"I should have ripped his head off!"- Roy Keane on Carlos Queiroz | ITV Sport

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3 måneder siden

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Roy Keane & Patrice Evra reflect on their relationship with former Manchester United assistant coach Carlos Quieroz
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Brandon Moncada
Brandon Moncada 2 dager siden
Carlos Quiroz is absolutely horrible.
soyuncu lcfc
soyuncu lcfc 18 timer siden
Thomas Jones
Thomas Jones 2 dager siden
A Lot Of Players Did Not Like That Assistant Manager, At Man United,
Mick Morrison
Mick Morrison 3 dager siden
helen heeney
helen heeney 5 dager siden
No one could question your commitment Roy and I mean no one
Callum Cruickshank
Callum Cruickshank 7 dager siden
Ian Wright trying not to laugh makes this. You can hear him at 0:31 start 🤣
Versus 7 dager siden
Queiroz is a bad coach. He does not care about his players. He is doing a bad job with Colombia.
soyuncu lcfc
soyuncu lcfc 18 timer siden
He did amazing with Iran
Mick Mcc
Mick Mcc 8 dager siden
Big hard man aye Roy ....ya bellwhiff think your the cock of the world ya fool
unbaised opinion
unbaised opinion 8 dager siden
P4K1R4MB0 10 dager siden
Roy Keane is a legend
Mod 66
Mod 66 10 dager siden
Evra is tossa
Adam Hern
Adam Hern 11 dager siden
2 years later, please can we all appreciate how fantastic the ITV studio for this World Cup was
Dave Southgate
Dave Southgate 11 dager siden
Keane is an asshole.
Divine Intervention
Divine Intervention 13 dager siden
What’s wrong with this tool? Why didn’t you ripped vinnies head off back in the day??
Timothy Dexter
Timothy Dexter 13 dager siden
"tail between his legs" , always gets me
kev rotherham`
kev rotherham` 13 dager siden
hhahaha keano
Les Blakeman
Les Blakeman 13 dager siden
John McEnroe has a clause in his Seniors Tour contract that he must throw at least one tantrum , I think Roy has a similar clause
Snoopy Bollox
Snoopy Bollox 16 dager siden
There's not many people Roy Keane didn't want to rip their heads off...
Jiawei Shen
Jiawei Shen 17 dager siden
I told him where to go ...🤣
Brownalebelly 18 dager siden
Once again being the hard man after the event.
R G 19 dager siden
The problem with Roy Keane is that he hasn’t yet met a guy who will beat him up to a pulp. It will happen because guys like him (who think they are “perfect in every way”) usually invite trouble, and one day he’s going to say the wrong thing to the wrong guy!
Jabber 1974
Jabber 1974 21 dag siden
Roy Keane, even Chuck Norris is scared of him.
Tom TheDon
Tom TheDon 21 dag siden
Roy's all gob, anybody confronted him he would weep like a bitch
Terry TT
Terry TT 22 dager siden
I'm afraid for "Mr. Angry" as I don't want him to blow a HEAD gasket due to High Blood Pressure!
Daniel Howe
Daniel Howe 22 dager siden
There's Roy showing his sensitive side again lol lol
Thomas D
Thomas D 22 dager siden
Roy bugimen keane
Mahamed Qasim
Mahamed Qasim 22 dager siden
this Roy is showing a bad example to a youngters-not good
Sayed Ahmed
Sayed Ahmed 24 dager siden
When Keane turned 18 he asked his parents to leave the house 🏠
Zakir Khodabocus
Zakir Khodabocus 26 dager siden
Ole need to bring another coach in
ryen hemoro
ryen hemoro 26 dager siden
Roy Keane would probably be accepted into the X-men.
Neal McEneaney
Neal McEneaney 26 dager siden
But you wouldn’t Roy. You wouldn’t. Every big talk bloke ever. I’d believe Cantona had he said that. Mark Hughes? Yes. Even Alex. But not this fella
Sean Mckinney
Sean Mckinney 26 dager siden
Grow up u idiot
Pantomath 27 dager siden
When Roy was born, he named his parents.
BillBirkin 27 dager siden
Roy Keane is all talk. Viera exposed him
Ben Smith
Ben Smith 28 dager siden
But you didnt ...did you roy ..
