The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug Pitch Meeting

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Step inside the pitch meeting that led to The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug!
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After the massive success of the Lord of the Rings trilogy, Hollywood understandably wanted to find another way to cash in on the works of JRR Tolkien. That came in the form of The Hobbit trilogy, starring Martin Freeman as Bilbo Baggins. The only problem? While The Lord of the Rings trilogy was based on a trilogy of books, The Hobbit trilogy was based off a single one. So yeah-- there’s a lot of filler.
The Desolation of Smaug definitely raises some questions. Like why do these dwarves keep getting captured every few minutes? Is Bilbo really going to have to use the ring every time to help them escape? Why does he keep removing it in key action scenes? Why is Legolas here? How did they think they’d be able to take down a dragon using heat? Why does this movie just kind of end?
To answer all these questions and more, step inside the Pitch Meeting that led to The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug! It’ll be super easy, barely an inconvenience.

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UlithiumDragon Dag siden
3:40 So... a plork?
Yair C. Libman
Yair C. Libman 3 dager siden
"River of questionable physics" HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!
Super Hedgehog
Super Hedgehog 4 dager siden
“He’s from the lord of the rings movies” Best line ever
Joey FL
Joey FL 6 dager siden
Thats exactly how it works lol
Kole Slaw
Kole Slaw 6 dager siden
509 people hit the bad button
DarthHater100 9 dager siden
The thumbnails for these videos are horrifying.
tjbatchelor1 10 dager siden
I would love to see a pitch meeting for Footloose. It would be funny to see how a year ago kids today wouldn't understand but with all the Covid restrictions they pretty much had more freedom in Footloose.
mokeish 10 dager siden
Beorn is invulnerable in bear form... Peter Jackson probably did not know.
Muhammad ismail
Muhammad ismail 11 dager siden
Do "The Mummy (1999)" Pitch Meeting if you haven't. And also the rest of the Trilogy If you can.. I bet its gonna be super hilarious🤣🤣🤣🤣
Martvandelay 11 dager siden
He’s dangerously close to doing a JC “Alrighty then...!”.
Matthew Smith
Matthew Smith 12 dager siden
I think these movies were made with pitch meetings in mind
Everything Phenomenal
Everything Phenomenal 16 dager siden
Do a pich for Percy Jackson and the see of monsters
Jean Vieira
Jean Vieira 19 dager siden
River of Questionable Physics 🤣🤣
Cameron Malott
Cameron Malott 20 dager siden
"It's a good thing we're making these movies, for sure!". Most sarcastic statement in internet history.
batmanfanforever08 20 dager siden
The Movie of Really Long Plot Conveniences
Wilhelm Bayona
Wilhelm Bayona 20 dager siden
please do the kung fu panda series. No. 3 has this scene where tigress finds the secret panda village. and the revelation that the whole story was planned by Master Oogwai. Coincidence?
Jehiel Lemon
Jehiel Lemon 20 dager siden
Do The Expendables!!!
3LeafClovers 21 dag siden
"The __________ of questionable physics" needs to be in every action movie Pitch Meeting from now on.
Jesus 21 dag siden
A plot orc. Yea!
Priscilla Jimenez
Priscilla Jimenez 21 dag siden
It's nice to see the protagonist doesn't get all weird from using the ring
BNE Boys
BNE Boys 21 dag siden
Matthew Gilmore
Matthew Gilmore 21 dag siden
river of questionable physics
Jardani Law
Jardani Law 21 dag siden
Bruh, when it comes to explaining illogical decisions just stick to saying: BECAUSE REASONS!! No matter what you say it will never top that "response".
MrCheeseman5656 22 dager siden
Great vid. Ever since quarantine though I just love any movie despite the awful logic and plot and writing. Even the hobbit now haha
Ky Van Shaar
Ky Van Shaar 22 dager siden
It's a big bear, okay! lol
Jaci Colvin
Jaci Colvin 22 dager siden
Yay for the river of questionable physics!
Viki Ai
Viki Ai 22 dager siden
Plot Orks are TIGHT!
