This Class Setup in Night Mode is like CHEATING! 😯 (Modern Warfare Warzone)

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This Class Setup in Night Mode is like CHEATING! 😯 (Modern Warfare Warzone)
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Brad Doan
Brad Doan Time siden
Qua pasa nickmercs
matthew wiese
matthew wiese Dag siden
you are sooo good bro i wish i could play with you but im terrible i havent gotten a singe win in any warzone game mode
Naruto Uzumaki
Naruto Uzumaki 3 dager siden
Why do You guys never stick together
Klaus Witschke
Klaus Witschke 11 dager siden
Love this
Ali Al-Wazzan
Ali Al-Wazzan 11 dager siden
we've all been waiting for the que pasa
Ali Al-Wazzan
Ali Al-Wazzan 11 dager siden
que pasa is the best
Kyle Chu
Kyle Chu 16 dager siden
I personally haven't seen his seat before, so what if his seat is actually just a toilet and that's why he does that at 1:33
Lennie Maina
Lennie Maina 20 dager siden
Hey nickmercks I always watch you and you pretty much sound like Adam Sandler
Shade_ Squishy
Shade_ Squishy 21 dag siden
Whats your setting nick i wanna try ur settings
lil Sa1ko
lil Sa1ko 22 dager siden
Que pasa
Nova hai
Nova hai 23 dager siden
@NICKMERCS your videos are the best part of my day. thanks!
Landon Lima
Landon Lima 25 dager siden
Hugo Boye
Hugo Boye 25 dager siden
I just guessed he’d get 32 kills thqt game
Julia Rodriguez
Julia Rodriguez 29 dager siden
que pasa i love it
Phoenix40 Måned siden
Why is it that Nick and everyone he plays with has such an aggressive intro? Like I'm honestly slightly freaked out
Aden Pezina
Aden Pezina Måned siden
What the attachments on that mp5 you were using
Golden Doom
Golden Doom Måned siden
0:40 Was expecting the '*stare deeply into camera*... "Que Pasa"' part but wasn't expecting that reaction afterwards. Bruh you just broke NOpost with this. LOL
Peaceful Roman
Peaceful Roman Måned siden
I try so hard not to laugh when u talk like that but :40 got me good haaa😆😆
ar pirates
ar pirates Måned siden
I love your Arabic
Last Call
Last Call Måned siden
I'm late, but the last minute is straight fire
The doggie Gaming
The doggie Gaming Måned siden
Yalla yalla are you middle eastern
DeathKiller YT
DeathKiller YT Måned siden
Everyone is using cold blooded now so it’s hard to get kills
Levi ray Braund
Levi ray Braund Måned siden
💚🖤💚🖤 the Que Pasa 💯💯🤙🤙
Aaron Perez
Aaron Perez Måned siden
Curious as to why the thumbnail shows a gun with the Merc Thermal Optic attached, especially since he's using the NVG Enhanced. 🤔 Because it looks better. 😉
coverblown21 Måned siden
annoys me how courage constantly loudly cuts off cloakzy’s callouts
Izet Kajtazi
Izet Kajtazi Måned siden
When he said yalla yalla
Jason Bishop
Jason Bishop Måned siden
That forehead smack montage is what got me to just subscribe!
Xxmeme bossxX
Xxmeme bossxX Måned siden
x4 deaths nick is ready to put a hole in the screen lol
LIL Schwartzy
LIL Schwartzy Måned siden
what’s his mp5 vlass
Oliver Emsick
Oliver Emsick Måned siden
Buys a uav instead of his zombie friend lol
Bryan Flores
Bryan Flores Måned siden
I was running the Kilo/NVG last night. It was great! I am thinking now.. it's not gonna be. love ya Nick but THANK YOU -_-
Fernando Zúñiga
Fernando Zúñiga Måned siden
TheRealShadowNinja05 Måned siden
Que Pasa!
John Bates
John Bates Måned siden
I said it right when he did lmao
ꫝitꪶꫀr Måned siden
Zombies should come equipped with cold blooded for obvious reasons
ꫝitꪶꫀr Måned siden
Also the AN-94 custom scope is better
J Moneymaker
J Moneymaker Måned siden
This was hard to watch
Dan Kristyak
Dan Kristyak Måned siden
Pull the chute!!! Pull the Chute!! AAAAAAHH!
Ritzy Måned siden
Admiral Suzuki
Admiral Suzuki Måned siden
And u 2 with ur cronusmax 🤣
Mysteria98 1
Mysteria98 1 Måned siden
He died again
George Greenway
George Greenway Måned siden
Spittzs- Måned siden
Run The An-94 With The Thermal Sniper Scope It’s So Good
Roberto Cardenas
Roberto Cardenas Måned siden
Never gets old que te pasa in el siribro
PandaSoldaat Måned siden
That sound in the background at 17:26 actually scared me. Payday 2 players will understand.
Ryan Vaughn
Ryan Vaughn Måned siden
Nick, your vids make me laugh man and it helps time pass by in college classes keep up the good work and good vids man!!!!
Will Scheible
Will Scheible Måned siden
how did he get the color of the watch green
jenwade28 Måned siden
Nick kinda sus
biggishbeast Måned siden
I don't know if this has ever been mentioned, but CouRage (Jack) sounds exactly like Patton Oswalt and I can't get over that association every time you play with him
HoboFlamingo Måned siden
This guy’s patience is non-human maan. After dying two times after respawning in humans I would have cried in rage
Ambe Amboy
Ambe Amboy Måned siden
Kevin Måned siden
wow, we still playing this game?
