The Infinite Pattern That Never Repeats

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Simples rules of geometry meant that 5-fold symmetry was impossible as were crystals without a periodic structure. This turns out to be wrong. Thanks to LastPass for sponsoring a portion of this video. Click here to start using LastPass:
Huge thanks to Prof. Paul Steinhardt for the interview on this topic. Check out his book ‘The Second Kind of Impossible’
If you'd like to learn more about Penrose tilings, go check out "Penrose Tiles to Trapdoor Ciphers" by Martin Gardener, which helped my research for this video.
Filmed by Gene Nagata (Potato Jet on NOpost)
Animations by Iván Tello and Jonny Hyman
Editing, Coloring, Music & Audio mastering by Jonny Hyman
Prague scenes filmed in 2012.
Special thanks to Raquel Nuno for helping with the tilings!
Additional Music from Epidemic Sound

Veritasium 3 måneder siden
Roger Penrose was just awarded the Nobel Prize for Physics! Not for this pattern but “for the discovery that black hole formation is a robust prediction of the general theory of relativity”
Fudge A Tron Gaming
Fudge A Tron Gaming 20 timer siden
Wtf does that mean
Jay 3 dager siden
I hate to break it to you, but infinite doesn't mean all, so there's no guarantee that any section on "pattern a" would appear on "pattern b". The patterns never run out of space to display the section, but they also never run out of alternate section to display in it's place.
JanPBtest 3 dager siden
@alnot01 Actually, Penrose was there first (meaning, he was the one who proved black holes must form under certain "benign" conditions that had been previously considered "unrealistic"). Hawking a bit later contributed to Penrose's singularity theorems.
Bazza The Great
Bazza The Great 3 dager siden
I feel like they picked one thing but gave him a lifetime achievement Nobel. It was black holes because he was tacked on with the other winners. Either way well deserved.
Daniel Komárek
Daniel Komárek 3 dager siden
I am from Czech republic 👌
Ian Foo
Ian Foo 45 minutter siden
My Girlfriend: buy some thing to eat Me :
Kurt Punzalan
Kurt Punzalan 3 timer siden
“Why always six?” Cgp Grey:because hexagons are the bestagons
Kerns Noel
Kerns Noel 6 timer siden
I have a particular problem with 'unverifiable infinity' I would want to say that I don't believe the pattern is truly infinite.. So much as I think that it is able to build roated sub patterns into layers, where as it'd as likely take such an absurd scope to even find the repeat, that I think the comparison to shapes like squares, triangles, & even other multi-part shapes a bit on the unfair sense, as the building of the pattern uses logistical rules beyond 'fitting sides together'. Though, what i think is as likely as much else... it being rather unfair & .. sorta dismissive to say 'infinite number of patterns' while admitting to sub repeating parts. It's also 'slightly misleading' to suggest it's only 2 shapes that makes that pattern, when it ends up being dozens on dozens, with only 2 kinds. -- as if it was 1 pattern diced up into several, really.. Not to say 2 very simple elements of something can't make up something extensively more complicated then it's parts alone.. though, perhaps it's the secret right? that such things once weaved large enough becomes the fabric of which everything is made from.... and thus a thing onto it self where it becomes misleading to claim 2 elements once those patterns start creating patterns that create patterns & continue to do so the more that is pulled back out to a point of unknown stability. what of Protons & electrons? if woven so close & having it's own logic & laws, making up reality as we know it.. that the existence of everything else is just them.. might be missleading to say protons & electrons, when say.. you're holding a drink, or food. I do believe it is scale for sure and such things can lead to understanding about sheer fundamentals, but if the 'examples' are little more then utterly mind boggling & effectively impossible to examine in full with even projected future hardware, then... what of the real deal & why do we consider it immutable if at the core of thingss it is only a 0 or a 1... a fat shape or a shape, & by knowing what's what.. you could change the localized rules for x things, and manipulate the patterns. -- as any sufficiently complicated pattern would have a drift ability & in that excessive resistance to destruction via pattern changing. this being the whole of the thing... while localized patterns would have to change to fit the alterations.. while not changing the overall patterns.
Walter Moore
Walter Moore 7 timer siden
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Hydr0Waves 9 timer siden
i don't know what tf they're talking about.
Troveion 9 timer siden
I've learned so much but nothing at the same time
Keeva Grace
Keeva Grace 9 timer siden
Poggers for God
kirby is a Christian man
kirby is a Christian man 9 timer siden
I saw it repeat twice already
Black Board
Black Board 11 timer siden
Excuse me
America just keeps getting greater!
America just keeps getting greater! 11 timer siden
My only question after watching this entire video: So, what sanitarium did Penrose end up in? (You just KNOW he's been drawing on the floor and walls of his room!)
ksmoker27 12 timer siden
Thank you for using the phrase "raises the question" at 5:32 (which was the correct phrase to use in this instance), instead of using the phrase "begs the question" (which would've been the wrong phrase to use in this instance, since it means something entirely different)! I cringe every time someone misuses the phrase "begs the question!"
levirann 13 timer siden
I'm dizzy
Ignored 13 timer siden
My eyes hurt
NJ_ 16
NJ_ 16 13 timer siden
If it’s a “pattern” that doesn’t repeat, is it even a pattern?😂
Prime 14 timer siden
My mind is completely blown
David Plenderleith
David Plenderleith 16 timer siden
C G 16 timer siden
Your comment at 19:43 encourages me to look closer at the Bible for physical, social and economic applications. Thanks.
