LIVE URGENT: Trump White House Press Briefing

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14 dager siden

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Donald Trump holds a post-election press conference in the White House Rose Garden to discuss coronavirus vaccines and potentially take nasty questions from reporters

Chris Kubuzie
Chris Kubuzie Dag siden
Is this clown conceding
Jaybird 7 dager siden
15:25 omfg Do not reward college students!! A lot of them are privileged enough as it is and we should not reward them for doing the right thing. If they aren't wearing a mask they are doing it out of spite!!!!!! JFC smh her whole shpeele is RIDICULOUSLY UNNECESSARY
Jaybird 7 dager siden
David commentary is the most tolerable thing i've come across in the entire internet O.o
soiung toiue
soiung toiue 8 dager siden
Their only putting on this show is for Trump to take ALL CREDIT FOR THE PANDEMIC VACCINES FOR HIS RE-ELECTION CAMPAIGN IN 2024
kolim jone
kolim jone 9 dager siden
Pence is the most boring presenter I’ve ever heard speak. Never feels like he says anything of value.
David Hammer
David Hammer 10 dager siden
This song and video for the intro has to be released!
soiung toiue
soiung toiue 8 dager siden
When the flurry of questions starts, the ASL translator is hilarious
William B Skinner
William B Skinner 10 dager siden
There are many people in the USA more stupid than the looser Donald, however, realising that they are stupid, he is asking them to send him money ostensibly to fight the law suits that arise out of his attempt to subvert the will of the American people and claim the election. Much of this money will go straight into his pocket. This is a little sad because he has more money than they will ever have. I have no sympathy for them as they have chosen him as their leader!
kolim jone
kolim jone 9 dager siden
Now Pence is saying they've been planning this massive operation and this has been the plan all along. Did I not hear them correctly over the last 10 months about the whole
Radical Rainbow
Radical Rainbow 11 dager siden
I hope they mention one of the companies that have developed the vaccine is German
Lana Wong
Lana Wong 11 dager siden
Pence could talk you into a coma
Priscilla 11 dager siden
How can they say were better prepared when we’re at the worst point this pandemic has seen thus far? They live in opposite land.
Jaybird 7 dager siden
she's like "we now know that college students are a potential source of the spread"... WE FREAKING ARE THE SPREAD!!!! >:( That lady does not deserve her job LMAO
Alf Calzon
Alf Calzon 12 dager siden
Dismiss tRump! Not fit to be president!
Tuffdude 77
Tuffdude 77 12 dager siden
Schools opening was not safe. My school opened as a hybrid system and now they have had to switch to fully online until January because they were getting so many cases. Schools opening was never a good idea and have gotten many students and teachers infected when they may have otherwise not have been. I can't wait for people who know what they are talking about to be in The White House.
JesuisPepelepew 12 dager siden
again, more nonsense. anybody who knows or likes math shudders at that coin flip bs. 1/2^186,000 is just completely made up and so absurd that only a stupid person would take that and run with it. those odds are pretty close to, in one lifetime, winning the powerball jackpot, getting struck by lightning and surviving, and then getting struck by a meteor... 3,000 times each.
Sunk Master
Sunk Master 12 dager siden
People call Biden sleepy cause he always thinking about what to say, do any of y’all realize that he has fought stuttering all his life?
Steven F
Steven F 12 dager siden
maybe we should start bribing people to wear their seatbelts as well or obey the rules of the road
Steven F
Steven F 12 dager siden
yes let's bribe young people to wear masks… Oh my God lol
Jaybird 7 dager siden
I LOST IT at that point. Like yea, up until that I was like... borrrring. But THAT STATEMENT was OBSURD I'm so gone right now..... dufuQ ??? lmao College kids DO NOT DESERVE REWARDS for wearing a mask. When they don't wear one it is out of spite. We are well aware of what's going on, we just make dumb decisions lmoa
M.H.W. Weckseler
M.H.W. Weckseler 12 dager siden
It's a good thing that all of this has gone away on November 4th. Cos this sounds scare if it was real. (No, i'm not seriously thinking that.)
