Getting my new CNC DIALED! // Vacuum Table Workholding & T-Track Fixture Table

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Crafted Workshop

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Learn how to add a DIY vacuum workholding table and a t-track fixture table to an Avid 4x8 CNC router! These two spoilboard options give me tons of flexibility for clamping material to my CNC and should make clamping and cutting parts on the CNC a breeze.
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🛠 Tools Used On The Vacuum Table and T-Track Table Build (affiliate):
🤖 AVID CNC PRO4896 4' x 8' CNC Router Kit :
Black Box Hurricane Vacuum Pump :
🔹 Threaded Insert Kit :
🔩 ¼" Compression Bit :
🔩 ⅜” Compression Bit :
🔩 2" Spoilboard Surfacing Bit :
Track Saw :
Table Saw :
Push Stick :
Magnetic Screw Holder (for my impact driver) :
Cordless Drill :
Vectric Aspire :
🛠 Materials Used On The Vacuum Table and T-Track Table Build (affiliate):
🔹 Rockler Universal T-Track :
🔹 Rockler #6 Screws :
🔹 Peel and Stick Edge Banding :
🔹 Total-Lock Casters :
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South Hill Farm
South Hill Farm 5 dager siden
Talks way ,way, way too fast.
Yvan Lambrechts
Yvan Lambrechts 5 dager siden
Hi. Any idea of the minimum negative vacuum pressure, needed for a simular vac-system?
G58 7 dager siden
The thing that puts me off doing it the way you have, is all that MDF dust. It’s beyond toxic. I’m sure you’ll remind me that you wore a mask, but if you watch sunbeams you will notice the microscopic particles that are so light they hang in the air. They get into your lungs and give you cancer. If it wasn’t for the insanity of the Hemp Act and all that ‘war on drugs’ crap that followed, MDF, with its formaldehyde and urea compound would not exist. Thank you again for sharing
JD Dupuy
JD Dupuy 7 dager siden
Okay now I'm thinking about this model over the Axiom.
Jeff Calvert
Jeff Calvert 9 dager siden
Use nylon screws to hold down the spoil board. Never ruin a bit by hitting a screw. When you have to change the spoil board (and you will) they can just be cut out.
JD Dupuy
JD Dupuy 7 dager siden
Great tip!
Ron Hampe
Ron Hampe 12 dager siden
Curious did you glue all of the pvc fittings for the Hurricane?
geoff wilson
geoff wilson 13 dager siden
Nice setup you got. I always paint the edges of my spoilboard to increase and focuse hold down area to the top surface. You loose a lot of holdown thrugh the sides of the spoilboard.
J_ G_
J_ G_ 14 dager siden
need to see inside the vacuum pump please.
Jamshid Khasanbayev
Jamshid Khasanbayev 14 dager siden
Bro, I have a question, which type of Stepper motor did you use for X and Y? Nema 34? I am also planning to make my own CNC. The size of the CNC will be aproximately the same with your CNC's. can I use Nema 23 (the strongest one with 112 length and 3 N.m). can this stepper motor handle it? please give your suggestion, thanks!
Todd Melanshek
Todd Melanshek 14 dager siden
I would like to know what size spindle are you using I have the same cnc table from cnc router parts.
Iray Diaz
Iray Diaz 15 dager siden
Do you have a video or a site with what software you use for your CNC Workflow? CAD > CAM > Machining [I saw mach4 or mach3] [Does Aspire function as a CAD and CAM?]
Abdullah Al Mamun Akash
Abdullah Al Mamun Akash 17 dager siden
What cnc controller you used??
Stuart 19 dager siden
Looks expensive, undoubtedly double the price for us in Australia
Paul Bergman
Paul Bergman 20 dager siden
For the vacuum plenum, why not cut the pattern on the underside of the MDF, plan your attachment hold down screw holes in advance and the vacuum primary ports to match the same in the melamine, then you always have a pristine main bed on the machine? That way you can have more threaded insets on the main surface, have more options in the future, and conserve the integrity of the base. It seems that having 4 layers of 3/4” surfaces limits the vertical ‘Z’ working capabilities of the system. Just thinking...😬
Robert C
Robert C 22 dager siden
One thing we do at our shop to help suction through the MDF is seal the sides with some spray paint.
John Doe
John Doe 24 dager siden
jon jones
Casey Scalf
Casey Scalf 28 dager siden
Incredible video thank you for taking the time to go through this! Quick question, out the door what was the total cost of the vacuum system?
A2Z Geek
A2Z Geek 28 dager siden
Glad you got a CNC, I love my AvidCNC.
Ozgun G
Ozgun G Måned siden
Do you remember that guy you didn’t accept to internship ?
ZediZero Måned siden
Oh man what a machine ! :D I want it soooo bad ! I got an x-carve. But its... limited i should say. Good work man !
