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360Hz monitor for CS:GO is definitely something special. Thank you NVIDIA for the monitor and 3080! Learn More about NVIDIA Reflex, 360hz Monitors, & the RTX 30-series: nvidia.com/reflex

Gabrieleboy 3 timer siden
When the 480hz monitors come out, that's when il upgrade. Until then, il keep my 240hz
Saddyx Dag siden
me with 120 hz monitor but my graphics card is not supporting 120 hz c:
Henke Dag siden
60 Hz gang
Ninja Clone Y.
Ninja Clone Y. Dag siden
me who can’t afford 360hz monitor: sucks to be me right?
Zaki Ananda
Zaki Ananda Dag siden
240 and 360 hz trust me you can see deferent for all thats look same
Eso 2 dager siden
This guy robbed the national bank
Dave Lee
Dave Lee 2 dager siden
144hz monitor gang
J Po
J Po 3 dager siden
I know what he means about having more fun playing. When I went from a 60hz monitor to 240hz I went from MGE to LEM within 2 weeks, and it really felt like playing the game properly for the first time.
Dylan Kershaw
Dylan Kershaw 3 dager siden
What a long ad
Vanix 4 dager siden
I like this MONITOR
OriginalFake 5 dager siden
360hz is useless even in tournament ngl. Almost no difference at all than 240hz. Speaking from experience.
yashab akhter
yashab akhter 6 dager siden
alt title anomaly trying to be linus tech tips
KeanPlaysGames 6 dager siden
I like how he pronounces words like ASUS and NVidia
CuSemek 6 dager siden
You would never be able to tell the difference in real time between 144 and 360
LemonLord 7 dager siden
"Playing CS on 60Hz/60FPS should be illegal" >me, playing cs on 60Hz laptop monitor at 20fps
CS madness
CS madness 8 dager siden
Anomaly: has 360 hz monitor Me on the other hand:60 hz and hit lem 2 days ago
Marsta 9 dager siden
Should I sell my kidney for this
gokust07 10 dager siden
“Playing cs with a 60hz monitor should be illegal” *laughs in 75hz*
Swetz 12 dager siden
everyone: pronounces nvidia as ''EN-VIDIA'' Anomaly: ''NEVIDIA''
Gatto TV
Gatto TV 12 dager siden
pls give me
I’m CyberDreams
I’m CyberDreams 13 dager siden
A humain probably cannot even see the difference ingame
Mikoláš Pešek
Mikoláš Pešek 13 dager siden
So, basically competitive games are pay to win.
MarutaBeibi 13 dager siden
Anomaly in 2021 January: I got a 360hz Monitor, fuck off. JaxiTV back in the 2020: hOld my Beer
Annoyson 13 dager siden
Should of got a 3090 😭
ZenZi The WiZard o
ZenZi The WiZard o 14 dager siden
shedow 15 dager siden
Hi can i get some freě cs:go skins i dont have a lot of móney and cs:go is really fun. If yes pres write on this comment.
Somebody Faraway
Somebody Faraway 17 dager siden
holy shit i wish nvidia sponsored my broke ass
Martin Jaroš
Martin Jaroš 18 dager siden
I am playing csgo on 60 hz monitor and tbh im not that bad and it ok for me to play pn 60 hz
dolphin chair
dolphin chair 18 dager siden
Shoutout to all my 30hz homies out there. May we stand strong in this battle
Misfitism 18 dager siden
I'm looking at 280hz
Top Skills
Top Skills 18 dager siden
Adin Osmanagić
Adin Osmanagić 19 dager siden
Still playing on 300fps so basically u play on 240hz
Blame yourself
Blame yourself 20 dager siden
I felt like a gamer with 75Hz but...