The Ropers
The Ropers 12 dager siden
Run, Mike, run!
Colin Campbell
Colin Campbell 12 dager siden
If it was not for the amazing UK funded research done in the Oxford, UK labs there would not vaccine ready now they have invented a new fast better way to make the drugs which can be changed as needed as needed , Trump did not even believe in the Virus back in January when he was told of it spreading though Europe and Asia... heading toward the USA.. He said it was fake! And did nothing to stop it except close down the Obama Health system and action group whom were the best chance to fight the virus Trump said was no real. Then later on in February he again was told this virus is very real and was now in the USA too? He told everyone at the press briefing that Oh yes there is a virus, But not one American case was recorded. ( In fact by then there was over 500 case and some deaths ) He instead kept blaming the Chinese and saying that even if the virus happened we would wipe it out and never see it again! Even though half the planet already had it and the cases and infected were rising. Then in Easter he told Americans to pack out the churches as the virus was almost over. And when the Press had a go at his total lack of action in May, He replied saying he was never informed about the virus pandemic. Then someone inside the white house released a set of official papers which showed Trump had been fully told about this virus in January But waved it off as lies and fake news posted by the Chinese whom he hates... So yes he knew but being him, he waved off the reports as Chinese lies and fake news... ( His take on everything except his own lies and fake news he puts out ) Those many thousands of deaths and millions of infected cases are down to Trump and his non- acting ways, his own self centered ego not excepting the truth of the pandemic problems and by telling people not to wear masks not to stay apart... He is a very nasty xenophobic, racist, sexist, person who thinks he is always right and anyone who states he is wrong is the one who is wrong and part of fake news company. The sooner that nasty person is booted out and arrested and jailed the better for the world not just America.
Tiffany k
Tiffany k 12 dager siden
If this administration took half the effort they put into desparately begging for praise and undeserved credit and applied it to defeating the virus, America would have probably had under 1000 deaths....
Caffinator 12 dager siden
Pence: help is on the way. Me: I know! Biden and Harris are taking over!
sentry007 12 dager siden
When the flurry of questions starts, the ASL translator is hilarious
George Washington
George Washington 12 dager siden
David pakman is turning into a begging for Money Twitcher/youtuber. Putting too much pressure on Donation Money Money Money....
Jaybird 7 dager siden
????? He is an amazing person. so SH
John Schroeder
John Schroeder 12 dager siden
Now Pence is saying they've been planning this massive operation and this has been the plan all along. Did I not hear them correctly over the last 10 months about the whole thing was a hoax? So you did extensive planning for a hoax that now you want to give injections on mass to a population that is skeptical because of your administration. I wish you would've just left the politics out of it in the first place. Pence looks like he's aiming to make a run for the oval office.
Bruno Zeigerts
Bruno Zeigerts 12 dager siden
Pence and the other do realize that they're going to be turfed out in January, don't they?
Jaybird 7 dager siden
yeah like why are they trying so hard. its SUS
Bruno Zeigerts
Bruno Zeigerts 12 dager siden
Operation Warp Speed? More like Operation Sublight.
Kelly Robson
Kelly Robson 12 dager siden
David, you almost killed me with the clips of Guiliani's hair dye dripping and then the guys in the background did it. Hilarious and befitting with these clown. Looking forward to the White House Eviction.
Junk Mail
Junk Mail 13 dager siden
1:23:41 We've just heard how proud and how prepared Admin. is and has been! you(Admin) are SO AWARE of YOURSELVES and YOUR PREPARATIONS, but have you seen it from OUR PERSPECTIVE? And further, I am and have been SO AWARE of how this all is SO DIFFERENT from what Obama, was, and how much Obama was so UNDERSTATED. I believe Obama advertised so little of what he was doing, we hardly had any idea of his actions or doings. He just seemed to be managing and maintaining a quiet, positive, beneficial, presidency. After overcoming the crappy situation bush left him, he just quietly moved on. Obama Care spent much of his capital. Biden/Harris have much burden to unwind before they can "get on with proper management."
