Among Us But Imposter Can't Kill Me #2

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6 måneder siden

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The Among Us series continues! Thank you for 500K subs, let's goooooooooooooo!!!
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cherry Par
cherry Par 8 dager siden
I hate rin for doing that
Paysliedabs 13 dager siden
You’re like Tony Stark and fish is like Peter Parker
CREEPER CRAFT 13 dager siden
CREEPER CRAFT 13 dager siden
You made me a better Impostor and a better Crewmate 🤗
Brendan Zheng
Brendan Zheng 15 dager siden
lol your getting ejected more often
Brendan Zheng
Brendan Zheng 15 dager siden
Didnt you see lime with dark green on cams seconds before coms were off but you still said lime was safe
Decena Brillante
Decena Brillante 17 dager siden
Zmde do a dare video pls!
Adamooo Gaming
Adamooo Gaming 21 dag siden
Hey your vids are amzaing can i have a shout up pls
Gaurav Maheshwari
Gaurav Maheshwari 21 dag siden
Why this had so many disklike
Jamel Laid
Jamel Laid 22 dager siden
This is the day when ZMDE 700Kplus sub. This vid. make me sub.
Catarzyna Sorrowsong
Catarzyna Sorrowsong 22 dager siden
Ivan Khedhr
Ivan Khedhr 23 dager siden
Z never loses
Rian Mabuda
Rian Mabuda 25 dager siden
ZMDE is a legend....big ups my gee🤍
Nature 26 dager siden
Jungleali 0812
Jungleali 0812 29 dager siden
Part 3 is gonna be his revenge
Saranya Kannan
Saranya Kannan Måned siden
I love this only thing why means in the last u realy find the flashback only thing is u belive tmoney but he was the that's the flash or maybe a twist?
Foxyenderspring222 Måned siden
Love this series
Giada Zajc
Giada Zajc Måned siden
This is so funny if he adds that voice like hey how u doin thats so funny I like now I love this
Ed Boy
Ed Boy Måned siden
8:17 KLION: I did reactor with big Babi. " Big Babies: Proceeds to die.
Wiktor Buczek Drugi Kanał
Wiktor Buczek Drugi Kanał 25 dager siden
Aryan Pradeep
Aryan Pradeep Måned siden
zmde wtf 4: 17 bruh u just saw lime follow green so ts lime
Fluttershy Måned siden
I love the "imposters can't kill me" mini series cause your acting smart and I like helping you from the other side the screen TeStIng mY dEtEcTivE sKilLs In aMoNg uS
Cade Geraghty
Cade Geraghty Måned siden
Cade Geraghty
Cade Geraghty Måned siden
I was laughing when he Sadie my bro fish lol your W bro with a a fish lol
Sporky Z
Sporky Z Måned siden
Watching old zmde vids
1B石睿澄 Måned siden
1 imposter t 2 imposter you
Nneoma Uwadone
Nneoma Uwadone Måned siden
is your best colour black
Voice Vision
Voice Vision Måned siden
MJ is my favourite superhero (Spider-Man),s Girlfriend.
Dark Mimikyubi 123
Dark Mimikyubi 123 Måned siden
6:23 hahahahaha 🤣🤣😂🤣🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂😂🤣 so damn funny . Zmde did really want to kill lil babi but boom there were some crewmates with lil babi dude i died bc of laughing
bellami overlin
bellami overlin Måned siden
n mira hq in among us you can hind behind the sattelite and see soene vent (ignore my errible spelling)
Ali S M J Alsabaghah
Ali S M J Alsabaghah Måned siden
I actually have a little trick with electrical like you can actually close doors and mess with electrical outlet the same time if you press them fast enough electrical and the door to electrical or any other not if you’re like quick enough before the game reacts it’s like you think like you like day one at a time after each other but at the same time so you can just do the trick and a bang out a boom you got a few seconds until the doors open to electrical and this is the most latest tip
Marlik Williams
Marlik Williams Måned siden
I like your video Zmde
Gelleah Griffiths
Gelleah Griffiths Måned siden
U love rose
RD - 06KG 785630 Ingleborough PS
RD - 06KG 785630 Ingleborough PS Måned siden
your vids are EPIC
Murali R
Murali R Måned siden
Good to see how his among us game narration has evolved greatly
monir khan
monir khan Måned siden
I love you videos
Tran Waring
Tran Waring Måned siden
Aghhhhh I am so so so into your vidoes
Mr.k boiii
Mr.k boiii Måned siden
That was a big brain for the first game
Mr.k boiii
Mr.k boiii Måned siden
Tmoney is very very very very very very very suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuus
Aisha arshad
Aisha arshad Måned siden
Me: I'M IMPOSTAAA zmde:so in the second round I'm imp HE so chilll
gb chang
gb chang Måned siden
Sabotage communications then vent at med bay. the people see vent open up at med bay then from security then watch cameras and whoever comes out at med bay is the impostor
Brendon Harris
Brendon Harris Måned siden
Um ZMDE how did you not know it was tmoney he was following dark green
Snowy Brezze
Snowy Brezze Måned siden
... lol.
Sophia TZ Sihite
Sophia TZ Sihite Måned siden
ZMDE, I just watched your amazing videos! ZMDE, you are the best, YAY!!