Gaston Celedon
Gaston Celedon 21 dag siden
Pollo al disco con papas
Max'' 22 dager siden
I play on a 300hz monitor, it does not really make a difference tbh.
a a
a a 22 dager siden
I’ve got the Alienware aw25 or something like that and it’s 240hz and I’ve had it for like 3 years....best purchase of my life
Adrijonas Leonavičius
Adrijonas Leonavičius 22 dager siden
This is Why im silver i need pro gear
Children enthusiast
Children enthusiast 23 dager siden
And why do need that monitor? For the animation of opening gamble boxes to be smoother?
zkeid 23 dager siden
me chillin' at 60hz
sphn1x 23 dager siden
Placebo Effect Explained!
Pedro Bonifácio
Pedro Bonifácio 23 dager siden
guys if your looking for a good cheap monitor for cs i strongly recommend the ozone dsp24 240hz (around 200€ in portugal) it might not have the best panel/image quality(its decent) but it has 240hz
Maxic 24 dager siden
I have a 144 Monitor but only 40 fps in csgo
NovaaTM 24 dager siden
i accidentally broke my 144hz monitor and now im back to 60hz, its cancer
GLOOP drift
GLOOP drift 24 dager siden
Lol the moniter is the same price as my pc by it self
Juti 25 dager siden
i have atleast more than 1000 hours on every well known shooter game and i've never tested or seen a 60hz< monitor in use.. i've always used my dell 60hz monitor for gaming
Nibla HD
Nibla HD 25 dager siden
Important to remember that your pc has to push 360+ fps for this to make sens
LENRIX 26 dager siden
360 hz monitor and 320 FPS LOL ahahahhahzahahahahhahahahaha
Charlie Flowers
Charlie Flowers 26 dager siden
Nvidia sponsored our boy, I'm happy for him. Too bad they didn't trust him to improvise a good commercial for them.
Genvix 26 dager siden
Csgo can’t go past 300fps so anything above that is useless which is why their demo was 280 or whatever
San0 27 dager siden
pretty sure asus tuf has a 380hz monitor
FireFromHell 27 dager siden
*cries in 59hz*
• K a i •
• K a i • 27 dager siden
"since youtube can only displau 60 fps, i cant properly show you" me with a 60hz laptop: man.. youtube.. why??
snowio 27 dager siden
its so placebo bro ur playing cs not even at 300fps
A Rz
A Rz 27 dager siden
The gold Nova l monitor
Berkay Ibrahim
Berkay Ibrahim 27 dager siden
use it with the new razer mouse with 8000hz polling rate and 0.1 ms latency
Артём Погосян
Артём Погосян 28 dager siden
Playing on 360Hz monitor with 280-310 fps. Thanks Source for the very optimized game with FUCKING TONNS OF TRASH IN GAME FOLDERS
Justo córsico
Justo córsico 28 dager siden
Nice add
sukka rblx
sukka rblx 28 dager siden
I play cs on 50 hz
Angshu Biswas
Angshu Biswas 28 dager siden
bro Henri Cavil got a 3090 and they give my boy a 3080 smh
M Nabil Rabbani
M Nabil Rabbani 28 dager siden
ASUS Rogg me : WTF IS THAT (AR O GI) not Roggg
Who Me?
Who Me? 28 dager siden
You play at 360 damn my only 30 using :(
PiGG_MaNN PiGG 28 dager siden
It really isn’t as good as hes making it out to be, mostly a gimmick past 240 as difference between 144 and 240 is already much less than from 60 to 144
Master Quiz
Master Quiz 28 dager siden
wait till he tries lower ping
Muuruur YT
Muuruur YT 28 dager siden
i have my Asus Rog Strix XG248Q 240hz... its very nice i can tell
Head-Hunter 28 dager siden
You are not playing on 360hz because you don't have over 360 fps so you need a fast pc to use this monitor
lit 28 dager siden
my friend got a 60HZ with the worst res ever... (The res is: 1300x720) Can really remember the width
Skinny ASSC
Skinny ASSC 28 dager siden
bro u gotta stop talking about valorant its like u cheating on us or sth.