Logan Desris
Logan Desris 22 dager siden
I've never laughed harder than I laughed at "He's a plot orc"😂😂😂
Isaac Young
Isaac Young 23 dager siden
“I mean don’t get me wrong I love the lord if the rings movies but the whole time I was sitting there like why is this little sword named sting? What’s the backstory there? “Well a dying spider in a lot of pain” “It’s a good this we’re making these movies” Possibly my favourite part of any pitch meeting😂😂
Nargon46 23 dager siden
So much freaking CGI 😑
Braeden Beller
Braeden Beller 23 dager siden
Please do Battle of Five Armies
scorpleeon 23 dager siden
Very unhelpful birdies lol
josh lippmann
josh lippmann 23 dager siden
the savior of screen rant
Jacob Hill
Jacob Hill 24 dager siden
Steven Solomon
Steven Solomon 24 dager siden
Can’t wait for the Battle of the Five Armies!
Vlad the Impaler
Vlad the Impaler 25 dager siden
In the books Sting actually has a pretty important backstory. A lot more special then what the movies came up with.
Lucas Guerrini
Lucas Guerrini 25 dager siden
"Plot orc"
Angoose651 26 dager siden
He's a plot orc, hes a *plorc*
Bailey Brinker
Bailey Brinker 27 dager siden
Are this guys eyes violet?
Furry Fox
Furry Fox 27 dager siden
Do you think movies will start moving away from CGI since so many moviegoers are sick of it?
Skankhunt42 P
Skankhunt42 P 27 dager siden
Questionable Physics can put some dirt in your eye
David Johnson
David Johnson 28 dager siden
The Hobbit trilogy made me appreciate the cartoon version so much more.
Celia Osborne
Celia Osborne 28 dager siden
Very unhelpful birdies 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Ash Bruce
Ash Bruce 28 dager siden
Oh oh! 5:15
Scotty7617 29 dager siden
Don’t forget to do pitch meetings for the 1977 “The Hobbit” animated movie and the “The Lord of the Rings” 1978 animated movie.
discman15 29 dager siden
That Disney ride barrel sequence gave me AIDS
discman15 29 dager siden
That Disney ride barrel sequence gave me AIDS
Lawrence Cottle
Lawrence Cottle Måned siden
Chris tucker, money talks pitch meeting pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeee
VeryPeeved Måned siden
the text based adventure game was way better.
Brane Måned siden
Man, even when you retell it in this manner, the movie is sill boring!
chokzi Måned siden
Final Destination Pitch Meeting!
Andrew Turner
Andrew Turner Måned siden
Wow wow wow, wow.
Hyrules Hero
Hyrules Hero Måned siden
This video is tight!
Josh Lewis
Josh Lewis Måned siden
LOVE, ACTUALLY! Cmon, it’s Christmas time (soon) and super easy to write. Lemme getcha started: “wow, two people learning a brand new language in under a week for each other, that will be incredibly difficult!” (Super easy!) “So the prime minister has to go door to door, because he couldn’t find the actual address of his employee?” Free of charge.
Emperor Helix
Emperor Helix Måned siden
The Hobbit is my favorite book of all time, and I despise the Hobbit Trilogy. So unfaithful to the actual book.
Projekt vyKING
Projekt vyKING Måned siden
"Cause he's a dragon..."
Aidan Magaña
Aidan Magaña Måned siden
Hobbit pitch meetings in a nutshell: He'S fRoM tHe LoRd Of ThE rInGs MoViEs
Alfred Allan
Alfred Allan Måned siden
I know is kinda mandatory to have a love story subplot, but the inability to connect Thauriel and Killi is ankward terrible. Still a better love story than Twilight I reckon.
carealoo744 Måned siden
I hate how the cliffhanger is resolved in 5 seconds
WRITER Boy Måned siden
I would totally love to ones done for the Resident Evil films and Queen of the Damned film 🎥
WRITER Boy Måned siden
newtpondskipper Måned siden
This was so much more enjoyable that the actual movie.
R D Måned siden
I don't know why, but I really hate and loathe these Pitch Meetings Videos
BJ M Måned siden
Plot Orc huh?? A PLORC
Cary Rodda
Cary Rodda Måned siden
"Unnecessarily vague ancient maps are tight!" Nearly did a spit take on that one! Haha!
Abelhawk Måned siden
This movie is what happens when you take a children's fairy tale story for children and make it an action film for adults and add a bunch of gratuitous crap to pad the run time and connect it to the adult fairy tale story sequels.
lugialover09 Måned siden
To be fair, the naming of Sting actually does take place in the book, so it's totally sensible to include it in the movies.
