Italy DUMP Henry and France out in the group stage | Euro 2008 | ITV Sport

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4 måneder siden

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World Champions Italy qualified for the knockout stages of Euro 2008 by dumping out France in impressive fashion to set up a mouthwatering quarter-final clash with Spain.
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MNX Gaming
MNX Gaming 4 måneder siden
Hey dude u have good commentary plus I'm subbed :)
Gunner Boy
Gunner Boy 4 måneder siden
2 years later after this shambles, France finished last in their group again with Mexico, Uruguay & South Africa. However, after that dark spell they did what all the top football nations do & that is rebuild with a change of approach,
Paddy Nevs
Paddy Nevs 4 måneder siden
2006 beats France to win the World Cup 2008 knocks France out of euros Wow France was Italy’s bit*h haha
Roz Sa
Roz Sa 4 måneder siden
Not as much as Germany being our bitches.
Aiden 4 måneder siden
Ahh, when Italy were remembered as cheating scumbags! Oh wait... They still are.
Shinoda908 4 måneder siden
I remember Luca Toni being absolute garbage in this game; he missed a lot of easy chances after Abidal was sent off. Should have included them in this clip!
Roz Sa
Roz Sa 4 måneder siden
Toni was generally garbage at international level. Even more frustrating as at this tournament, he was coming off his best goalscoring season at Bayern Munich. He's scored 39 goals prior to the tournament.
Carlos Barton
Carlos Barton 4 måneder siden
Toni didn't score a single goal at Euro 2008!
Guilherme Calixto
Guilherme Calixto 4 måneder siden