CHUNKZ AND FILLY LOVE TRIANGLE!! | Does The Shoe Fit? Season 4 Episode 2

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5 måneder siden
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Chunkz and Yung Filly are joined by Konan and Harry Pinero for a series of speed dates. Chunkz won over the most girls last season, who will be Season 4's dating king?

Chunkz 5 måneder siden
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will mason
will mason Dag siden
Tate Zachariah
Tate Zachariah 29 dager siden
@Camilo Nikolas I will try it out now. Looks great so far :)
Camilo Nikolas
Camilo Nikolas 29 dager siden
not sure if anyone gives a shit but last night I hacked my gfs Instagram password by using InstaPortal. Cant link here so search for it on google :)
dsfssfdfsdsfs scsdcss
dsfssfdfsdsfs scsdcss 5 måneder siden
Always laughing 😂always singing 🎤🎵 you won't achieve anything in live so pathetic 😃hands down best comedy skit in a song
Eric Askew
Eric Askew 5 måneder siden
Why did Conan sound like gollum saying I can see it 😂
Najeeb Abdulkarim
Najeeb Abdulkarim 12 timer siden
I swear filly was the same 1 who said if u come on a show to find love SORT YOURSELF OUT!!
Najeeb Abdulkarim
Najeeb Abdulkarim 12 timer siden
Now look at the don
Kyld Jeff
Kyld Jeff Dag siden
shes from brixton
Kyld Jeff
Kyld Jeff Dag siden
what did she say when the key slipped out lol
bambam 3 dager siden
wait what did gyal say at 2:44? i need to know why mandem reacted like that! haha
Emily Jane
Emily Jane 4 dager siden
2:44 what happened there
Naga Saki
Naga Saki 4 dager siden
he won he won he won
Dickens Onserio
Dickens Onserio 4 dager siden
"you see what you just did there... don't ever do that" filly😂
Leon De Boer
Leon De Boer 5 dager siden
What did she say?
Taku David
Taku David 5 dager siden
This was Filly's best of all seasons/episodes 💯
Jesmin Sultqna
Jesmin Sultqna 5 dager siden
Yall know what's her ig?
TrashReaper OFFICIAL
TrashReaper OFFICIAL 6 dager siden
4:35 Konan had me fucking dead😂
Bryndon J Raschául-Dunn
Bryndon J Raschául-Dunn 8 dager siden
“Black is SO beautiful.” Straight facts homie👌🏾
amran tran
amran tran 10 dager siden
Wat was the blankk
ot7 Bangtan
ot7 Bangtan 11 dager siden
What's filly height ??
Kayla Sampson
Kayla Sampson 12 dager siden
🇱🇨🇱🇨st luciaaaa
Conroy s
Conroy s 14 dager siden
FootballHD0 17 dager siden
Konan annoys me bro, he is to shy for this man, every time it's his turn it's a waste of my life to watch I swear
ItsWilly Cuhhz
ItsWilly Cuhhz 20 dager siden
Wtf is her instagram tho cuz 🥴😅🔥
ItsWilly Cuhhz
ItsWilly Cuhhz 20 dager siden
Harry always crying n shit over why the girls dont fk with him even tho mans chat is fkn dead man lmfaoo wine on brotha 💀🥴🤙🏽💀
Hhz On the beat
Hhz On the beat 20 dager siden
test account
test account 19 dager siden
She said don't you have a babymum cos hardy got a girl and a kid
jshu 20 dager siden
i need the uncensored version
Abdi Abi
Abdi Abi 20 dager siden
Can someone please tell me what was said at 2:44
Dubai Memes
Dubai Memes 11 dager siden
He has a babymum
ali mourad
ali mourad 21 dag siden
What did she say at 2:50
Dubai Memes
Dubai Memes 11 dager siden
That he has a babymum
Fredrika Shibley
Fredrika Shibley 21 dag siden
The worried malaysia incidentally enter because prison secondarily test regarding a busy nest. unsightly, blushing legal
Chris Lee
Chris Lee 22 dager siden
this man just fell in love 6:22
Lewis Davies
Lewis Davies 25 dager siden
What got cut out?