Eorror me pls BM GO
Eorror me pls BM GO Måned siden
100% it was blue because if i wear blue/red i always be the imps
mary kurzhals
mary kurzhals Måned siden
R.I.P fish 😔
amit ivgi
amit ivgi Måned siden
ZMDE to the best plz invite me to your games
Anthony Williams
Anthony Williams 2 måneder siden
I hate rin
SwaeyFN 2 måneder siden
Colin Main
Colin Main 2 måneder siden
Fish is a good buddy
Anna and leya sisters
Anna and leya sisters 2 måneder siden
What happened to among us now 😭😭😭😬😬
Boruto Uzxmaki
Boruto Uzxmaki 2 måneder siden
yo zmde you have insane plays in every among us vid how you so good?
Misty Bisht 7A
Misty Bisht 7A 2 måneder siden
Zmde- tell I sus him if I die he sus me-i sus him if I die follow him all voted me or not listening hey listen all hey anybody here
Cecilia Schimizzi
Cecilia Schimizzi 2 måneder siden
Do u know kids are watching because I am one
PINK PUNK 2 måneder siden
6.24 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 "Time to die (everyone there) i mean hi)
David Beatrice
David Beatrice 2 måneder siden
Tmoney was clever!
葉天朗YIP TIN LONG 2 måneder siden
I love your among us vid
LUAN DIM 2 måneder siden
Cuties Dream World
Cuties Dream World 2 måneder siden
MJ? as in Michael Jackson?!
Rohan The awesome
Rohan The awesome 2 måneder siden
When he said the betraying to rose it was like when six let mono go
Katiya Gholam
Katiya Gholam 2 måneder siden
Big brain
Anamika Mukherjee
Anamika Mukherjee 2 måneder siden
I am the biggest fan of you ZMDE
ツ HELP WANTED ツ 2 måneder siden
"Light green" Me: there's no light green its lime
Ishika mishra
Ishika mishra 2 måneder siden
Kwame Akoto
Kwame Akoto 2 måneder siden
You were actually defeated
ROGELIO FALCULAN 2 måneder siden
Man ZMDE I can't believe you lost as an imposter. If I were you I can beat these guys as an imp in under 4 minutes.
•Strxwberryii •
•Strxwberryii • 2 måneder siden
Zmde is so pro
SEBASTIAN THUM CHEE WENG Moe 2 måneder siden
i get stronger when i watch your video,and i will like you
Munira Bithi
Munira Bithi 2 måneder siden
My strategy: always kill someone qnd sabotage lights i dir it all the time
AngelGabriel Peralta
AngelGabriel Peralta 2 måneder siden
I meant rin
Gregory Zellen
Gregory Zellen 2 måneder siden
ZMDE x Fish time baby
I love crocodiles. 101
I love crocodiles. 101 2 måneder siden
It pink
AngelGabriel Peralta
AngelGabriel Peralta 2 måneder siden
Jesus he gives no mercy on sin at end he said well meet again ok he's showing no mercy
jeff garcia
jeff garcia 2 måneder siden
Subscribe your channels
A Basnet
A Basnet 2 måneder siden
b737 -800
b737 -800 2 måneder siden
Haylee Brown
Haylee Brown 2 måneder siden
i was watching my favrote part but then a stupid add came its sucks i dont like the adds they go on my way ;-;
Jiro A. Atoz
Jiro A. Atoz 2 måneder siden
blanca paucar
blanca paucar 2 måneder siden
zmde:man the imposter kills my bro fish this is personal me:THE HOMIE FISH
Steve W
Steve W 2 måneder siden
No it was Tmoney
ROXANA ION 2 måneder siden
Fish it’s CHRIS!! 😧😧
Animal WRLD
Animal WRLD 2 måneder siden
I like Tmoney a lot
I love Call of duty mobile
I love Call of duty mobile 2 måneder siden
8:25 that’s me when I don’t watch your videos
Jaxsen Ruiz
Jaxsen Ruiz 2 måneder siden
Hongyang Shi
Hongyang Shi 2 måneder siden
Oh so tbh means to be honest
LOUIE N. MAÑACAP 2 måneder siden
Zmde how did you always win
Pampei Carrot
Pampei Carrot 2 måneder siden
Zm happy 2M Subs
b - bwaby bwun
b - bwaby bwun 2 måneder siden
They vanish cause lag...and I didn’t realise zmde played on mobile until now...
Anna Kielar
Anna Kielar 2 måneder siden
I love among us
Anna Kielar
Anna Kielar 2 måneder siden
kamal Adhikari
kamal Adhikari 2 måneder siden
Meet you meet you in the game walking and you think I like it do you let’s run
maneth prasanna
maneth prasanna 2 måneder siden
Zmde eris Lori's came to my game
Mappingchannel Canadian
Mappingchannel Canadian 2 måneder siden
T money did good n lie he almost outsmarted zmde
Cervantes Penelope
Cervantes Penelope 2 måneder siden
Ana Garduno
Ana Garduno 2 måneder siden
If we play with a server with rin then you should kill him first and among us if you're the imposter so that he doesn't make you as a suspect
juan martinez
juan martinez 2 måneder siden
juan martinez
juan martinez 2 måneder siden
juan martinez
juan martinez 2 måneder siden
juan martinez
juan martinez 2 måneder siden
juan martinez
juan martinez 2 måneder siden
juan martinez
juan martinez 2 måneder siden
Oh yeah it’s a wrap auction
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