Film Theory: Hey Fallon, You're Doing it Wrong!

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6 måneder siden

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With everything happening in the world today, late night talk show hosts like Jimmy Fallon and Stephen Colbert have not been able to record their shows in front of live audiences like normal. Instead they have pretty much become NOpostrs - setting up cameras in their house to talk to and getting their families to participate as a stand in for crew members and famous guests. Now, I give them credit for trying to adjust and keep making content how they can, but come on. These hosts do NOT know how to NOpost. What do I mean? Listen up Theorists and welcome to This Time Today with MatPat.
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Writers: Matthew Patrick and Luke Barats
Editor: Danial "BanditRants" Keristoufi, Alex "Sedge" Sedgwick, and Koen Verhagen
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman

bill aiken
bill aiken 21 time siden
The redundant antarctica acly tie because question importantly slow with a symptomatic dead. disturbed, useless brick
aniyah jones
aniyah jones Dag siden
0:51 It’s not a problem, it’s a ME problem!
You are close to 10M Good luck
talha mehtab
talha mehtab 2 dager siden
what about james corden
coffeeteamix 3 dager siden
Seth Meyers improved over the pandemic though. But then he introduced some stupid captain and fish. Le sigh. Don't know if John Oliver counts, but he had pretty good timing from the beginning.
Sean Winter
Sean Winter 4 dager siden
1 factor that isn't talked about in this video is how awful it can be to consume traditional broadcasts these days. NOpost is free and easy. Its hard to say no, as a consumer, to high accessibility.
Kristina Catherine
Kristina Catherine 4 dager siden
@1:04 - yes, that one joke was funnier than anything on late night anymore. 😂
GetTheGamers 4 dager siden
How the turns have table
Richie Santana
Richie Santana 6 dager siden
Wish I could sub twice with that last rant
jocendrys tobal
jocendrys tobal 6 dager siden
Never cut your hair and don't shave your beard
Dave Booshty
Dave Booshty 7 dager siden
2:25 yes it is a same format , but , to me Fallon is so untalented besides some celeb impersonations only. Carson wasn't genius but at least he was always likeable seeming and actually naturally funny.
MyBroSux24 7 dager siden
Hope there is a follow up video for how these now are doing. And if they improved around the year
Seamus McBoon
Seamus McBoon 9 dager siden
It makes sense that fewer people would watch legacy media here. They had so much extra time to browse and they found so much awesome content they didn't want to waste time with the networks. Everyone knows orange man bad. How many people know what happens when you drop a bowling ball on a trampoline from like 50 feet?
Jane Doe
Jane Doe 9 dager siden
7:18 My favorite late night douche!
Rather B Hunter than Prey
Rather B Hunter than Prey 10 dager siden
Late night died with Leno retirement.
gamerslockerslife 11 dager siden
he is not funny
gamerslockerslife 11 dager siden
Nhan Nguyen
Nhan Nguyen 11 dager siden
2:37 Everything changed when the COVID-19 attacked
Ethan Nguyen
Ethan Nguyen 12 dager siden
Now it’s time to find out if glass is a liquid
Kal Ly
Kal Ly 12 dager siden
Xander Heffer
Xander Heffer 12 dager siden
The blue of the wheel should just be the 2d animation of mat doing a talk show, imagine all the guests with them just needing to talk
Lakitu64 12 dager siden
You watched all that propaganda. That must have long term physical consequences.
Manan Malik
Manan Malik 12 dager siden
Love how so many of them had production values that were nothing close to that of the NOpostrs they criticise
Fijian Fala
Fijian Fala 14 dager siden
Trevor Noah Is the best youtuber
Viixxxie Manrique
Viixxxie Manrique 14 dager siden
video starts 5:12 but if you want to see elegance go to 4:50
King Dashiell
King Dashiell 15 dager siden
I’ve been watching Trevor Noah in quarantine and he’s actually really good
Kevin Feige
Kevin Feige 15 dager siden
I think its really awesome that these Late Night Hosts are really taking the Quarantine Late Night Show Format to seriously because their not treating it like its normal. If they brought good cameras and did hair and makeup then it would seem like this whole Covid thing is normal. And when you start treating this whole Covid thing like its normal then its never going to go away
Ashley Deardon
Ashley Deardon 16 dager siden
I’m back to say I started watching Trevor after this video and haven’t stopped yet
Ariel Tjoanda
Ariel Tjoanda 16 dager siden
Personally I like jimmy better than jimmy
lloyd gibbs
lloyd gibbs 17 dager siden
I think a key thing to mention though is that the daily show is a news satire show and this year has had covid, BLM and an election so it makes sense that people tune into that more. Also the daily shows format didn't change all that much. Where you look at conan and corden people like the remotes, guest appearances and for corden in particular the variety show feel (similar with fallon). Myers, colbert and kimmel on the other hand is quite surprising how much they under performed in the initial stages of the pandemic. I do think though that Meyers is doing well again that he is in studio
ROGER RIVERA 18 dager siden
no not a change is a consequence......not really a fact yet.....but to make money on the works......