Marta Selway
Marta Selway 13 dager siden
Im subscribed and paying member and your shows never show up. I have to put your name in to get your programming. You tube is screwing with you
CityguyUSA 13 dager siden
Mumble, mumble.mumble t,mm
Ricky Bobby
Ricky Bobby 13 dager siden
David nothing new, this is how we watched Nixon Reagan press conferences with shock and dismay.
Ricky Bobby
Ricky Bobby 13 dager siden
The Silver lining in Trumps slow coup attempt is we get to see all the silent accomplices.
flora4 13 dager siden
So anyone know how the Russian Vaccine is doing???
Ricky Range Rover
Ricky Range Rover 13 dager siden
"What's your name?" ... "My name is.... McDonald."
Deb C
Deb C 13 dager siden
Not only am I stressed about the pandemic, I am more stressed about Trump creating all this needless mayhem. How can anyone enjoy the holidays with all this shit going on
Melissa Liddington
Melissa Liddington 13 dager siden
You don’t get to ‘reprogram’ people. End of story.
Jaybird 7 dager siden
??? okay so we should just let trump supporters continue to be manipulated? that's sad
Marianne Fano
Marianne Fano 13 dager siden
Wth was pence saying?! America has never been more prepared? I live in an a 3rd world country but i think we're more prepared than you!
Ronelle Silva
Ronelle Silva 13 dager siden
If someone wipes down the podium I am going to faint!
Ronelle Silva
Ronelle Silva 13 dager siden
Wow...masks are on!
Nixer Doyle
Nixer Doyle 13 dager siden
Honestly, I don't understand why a virtually bald man would think that colouring the remaining horseshoe is doing him any favours.
Rodget Williams
Rodget Williams 13 dager siden
Murderers, Rapists and Thieves
Jaybird 7 dager siden
KillerMongerth 13 dager siden
WOWWWWW All the networrkks
Nicholas G.
Nicholas G. 13 dager siden
That moment when it hits you and you realize these are full grown adults the age of my father, or grandfather. How do you live that long in life to culminate in this point?
Jaybird 7 dager siden
Like how do they end up sounding so..... unprepared?
Volrath 13 dager siden
Trump's mass spreading events and his minions realy boosted the numbers too!
Cynthia Monroe
Cynthia Monroe 13 dager siden
Great a Job as usual David. Thank you!
Jaybird 7 dager siden
I just found David and I am extremely impressed and really happy I get to binge watch all his content now
Arcarsenal 13 dager siden
These people should be in prison.
Devanimation 13 dager siden
Why was that lady telling us things we've known since March?
Devanimation 6 dager siden
@Jaybird Because they can't comprehend the idea of doing something for someone else simply because it's the right thing to do. There needs to be something in it for them.
Jaybird 7 dager siden
seriously! and why did she suggest giving gift cards to college students for good behavior??? Like we are adults now, we can do things for public health, we don't need to be given treats for doing the right thing lmaoooo
DinosaurKale 13 dager siden
57:09 “He will go down in history as being of the most irresponsible presidents in American history.”
StraightReject 13 dager siden
Trump is a GLOBALIST He's got businesses all around the globe. Also funny how most flat earthers us the word globalists a awful lot.
leadingladyau 13 dager siden
Just watched the virus press conference. Everything they said Western Australia did 10 months ago and we have had a total of 9 deaths in the state. God only knows how many people would still be alive in the USA if the president had been responsible instead of pretending it was no big deal.
Jazzimo 13 dager siden
If Trump had approached the pandemic like this in feb-march, he would still be president. He made masks into a political statement and is responsible for 10s of thousands of deaths. These people, excluding faucci, are the worst examples of human beings. Hypocrites!! They should be locked up and made an example of.
Strider D
Strider D 13 dager siden
Fauci lied and people died, he lied about mask effectiveness. This channel does nothing but bootlick for the democratic party and corporate interests. Stop blindly supporting the dems.