Adam Maszynotwór
Adam Maszynotwór Måned siden
Bardzo fajna :D nasza CNC co prawda ze złomu ale podobna :) Mamy wspólną pasie super :) Listwy zębate masz proste czy helikalne? Jak grawerujesz lub frezujesz małą średnicą nie ma ząbkowania / schodki na promieniach i skosach?
Phenom Menon
Phenom Menon Måned siden
So dumb question, but what is your day job? That seems to be a shop that easily costs maybe 100k with the quality of tools and machines you have.
Michael Anderson
Michael Anderson Måned siden
Fascinating. I want one. One thing I can see though is that your shop is wat too small for that machine. You need way more material handling room to keep that machine fed with work.
Justin Wild
Justin Wild Måned siden
What's the grand total $ for this setup?
James Moore
James Moore Måned siden
What kind of cut time are you getting? I am running Mozaik with a 12 HP spindle, I typically cut 3/4 UV Maple at 800 ipm with a 9 line bore head for holes. Mine run from 3-6 min a sheet typically. It will be interesting to see if you have a small parts hold down issue with your rails. On the vacuum it will preform better if you make the manifold a loop to equally distribute the vacuum to all ports. As it is now the first port will have better HD down than the last port. On the vacuum bed I would eventually switch it out with a phenolic panel. The Melanie panel will probably start cupping up when you start getting high humidity days, especially if it's high every morning and much lower in the afternoon. It will throw your Z way off.
Nolan Craw
Nolan Craw Måned siden
For the drawer slide issue, couldn't you have routed out some material off each side of the drawer on the router table? or was it too much material?
BOKO Måned siden
First of all. F%$K YES. first video I have seen that is quick - doesn't bull%&T and focuses on sharing knowledge - secondly thank you! I hope we can someday make vids that share like this too - we've modded our avid and really happy with the result. Need to make a video too!
Steven Zara
Steven Zara Måned siden
Although I liked the CNC part of these video's, they seem like a really long Rockler AD!!!
morrow275 Måned siden
Where do I find the glue you use to glue in the T-track?
Pistol Pete
Pistol Pete Måned siden
I think he said, "CA Glue," which is cyanoacrilate, or "Super Glue." For even faster setting, use CA on one side, and CA accelerator on the other.
Jacob Warnick
Jacob Warnick Måned siden
How loud is the vacuum. I know you'll have dust collection/CNC running at the same time, I was just curious on its own as well as with everything running altogether.
Tony Masopust
Tony Masopust Måned siden
It's amazing the everyone with a CNC seems to go through the same evolutionary process of trying to come up with the perfect clamping/spoil board solution. We are on iteration 4 or 5 at this point having initially tried the same things you are doing :)
Scott Buehler
Scott Buehler Måned siden
I love your videos, I am awaiting my Avid 4*9 cnc with ATC in about 4 weeks and want to do the vacuum table like you just did! Is there a reason you didn't just glue the MDF onto the plenum instead of screws? Just easier to replace when needed? Thanks for the videos
Jacob Payne
Jacob Payne Måned siden
Could you do a dean ml style guitar build sometime?
Dairy Barn Woodworking
Dairy Barn Woodworking Måned siden
It sucks through the MDF? 🤯. That’s sick!
Mr Robstarr
Mr Robstarr 21 dag siden
wouldn´t believe it if someone tell me that this is working
Stew Skinner
Stew Skinner Måned siden
That’s the turducken of CNC tables.
JB Måned siden
Awesome set up brother! Time to see some killer CNC projects.
Ziyad S
Ziyad S Måned siden
That dust collection obviously isn't working
Andrew H
Andrew H Måned siden
is it strong enough to double as a vacuum former? Would just need a heat box to mount above the table then to heat the plastic.
Josh M
Josh M Måned siden
I did this with mine, I vacuum formed plastazote foam. I'm using two dust extractors for vacuum.
Erik Natzke
Erik Natzke Måned siden
Q: Did you make or buy that Dust Shoe? Looks solid! Polycorbonate perhaps. Mine has a bit of give (made out of HDPE from the Avid Instructions). It works, but I like the appearance of yours... thus the query. Thanks for taking the time to reply (AND make these videos. MUCH APPRECIATED & Learned)
Richard Monell
Richard Monell Måned siden
Hey Johnny! What type of headphones have you been using in your videos?
joe larson
joe larson Måned siden
How do you fund such a shop?..
Dan Letkeman
Dan Letkeman Måned siden
From you watching ads.
BenchGDD Måned siden
Where can I get that probe that zeroes X,Y and Z?
Matthew Smith
Matthew Smith Måned siden
Avid sells that one. He's using it in xyz mode, but if you flip it over, it'll sit flat on a flat surface for z-only mode.
