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Isaak Macias
Isaak Macias 3 timer siden
When he took a bite after he punched the desk🤣
Trey Erwin
Trey Erwin 4 timer siden
Thats not a Texan accent that's a southern accent
Arpan lollers
Arpan lollers 5 timer siden
Khalida Patel
Khalida Patel 10 timer siden
I’m getting abs from hearing his laughs😭😂😂😂💀
Jordan Featherson
Jordan Featherson 12 timer siden
Waiting for jj to make and drop both a salty comp but it’s just HIS SALT and/or jj playing warzone. Either would be great
Baby Yoda
Baby Yoda 15 timer siden
Lol einfach elotrix hier Can sieht immernoch gleich aus :)
Lee Ganotise
Lee Ganotise 23 timer siden
This is how much people like jj double uploading 👇
Nadia Amoako-Andoh
Nadia Amoako-Andoh Dag siden
That bite at 1:20 tho...mMmMmMm
mert_ yt
mert_ yt Dag siden
Dieser Moment wenn ksi auf elotrix reagiert
Gamer Flame
Gamer Flame Dag siden
Isaac Hopkins
Isaac Hopkins Dag siden
Lets go JJ
Viji Raju
Viji Raju Dag siden
7:42 " IM STRUCK IN A TREE" Step sis: **is it for me😳**
Prince vaporyzer Prod.
Prince vaporyzer Prod. Dag siden
Annnnd now we have salty among us streamers/youtubers
Nepopx Devil
Nepopx Devil Dag siden
Ksi look like a person eating people's emotions 😂 😂
General 71
General 71 Dag siden
Jj: your aim was trash Jj while playing difficult games:
Mohammed Ollie
Mohammed Ollie 2 dager siden
Domestics domestics 😂
Derrick Boamah
Derrick Boamah 2 dager siden
As if he can aim better
Joe wilson
Joe wilson 2 dager siden
I don’t know who, but someone actually needs to hear this, you’ve got to stop saving all your money. Venture into investing some, if you really want financial stability.
The L Machine
The L Machine Dag siden
Thanks joe
Martha Dominic
Martha Dominic Dag siden
@Joe wilson ok thank you sir. Will contact her now.
Joe wilson
Joe wilson Dag siden
@Martha Dominic I can’t share her contact with you but i can give her telegram ( Tele - gram @Official_dr_Lydia).
Joe wilson
Joe wilson Dag siden
@Martha Dominic I have been able to secure a steady inflow of returns off my investments, its just great especially with this whole pandemic situation. It’s just amazing to find out Dr Lydia and there’s been no regrets ever since
Martha Dominic
Martha Dominic Dag siden
@Joe wilson Please do you mind sharing any means of reaching out to her easily?, I'm really interested i believe this is genuine.
Big Brain
Big Brain 3 dager siden
It's not OK he's okay with people misfortunes especially with the theme 'salting' his food
Lee Mahon
Lee Mahon 3 dager siden
1:17 is the funniest thing ever🤣
Deepa 3 dager siden
1:19 JJ’s reaction was so funny lmao he reacted by eating so fast as if that was going to calm the man 😹😹😹
Robert Nguyen
Robert Nguyen 3 dager siden
hmmmmmmm... strange where the OG salty pasta at.
Milo Bustany
Milo Bustany 3 dager siden
Still disappointed that Jev didn’t make an appearance in this video
Avez 3 dager siden
9:23 ssj3 goku
Washim Akram
Washim Akram 3 dager siden
Train ,I thought you was cool😅😅
StormWolf01 3 dager siden
Seeing grown men losing their nerves like that is very embarrassing.
A Fern
A Fern 3 dager siden
Streamers: Causing hundreds of dollars worth of damage KSI: *Delicious.*
Nathan Neufeld
Nathan Neufeld 3 dager siden
$10 million from a fight and you can’t get fucking salt
Red panda
Red panda 3 dager siden
why isnt jj verified?
Terry Joseph
Terry Joseph 3 dager siden
Your videos have me dying🤣
HGfotball 225
HGfotball 225 4 dager siden
JJ look at your rage bruh Fam i swear your rage i so funky bro
Bethany Mitchell
Bethany Mitchell 4 dager siden
This wasn't just salt this was the hole seasoning packet lmao
7:07 we got mickey mouse on warzone guy went from a normal voice to tom Kenney and Mickey mouse
How much gang sighns were thrown up in that clip
Matriks 4 dager siden
Yo do more of these this was so funny
danish raziq
danish raziq 4 dager siden
JJ: SALTY COMPILATION 3 (AMONG US) also JJ:alright thats enough of among us lets switch it up
Im Jax
Im Jax 5 dager siden
Do a dellor rage compilation
Daksh Sharma
Daksh Sharma 5 dager siden
At this point Jj is just trynna find excuses to fuck up his diet in disguise of “creative video ideas”
logan bowman
logan bowman 5 dager siden
I’ve never seen smitty get that mad 😂😂
Magnifying Glass
Magnifying Glass 5 dager siden
Among us rage compilation Shows 5 clips of among us The rest of the clips were cod Tf
Jack Mmt lover
Jack Mmt lover 5 dager siden
JJ u have enough SaLt JeEz MaN
mighty gaming culture
mighty gaming culture 6 dager siden
first cl
WeeDefault 6 dager siden
If I had french fries with me and I had no salt I would watch a salty compilation. Like if you 100% agree.
mr gamer
mr gamer 6 dager siden
When we ran out of salt in this world jj coming in to help the planet
Twenk 521
Twenk 521 7 dager siden
3rd compilation 3rd hairstyle😂😂
Cem LF
Cem LF 7 dager siden
8:44 He said: This Son of a Bitch Game he's a german Streamer
Cranky PineApple
Cranky PineApple 7 dager siden
all the people in this video are more funny than me
Nazanina M
Nazanina M 7 dager siden
you’re funnier than everyone
MrGdude65 7 dager siden
Bhahahahaha that salt is the way my brother plays this😂😂😂
jairo luna
jairo luna 7 dager siden
ColaGuy 7 dager siden
More of those videos JJ !!