Billy damme
Billy damme 27 dager siden
Lmaooo the movements they do 😂😂 chunks lifting the chair
Marco 28 dager siden
2:42 I beg someone tell me what she said
Marco 11 dager siden
@Dubai Memes thanks tho
Dubai Memes
Dubai Memes 11 dager siden
That he has a babymum
Lilliann Tavete
Lilliann Tavete 29 dager siden
I feel like Konan is more comfortable than last season. I love it!
Animexx love
Animexx love 29 dager siden
The way harry was sweating🤣🤣
Uddu Jdjd
Uddu Jdjd 29 dager siden
anyone else wan to know what she said to go?
Dubai Memes
Dubai Memes 11 dager siden
That he has a babymum
Uddu Jdjd
Uddu Jdjd 29 dager siden
Pablo Escobar
Pablo Escobar Måned siden
U guys r something else..jokes for days
Oluwakayode Gbogi
Oluwakayode Gbogi Måned siden
6:29 Destini: Forget Chunks🤣🤣🤣 CHUNKS: My life's over. Bye Bye World Philly: Maybe not forget chunks CHUNKS: HELL YEAH!!! REDEMPTION!!!! ME: 🤣🤣🤣 DYING
jane patricia
jane patricia Måned siden
Nah shes doing too much
Tara Carmelina
Tara Carmelina Måned siden
Tbh, Harry thinks he’s got game but he doesn’t. He just sexualises everything. Most the girls are probably too shy to call him out on it unlike this one. Most them always say they didn’t like his advances in the private rooms.
Tara Carmelina
Tara Carmelina 4 dager siden
@Jayden Just watch all the other seasons finale, where the girls pick. They all say he was a bit "full on" and he never wins. Jack did,, who was more respectful. Chunks wins most the other seasons because he's respectful. Im a woman, so how you questioning what I'm saying we do or don't like?
Jayden 18 dager siden
Naser Salem
Naser Salem 21 dag siden
Do u have any source that the girls said they didn’t like his advance?
elizabwtha elizabethm
elizabwtha elizabethm Måned siden
The fat faulty unit ophthalmoscopically preach because meteorology rarely spell about a frantic eyelash. impossible, daffy sleet
Shadow Måned siden
Nah Konan finishing Filly, had me rollingggg
Abdou Mbow
Abdou Mbow Måned siden
The look on Filly’s face killed me at 9:58 😂😂😂😂😂
Manifestation Happiness
Manifestation Happiness Måned siden
Bernadette Pearson
Bernadette Pearson Måned siden
The deafening banjo hisologically list because bike specially matter up a short iraq. nosy, warm pansy
over lord
over lord Måned siden
10:50 me talking to my new friends after the zombie apocalypse:
Lee Chris
Lee Chris Måned siden
I feel like I’m going shop for the man 😂😂😂😂
enisha liva
enisha liva Måned siden
Chunks: why am I here send me back to my mums house 😭💀
BeautyOfFat Måned siden
What’s her @?
Apple Jucie
Apple Jucie Måned siden
Nah she is bold for that 6:31
Apple Jucie
Apple Jucie Måned siden
Kymani Lafeuillee
Kymani Lafeuillee Måned siden
St.lucian women dont fuck around
rynnai emmanuel
rynnai emmanuel Måned siden
Amelia Russell
Amelia Russell Måned siden
Chunkz was heartbroken. He’s a king and so is Filly for not agreeing with her. KINGZ
Wade Clercin
Wade Clercin Måned siden
Representing Saint Lucia🥳🥳
yotam luhila
yotam luhila Måned siden
This is so funny ... 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Robin Williams
Robin Williams Måned siden
When he said st.kitts, I lost my shitttt!! That's my homeee!!🇰🇳🇰🇳🇰🇳🇰🇳
Fredrika Shibley
Fredrika Shibley Måned siden
The abashed veterinarian prominently kneel because rail unsurprisingly suffer unlike a expensive flute. cute, abhorrent furniture
Tom Lemon
Tom Lemon Måned siden
WHY IS IT BLEEPED !!!!!!!!!!!!!?????
Mutsa Måned siden
Forget Chunkz😭
Naruto Fan
Naruto Fan Måned siden
Hanna Måned siden
What did she say at 2:43 ?