Brian Prusa
Brian Prusa Måned siden
How do you predrill holes with a router? 🤯
Cory CNC
Cory CNC Måned siden
Fantastic Video! Thanks for sharing
dvn711 Måned siden
Which cabinet design software were you using that allowed you to choose the drawer slides? And would you be willing to do a small video about it?
Crafted Workshop
Crafted Workshop Måned siden
I’ll be going into it in my next video! I used Mozaik.
Derek Jarman
Derek Jarman Måned siden
Cool setup!
squidskunk Måned siden
im waiting on final delivery of my 60"x60" pro from avid.
Crafted Workshop
Crafted Workshop Måned siden
xue roger
xue roger Måned siden
What software did you use for the cabinet? Thanks
scot christensen
scot christensen Måned siden
I paint the edges of the MDF to get more suction on the top
Crafted Workshop
Crafted Workshop Måned siden
Good tip!
CityguyUSA Måned siden
That's some impressive suction but I would think that type usage would be hard on the vacuum sucking against MDF which isn't solid but it's adhesive or wood particulate it's not exactly hollow. Is there a way to run a test on your programming until you get more experience so you don't destroy expensive wood?
MindMachine- Måned siden
At first i read the router is disabled not dialed.
Stu Taylor
Stu Taylor Måned siden
Awesome video thankyou! well edited and interesting. There is an awesome cabinet plugin for Sketchup called CabMaker32... definitely worth a look!
Jay Rock
Jay Rock Måned siden
i so want one !!!!!!!!
Alex Campbell
Alex Campbell Måned siden
I have a large CNC router with a vacuum system. I didn’t see if you used gasketing in the plenum. It makes a big difference. I split my spoilboard so I can slide the front section onto the back and then use gaskets right on the plenum for huge holding power when doing surface work or engraving.
Cw Pemberton
Cw Pemberton Måned siden
what cabinet software do you use, thanks
John Ramminger
John Ramminger Måned siden
Looks like mozaik
Workshop Edits
Workshop Edits Måned siden
Forgive me if I missed it - but how does the air pass through the MDF spoil board? Is it just because it's a composite material with thousands of tiny holes that are basically too small to see?
Workshop Edits
Workshop Edits Måned siden
@Iain Campbell makes sense - cheers
Iain Campbell
Iain Campbell Måned siden
MDF is extremely porous, that's why it swells up so much when it gets wet.
MC's Creations
MC's Creations Måned siden
Pretty interesting process, dude! Great work! 😃 Stay safe there with your family! 🖖😊
Martin Chavarria
Martin Chavarria Måned siden
Lots of work BUT it’s worth it for sure.
Greg Lauderdale
Greg Lauderdale Måned siden
Aaaaaaaand now I want a CNC.
Elanman 60
Elanman 60 Måned siden
to improve holding just lay clingfilm over the part and surrounding area.
Luke Dawson
Luke Dawson Måned siden
Why don't you use the powermatic cyclone dust extractor on the cnc machine
Craig Voisin
Craig Voisin Måned siden
Nice setup !
Nicholas Bira
Nicholas Bira Måned siden
Seriously, how does the vacuum work THROUGH the mdf? so confused...
Josh M
Josh M Måned siden
@Cris Vega It doesn't necessarily have to be a very strong (or expensive) dust collector. I have a 4x8 table and depending on the size of the table I'm using, I use one or two dust extractors, a festool ct and an old fein turbo II, to provide hold down vacuum. The setup doesn't have to be crazy or have a vacuum dedicated to a single use. Ultralite MDF is recommended because it has less resin content, and therefore is more porous than the stuff on the shelf at HD or lowes. I got my ultralite by calling around to places that sold hardwoods. Vacuum hold down can be done more cheaply than shown here with a bit of creative repurposing.
Crafted Workshop
Crafted Workshop Måned siden
It really is mind blowing.
Nicholas Bira
Nicholas Bira Måned siden
@Cris Vega That's black magic. Awesome
Cris Vega
Cris Vega Måned siden
MDF is very porous and the other half of the equation is a very strong dust collector.
Luis Garcia
Luis Garcia Måned siden
Raveway Pro
Raveway Pro Måned siden
Really nice =)
Rone Marshall
Rone Marshall Måned siden
Thats incredible. Nice job.
Frank M
Frank M Måned siden
The vacuum working THROUGH the MDF?? Wow did not know that was possible!
Ziyad S
Ziyad S Måned siden
Not only is this possible. It is how it is supposed to work.
StuPo Måned siden
I really enjoyed seeing this go together and the mystery of the vacuum pump through the mdf!
Jimmy z
Jimmy z Måned siden
I think you just sold me on getting an avid cnc. The vacuum hold down is a game changer.
