Why the Warriors drafted James Wiseman over LaMelo Ball | Get Up

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2 måneder siden

Adrian Wojnarowski joins Mike Greenberg on Get Up to explain why the Warriors selected James Wiseman over LaMelo Ball with the No. 2 overall pick in the 2020 NBA Draft. Woj also says Golden State's draft decision was not affected by Klay Thompson's injury.
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Vihaan Kadarla
Vihaan Kadarla 28 dager siden
Bro lamelo and curry as the backcourt is one of the worst defensive backcourts
Ur Plug
Ur Plug Måned siden
We don't want no more light skin niggas that's why
Joshua Julian
Joshua Julian Måned siden
This is a stupid video I won't even watch it. Just use your head for a second and you'll know why they drafted Wiseman instead of Lamelo.
evelino tiger
evelino tiger Måned siden
Because they dont wanna deal with Lavar Ball. He destroyed Lonzo career. Hope Lamelo dont have to go through that.
aga han
aga han Måned siden
because warios don't need playstation moves, they want a team player not a superstar
Amari Taylor
Amari Taylor Måned siden
Am i the only one that thinks Wiseman looks a lot like Hassan Whiteside, lol
Smile for me Please
Smile for me Please Måned siden
Imagine Jordan picks Lamelo just to intimidate Lavar... Lmao how awkward would it be when they see each other every time... "Hey, have you remember what you said bout me?" 💀
sam fgvn
sam fgvn Måned siden
Why wouldn’t they, the warriors already have a pg in curry and they needed a big man like wiseman. Why is this a question?
Tommy BNYC
Tommy BNYC Måned siden
Whoever came up with the title was like "NBA for dummies"
i'm wifin' justina valentine
i'm wifin' justina valentine Måned siden
Cuz they need a 7ft center, and it just so happened that Wiseman is one.
Deven Mccullough
Deven Mccullough Måned siden
Why wouldn’t they, the warriors already have a pg in curry and they needed a big man like wiseman. Why is this a question?
Peter Putnam
Peter Putnam Måned siden
Hey now, wake up, People !! t's like everybody gets lulled to sleep, forgetting that there is no such thing anymore as a "franchise big man" - those days are over for the moment. Most all big men don't even see playing time when the playoffs get right down to the gritty, so gimme a break unless this kid Wiseman can shoot consistent 38 to 40% from three and is fast enough to cover 3s and 4s -then please, stop.... I hate this new game personally, but it's the reality now.
Soul Måned siden
Is this even a question
Armando The gamer/12
Armando The gamer/12 Måned siden
Michael Jordan sees a crazy future on melon
Jesus Ortiz
Jesus Ortiz Måned siden
2024 wiseman turn out to be trash and lamelo NBA MVP
Julio Martinez
Julio Martinez Måned siden
Trade him for Adebayo!😂 😆😆
Ziraine Dave Aranilla
Ziraine Dave Aranilla Måned siden
The warriors have already curry and klay but klay got injured tho but they still got curry if they draft lamelo looks like it will be just the same and that's why they draft James Wiseman because a great center and it will be a great help if they draft lamelo nothing will happen because the offense of lamelo it will be just the same
Andrew Hudson
Andrew Hudson Måned siden
We didn’t need a guard we need a big man
Dragon Tempest
Dragon Tempest Måned siden
Lol much better if they drafted lamelo instead for wiseman now klay is gone they nothing but loser again not going in playoffs
F Jacks
F Jacks Måned siden
U must be a lamelo fan to make a dumb comment like that....
The No Names
The No Names Måned siden
Next video: grass is green.
James Corey
James Corey Måned siden
You know the draft's weak when the 4th pick came off the bench at Florida State
F Jacks
F Jacks Måned siden
Uh, you must of never heard of downtown Freddie Brown...best bench player, EVER!
akf baldovino
akf baldovino Måned siden
Wiseman drafted at #2 while penny sitting beside him. Not so long ago, warriors also drafted an impact big man where penny was also involved.. hello c-webb..
JuJu Måned siden
the 4th pick will be the best player in this draft.
Jezreel Paglumotan
Jezreel Paglumotan Måned siden
The main reason is, they don't want to have a bust player
jeryl. Måned siden
I mean... Pick and Rolls... boards, as well as passing. If he can work on passing, he’ll be a better Bogut.
Official C-Nova
Official C-Nova Måned siden
When Lamelo seen he got picked you can tell watch how he put his game face on thats scary.....
Woo Hoo
Woo Hoo Måned siden
Was that Penny Hardaway in the left? 0:10
Joshua Spano
Joshua Spano Måned siden
Yes Penny was wiseman's coach in college
Vance F
Vance F Måned siden
Not a good decision. You could've got a free agent to play that spot. Lamelo ready to score big points NOW. If wise comes in averaging 9points 5rebs a game they are fkd!
