Among Us but my 500IQ plays help me WIN!

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Mr. Fruit

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Among Us but my 500IQ plays help me WIN!

Terra LoKoSouL
Terra LoKoSouL 23 dager siden
Im still on the part - Bryce you wanna talk about it -
Agent Wolf
Agent Wolf Måned siden
12:45 Memento mori. If you know. You know
Ami Måned siden
I'm giving this a like just for that singing! :)
Blaze Måned siden
Loved how he zoomed in after a kill it makes it a bit funny
Jenine Anderson
Jenine Anderson Måned siden
Fruit: kills dogs owner Dog: *tail wags intensifies*
D Boyd
D Boyd Måned siden
Mr fruit 🍉 is ❤️
Titus Day
Titus Day Måned siden
Dork and fruit are my favorite because dork is so hard to catch and he’s funny.
Dox'd Candelabra
Dox'd Candelabra Måned siden
RofL you were getting nothing there Shark! Nothing!
R8 Nightmares
R8 Nightmares Måned siden
Started drinking Voodoo ranger because of Rhabby 🙃
Lone__ Wolf__
Lone__ Wolf__ Måned siden
People need to stop using 500 or 800 or 1200 IQ. NOpostrs need to know that maximum current IQ is 200 (if you wanna know ur IQ is higher u need to wait for more people to be in this planet)
Bax xtab
Bax xtab Måned siden
Sneaky Fruit with the self vote
Dani-Claw Måned siden
It has been quite a spectacle watching you go from a timid Among Us impostor to a megalomaniac mass murderer. XD Excellent play, Fruit.
FunkierCrib Måned siden
4:00 Stacy’s mum has got it going on
E Måned siden
Idea: proximity chat
Zachary Bonilla
Zachary Bonilla Måned siden
Where's westlo?
Dante Fright
Dante Fright Måned siden
I am watching from the future and just downloaded paladins because of you
Crewmate Cosmo
Crewmate Cosmo Måned siden
Hello. I'm a small youtuber, so maybe I could play with your group one time, I have Discord.
Provoke Reflex
Provoke Reflex Måned siden
Anyone wanna see fruit & corpse
Cloventus G.
Cloventus G. Måned siden
My boy shark was trying so hard to get his info and everyone else was just pointing fingers lol 😂
peanut Pew
peanut Pew Måned siden
definitely getting a fruit sticker
Tyler Zgamer
Tyler Zgamer Måned siden
Noooooooooooooooooooo! Now dork! Why did he leave ):
NightShade Måned siden
what is he drinking water out of
Tyler Moyer
Tyler Moyer Måned siden
I dont know why I tried checking in the description to find Mr. Fruit's discord. :/ ... anyways keep up the good work Detective Fruit.
Jaystyz Måned siden
Bring back dork damn it
Kasoy29 Måned siden
Grant Gaspar
Grant Gaspar Måned siden
As "nice" as your face is, it'd be nice to see less covering the screen so we can see.
Fade2019 Måned siden
"Guess I'm going bald cause me mr.clean"
Nova Måned siden
Sharkk: “ok so here’s my defense” Rhab: *a little tipsy from a beer, says the same thing as sharkk and thinks he has better defense* “I’ll do you one better, you came up and saw me kill Bridge then reported the body gotem”
Keynei Måned siden
SammysArcade Måned siden
Being named Sammy is confusing, why are people pulling me I didn't consent to this 😂
Jaykoz Måned siden
just realized don's name in this video
Octiveon Måned siden
No dip good plays will help you win, lol
pv179 Måned siden
Rhabby has an uncanny ability of always be wrong lolll
DragonRider6566 Måned siden
0:37, for a split second, him and bryce disappear, and the kill cooldown goes to 1 second then they appear, the cooldown fixes, and bryce dies
Atticus Wagner
Atticus Wagner Måned siden
Or just why it was there
Atticus Wagner
Atticus Wagner Måned siden
I wasn’t a huge fan of the music
Skye Måned siden
HEYYY, MR. FRUIT!! When someone has a pet in game and opens up a task, the pet will move to them. So, when someone fakes a task and has a pet, it would be clear when they are. The TACK
Tuxedo Sam
Tuxedo Sam Måned siden
Only you see that when you do a task
CodMemesSuk Måned siden
I'm confused, where is dork?
Evil Man
Evil Man Måned siden
6:43 hey-o!
Jamie George Ashenden
Jamie George Ashenden Måned siden
Hi mr fruit and everyone else
Zachary Hughes
Zachary Hughes Måned siden
Kinda disappointed when Bryce doesn’t comment on your video
Candaru Driemor
Candaru Driemor Måned siden
Mr. Fruit among us videos feel like falling asleep as a kid when there's a party going on downstairs and you're not actually a part of it but you feel happy and safe knowing all the adults are awake to protect you while you sleep.
Max Ireland
Max Ireland Måned siden
Fruit needs to be a singer
TRNidrawx Måned siden only want view no need for subscription need to win a bet
Skydra Måned siden
It was 10% misclick, 20% skill, 15% reason to vote me off the ship, 5% pleasure, 50% pain, and 100% reason to send Kevin in flames.
Michael Deeley
Michael Deeley Måned siden
bryce do be lookin like blindy from pacman.exe look it up
Joel Bessett
Joel Bessett Måned siden
Lovalia Wolfie
Lovalia Wolfie Måned siden
Now this is what I call a dorkshadow move
Ed B
Ed B Måned siden
I was in a game of among us and the crewmates found out that me and my partner were the impostors but I voted myself to tie up the votes and we won.
RedDragoon24 Måned siden