ROGER RIVERA 18 dager siden
NOAH is a tool......south african procured tool....kudos to the tool......
Ruth Coley
Ruth Coley 19 dager siden
I watch Jimmy Falon a lot and he's my favorite late night show
Del Pullen
Del Pullen 20 dager siden
Cody Johnston's (formerly of Some More News is exactly the proper way to be deliverying jokes and news on NOpost.
LJ lj
LJ lj 21 dag siden
Do a video about mrbeast career earnings.
River Dreams
River Dreams 22 dager siden
TN show sucks, well like the rest of the late night show YT version. Great point FilmTheory.
Addilynne Lastname
Addilynne Lastname 23 dager siden
trevor noah definitely did best
Jodee Rebecca Davey
Jodee Rebecca Davey 24 dager siden
I Wonder if Any of These Dudes Have Actually Seen This,I Really Really Hope They Have
Elliethesmasher :3
Elliethesmasher :3 25 dager siden
The only one I even like is Conan. 😏
astral vids
astral vids 28 dager siden
Mat pat: 64 years Me: a stack of years
MedicallyExamined 28 dager siden
Generic image of a man is my most favorite character in this show other then Cut out image to present animated animation Matpat.
OnlyGlass 28 dager siden
This is the most drawn out "Ok Boomer" I've ever seen
XENOHAVAQ 29 dager siden
That anime girl sound effect shouldn't have made me laugh in that context but it 1000% did
Man Nguyen
Man Nguyen 29 dager siden
jiMMY insert last name :>
David McNeeley
David McNeeley 29 dager siden
If watching Hours or maybe Days of Craig Ferguson videos on NOpost has taught me anything, it's that we needed a shake up in the talk show game. That and live shows are the test of a quality entertainer.
FearNo HenwyBOMB
FearNo HenwyBOMB 29 dager siden
Hey jimmy mats right
FreddyFozzyFilms Måned siden
Trevor literally sits in front of a screen and talks, his format does not need high production value
Kenya Pryor
Kenya Pryor Måned siden
I would have loved to watch "some good news" but I've just heard about it now.
Petite Måned siden
If you look at the channels now, 5 months late. Trevor Noah's videos are getting good consistent views. Whilst if you look at Jimmy Fallon's there are some that goes above and beyond but the views aren't consistent.
James Vivian
James Vivian Måned siden
Matpat knows his audience. Nothing to motivate internet people like spiting corporations
ERICKSEN Måned siden
Here just to see if Conan is gonna be on the video
Eliane Cristina Souza Santos
Eliane Cristina Souza Santos Måned siden
A stack of years...
thinkaaj Måned siden
oh god the headache
K Gius
K Gius Måned siden
Isnt bill mahrer a late night show host?
Mr.Knight The Detective
Mr.Knight The Detective Måned siden
You know he's a Boomer when he says " Hello, Sport" to a kid
Aviox Måned siden
Josh Chipotle
Josh Chipotle Måned siden
I actually think James Corden did pretty weelll
Carl Webber
Carl Webber Måned siden
I feel like all of these lot could make a mediocre podcast that would be good since they wouldn't have to worry about camera angles
Ace Måned siden
Late night shows are so cringy especially the newer ones, letterman was cool and Conan is the more decent one compared to the other Clowns. Their late night war drama between Leno and Conan is fun to watch though
Joss C
Joss C Måned siden
But is a youtube viewer actually as good of a number as a broadcast viewer? Three 15 year olds on NOpost that won't buy your advertisers products are not going to bring in as much money as a 60 year old watching on TV that will buy the products in the ads.
Tedster Kelly
Tedster Kelly Måned siden
I was really hoping there would be a seth meyers and the thorn birds reference
•Aqua and Violet•
•Aqua and Violet• Måned siden
“64 years!” *You mean 64 stack years?*
RobProb X
RobProb X Måned siden
the same formula for a stack of years.