True dragon Slayer
True dragon Slayer 18 timer siden
Fun art fact: this wouldn't be a pattern this would be call a rhythm
A_Aleta Jr. Glenn Cliff
A_Aleta Jr. Glenn Cliff 19 timer siden
i have never been so confused
Ho6Xc5 20 timer siden
after watching this video before sleep, i had a nightmare.
Jophiel Philanna Deusvult
Jophiel Philanna Deusvult 21 time siden
How did I go from minecraft trolling to this anyways-
Night Owl
Night Owl 21 time siden
11:48 "It's futile" Nice Pun
Dejv 300
Dejv 300 21 time siden
Prague hmmm it is something I know but wait. Oh wait nvm it's main city of country I live in aka Czech republic. 😂
XxshautyxX 21 time siden
Me:doesn’t understand 50% of the words Still me:understand everything
Vincent C. Dicayanan
Vincent C. Dicayanan 22 timer siden
The most confusing game of Puzzle
Haziq Baik
Haziq Baik 22 timer siden
Jahred Galanza
Jahred Galanza Dag siden
11:51 *Korega Requiem Da*
Jahred Galanza
Jahred Galanza Dag siden
Andrew Whisenand
Andrew Whisenand Dag siden
Jealous of that Celestron CGX in the background
berngirl 56
berngirl 56 Dag siden
This looks like something quilters could work out. LOL
Jim Hoff
Jim Hoff Dag siden
is that Juneau, AK at 2:55?
Aidenlol bonzanto
Aidenlol bonzanto Dag siden
should i sub?
wonderful bees
wonderful bees Dag siden
no politician should be able to run for an office, unless they can memorize this talk-- ha ha -- no more politicians
wonderful bees
wonderful bees Dag siden
too bad i have no clue what this is about, yet strangely interesting
Lazy Tuber
Lazy Tuber Dag siden
Learned something
Areyouthick Dag siden
I understood most, and honestly it’s so beautiful. I love this kind of geometric mathematics. I’ve heard about phi before and I read a lot about the Fibonacci sequence and about the golden ratio in a book called “The golden ratio”. I loved this video and you have earned a sub!
Rook Kolm
Rook Kolm Dag siden
Its so pretty
Master ofDeasater
Master ofDeasater Dag siden
isn`t the circle a platonic solid as well?
Y D Dag siden
1:30 so dnd dice
Adelaide Watts
Adelaide Watts Dag siden
9:43 the sound of pure glee
Daymian Gamer
Daymian Gamer Dag siden
thank you Veratasium, very cool
Casual Player
Casual Player Dag siden
What my parents think when I’m on NOpost: he’s just watching silly videos What I really watch:
Roxanne Little
Roxanne Little Dag siden
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AbdulRazaak Petersen
AbdulRazaak Petersen Dag siden
You know what? I actually understand all this
Vyldim Dag siden
Thanks recommended
PuryYT 5847
PuryYT 5847 Dag siden
This is like mark robert but you didnt make anything just expalining stuff lol. But still this is so interesting
Meaty Tofu
Meaty Tofu Dag siden
This is like a conspiracy video on geometry.
ganondorfchampin Dag siden
I have an uncle who is a crystollogist. I still have no idea what those spectral diagrams mean though.
MN ZEN Dag siden
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Rhiyanna C
Rhiyanna C Dag siden
Why aren’t my classes like this, this is actually interesting especially the way this guy explains it, it make me actually interested in the subject while my teacher explains things in gibberish
Eavy Eavy
Eavy Eavy Dag siden
"hexagon best tagons"
MikeRosoftJH Dag siden
Does that mean that hexaflexagons are bestaflexagons?
Hannah Lin
Hannah Lin 2 dager siden
brain hurts - will probably loose sleep off this
shrek 2 dager siden
I think I have brain cells now
Combine Core
Combine Core 2 dager siden
Shame it repeats
ceiling gang
ceiling gang 2 dager siden
You can EASILY find the repeating parts. Especially in the title
Leyren 21 time siden
No you don't. It's not about two little areas being the same, but that at some point the entire sequence repeats. Which it doesn't. Just like the number Pi has an infinite number of digits after the comma, and sequences like "1234" will occur multiple times, but it will never repeat.
Josh V
Josh V 2 dager siden
Hexagon is the bestagon
JackDoesGaming 2 dager siden
I think that my brain cells have both melted and multiplied by watching this
Kaif Iqbal
Kaif Iqbal 2 dager siden
Golden your telling me the secret to spin WAS IN A LITERAL PINROSE PATTERN
Shayaan Morshed
Shayaan Morshed 2 dager siden
If the tiles don't repeat, then they don't form a pattern, right?