Jaybird 7 dager siden
omfg dude. Can you please stop consuming partisan news media. David is the furthest thing from a bootlicker. He's just trying to look at the facts. and he does an impressive job. Please, for your own sake, take a break from news and focus on yourself and your family
monkerud2108 13 dager siden
but what else should they have done
Jaybird 7 dager siden
what?? else?? should they have done????? ALOT
monkerud2108 13 dager siden
its too late
monkerud2108 13 dager siden
the floor shifted a bit, so they have to adjust, especially to maintain credibility as long as possible.
Lori Mangold
Lori Mangold 13 dager siden
Your Statistician, Are Speculating, Mail in Ballots Cannot be Hacked, That's Why So Many People Voted By Mail
Lori Mangold
Lori Mangold 13 dager siden
This Virus, and Dragging it out, with shut down after shut, just dragged it Longer, Which IS by Design, they WANT MORE DEATHS, LOOK UP GEORGIA GUIDESTONES, IT'S ALL AGENDA 21
Lori Mangold
Lori Mangold 13 dager siden
Julliano, is a Zombie, so it could be Blood
Lori Mangold
Lori Mangold 13 dager siden
Lets be Clear Here, The Want to Push this Vaccine, so they can make $$$$BILLIONS OFF OF SUCKERS, sell Fear, and you can sell ANYTHING
Lori Mangold
Lori Mangold 13 dager siden
Loose the Music
ignacio meteors
ignacio meteors 13 dager siden
Slight filth pig effect Giuliani has. X-D
Catherine Rosa-Baker
Catherine Rosa-Baker 13 dager siden
I'm just waking up to this. oh my word. the humility of it all
Tekknowgerl 13 dager siden
Hey David & Everyone.....can someone tell me what it means when they say "rounding the corner", when talking about covid-19? Hope everyone has a fantastic holiday season! Be safe and take care😄
Mean Gaming
Mean Gaming 13 dager siden
I got chills when he said "you don't stop shooting," what an absolute unit!
C R 13 dager siden
Even Tucker Carlson is calling Sidney Powell out for showing zero evidence of a single switched vote.
Mostly Music
Mostly Music 13 dager siden
Notice how no one behind him offers to wipe it off
gottired2 13 dager siden
I have hope for the vaccine Pfizer is going to distribute as it has been being developed a lot longer than Moderna. I have a small issue with the “removal of the red tape”. As a recently married man planning on having children, I am nervous. I don’t want there to be something that will come from this vaccine that will harm our chances at healthy children. I understand the cure can’t be worse than the disease, but cutting corners and putting our future at risk isn’t worth it to me. Given the choice, I would rather wear an M95 for the rest of my life than to get a vaccine that causes unforeseen consequences. I just hope it works out and I’ll wait for some of that data.
Mheros 13 dager siden
Is it just me, or is it so weird to be having these conversations during the THIRD SURGE of rising cases, instead of when the virus was still containable?
Anthony C
Anthony C 13 dager siden
7 months for a vaccine to be ready 🤔 sounds fishy to me.
Nic's fun with bees
Nic's fun with bees 13 dager siden
David, very unprofessional, if you'd actually stop talking and adding opinions, just mabey you'd help this country get hope. Mabey even understand that the administration isn't as bad as you think and aren't your enemy. Maybe you'd see how amazing this operation to get a vaccine within a year is. Had to turn your video off after non-stop negative interpretation and pessimistic interruptions.
p8ently obvious
p8ently obvious 13 dager siden
Biden is better than trump . But Biden us an impotent weakling
p8ently obvious
p8ently obvious 13 dager siden
No other president could do sooo much damage and still be so popular. A WONDERFUL JOB
p8ently obvious
p8ently obvious 13 dager siden
Trump is 100 percent competent. No other president would be capable of inflicting as much damage on the nation as trump and still be so. popular .
p8ently obvious
p8ently obvious 13 dager siden
Pence HATES the American public
p8ently obvious
p8ently obvious 13 dager siden
Pence is a devil
p8ently obvious
p8ently obvious 13 dager siden
The army should be on Biden side.
p8ently obvious
p8ently obvious 13 dager siden
Trump must be gagged . Why cant the army move in and dismantle the trumpian empire
imafunny girl
imafunny girl 13 dager siden
Person, man, woman, camera, TV .....🙄
TheBlueFairie 13 dager siden
We are seeing kids TERRIFIED to go to school. What about them
TheBlueFairie 13 dager siden
Our teachers are tired and cases in the schools are exploding. Teachers are quitting where I am. They have no substitute teachers.