Ashiix -
Ashiix - Måned siden
lol I only watch Fallon and Corden for KPOP
Aurora The Fox UwU
Aurora The Fox UwU Måned siden
I never thought of it but it's true us NOpostrs actually do kind of have a a secret language and a secret way of doing certain things XD
joseph sanchezjose
joseph sanchezjose Måned siden
you should do a video about the twilight saga
Hunter Devaney
Hunter Devaney Måned siden
Their opinion on politics is like a zoo keeper giving me advice on my car, useless and uneducated
Joseph Tran
Joseph Tran Måned siden
Love how you don't include markiplier's name when showing a clip of him but you did for everyone else 😂
-ˏˋLixagone is goneˊˎ-
-ˏˋLixagone is goneˊˎ- Måned siden
Deadass I can't tell if this is sarcastic or not lmao
Sarah and a Camera
Sarah and a Camera Måned siden
Me: Just started a youtube channel Also me: OMG I AM PAVING THE WAY OF ENTERTAINMENT
Smriti S
Smriti S Måned siden
Noah is the king of embracing things. He never shies away from doing something new. I was actually sad that there would be no between the scenes in the pandemic, but just happy to see Noah grow.
AICooL Måned siden
Bruv, only Trevor Noah and Hasan Minhaj knew what they were doing and thanks to Patriot Act being cancelled on Netflix, we are gonna see less of Hasan!
J H Måned siden
Morning Star
Morning Star Måned siden
I didn't even watch the Daily Show until quarantine and I started watching the Daily Distancing show quite a bit...
AddiDix_ Måned siden
6:01 Autotune?
Totally Real Not Fake Life Advice
Totally Real Not Fake Life Advice Måned siden
I think it was John Oliver, but I also think he knew this and didn’t want to include him because he didn’t really change his format much to fit NOpost. He didn’t change his show, which is what made him succeed!
Вишакха ZZ
Вишакха ZZ Måned siden
lmao so good
Cecelia Pokorski
Cecelia Pokorski Måned siden
What about samatha bee
but ter
but ter Måned siden
First 30 seconds...bruh
Michael Dutra
Michael Dutra Måned siden
what's the bare minimum to comment and show support?
there's no catchy slogan
there's no catchy slogan Måned siden
Pierced French Siren
Pierced French Siren Måned siden
Lilly !!!! The one who's actually a NOpostr before a late night show host.
1k subs before 2022 challenge!!!
1k subs before 2022 challenge!!! Måned siden
Tavor Noah is still doing fine i think he is still funny Tavor noah is young and he has been on youthbe already anyways he is super funny
Cesar Cruz
Cesar Cruz Måned siden
I hate how ican never laugh at their jokes ... :
Roni Dc
Roni Dc Måned siden
I just got a notitication from James as Im watching this-
BitGrenadier Måned siden
Trevor Noah was already a NOpostr
crunchrap supreme
crunchrap supreme Måned siden
Um you forgot to include ELMO in your list of late night show hosts
there's no catchy slogan
there's no catchy slogan Måned siden
CaeTigris Måned siden
I like Trevor, John, and Stephen. I usually watch those 3 and still do now :D
ForeverSweetx3 Måned siden
Is it bad that I hit the like button before I even heard his theory? Lol! Jimmy Fallon isn't funny to me on or off NOpost. Just saying! 😒
Sam the man gaming
Sam the man gaming Måned siden
What adults think kid do 0:23 vs what we do 4:51
Kris Ring
Kris Ring Måned siden
Now if only Trevor Noah could be funny...
raventeague Måned siden
I reckon Trevor Noah is around the age where he was watching youtube either at school or college and that is why his edits seem to hit the mark alot better
Izzy Jackson
Izzy Jackson Måned siden
Trever Noah is one of the best hosts and his jokes are so funny and original.
Foxy 2 måneder siden
People always hate on youtubers and its not fair. Now they have to become the youtuber. What a twist.
Rockstar Leafy
Rockstar Leafy 2 måneder siden
I'm gonna get hate for this, but am I the only one who thinks the quarantine shouldn't have happened? I mean, all it did was make things worse for everyone.
Mary Huzl
Mary Huzl 2 måneder siden
I feel dumb but I watched a few episodes of The Daily Show (it was playing on the tv when I walked in and I got sucked into watching it) and I legit just thought Trevor Noah was a youtuber
Morgi T
Morgi T 2 måneder siden
no LWT? welp, won late night grammy 3 years but who cares amirite
Squidward Tortellini
Squidward Tortellini 2 måneder siden
Orange man bad I would like my evening program now
Mr Batman300
Mr Batman300 2 måneder siden
Conan O’Brien, John Oliver, and Trevor Noah are actually doing pretty good right now
Paul Lau
Paul Lau 2 måneder siden
Where is TREVOR!
Steve Baldeviso
Steve Baldeviso 2 måneder siden
I saw you with rossanna
Melba Peach
Melba Peach 2 måneder siden
Ahaha I love that these asshats are being forced to realise that you tubers aren’t just dumb kids shouting at their iPad cameras, there is a SKILL and charm to NOpost videos. And these guys don’t have what it takes tbh 😂
J Rowland
J Rowland 2 måneder siden
Grab some popcorn and see how Matpat dances around the slanted political element of these shows.
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