Tsultrim Zala
Tsultrim Zala 8 dager siden
ruflusbadsnow 8 dager siden
i eat rice with salt and salt only.
ruflusbadsnow 8 dager siden
Kyle Salt
Kyle Salt 8 dager siden
Look at that dry ass fish on jj's plate 😂
Kyle Salt
Kyle Salt 8 dager siden
U asked for salt. Im here
Jaysen Lluberes
Jaysen Lluberes 8 dager siden
Random streamer: starts being salty JJ:MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM
Lisplord Gamez
Lisplord Gamez 9 dager siden
How tf did I not notice this vid until now?!
Ekko_Against_Time 9 dager siden
8:57 he said "son of a bitch game"
Adrian Fuentes
Adrian Fuentes 9 dager siden
NOpost acting weird didnt load thumbnqils and titles but once in the intro he said "aw man" i knew it was a salty compilation
Tyson Boyd
Tyson Boyd 9 dager siden
Me and JJ both bonding 💕 4:46
Adrian Fuentes
Adrian Fuentes 9 dager siden
Cani Redzeposki
Cani Redzeposki 9 dager siden
I like that some have those boxing guys and don’t even use it like they have to punch something else
Natalie 9 dager siden
react to ethan being salty!!
Shade_Cano 9 dager siden
No salt only MSG
Ivando Melvo
Ivando Melvo 10 dager siden
Is that 1,6kg of rice
Arjun Veer Sen
Arjun Veer Sen 10 dager siden
Dude. How is Windows un-activated on your PC?
Carter Bowman
Carter Bowman 10 dager siden
Uh we Texans don’t sound like that lmfaooo
Whyteassassin 10 dager siden
4:48 OMG I JUST CAN'T!!!🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂
Yousef Sultan
Yousef Sultan 10 dager siden
Who tf puts salt on fish
Stick Human
Stick Human 11 dager siden
8:57 that's Hitler making a great speech in 2020 bruh
Simrah Qureshi
Simrah Qureshi 11 dager siden
My brother plays most of his video games on the Xbox, and one time he got so mad he threw the controller at the T.V and broke it 😁
Curling 11 dager siden
JJ: "I have no salt!" Me: "Why don't you just open ur reddit and react to it??"
RIS 77
RIS 77 11 dager siden
He's getting paid to eat
Cornelia 11 dager siden
Where is that salmon and vegetables pasta???? I am dissapointed
Adam Cope
Adam Cope 11 dager siden
6 kilos of rice?? 😂
shahab uddin
shahab uddin 11 dager siden
King of Introverts
King of Introverts 11 dager siden
JJ's cholesterol level must be fucked after this
Kev 11 dager siden
I love when JJ does salty compilation
Fanboy 11 dager siden
Ooh ad salt. When he said c.a.d salt.
EntityZero 11 dager siden
how does one hear someone smile? Also imagine getting salty over among us lol
Kenziique 12 dager siden
that food actually looked pretty good lol
R. Raly
R. Raly 12 dager siden
Jjs laugh is a mystery
Ronald Retard
Ronald Retard 12 dager siden
“Domestic! Domestic!” Lmfao
EthanCrichton7 12 dager siden
1:20 this guy sees he breaks the table, JJ panics and panic wars his food 🤣
Cameron Andersen
Cameron Andersen 12 dager siden
7:37 if there’s something I learned from this video, it’s that he’s stuck in a tree
Jnnr 12 dager siden
Texas people: *Built Different*
gaming with rexy
gaming with rexy 12 dager siden
All this is him eating and rage
Lesley Ramabulana
Lesley Ramabulana 13 dager siden
No desks were harmed during the making of this video
\ 13 dager siden
*1:40** If steveo stayed on crack..*
Simply Saz
Simply Saz 13 dager siden
How did he not get a heart attack from the sapt
Enrique Cerda
Enrique Cerda 13 dager siden
As a man from Texas I'm offended from that Texas joke 😤 🤣
Charles Laurence Piga
Charles Laurence Piga 13 dager siden
Among us destroys friendships😂
TripVZ 14 dager siden
Activate Windows - Jj nah!
Elijah Oprych
Elijah Oprych 14 dager siden
Go to the shop
Aidan Staker
Aidan Staker 14 dager siden
Smitty went super sayain
Imad Saleh
Imad Saleh 14 dager siden
0:05 best acting ecer 🏆🏆
King Crucial
King Crucial 14 dager siden
Love these vids 😂😂😂
Brian Diep
Brian Diep 14 dager siden
JJs laugh though
ludwig- ironbull
ludwig- ironbull 14 dager siden
trainwrecks 7:39
Jack Forge
Jack Forge 15 dager siden
5:17. You can see the guy who will kill dellar.
tolkoJa 15 dager siden
imagine he runs out of food in an salty compilation
Luki .1.0
Luki .1.0 15 dager siden
The german guy was Elotrix 😂
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