The Real
The Real Måned siden
G-State: Should we Draft Wiseman or have Lavar sitting behind the bench....hmmm??
Salee Trip
Salee Trip Måned siden
ofcourse, why shouldn't they?
Carter Alvarado
Carter Alvarado Måned siden
cuz they needed a center. saved u 3 minutes.
boi star
boi star Måned siden
They have a great guards why would they take another guard
Rick Sanchez
Rick Sanchez Måned siden
Why no one say about how white athletes is underrepresented in NBA?
Wolfman0093 Måned siden
Lamelo is going to be exposed lol
by baess
by baess Måned siden
who's gonna pick Julian Newman ?
LP BEATz Måned siden
Simple They dont need a new pg
MrDevilgodspeed Måned siden
No brainer. GS need a center as simple as that. With Step, Lamelo will sit on the bench for some time
Mark Walton
Mark Walton Måned siden
Ever seen Melo play??? That’s why.
Aji Surya Utama
Aji Surya Utama Måned siden
Is it even a question
Harmoo Khanna
Harmoo Khanna Måned siden
They needed a center. There you go
J J Ramzy
J J Ramzy Måned siden
His Mental Father
L.Pasteur Måned siden
Best to have that loud mouth in North Carolina where a team is re-building in a non-major media market than in San Francisco, California.
FTW Locks
FTW Locks Måned siden
This gotta be one of the dumbdst questions I've seen yet
Joseph Sames
Joseph Sames Måned siden
why didnt lamelo hug his dad?
A J Måned siden
I just think this shouldn’t even be a discussion of why they drafted wiseman over ball. Warriors doesn’t need a point guard, they needed a center, a big man like Wiseman, ball can’t start in the starting line up over curry that isn’t possible. So that explains it!
sam wheaton
sam wheaton Måned siden
Warriors havent had a reliable centre since bogut
kento XD
kento XD Måned siden
Get off lamelos nuts please. Warriors doesnt want that shooting form thats why lmaoo
William Messa
William Messa Måned siden
You all sold your soul 💩
ItzYaBoyTwan Måned siden
Common sense: Curry is a guard, Klay is a guard Marquese Chris is garbage
webapp31 Måned siden
Bro Chriss was their 2nd best player last year
Wh!te pe0Pлə smh
Wh!te pe0Pлə smh Måned siden
Plays for jordan but can wear jordans
Notorious Nerd
Notorious Nerd Måned siden
Wiseman doesn't bring shooting and play akin skills which the Warriors need. Lamelo would have made an instant impact for them.
Kel23EmUp Måned siden
They needed a center end of discussion
Love Kisses & Relationships
Love Kisses & Relationships Måned siden
Is this really a question
Nhilzer Måned siden
Do people really get paid to make those awful haircuts youngsters have ? Come on...
CAC CAC Måned siden
If klay did not get injured again, they would have trade the pick
JJonak Måned siden
its almost like they havent had a center thats good at all in the past 10 years
Ernesto Solaiza
Ernesto Solaiza Måned siden
Cuz they didn’t sell out and still want fans. If we pick up lemelo there goes 50 years of loyalty down the drain 💯🤙🏽
LongLiveWaydrek Måned siden
Steph isn't gonna give up 15 possessions a game so LaMelo can do a bad D'Angelo Russell impersonation. Wiseman is a High Floor/High Ceiling player, he's a skilled big with freakish athleticism and real shooting potential. GSW made the right decision.
MMA Fan Måned siden
lamelo ball isn't even a 4th round pick
Hung Victor
Hung Victor Måned siden
They need Wiseman to stop AD.
Patrick Måned siden
message to myself 2023 : Watermelon is a BUST.....
MLGEnDeRclanGaming Måned siden
Rofl maybe because they needed a center?
Norris Likens
Norris Likens Måned siden
I'm going to have to disagree that Wiseman is better than any big man they have had. Javelle Mcgee won me over, hes a two time Champion and a League leading shot blocker. I'm not so sure that a college kid with a few college games under his belt is better. Potentially big not automatically. I didn't like this pick. I thought they should have taken Lamelo. You can rent a big man these days to give you everything Wiseman brings.
Cing Cale
Cing Cale Måned siden
We for sure needed a big man but we also don’t have a bench really the only other person I like really is pascall. Curry is definitely a monster but the big thing is if he’s healthy I would of took lamelo just so curry can prep him incase he suffers clays fate and just got a big man from free agency or thru trade we just don’t have anyone to trade really but if it’s true we going for oubre that be great but golden state know what they doing they already counting us out saying our days of a good record are over
Great Canyon
Great Canyon Måned siden
GS can afford to miss that pick, twolves just spun off years in mediocrity. Whatever the owner was afraid of has cost the twolves dearly. They pick a guard with two previous guards one in trade one draft pick? That is insanity! Let's go Melo!!!
john cunningham
john cunningham Måned siden
i dont know if your pick is good till i see them play some real pro's.....