Johnny G
Johnny G 13 dager siden
51:00 oh it was just a word gaffe, it's expected by guys this age, bell even me st 40, but he knows what the fuck he's talking about. After seeing all the clips of trump's word fuck ups I dont mind him mis pronouncing a word
Pokey Soggybottom
Pokey Soggybottom 13 dager siden
Who do they think they're fooling? Oh, right, 47% of Americans...but, no matter, very soon all these charlatans will just seem like a bad dream.
Johnny G
Johnny G 13 dager siden
God it's so refreshing to hear an educated leader, albeit older, speak.....its night and day to what we've heard for 4 years
Kari Johnson
Kari Johnson 13 dager siden
He was bleeding from his whatever
Donamtrx 13 dager siden
“A podiatrist...a dentist”....👏🏻😂😂👌🏻good one, David😂😂
grimly105 13 dager siden
sign language girl was a welcome addition.
Donamtrx 13 dager siden
All of the things trump did NOT do...sadly, there’s more to come
Sherri Justice
Sherri Justice 13 dager siden
Trump needs to be impeached! Before he does more damage. He's a deranged and dangerous man.
Annie Ravenwood
Annie Ravenwood 13 dager siden
Does the virus know to stop at the school gate?
Kaycee Bird
Kaycee Bird 13 dager siden
Gee that map looks a lot like Trump's super-spreader events!! Why is no one talking about this?
Sean Morgan
Sean Morgan 13 dager siden
Wow, that was an extraordinary press conference on Covid (assuming they're being truthful?). Oh, if only they'd been doing and saying this all along..... Cue Trump undermining them by twitter in 3..2..1.. What really struck me were two things: 1) they ALL said to wear masks, socially distance, wash hands (even PENCE!), and 2) not a single Democrat was demonized! Astonishing!!
Mohamed Nizam
Mohamed Nizam 13 dager siden
some how i have a feeling the briefing is also indirectly for president biden 's information
Darcy Lyon
Darcy Lyon 13 dager siden
We need a total national shutdown to shutdown this virus!
Karen Fitzpatrick
Karen Fitzpatrick 13 dager siden
How about bringing President Biden up to speed, with what is really being done, for a smooth transition. #1 priority to reduce stress GET RID OF TRUMP!
MsAli0 13 dager siden
If you compare the COVID map and the election map nearly all cases are in the red states.
XxPoopy_ headxX
XxPoopy_ headxX 13 dager siden
Trump team opening statement : 'Bla! Bla! Bla!'. Judge in court : 'Do you have any evidence?' Trump lawyers : 'Ermm.. No...'. Judge in court : 'Case dismissed! Now get out of my court!'
Smart N Sassy
Smart N Sassy 13 dager siden
Unbelievable. Pence is so busy patting himself and Trump on the back despite the 250k dead. Where was all this care and concern over the past 9 months? WOW.
Annie Ravenwood
Annie Ravenwood 13 dager siden
Pence just admitted they haven't bothered to increase preparedness for this until now.
Handogg 13 dager siden
Love that intro song! Is it available on Spotify?
Anthony Gilmurray
Anthony Gilmurray 13 dager siden
Anyone else think the "New cases per 100k" map (1:18:00) looks suspiciously like the republican/democrat map after the vote? LOL Must be all the covey spreaders at the MAGA Spreader Events tomboy trump loves to hold.....
*MUKBANG Q&A* jag vill INTE bli gravid..
*MUKBANG Q&A* jag vill INTE bli gravid..
The Champions: Season 4, Episode 4
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my message to KSI. lmao.
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