Building a full-size Wooden Whale in my Backyard Bike Park! // Subscriber Trail pt. 10

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Backyard Trail Builds

Måned siden

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In this video we are building and riding a wooden whale tail feature that actually looks like a whale!
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Backyard Trail Builds
Backyard Trail Builds Måned siden
Heres Jay's channel! Go give em a follow
Roots MTB
Roots MTB Måned siden
Thanks Seth!
David Francisco
David Francisco Måned siden
Bradley Watters
Bradley Watters Måned siden
What bike is in the thumbnail?
The Logzilla
The Logzilla Måned siden
Don’t worry I did
Nikki Pocock
Nikki Pocock 4 dager siden
It would be cool if you could do two sides of the tail and have two different ways to go
max 7 dager siden
When’s the next video
k21im 11 dager siden
"Killer whales" are actually dolphins
Ed_FullerXD 15 dager siden
Option 1
asylumDAYS 16 dager siden
Option 2
asylumDAYS 16 dager siden
I recomend to you, to use Autocad and Sketchup for structure desings 😊
Belts And Boxes
Belts And Boxes 27 dager siden
My brother here needs a laser level! :) Love the vids man.
Kane Lazarus
Kane Lazarus Måned siden
Vert wall
Krypticss Måned siden
Make a hip jump
Ride or die
Ride or die Måned siden
Don't make the jump closer. Just make it bigger
Ben Fritz
Ben Fritz Måned siden
The Old Chap
The Old Chap Måned siden
Why don't you just pop it instead of casing it every time only a tiny gap
C RICHARDS Måned siden
Hip jump
BASS kicking Fishing
BASS kicking Fishing Måned siden
you could of used the left way into the creek gap
huo_ rau
huo_ rau Måned siden
JACOB PLAYZ Måned siden
Dirty Sprocket
Dirty Sprocket Måned siden
Haha that level man, blew my mind.
Dorftrottel 02
Dorftrottel 02 Måned siden
can you making a video were you learning the manuel?
harry 6
harry 6 Måned siden
I vote wall ride
Auzsquad Family
Auzsquad Family Måned siden
This really is awesome! Such a cool channel - subscribed ✅
Fishstix 999
Fishstix 999 Måned siden
Gaming Hamster
Gaming Hamster Måned siden
Why do you never use your slopstylebike
YT Koby Newman
YT Koby Newman Måned siden
You don't need to fix the first jump into it. All you need to do is make a real good berm in the run up to give you more speed
NWBN psyco
NWBN psyco Måned siden
the left side should become a shortcut to the rest of it and the wallride part should be a little extension
james Hatter
james Hatter Måned siden
hip jump please!!!!!!
Sam Slayton
Sam Slayton Måned siden
Option 2 !!!!!!!!!!
Jace Smith
Jace Smith Måned siden
Andy McPandy
Andy McPandy Måned siden
So to be a nit-picky..."killer whales" are dolphins...they hunt whales. So that being the case, it looks like you're going to have to make another one, much much bigger.
Andy McPandy
Andy McPandy Måned siden
get yourself a laser level (green line preferably as easier to see outside)...relatively inexpensive and less hassle.
Jarvis Hayes
Jarvis Hayes Måned siden
Darius Nortje
Darius Nortje Måned siden
Hip jump
Mitchel Turner
Mitchel Turner Måned siden
option 1
Tanner Snurkowski
Tanner Snurkowski Måned siden
Option 1
Woostty Måned siden
I want to know where ya get all that beautiful redwood or red cedar, or whatever you are using!! That shit is beautiful.
Riccardo Abba
Riccardo Abba Måned siden
option 1
Lyac TV
Lyac TV Måned siden
This looks awesome, I’d very much like to ride this! The trees red colour is also amazing!
Evil Boss
Evil Boss Måned siden
David Francisco
David Francisco Måned siden
C S Måned siden
option 1
emtb XL
emtb XL Måned siden
Anyone have any luck with the uhaul discount code? It would not work for me.
emtb XL
emtb XL Måned siden
@Backyard Trail Builds thank you
Backyard Trail Builds
Backyard Trail Builds Måned siden
I think they only run it a week.
- Måned siden
I don’t understand why still don’t have 200.000 subs
Gijs De Vooys
Gijs De Vooys Måned siden
Make a floating jump on your pond. FLOATING
N Bo
N Bo Måned siden
Can you Ride the Full Park that you Build
Sexymilkman Måned siden
The wood looks like a rare steak
David Warren
David Warren Måned siden
A couple of drops of food-coloring dye in your water will make it easier to see your level from a few feet way :)
frog gaming
frog gaming Måned siden
Do a loop
louiscrasher Måned siden
Backyard Trail Builds
Backyard Trail Builds Måned siden
There is no speed after the step up a bigger jump will not work here.
louiscrasher Måned siden
ist so smal, the wood is toutching the flor, im sad
Jaydin Trudeau
Jaydin Trudeau Måned siden
1 the hip
dogeridoo Måned siden
Hopefully he decorates it for xmas, that would be cool at night. otherwise if he burned it I would cry.
Dave Larose
Dave Larose Måned siden
Imagine having your parents own massive land, a side by side and a skid steer to use at your own disposal. Jelly.
Joe Callister
Joe Callister Måned siden
I love your rustic approach and your more eco choice of timber and joinery. Your woodwork is always awsome, especially how you start knocking out the notches! "that's going to take a lot of work to do on this whole thing, but I'm doing it" Yes mate good graft and self discipline there, laziness will only breed unhappiness. You're more inspirational than you know. Classic hose trick too, keep up the craftsmanship 👍 😊 Oh, is that a different digger buddy? and instead of bringing the lip closer to the whale tail, what about somehow increasing your speed into the lip? This would mean you can make another feature (plus video) between the step-up and your amazing whale tail while keeping good speed & flow on the trail :) P.s I smell fireworks 🎇 hehe (oh, a message from the wildlife: please use quiet ones not loud)