Wayne Brewer
Wayne Brewer 29 dager siden
Roy is mint never mixes his words straight talking 👌🏻
Martypants Magoo
Martypants Magoo Måned siden
Roy Keane is the sort of guy who gargles petrol and then tells you what year it was made.
Paul Culligan
Paul Culligan Måned siden
Roy Keane battered Chuck Norris.
A sad Orangutan
A sad Orangutan Måned siden
I would love a shouting contest between Gordon Ramsey and Keano.
Gordon Ramsey RIP
Steve Nicol
Steve Nicol Måned siden
Roy may come across as a hard man but he has a heart of gold. The first thing he did when he made some money was buy a brand new caravan for his Ma.
Mark Gaffney
Mark Gaffney Måned siden
Roy keane is a shit head
Ashok Bhardwaj
Ashok Bhardwaj Måned siden
Keane has not exactly been a great manager .
Matt malone
Matt malone Måned siden
Keane was finished by the time Ferguson got rid Roy knew it and so did Ferguson keano comes across as bitter
a Måned siden
Roy hates most of the people of the world.
mark jeffers
mark jeffers Måned siden
Funny I didn't like keane when he was playing but he's great to listen to for sure always brutally honest love that
nahid hasan
nahid hasan Måned siden
This is thuggish behaviour.Pretending strong man image is one thing but saying this type of statement is damning for a footballer of his stature
Abdi Sh Gaab
Abdi Sh Gaab Måned siden
The biggest shit talker in history beside Donald Trump is Roy Keane
robert jones
robert jones Måned siden
Johann Bereaux
Johann Bereaux Måned siden
You have to admire the honesty of Roy Keane.
Igluman Måned siden
Roy frowns so much legend has it he can’t pull any other facial expression
Pete K
Pete K Måned siden
Roy Keane's angry Mr Badass attitude is just soooooo old. gfys
katoness Måned siden
I don't even watch football but I watch Roy Keane.
Jeremy Van Briesies
Jeremy Van Briesies Måned siden
I love Roy Keane ....quite a straight forward guy
John Linehan
John Linehan Måned siden
Poor Ian Wright bordering on Cardiac
John mc kiernan
John mc kiernan Måned siden
Maybe he should have knocked your gob shut first
Papabear Måned siden
Yeah. Accused of assaulting a woman in a bar. Alf Inge Haaland.... Shit himself against Viera. Gobshite
Lance Wilson
Lance Wilson Måned siden
Couldn't rip open a bag of crisps lad
Anthony Leighton
Anthony Leighton Måned siden
I bet the fellas dying to laugh..... Not ..
JPMcIntosh Måned siden
If Keane wasn't a footballer, he'd be in prison. Anger management is the least of it; he deliberately crippled another player and destroyed his career, for which he should have received a lifetime ban. Frankly, he's a mixture of psychopath and sociopath, and seems to get off on being as intimidating as he can be. So, no, he's not a "wild, crazy but loveable Irish rogue". He's a pure bred bastard of the worst type.
Garry Jeffery
Garry Jeffery Måned siden
And shit down his neck. I hate this macho bullshit. I eat green berets for breakfast.
David Mchugh
David Mchugh Måned siden
I think I told him......where to go. Great coach though
Lee Matthews
Lee Matthews Måned siden
Ian Wright's giggling at keane all the time is immature and irritating the guy was a quality player but all he ever does is state the obvious.
Scorpio Snake
Scorpio Snake Måned siden
When Roy Keane's wife was having sex with another dude, she was still screaming, "Roy.....ummm Roy."
Roy Keane is a football legend and also a football pundit legend 😂😂😂😂😂
Dayne McBride
Dayne McBride Måned siden
Has anyone ever smacked roy .... like really smacked him... just to see if his fists are as good as his mouth? .... ( total respect .. just asking... love his psychology... create his own game... )
Mitchell Sullivan
Mitchell Sullivan Måned siden
Ian Wright is the only one allowed to laugh.
sbonga dlamini
sbonga dlamini Måned siden
Any reason why this man is always angry
Ryan blob
Ryan blob Måned siden
Small man, always threatening violence.