Wes Daniels
Wes Daniels Måned siden
I like how the warriors still chose wisemen . Smart organizational move .
achacs1 Måned siden
You can find hundreds of LaMelo, but Wiseman like Durant, Duncan, Shaq or Davis is hard to find.
jasyn zangari
jasyn zangari Måned siden
cuz they have always needed an athletic C? espn, asking questions most ppl already know the answer too like its breaking news
KdeCarlos Måned siden
Because melo isn’t good
Douglass Garvey
Douglass Garvey Måned siden
Cuz they have Curry. Next stupid question...
Piripiao Måned siden
*I mean duh? Wiseman is the WISE choice. That's the only position in need of revamp, why is this even a debate?*
Curlyheadk 18
Curlyheadk 18 Måned siden
The 2016/17 warriors had javel mcgee he was more 7’0 athletic/shot blocker y’all traded him for some odd reason he could’ve got us somewhere I wanna see this 🤨😕
John Wick
John Wick Måned siden
We don’t cate about the NBA next season. We just care about Jordan playing LaVar.
Royal Me
Royal Me Måned siden
the media and analyst always drop the type of questions to let viewers question thier analysis abilities.
Bbw Loves
Bbw Loves Måned siden
Da Hooper
Da Hooper Måned siden
We need a big man and not a guard thats the answer.
gdbv GG
gdbv GG Måned siden
.why is this even a question.?
Rocket Boy
Rocket Boy Måned siden
With klay out I think next season will be about just giving James the keys to the team. Warriors won’t beat anybody in the WCF or finals without Klay. They’ll let the young guy do his thing so that next year him steph and Klay can be ready
Edward Swindell
Edward Swindell Måned siden
The Warriors are serious people. Injuries or not they are always serious. People sleep on steph. He can still shoot any team out out the gym. It’s just timing and the right moves. This is ☝️
Rocket Boy
Rocket Boy Måned siden
With Klay out they could’ve used lamelo.
Aas Desta
Aas Desta Måned siden
James wiseman is future Nba allstar...
MrMomoneyz Måned siden
Can't wait to see AD school this kid.
Brian Boyages
Brian Boyages Måned siden
as a long time warriors fan, this is a major disappointment only because melo is gunna be so famous and wouldve been the better decision to keep him for 15 years in his home state.
Evan Williams
Evan Williams Måned siden
Hopefully he will be another Big Game James along with James Worthy and LeBron.
Nunya Damn Bidness
Nunya Damn Bidness Måned siden
because lamelo isn't a better prospect. i think he was picked ahead of several better prospects.
Michael Liu
Michael Liu Måned siden
Legs killing it with the festive decorations.
Hoops AllDay
Hoops AllDay Måned siden
Should’ve drafted okongwu
Rage Måned siden
Next video is gonna be, ''Why the rainbow has 6 colors''
Mentok 302
Mentok 302 Måned siden
Golden State obviously knows a shooter when they see one. Why would they draft a clown that shoots like MKG, but thinks he can shoot at Curry's volume? Lamelo has Westbrook level irrational confidence without the motor or skill.
Gerardo Reyes2
Gerardo Reyes2 Måned siden
This was the better pick for the rebuild
Topsy Kretts
Topsy Kretts Måned siden
Better average 15 points, 10 rebounds, 4 assist, and 1.5 blocks a game..
Jing Qi
Jing Qi Måned siden
Wiseman was the by far the best choice. I mean, this dude is not just 7'1" and an excellent athlete, he's highly skilled for a 19 year old. James is an excellent rim protector, he can rebound and getting better there, and he has a soft touch and can dive to rim at a high level in the pick and roll. Steph is going to love working with offense and will open up options for Curry like no other center he's ever played for.
Jon Melendez
Jon Melendez Måned siden
Now after Klays injury I think the Warriors should’ve drafted Bane or Melo
Mephisto Soa
Mephisto Soa Måned siden
They need a playmaker. And Lamelo Ball is that ,he is a great passer and loves to shoot the ball. And he has professional basketball play on his resume. Which Golden State need!!
Asandé Mhlongo
Asandé Mhlongo Måned siden
Nobody was and still is asking this question. They don't need Lamelo, end of story. They needed Wiseman
Puddy NoseButter
Puddy NoseButter Måned siden
Remember this name...Chet!!!
Puddy NoseButter
Puddy NoseButter Måned siden
I am surprised LaMelo Ball went that high. The guards are going to eat him up!!! Wiseman will hopefully get his growth from a seasoned team.. LeMelo will be a D Leaguer playing in Maine for the Red Claws!!!! Without the Celtics support..LOL
AlexShirley Måned siden
2 words lavar ball
Ventaris King
Ventaris King Måned siden
Because they got Steph Curry duh
LaMelo Ball Posts First Triple-Double At Age 19