Why does he look like he's always got a bean bag in his moth?
TheDark Trainer
TheDark Trainer Måned siden
Mr fruit there is only 200 IQ its impossible to be ubove 200 IQ so you are clickbaiting
Venom Måned siden
Rose's are red Violets are blue I have 1 like, but why is it blue
Where is dork?:(
Hollowed Vessel
Hollowed Vessel Måned siden
*when you realise that its impossible for anyone to have 500 iq, knowing, 200iq is or is close to the maximum*
sriharsha sharma
sriharsha sharma Måned siden
Really missing dork blubwestlo and others
Gamer ?
Gamer ? Måned siden
6:44 when youre too drunk and miss😂😂😂
plain donut dog
plain donut dog Måned siden
it was 10% mis-click 20% skill 15% sharkk literally saw rhabby kill 5% smooth brain 50% pain and 100% reason to vote rhab out of the game
Isaac Perez
Isaac Perez Måned siden
What video was it where Samme first did the tech?
Wayne Fiorelli
Wayne Fiorelli Måned siden
Mr. Fruit would play a great Plankton in the stage version of SpongeBob. That voice.
Kristophmarauder Måned siden
I miss dork.
soulreaper55123 Måned siden
4 months in jail without Fruit and it took me ONE WEEK to binge EVERY SINGLE video since then. I am now at peace. Also where tf has Datto been??!
Zurizzz Studios
Zurizzz Studios Måned siden
Don Keedic almost sound like donkey di....
wearjacks Måned siden
Mr. Fruit.. can you point me in a direction to get a waterbottle as large as yours?
Mackenzie Kisber
Mackenzie Kisber Måned siden
is her actual name "Don Keedic" or is it a joke so her name is just Donkey Dick I legit cant tell
xRagingxDemonx Måned siden
Among Us. 10 Imposters remaining.
Faadu Måned siden
Fruit, I’m going to put this in the most delicate way, YoUr SiNgInG iS aMaZiNg.
Puck2007 Måned siden
what is this 2iq game play
Puck2007 Måned siden
shouldent everyones iq plays help them win??
GRiMXIV Måned siden
Where is dork? He was a great comedic relief in these videos alongside fruit.
Cinder OwO
Cinder OwO Måned siden
:] 1000 comment i think mr.fruit is awesome
AgentSapphire Måned siden
the blue lights on your monitor make you look like one of the Fremen
Doomy McDoomerson
Doomy McDoomerson Måned siden
Bring back Dork or we riot. Seriously, we might set the drapes on fire!
Duncan Martin
Duncan Martin Måned siden
Me: *Makes checklist on everyone featured in Mr. Fruit videos* Also Me: *Realizes how many people we've lost*
Danyal Martin
Danyal Martin Måned siden
That "OOooFff" from Bryce at the end of the first game summed up that round perfectly. 8:53 Lmao meanwhile Fruit just dancing😂
David Frias
David Frias Måned siden
Sharkk is funny af
Gabriel Cook
Gabriel Cook Måned siden
it pains me do the gas faking in the right order PLZZ
Coda Måned siden
Where is dork?
SaturneKx Måned siden
mr fruit soundtrack when
C.Stephen Måned siden
Shark redemption arc
Matthew Smith
Matthew Smith Måned siden
Dork>Don Keedic
AMRI Irad Måned siden
dmn i miss my favorite wild card
SirLordJustinian Måned siden
8:51 go white boy go
Ty Rapp
Ty Rapp Måned siden
Seth Butler
Seth Butler Måned siden
Love your videos, they make my day a little better every time you post :)
CJ Sarmiento
CJ Sarmiento Måned siden
Mr.Fruit has to do another among us game with the whole squad dude with Dork, Shark, Bless, Aerios, Versus, Rhabby, Ohm, TheFallout and Bryce nothing is better than us watching them playing among us and having fun....
Anthony Desilva
Anthony Desilva Måned siden
Da back to back
YusiArtistry Måned siden
They hardly even said Fruit's name that first round. Squeaky clean👌🧼
Jordon Dillon
Jordon Dillon Måned siden
I’m sorry to hear you’re losing your hair Mr. clean 🧼
Paul Bray
Paul Bray Måned siden
Hi my name is shark and I have to get super nasal whenever anyone doesn't immediately listen to me.
DeltaJugg Måned siden
Let it be known that I am so glad the background music's changed. It's been noticed and appreciated.
Nathan Anderson
Nathan Anderson Måned siden
Where's Blue??????
rita duhaut
rita duhaut Måned siden
3:11 I found this working mod few minutes ago after last patch use ▶️ now I am Imposter all the time හා අපි ක්‍රීඩාපිරියස ක්‍රීඩානිර් QD
Raptor99k Måned siden
Where is dork I miss his self voting
Cynthia Martinez
Cynthia Martinez Måned siden
At 3:00 is the first time Mr. Fruit reminded me of Jim Carrey when he starred in the roll as Count Olaf in the Lemony Snicket movie
Cody Higman
Cody Higman Måned siden
Well i used to like your videos until you started plastering your face, annoying over and over... just leave your camera in the corner like you do the other games or go back to the old Among Us setup... too much camera angle bullshit, i shut it over 15 seconds into the video...
LPS Foxstar
LPS Foxstar Måned siden
wut is this music man
John Upton
John Upton Måned siden
i liked these videos better without seeing mr fruit
Justin Grjasin
Justin Grjasin Måned siden
Notice that they dont play with the colour black and white 😂
MrAnip __
MrAnip __ Måned siden
Me when Mr Fruit sings: enzpieren You will get it dasleng Surely you will koowl Do you get it yet
Eslem Kazan Love
Eslem Kazan Love Måned siden
you sus
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