Drew Cook
Drew Cook Måned siden
Alex Bevan
Alex Bevan Måned siden
I use NVG normally too .. I can’t see worth shit on my 60” tv I can’t even see how much money I have gotta ask someone
Blake Ripley
Blake Ripley Måned siden
Its the peace and love for me
Moises Arias
Moises Arias Måned siden
Que pass💀👁👄👁
ChubbyCheeks 007
ChubbyCheeks 007 Måned siden
I love the kilo
Trace Russell
Trace Russell Måned siden
Who else just came hear for the quepassa and gameplay
HDZ 0603
HDZ 0603 Måned siden
I like the video
Roger Gauthier
Roger Gauthier Måned siden
It also gives u 13% recoil control as well this and the vlk 3.0x
Jonah Taylor
Jonah Taylor Måned siden
Nick and Cloakzy are the unstoppable duo that every squad has lol. The chemistry is on POINT every game it seems like.
Osarumwense Igori
Osarumwense Igori Måned siden
Like the video neva gets old
Osarumwense Igori
Osarumwense Igori Måned siden
only the OGs would know know nickmercs being the og fortnite player OG forever
IG _louie.barry_
IG _louie.barry_ Måned siden
What if you played the zombie gamemode but you kept your third as a zombie for the constant radar, maybe Tim because he’s useless anyway
LA 96
LA 96 Måned siden
That end play 🤯
Night Fox
Night Fox Måned siden
I just realize why does the sound of the car sounds smoother and Cooler
Mason Frost
Mason Frost Måned siden
Amax with NVG and 20 round mags on the new shotgun is a zombie killer for sure.
Arman A.88
Arman A.88 Måned siden
That was super sweaty
Red Bearded Toad
Red Bearded Toad Måned siden
Love your energy so contagious!
It's Me
It's Me Måned siden
Bruh he had 31 Kills not 36
STONEDREW Måned siden
Why you look like thag
Jason Fussell
Jason Fussell Måned siden
Bro that Kilo is smooth bro appreciate it!
I love you
Kazhir Ata
Kazhir Ata Måned siden
youre on fire wtf dude gg
ItzMxlo Måned siden
When nickmercs said you can hold my nuts I was laughing my ass off
CodyTheGoaty Måned siden
Last night I got my first win with the kilo and the mp7 it slaps
issachar davies
issachar davies Måned siden
Why you always look so god damn constipated
Eugene Tsekumah
Eugene Tsekumah Måned siden
Man I love this guy😂😂😂😂😂😂
KING Warrant242
KING Warrant242 Måned siden
Iam also advicing for using the "ONE AND ONLY CR-56AMAX+THE DRAGON DBS"
LX8 Måned siden
If this weapon is so overpowered why the heck are you running around and using the MP5 like in 90% of all the gameplay in this video lol
N M Måned siden
Bruh, SMGs are better up close than ARs...
OldTeefGaming Måned siden
The way the format has evolved is doing u good, so congrats. But, I'm hopping off this train. I used to like how you were relatable to older cats but, its catering too hard to the kiddies now.
error Måned siden
yella yella
1 hour Nation
1 hour Nation Måned siden
Bruh literally the Zombie Royale game mode has given me the most fun in warzone in forever, and because of the amount of times you can change back to human and zombies I dropped a 35 bomb solo/trio ( because its a trio game mode and I done solo -_-) but yea I love it!! Also Happy Halloween Nick and everyone else in the comment section and stay safe from the Virus!
N M Måned siden
Yeah, it is so fun. We need more events in this game. When you think about it, this is tge first one.
PlayerOf AllGames
PlayerOf AllGames Måned siden
Bendy Måned siden
Aaron Blaze
Aaron Blaze Måned siden
I put it on my Grau and we won.
nevek anders
nevek anders Måned siden
The thermal sight on the pkm is like a Lazer beam it has no recoil you should try it
Kevin Ojedis
Kevin Ojedis Måned siden
Icceyyy 0_0
Icceyyy 0_0 Måned siden
que pasaaaaaaaa
Pänzer_Wulf448 Måned siden
The kilo is the only gun I have maxed out.
Pänzer_Wulf448 Måned siden
@N M I’ve been playing since season 2 but it was the only gun I’ve really liked using. Although I’m getting close to maxing out the Grau, AK, and the M4. I’m also only like 5 levels away from maxing out the X-16
N M Måned siden
You probably a new player, right? Because I play from season 2 and I have some guns maxed out just from using it from floor loot
Travis Kenworthy
Travis Kenworthy Måned siden
disfigured Måned siden
A thermal scope in a night mode?! Groundbreaking! Jfc how the fuck does this dude have any viewers???
N M Måned siden
Why so negative ffs?
Aidan St. John
Aidan St. John Måned siden
10:17 is when he gets loadout.
-Nefonツ Måned siden
forehead gamer
saulito Måned siden
1:28 😂 this is better than que pasa in my opinion
SH!F7Y Måned siden
I fucking love this intro!
Donavin Gilbert
Donavin Gilbert Måned siden
What kind of set up was you running on ur mp5
IGloxy Måned siden
DL KL Måned siden
Nick sounded high in the intro bruh swear 🤣
The Tinman Gamer
The Tinman Gamer Måned siden
Worst intros of any gamer and how many classes are gonna be the best? A new best class video every other day ffs
These are the asteroids to worry about
“The BEST SMG in Warzone!” 🤔
Ganger 1,2 mill
These are the asteroids to worry about
Fortnite SEASON 5 *LIVE!*