Yan 29 dager siden
" 360hz feels much easier " " fps: 230 " ok
Gustav Allingham
Gustav Allingham 8 dager siden
@Drilon Vokshi Agreed
Drilon Vokshi
Drilon Vokshi 10 dager siden
@Gustav Allingham i dont think u need more than 144
Gustav Allingham
Gustav Allingham 16 dager siden
In that sense a 240hz makes the most sense for most cs players. Since 360 hz demands a crazy pc
Gustav Allingham
Gustav Allingham 16 dager siden
I thought the same, the actual frames he saw wasnt 360, more likely in the range 230-300
Zein7 _Gamer
Zein7 _Gamer 29 dager siden
Me with my 30 fps :")
Skyett 29 dager siden
"Maybe you don't need to upgrade from 240hz" Me, still playing on a 1920x1080 60hz monitor since years: ok
CMDR Jengazi
CMDR Jengazi 29 dager siden
Why even say you're playing CS in the title when 3/4 of the damnvideo is just talking about the monitor and not gameplay
Sebas Y
Sebas Y 29 dager siden
360hz monitor, use 240fps
Ghost Productions
Ghost Productions 29 dager siden
sounds like p2w irl
Protocol 29 dager siden
you can barely tell a difference between 144 and 240hz, 360 hertz is a clear cash grab
Ank Bank
Ank Bank 29 dager siden
I play on 60hz monitor and neither me or my parentes cant afford to buy a new monitor
Shabalov 29 dager siden
So this is P2W
TottiOmellete 29 dager siden
3:29 "playing on a 60hz monitor should be illegal". Me: 30fps and a 60hz monitor oh shit
obama 29 dager siden
hate to say it but you don't know what your talking about. if it's a script, then i would understand but some of the things said are either misleading, or just not really true
Skelyboss 29 dager siden
"I've had this monitor for a week or two" Nice MKBHD
Ahren Ortile
Ahren Ortile 29 dager siden
I still don't know how anomaly gets this much partners
therealsosi 29 dager siden
this just an ad 😐
Insane TV
Insane TV 29 dager siden
well i have to get a good internet connection first
Lt. Måned siden
you lot actually take games this serious 😂😂
Jānis J
Jānis J Måned siden
why do i used to play better even with 60hz monitor like 5 years ago then im playing now? is theres a chance that games are simply 'upgrading" for us to buy new stuff.. not coz its better, but they make us think its better..
Bas Ooijman
Bas Ooijman Måned siden
for games like cs the best upgrade you could possibly buy is a 144hz monitor or higher. Don't spend that money on a new mouse, keyboard, or headset, spend it on a monitor. It makes the most difference.
ApeX Måned siden
big fibba
big fibba Måned siden
autohop intro
Simon Måned siden
Love how during the entire Deathmatch clip in this video, he didn’t peak over 360fps the entire time lmao
yakir gameing il
yakir gameing il Måned siden
this man got the worlds fastest monitor but couldnt get a single gf lmao
The Rookiee Gamer
The Rookiee Gamer Måned siden
Nvidia N-vidia "Nividia"
Horvath Alin : HIdRoGeN
Horvath Alin : HIdRoGeN Måned siden
Stop fucking screaming when you start a video
BasicSnooze Måned siden
I play cs on my laptop, which is 2.38GHz is that good?
Definitely not Skaepgoat
Definitely not Skaepgoat Måned siden
30 fps gang rise up
Sapphire Måned siden
Am not expert but I think the maximum amount of hrz that can be produced by whatever is 475hrz. At least the things in our "universe"
Casul Gamer
Casul Gamer Måned siden
Ryan Andry
Ryan Andry Måned siden
Thanks to you,I bought it too,it's freakin expensive I'm my country
rzalegend Måned siden
I have same monitor (but the version without latency analyzer) and I've switched from zowie xl2546 which is 240hz and I can confirm that the jump is very noticable
BEAST_ GAGO Måned siden
okay this is just one big advertisement the difference is 1.44 milliseconds you are better off getting a 240hz
Evaldas swarcas
Evaldas swarcas Måned siden
Im playng on 40 fps :(
danny barlow
danny barlow Måned siden
I play on a 50hz tv xD still wreck kids
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