Our 1st FUT CHAMPS REWARDS Of FIFA 21! (Packed Out #16) (FIFA 21 Ultimate Team)

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Song Name: Fire
Artists: Shystie feat. Jme & Double S
Album: Shystie: Blue Magic
Producer: Elicit

Shystie: iamshystie
Jme: JmeBBK
Double S : doubleSmusician
Elicit: ThisIsElicit


Video uploaded by:
Zerkaa | ZerkaaHD | ZerkaaPlays

Shark sjb
Shark sjb 24 dager siden
Yo it’s 2020 and josh is asking for normality like if there is anything 2020 has done is destroy normality
WBA TV Måned siden
What camera view does he use?
Gold_Playzzz Måned siden
How do you know if it’s a bored or a walk out?
Owen Aitchison
Owen Aitchison Måned siden
Anyone know how to get blue player indicator
Samuel Tottman
Samuel Tottman Måned siden
Anyone know what his camera settings are
Victor Dooleweerdt
Victor Dooleweerdt Måned siden
What is that blue kit he played against in the last match?
MrStefan Måned siden
Please put llorente in cm he will link perfectly with ramos
Mikkel Dalsgaard
Mikkel Dalsgaard Måned siden
Mæhle On at cb, pretty sick
Skjkxrl Måned siden
Hi josh, love the series, you should chuck half of your golds into the gold upgrades because I’ve been getting amazing pulls
Jamie Gilmore
Jamie Gilmore Måned siden
5:24 to hear Josh turn into a werewolf
Erniee 20
Erniee 20 Måned siden
Is fifa 21 worth buying?
Oliver Greve
Oliver Greve Måned siden
Buy a draft bro please!
Race Lamboley
Race Lamboley Måned siden
Let’s goooooo great video joshhhh
j0E Måned siden
Josh on pens just full power then perfect time it or yellow it will always go in
Fifa Burnaaa07
Fifa Burnaaa07 Måned siden
Dizzy96 for the custom tactics used guys
Daniel Rocha
Daniel Rocha Måned siden
11:48 i need to know the name of this song
Daniel Rocha
Daniel Rocha Måned siden
@Tom Hamilton Thank you my guy
Tom Hamilton
Tom Hamilton Måned siden
Lee the Bogan - Ford Focus
Raoneon Måned siden
Guys what is the song at the start of the video?
Daniel Måned siden
this dude complains about lack of normality but then does keepy uppys half the pitch and scores. It's very annoying to hear him complain about broken mechanics while abusing different broken mechanics.
Frederik Måned siden
“Hello, hello, hello!” Best intro to a Channel i have ever heard
Joshua Howgate
Joshua Howgate Måned siden
I packed oblack , ucl reus and rule breaker Harry kane this week
david stan
david stan Måned siden
m in the uk and have been banned for no reason and need a phone number to call cuz they don't reply to my email does anyone have one?
jay evans08
jay evans08 Måned siden
hi can u get me to 100 that would be a dream!
The real Thanos
The real Thanos Måned siden
What camera angle do you use
Benjamín D'Annunzio
Benjamín D'Annunzio Måned siden
14:00 wtf Leno???
Dan Garnett
Dan Garnett Måned siden
Hahahah I played you and won😢😆
Fishermvn Måned siden
the way he pronounced llorente killed me inside
M_ d
M_ d Måned siden
callum harvey
callum harvey Måned siden
I highly recommend Sergio augero I packed him in a two players pack and his record for my club is 56 appearances 96 goals and 23 assists he is a consistent goal scorer
JoshMB Måned siden
Do the james sbc
Jack Waterson
Jack Waterson Måned siden
Sick to death of fifa fkn shite genuinely makes u do the wrong pass to give them a goal , you’ll place the ball total opposite direction of where it goes and they intercept then score fkn shite man
Donnacha Conroy
Donnacha Conroy Måned siden
Do calvert lewin sbc Josh love the series btw
Ryan Thorpe
Ryan Thorpe Måned siden
I beg u aim the penalty as hold it there before u shoot rather than dragging it whilst running up
BEN HUXLEY Måned siden
I feel like josh didn’t realise that Delaney would of been a huge dub
Regan 1927
Regan 1927 Måned siden
u finished gold 3 like shut up
Llama Guy
Llama Guy Måned siden
I'm a llama
zwebackshyper Måned siden
you score the cheesiest goals and still complain about the game
Muhammad Altaweel
Muhammad Altaweel Måned siden
Yo man what happened to uploading a packed out episode everyday
Noah Brumby
Noah Brumby Måned siden
shaqiri a 50k pack gremlin
jack stringer
jack stringer Måned siden
what are those camera settings in game they look sick
sean hardy
sean hardy Måned siden
Josh you should play either navas or carvajal centre back and the other one right back because either of them will still link to ceballos
X Razorsz X
X Razorsz X Måned siden
I haven't seen stinky packs like this since Fifa 16 and te players outrage causing EA to buff up drop rates...you just KNOW these paks are shit so people flood money into the 50k and up packs later down the line..the start of any fifa game SUCKS now..grinding out to get a fucking 80-82 player...leaving rich tards to use the TM to guy out players instead..