Jon Jon
Jon Jon Måned siden
hopefully you also sealed the screws? otherwise its gonna leak there.
David Urdahl
David Urdahl Måned siden
When Jonny calls it bitsbits so many times, the company eventually just drops the & from their name. lol
Jeff Campbell
Jeff Campbell Måned siden
Very cool and thanks for the video!!!
Trail Features
Trail Features Måned siden
It's always funny how machines like this turn into projects. The first two months of owning a 3D printer I spent printing more parts for the 3D printer. XD
Blake Weber
Blake Weber Måned siden
Damn that’s cool. Congrats on an awesome setup!
Crafted Workshop
Crafted Workshop Måned siden
Thanks man! Your CNC setup is pretty damn sweet too.
Поисковый магнит и МД
Поисковый магнит и МД Måned siden
Stephen Matsler
Stephen Matsler Måned siden
You can put some t nuts into your melamine vacuum zone piece and then create a file for your CNC to cut out recessed mounting holes that match the t nuts. This allows for repeatable mounting for your spoil board and it saves your melamine piece from multiple screw holes in it over time.
Crafted Workshop
Crafted Workshop Måned siden
Good idea!
Zachary Brosious
Zachary Brosious Måned siden
What software were you using for designing cabinets?
Zachary Brosious
Zachary Brosious Måned siden
Thank you
Crafted Workshop
Crafted Workshop Måned siden
I used Mozaik for this project and next week’s project but it’s extremely expensive. I’m messing with CabinetPartsPro now.
Nate D
Nate D Måned siden
Love it! I can live my dream of having that upset in my one car shop by watching your videos....thanks buddy
Crafted Workshop
Crafted Workshop Måned siden
Hah, thanks!
Mr val
Mr val Måned siden
Can you please make more diy`s?
Mortgage & Mitre
Mortgage & Mitre Måned siden
She’s a beauty.
LouisM Måned siden
7:52 that slide was sooooo satisfying.
wahkeen2 Måned siden
Why is your dust collection sooo bad??
Matthew Smith
Matthew Smith Måned siden
@wahkeen2 I also have the 5x10 (from when they were still CNC Router Parts), and have been pretty happy with my Delta 50-760 (upgraded with pleated filter and cyclone separator). Apparently that model has been discontinued, but it's 1.5HP and 1200 CFM for reference. Very little dust/chips besides what gets left in the cut when using down-spiral bits. Virtually no dust left when surfacing the spoil board, except for a little bit along the edge where the dust shoe hangs over the edge of the board. Even when doing higher-profile cuts recently with a longer bit that stuck out below the brush on the dust shoe, it did a good job with the dust portion -- although the chips were flying out below the brush.
wahkeen2 Måned siden
@Crafted Workshop keep us posted. I am finishing my Avid 5x10 build, I have the Kent CNC head but not sure what dust collector to get...
Crafted Workshop
Crafted Workshop Måned siden
I actually think I have too much suction, which is sucking the brush up into the port and reducing the efficacy of the dust collection. I’ve got to do some experimenting with partially closing the blast gate to keep this from happening.
Kevin Lerma
Kevin Lerma Måned siden
For a tad better vacuum, seal the side of your spoil board with the fast edge. There is a little bit if leakage thru the edge. Great video
nath wald
nath wald 2 dager siden
Also add a gasket between your vacuum grid and your spoilboard
Josh M
Josh M Måned siden
@Crafted Workshop wood glue works too.
Crafted Workshop
Crafted Workshop Måned siden
Good tip, thanks!
JND Creations
JND Creations Måned siden
What’s a set up like that worth? The Cnc and vacuum system.
rchavez 505
rchavez 505 Måned siden
The CNC is at least14K check out their site.
Duncan Giel
Duncan Giel Måned siden
Awesome! You mentioned you selected the Blum under mount slides in the software. Which cabinet software are you using? Or is that part of Aspire?
John Ramminger
John Ramminger Måned siden
Looks like he is using mozaik. Awesome software
Maxi Mazur
Maxi Mazur Måned siden
You can download Dynaplan that is a Blum software for building cabinets
Matt Bowers
Matt Bowers Måned siden
I sooo want to add one of these to my shop! Thanks for letting us enjoy yours.
Noah Charbo
Noah Charbo Måned siden
Love the videos
Sebastian Gerstein
Sebastian Gerstein Måned siden
love your videos man
Seth Brettell
Seth Brettell Måned siden
great to see woodworkers trusting computer aided machines
Fredrik Grape
Fredrik Grape Måned siden
Fredrik Grape
Fredrik Grape Måned siden
Simon Kinn Bjørnøy
Simon Kinn Bjørnøy Måned siden
I love it!
Nick Achis
Nick Achis Måned siden
Wow first comment..
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