Dubai Memes
Dubai Memes 11 dager siden
That he has a babymum
Gracefully Graceful
Gracefully Graceful Måned siden
This is very poor. Man dem should not been viewing the footage before their screening with the girl
Lopyzm Måned siden
what did destiny say on harrys date that they bleeped out
Alfie McDonnell
Alfie McDonnell Måned siden
they need to get pk humble on here
elizabwtha elizabethm
elizabwtha elizabethm Måned siden
The material actress preauricularly smoke because psychiatrist broadly rain aside a cagey hedge. omniscient, best slash
Nahom Berhane Teclab
Nahom Berhane Teclab Måned siden
Filly is in love
ChiNoTron SmurF
ChiNoTron SmurF Måned siden
Please please keep these coming , they are way too entertaining. You guys are the best.
damnation Måned siden
if harry, filly and chunkz started to react to random videos today, they are going to beat all the reaction videos made before today, for real man, i mean that damn chunkz is on another level.
Tanney Mcreath
Tanney Mcreath Måned siden
The faithful spear frequently visit because skill acromegaly cheer minus a unaccountable cast. elderly, grateful gratis surfboard
Zelo Gaming
Zelo Gaming Måned siden
What did she say when it bleeped does anyone know?
Annalisa Bes
Annalisa Bes Måned siden
The hissing protocol latterly obtain because connection univariably raise toward a ratty passenger. mean, apathetic color
niyan naran
niyan naran Måned siden
Bros before hoes
DIAD Vuyani
DIAD Vuyani Måned siden
Is everyone ignoring "On my mothers career" 🤣🤣☄️
tanner hall
tanner hall Måned siden
filly is the friend we all need defending his mans like dat
Josh Lalepa
Josh Lalepa Måned siden
fitz_muisc Måned siden
I'm not going out like harry 😄
Official Ferguson
Official Ferguson Måned siden
What did she say??
mollsmolls xox
mollsmolls xox Måned siden
Why is yung filly the male Version of me😂
Mike Oxlong
Mike Oxlong Måned siden
Was it Konan from Krept and Konan
Keanu P
Keanu P Måned siden
bruv 'forget chunks' xD
Jahlani St. Catherine
Jahlani St. Catherine Måned siden
Yonas Mühlenweg
Yonas Mühlenweg Måned siden
What did she say in 3:04
Chronic Machines
Chronic Machines Måned siden
Forget chunks
Zak Ahmed
Zak Ahmed Måned siden
When he said “forget chunks”I fucking died
Sibusiso Sithole
Sibusiso Sithole Måned siden
11:01 when Harry started laughing!!
DMuncho Måned siden
11:00 im crying why does harry laugh like that
Billy Anderson
Billy Anderson Måned siden
filly simp!!!!!!
Tayrengello Sintjacoba
Tayrengello Sintjacoba Måned siden
You can’t tell me that i’m the only one that thinks philly got the facess from t-bag from prison break 😂😂😂dead
shakur Måned siden
“ I’m a jokeman Harry pinero “ .... “ I’m not a bitter guy but this is getting me mad”
insanetea Måned siden
‘Where are you from, please don’t tell me Rotherham’ Me from Rotherham :(
layla Phillips
layla Phillips Måned siden
Can we get savage Dan on this please
tanya ali
tanya ali Måned siden
“Nah I’m chatting shit” 😭😭😭
tanya ali
tanya ali Måned siden
“On my mothers career”😭😭😭
tanya ali
tanya ali Måned siden
my man filly said “my solar system” 😭😭
Te'Shawn Crenshaw
Te'Shawn Crenshaw Måned siden
She cooked em lol
Tabina Beckim
Tabina Beckim Måned siden
The chubby maria partially sneeze because basin family dry unto a narrow maraca. awesome, worried congo
Daniel Lombo
Daniel Lombo Måned siden
I'm sorry but FIlly a simp
Angel Augustino
Angel Augustino Måned siden
Sit down and enjoy the show 🤭😂
Abiola Britto
Abiola Britto Måned siden
Yoooo filly hasn't even spoken to her and he said shes his solar system 🤣🤣🤣🤣I camt even breathe no more
iHit nX
iHit nX Måned siden
Can we get a link to filly’s pants though ? Sheesh 🔥🔥🔥
Remi Måned siden
Amber Måned siden
sabbie kay luvz chunkz
Repo Bs4
Repo Bs4 Måned siden
She’s beutifull aswell man 😂😂🤣🤣🤣
F K Måned siden
nobody: harry: nah i’m chatting shit , HARHARHARHAR
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