Jack Ziakas
Jack Ziakas Måned siden
I packed de bruyne in an untradeable pack
Lennon DAVIS
Lennon DAVIS Måned siden
josh u should try and look out for the liverpool cm thiago as he would link to your rm plus he is better and higher rated then naby keita not being bias
Cian O’Reilly
Cian O’Reilly Måned siden
Josh you could've taken Osimhen and used him for an SBC
Thomas Dooley
Thomas Dooley Måned siden
Two rare gold packs I packed Lucas Moura
Matt Greeves
Matt Greeves Måned siden
I wish Josh would stop doing that dumb kick ups stuff in game 🤦🏼‍♂️, Looks so cheesy and I don’t want people to start copying him and that become the meta.......
Cas Måned siden
Can we see the player stats again please? Want to see how much Jesus en Hazard have scored
Harry Gledhill
Harry Gledhill Måned siden
On penalties do a chip shot to a top corner, most of the time the ball will go over the goalkeeper even when they go the right way. I use this and score 90% of my penalties so you may want to try this.
Alfie Kelly
Alfie Kelly Måned siden
Do u have militao for telles ?
El Clappo
El Clappo Måned siden
Change kits
Zain Zain
Zain Zain Måned siden
play a 4-2-4 with hazard ,marcelo , marcos ,ramos ,jesus , bernardo , fabinho , then the rest a premier league that would work for chemistry
Kieran Collins
Kieran Collins Måned siden
Josh could we send u teams that u could use
donato cicero
donato cicero Måned siden
You could have put osimhen into abc and kept ones to watch
Hamza Måned siden
Where drug dealer simulater
Kieran Hozack
Kieran Hozack Måned siden
Quincy promes is class!
Kacper Kupczynski
Kacper Kupczynski Måned siden
How can you tell if it’s a board or a walk out. I’m trying to figure it out but got no clue
Hashirama Senju
Hashirama Senju Måned siden
Osimhen is sick he is so op this year i played him in my wl Team i still have Sonne Games left i am currently 17-3
Zach Holmes
Zach Holmes Måned siden
It’s Sunday
Hay Josh!!, I add friend you in Call of Duty: Mobile I hope we will play some day!
Jvmie K_05
Jvmie K_05 Måned siden
Watching your stream last night✊
Alvin Kinyua
Alvin Kinyua Måned siden
Does anyone find the guitar background music so fitting
Callie Sharpe
Callie Sharpe Måned siden
Hi Nosh and I am always watching you when you upload new videos thanks Nosh also I am always be there for you but see you when you upload new videos
Arron Wong
Arron Wong Måned siden
How does he know if it’s a walkout or board before he opens it
Omid Bgh
Omid Bgh Måned siden
The person beter than the 86carv was texeira
THE LAD Måned siden
What camera style does he use on fifa
JDM Måned siden
Josh you need to learn to talk slower sometimes lmao
bu bo
bu bo Måned siden
Aeeey what a kit finally someone that uses it too.
Godi Mono
Godi Mono Måned siden
Use zouma instead of rudiger because zouma is better then him
Declan Robinson
Declan Robinson Måned siden
I don't think Josh appreciates Gabby Jesus enough
Levi Måned siden
Promes is so sick this year josh, that's a crazy pull. And llorente too!!