Alejandro Martínez
Alejandro Martínez Måned siden
Who said it !? This piece of literally SHIT who has ruined other players career just cuz he thinks he is tough but not he is just an animal who does NOT think
michael davis
michael davis Måned siden
Amazes me how none of the ex utd players don't have this same energy for ole
James earl Cash
James earl Cash Måned siden
Didn’t expect this so out of character lmao 😂
Adam Full
Adam Full Måned siden
Ian Wright trying hold his laugh in 😂😂😂
HamOnRye Chinaski
HamOnRye Chinaski Måned siden
Roy brings the truth...Evra ahows ge usual shallow self. What a shock he tried to get two 25k a year groundsman sacked after MUFC were beaten badly because raaacism. Court blew apart his lies Men like Evra are cashing in at the moment.
munsterfloyd Måned siden
how to insult and compliment someone in the same breath.
Peter Kent
Peter Kent Måned siden
Shame Keano never nutted muppet Shearer instead of throwing the ball at his bonce.
S K Måned siden
Ian Wright trying not to crack up 😆
M_ Irwin
M_ Irwin Måned siden
When Roy comes to your house, you're the guest.
J noble
J noble Måned siden
BFB-DanceySteve Måned siden
What Evra, bro.
Matthew Lowdon
Matthew Lowdon Måned siden
That’s all well and good Roy, but when does shower turn in to a downpour?
Rory Watkins
Rory Watkins Måned siden
What a tosser. Over rated loud mouth.
Brian Quinn
Brian Quinn Måned siden
Keane is a plank
Matt Trivett
Matt Trivett Måned siden
Roy acts hard , but well known fact , Nicky Butt beat him up In front of the dressing room , Duncan Ferguson told him he would snap him in two in a tunnel if he tried it with him , Keane never went near him .
Michael Måned siden
He seems to have a few issues
Ron Johnson
Ron Johnson Måned siden
Roy Keane needs his gobby head ripped off.
Carlos Nunes
Carlos Nunes Måned siden
Carlos was fully educated and professional inmigrant in the middle of uneducated young millionaires. How could he show their teeth !!! I am the same situation but I am in the middle of uneducated basic income people. The worse thing you could do is to show your teeth! Roy Keane loves to pinch and probably he born with the spirit of a chicken!
GJDiary Måned siden
Roy is the man & has mellowed over the years then nonchalantly slips back into old Roy ways & rips poor Carlos head off! 😂
Robert Elliott
Robert Elliott Måned siden
Roy ripping your head off is actually an act of endearment!!
sanchez12344321 Måned siden
Roy showed his true colours when he bottled it in an interview with klopp. Jurgen fucking klopp like.
Glenn Loughran
Glenn Loughran Måned siden
Here in Ireland we were terrified of the IRA. the IRA gave up their guns after Keane had a word with them!
Scott Adams
Scott Adams Måned siden
This guy clearly tore frogs legs off as a kid... its not funny anymore Roy!! You're not hard you're a dickhead!!!
Bill Wellington
Bill Wellington Måned siden
When it's Roy's turn to buy a round....it's always on the house!!
ochhhh Lav
ochhhh Lav Måned siden
When Roy was born he took his dad to the pub to wet his own head
Thomas Elers
Thomas Elers Måned siden
So did he sign Shelby Stevens?
afxtekkers Måned siden
evra was pissing himself
alan watson
alan watson Måned siden
Roy Keane could not run a bath let alone a football team what a fucking cheek
Kirk Tongue
Kirk Tongue Måned siden
Big man in a little body
Arkadiusz Max
Arkadiusz Max 2 måneder siden
Evra pronounced debut like a proper honorary Englishman
simon edwards
simon edwards 2 måneder siden
What an arrogant little prick he is! I'd love to fight him.
ronburgindee 2 måneder siden
Roy's your typical lad from the Northside of cork..all mouth
Maximillion 2 måneder siden
Roy Keane molested a priest when he was 4.
man utd football
man utd football Dag siden
Your a clown👌
Vivek Villa
Vivek Villa 3 dager siden
The Jannermen
The Jannermen 12 dager siden
hahahahaha oooo that's dank
Martin Anderson
Martin Anderson 17 dager siden
Hilarious comment
Operation Arsenal
Operation Arsenal 17 dager siden
Dan B
Dan B 2 måneder siden
Told him where to go
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