Lerway Chase
Lerway Chase Måned siden
Hi,Our company has free MTB parts, such as pedals, gloves,etc,if you are interested in them, could you help us test them and give us feedback, thank you.
howisosijboiy21 Goswell
howisosijboiy21 Goswell Måned siden
hope you have a whale of time, if you fall off dont whale too loud, whale done
Max O'connell
Max O'connell Måned siden
Hey u probably won’t se this but for the finale u should bring it back around and do a massive gap over the wale tail into the creek jump
Max O'connell
Max O'connell Måned siden
The tail on the left should lead to creek gap and the tail on the right should go back up a bit and have a descent down to a massive gap over the wail tail then onto the creek gap
Stryker Kruse
Stryker Kruse Måned siden
that wood is beautiful!
Kane Welch
Kane Welch Måned siden
Hio jump
Jeff Phoon
Jeff Phoon Måned siden
Hey Seth your builds are awesome...but I gotta you ever need to go to work🤪 keep up the great work
Jeff Phoon
Jeff Phoon Måned siden
Do you need concrete for the posts?
Ian Koehler
Ian Koehler Måned siden
Maximilian 8.3
Maximilian 8.3 Måned siden
This is just fun to watch I makes me want to build a trail as well
Faic Måned siden
Viktor G
Viktor G Måned siden
Just found this channel, really underrated he deserves more.
Ludovít Čermák
Ludovít Čermák Måned siden
Sara Glam
Sara Glam Måned siden
Tammy Trubicza
Tammy Trubicza Måned siden
Every week. This is the biggest feature yet!!!. Next thing he builds is the Empire State Building.😂
sapinva Måned siden
Every video, I'm thinking that lumber is too nice for riding on.
Black Sven
Black Sven Måned siden
Option 1
Diamond Dingits
Diamond Dingits Måned siden
Are you riding a polygon siskui?
logan kilger
logan kilger Måned siden
That was a full suspension dog there I wonder how much he got it for
Elijah Smith
Elijah Smith Måned siden
Hip jump
Agro []Jurek []
Agro []Jurek [] Måned siden
jeżeli jesteś Polakiem polub ten komentarz ! _2020__
the board riders club
the board riders club Måned siden
u upload good content
Fintán Ryan
Fintán Ryan Måned siden
What’s with the Polygon T8 2021 in the thumbnail I wanted to see u ride the whale tail on it
Matt Leechee
Matt Leechee Måned siden
Option 1 hip jump
Bananaz and me
Bananaz and me Måned siden
Totinos totinos Keep the song going in the comments
Enduro MTB Sydney
Enduro MTB Sydney Måned siden
u forgot the 4th thing u suck at being bad at building
Ryan Little
Ryan Little Måned siden
Before you build the hip or the vert wall you need to make sure you build it in the right direction. If you haven't ridden one before you might not know your natural rotation direction, which can often vary between hips and walls like in my case. Go to a skatepark or make a little something to test which directions feel better for you.
kn kn
kn kn Måned siden
Brandon Pulsifer
Brandon Pulsifer Måned siden
Do both, Hip jump/ Table top to wall ride!
Kate Chavis
Kate Chavis Måned siden
hip jump please
Molly Johnson
Molly Johnson Måned siden
i think the verticle wall
Jesse Saucedo
Jesse Saucedo Måned siden
The noes of ramp you need a little more pop to it
Ethan Storey
Ethan Storey Måned siden
The big metal construction rulers have the water level tube built into it. Have y’all never seen that?🧐
Evan Connelly
Evan Connelly Måned siden
Wow you’ve gotten better sense the last time I’ve watched
Joschka Hilsenstein
Joschka Hilsenstein Måned siden
The amount of effort and time this guy invests, not just into the trails but also in to filming, explaining and editing it all together is absolutely crazy, thank you so much for the content!!!
Derrick Rides
Derrick Rides Måned siden
Looks beautiful. Great build.
Zymbol Måned siden
Should just go a bit faster for the entry jump to work
Mr. B
Mr. B Måned siden
This is awesome, wish I was rich.
Let’s get me to like 1k subs so I can post polls
Let’s get me to like 1k subs so I can post polls Måned siden
It’s funny how on camera the whale tail looks like it’s 12 feet long but in reality in this case it’s 23 feet long
Liam Vilneff
Liam Vilneff Måned siden
Hip jump
Random Young
Random Young Måned siden
coolest feature on the subscriber trail. Who else agrees??? Trail lights for night riding next???
W. Baillie
W. Baillie Måned siden
... light it up.... Hmmm.... Going to ride all the features while they are on fire. Then you will have a bunch of things to rebuild. 😜
Haonan Zhao
Haonan Zhao Måned siden
How is your backyard so big??
MTB Lachlan
MTB Lachlan Måned siden
Frank Pearce
Frank Pearce Måned siden
Hip jump. There are hundreds of people fucking up on quarter pipes that youtube has to offer
Matt Spencer
Matt Spencer Måned siden
When you showed the glimpse of the water level, I was imagining you would be building a water spout on the whale that shot off right after passing it! 🤣
alex Måned siden
a master craftsman
finn Måned siden
the least flowy person ive seen
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