Mr. H
Mr. H Måned siden
Please do a pitch meeting for the Lost series!
4B16_Muhamad Riki Fitria Ananda Putra
4B16_Muhamad Riki Fitria Ananda Putra Måned siden
Rewatching pitch meeting series is super easy barely an inconvenience
Michael Rousine
Michael Rousine Måned siden
wppb50 Måned siden
Hey now, the elf/dwarf romance wasn't part of the pitch meeting! Seriously, they literally added that bullshit in during reshoots.
Riccardo Costa
Riccardo Costa Måned siden
The Expandables-Pitch Meeting
TGDRAW Måned siden
This is some of the best content on NOpost XD XD
Alex Pineda
Alex Pineda Måned siden
A plot orc should be an actual thing in a fantasy movie
Jordan Herkowski
Jordan Herkowski Måned siden
The CGI looked more like a video game than a movie.
Mule The Donkey
Mule The Donkey Måned siden
I liked the hobbit, very nostalgic, read it as a child with my dad :)
Andrew Cruise
Andrew Cruise Måned siden
Came here to request an Expendables pitch meeting
EvilStromboli Måned siden
Requesting the movie Fargo for your next pitch
gringochucha Måned siden
Those movies are a travesty and all copies should be destroyed.
Helle Silverwolf
Helle Silverwolf Måned siden
My boyfriend and I feel like a hannibal series pitch meeting for Halloween these are awesome
Honest Commenter
Honest Commenter Måned siden
Can you please pitch TENET?
UnrealSushi Måned siden
You should do pitch meetings for games too! Like god of war or spider-man PS4!
Flinted Steel
Flinted Steel Måned siden
The Boys Pitch Meeting pleaseee
Joseph Fairbank
Joseph Fairbank Måned siden
Hey, now is the time to do Mandalorian! Let’s see a pitch meeting for that
Craig Ingram
Craig Ingram Måned siden
You should do The Chronicles of Riddick or Pitch Black!
Britta's Youtube Channel
Britta's Youtube Channel Måned siden
These are hilarious! You should do The Labyrinth!
thedionne73 Måned siden
Please do a Pitch Meeting for Unhinged with Russell Crowe. That is the only way it will be worth what I paid.
BradleyDaltonART Måned siden
PLEASE do a Pitch Meeting for Hocus Pocus!!! It would be perfect for the time of year.
WhyWorry Måned siden
He's in the lord of the rings movies!
Muhammad Haziq Akmal
Muhammad Haziq Akmal Måned siden
Please do pitch meeting for: Supernatural Riverdale
oiuet souiu
oiuet souiu Måned siden
I wonder why ryan has way les subs then screen rant at this point
Sides How
Sides How Måned siden
When Gandalf told Bilbo he hadn't aged a day, he was full of s**t
oiuet souiu
oiuet souiu Måned siden
Please do a how i met your mother one
Max Condra
Max Condra Måned siden
You should do the planet of the apes 2001 with mark Wahlberg just because i think it would be hilarious. I haven't seen it but it looks bad
Theturtleowl Måned siden
Oh so on point.
Robert Hanlon
Robert Hanlon Måned siden
Wow dude. You do not disappoint. Thank you so much.
Gina LeBeau
Gina LeBeau Måned siden
Do “The Maze Runner.” The movies were terrible and I want someone to make fun of them.
Austin Carly
Austin Carly Måned siden
@Screen Rant please do Dracula Untold! There are SO many plot-holes!
Gaius Wyrden
Gaius Wyrden Måned siden
I dont think a star from LOTR is the most fitting person to brag about cgi in The Hobbit...
Drekulviin X1
Drekulviin X1 Måned siden
The elves ignore that moon light come from the sun LoL
Henry Loader
Henry Loader Måned siden
He has one weak spot. A human from the settlement he attacks is the one who kills him. Not a main character or anything. Smaug isn't really a conflict for the parter to overcome the way you might expect. Honestly I don't know who among the people who wanted to make this into a movie read the book. The hiding in barrels scene is another good example. You really get a feel for who these individual dwarves are, but good luck translating that to a screen.
Henry Loader
Henry Loader Måned siden
Its almost as if these stories were books, and that the movies were not made in the correct order if the intent was to make them all.
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