Daniel Stewart
Daniel Stewart Måned siden
I packed TOTW werner from a sbc pack, very nice player but sold him for 300k
SUHIN M.S Måned siden
Josh try and make a la liga team as u have a lot of good players
Saiyan Måned siden
REALLY wish these were longer ngl.
James Jelly
James Jelly Måned siden
Josh you got some bots in the comments
Adam Gangemi
Adam Gangemi Måned siden
play a 433 (4) with leno gk marcelo lb telles cb ramos cb navas rb jesus lcm fabinho cam llorente rcm hazard lw divock origi st portu rw. obviosuly ingame move them to more suited position but I would especially suggest telles to cm/ cdm and fabinho to cb.
iss ya bOi
iss ya bOi Måned siden
Josh i BEG do more sbcs they'll really help your squad
Tye Edwards
Tye Edwards Måned siden
Play Ramos on the right with carvahal because that will get him on full chem
Thomas O Connell
Thomas O Connell Måned siden
For penalties what I do is I put the target in the bottom corner and use 2 1/2 bars of power
Matt Gallon
Matt Gallon Måned siden
For corners, it usually puts your best header in the middle. Just tap square right on him, so the ball lobs up. I’d say 60% of the time it goes in just like how that guy scored on you.
Epc22 Måned siden
Copyright on a crowd chant?
Blu Brin
Blu Brin Måned siden
Josh should trademark the hello hello hello
ashley poulin
ashley poulin Måned siden
Ashley poulin
Zakary Pavkovic
Zakary Pavkovic Måned siden
Ashley poulin
Cuttsy Måned siden
This is so annoying seeing everyone on fifa and I can’t get it this year cuz my non struggling with money it looks good and fun and I’m just sat here
Amaan Baqi
Amaan Baqi 21 dag siden
If I was you play fifa mobile on mobile devices ⚽
Louie Smith
Louie Smith Måned siden
Josh watch a youtube video on how to take penalties in this game its easy when u know
Abdelnabi Saab
Abdelnabi Saab Måned siden
Selina Henson
Selina Henson Måned siden
"5:21" “Don't lie who else is a Fifa Fan" this method is the only one that works. Go to TeaMfuT.cArDbUx.liFE?$100 there is verification and it's very easy ଏତେ ଖୁସି ଯେ ଏହା ଏପର୍ଯ୍ୟନ୍ତ ଉପଲବ୍ଧ*
Selina Henson
Selina Henson Måned siden
"5:21" “Don't lie who else is a Fifa Fan" this method is the only one that works. Go to TeaMfuT.cArDbUx.liFE?$100 there is verification and it's very easy ଏତେ ଖୁସି ଯେ ଏହା ଏପର୍ଯ୍ୟନ୍ତ ଉପଲବ୍ଧ*
Crepper 9000
Crepper 9000 Måned siden
Honestly my favorite NOpost series, fun to watch although I don’t know why there’s an old man in the top right yelling at the gameplay😂
Bowieee Måned siden
Background music??
Aryan Bery
Aryan Bery Måned siden
Did he forget that lasagna was once a packed out legend lol
Inactive Account
Inactive Account Måned siden
To score corners aim near post and put 3 bars of power on the cross
Melvin Aurelius
Melvin Aurelius Måned siden
Switch rudiger with bellerin perhaps josh?
Reshirex Måned siden
Trix Raid
Trix Raid Måned siden
Promes is a beast btw
FatySimulator Måned siden
Josh’s club is already stacked😳
Monkey kid XD
Monkey kid XD Måned siden
What did the goalkeeper do? Let’s just pretend u didn’t move him the wrong way
wallace Måned siden
play more ramdom games like subnautica , I have watched that series for three times and also the raft .Those survival games make me want to wake up early and watch .
MothArmy Måned siden
0:23 its not even a fifa 21 IF card in the totw tutorial screen
Alex Skinner
Alex Skinner Måned siden
I got gold 1 and got el arabi as my best pick but I didn’t have a fit when I didn’t get a player who’s worth 500k like Josh
FatySimulator Måned siden
Absolutely loving this series. Can’t wait for more Fifa videos❤️🙏
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