew Nielsen År siden
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