MikeRosoftJH Dag siden
That depends. Consider for example the number 0.12345678901234567890... - this is a number whose decimal expansion is periodic, and so it's rational (it's equal to 1234567890/9999999999). But obviously it doesn't contain all sequences of digits; for example, it doesn't contain the sequence 22. On the other hand consider the number obtained by concatenating all natural numbers: 0.1234567891011121314... . This is an irrational number; its decimal expansion isn't periodic. On the other hand there's an obvious pattern to it, and it has the following property: every finite fragment of it (and indeed any finite sequence of digits) eventually repeats (and so it follows that it repeats infinitely many times - but it cannot repeat periodically). What the video is saying is that the pattern is like the number 0.1234567891011121314..., not like 0.12345678901234567890... There is no finite fragment of the pattern such that the pattern consists of that pattern repeated indefinitely. On the other hand, given any finite fragment of the pattern, this fragment does appear elsewhere in the pattern, infinitely many times.
JustPas1ngBy 2 dager siden
Me From czech republic- oh interesting
Aahza Akmal
Aahza Akmal 2 dager siden
I'm 10 and I liked this
Aahza Akmal
Aahza Akmal 2 dager siden
Trailers for Dreamers
Trailers for Dreamers 2 dager siden
hexagons are the bestagons
Sovi3tBoy 2 dager siden
1:58 omg i feel like im watching scp illustrated
Glitter flitter
Glitter flitter 2 dager siden
Why no mask?
Bethany Mitchell
Bethany Mitchell 2 dager siden
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Chetan Soun
Chetan Soun 2 dager siden
So panch tatva in Hinduism is real according to science.
Diane Reid
Diane Reid 2 dager siden
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Alex Nisa
Alex Nisa 3 dager siden
will i ever understand this? absolutely not. will i continue to revisit this video as the years go by? of course.
mwells219 3 dager siden
If it doesn't repeat then it's not a pattern.
Chasae 3 dager siden
JCSViperion 3 dager siden
The video that hooked me on Veritasium 🙂
Rey Tianero
Rey Tianero 3 dager siden
I really love your speaking pace and style, very engaging.
Abdalrahman Irraies
Abdalrahman Irraies 3 dager siden
i have been braining so hard my think hurts
Amanda Slocomb
Amanda Slocomb 3 dager siden
Anyone else remember those little wooden shapes that were used in elementary school? I used to try to make perfect tilings of those little shapes and I swear that I used to take the fat rhombus and the thin rhombus and make those little patterns all over my desk. I never knew that 7-8 year old me was apparently making penrose patterns for fun, I just wanted to make perfect little patterns out of every wooden shape, no matter how hard it was
Rick Roll
Rick Roll 3 dager siden
Why does this looks like a 8 year old video even tho it’s like 3 months old
Random Izer
Random Izer 3 dager siden
Illuminati confirmed
RayRay 2021
RayRay 2021 2 dager siden
actually, it is nature confirmed.
Darko 3 dager siden
can u do my math for me
Leo 3 dager siden
Math Teacher: the test isnt hard. The test: 0:01
YuYu’s Property
YuYu’s Property 3 dager siden
Another segment I call “I could have lived peacefully without knowing this and always thinking about it”.
Aramus Day
Aramus Day 3 dager siden
Bro it's not a pattern of it doesn't repeat
Link_the_pro 3 dager siden
That means it’s not a pattern then a pattern repeated it’s self
Eric Coleman
Eric Coleman 3 dager siden
But isn't the definition of pattern something that repeats..?
Zeus But shaved
Zeus But shaved 3 dager siden
robert burger
Caleb Ventimiglia
Caleb Ventimiglia 3 dager siden
"never repeats" yet it clearly does.
Umbro the Umbreon
Umbro the Umbreon 3 dager siden
what, I have no idea what happened, am I supposed to understand this or is it non comprehensible?
United States
United States 3 dager siden
omg dude this is so crazy and impressive
Aquasphere4 3 dager siden
A wise man once told me that hexagons are the bestagons
TheDvdspeler 3 dager siden
high five
BobTobacco 3 dager siden
I'm curious if this symetries / patterns could be used to explain symetries of sub-atomic particles -- like 1/3 (60° or 120°), 1/2 (90° or 180°) and so on...
chet- azione
chet- azione 3 dager siden
i agree that the pattern is teorically infinity without reapiting, but that there is infinite number of combination it seems me wrong.
Elrik 3 dager siden
I have made this before
gilad haimovici
gilad haimovici 3 dager siden
as a material science and ergineering student from israel, Shechtman was one of my main inspiration through the years... even though at the time he won the nobel prize I didn't really understand what the discovery actually means.
Adrian Field
Adrian Field 3 dager siden
does this mean that if every tile was a random colure it would contain a picture of every thing ever in existence
Leyren 21 time siden
No. People often confuse this. You also hear people say that the digits of Pi contain every combination of numbers, which is not true. Infinite does NOT mean every combination. As a simple example with numbers: 10110011100011110000.... is a pattern that never repeats. But it doesn't contain all possible combinations of numbers, since it's not even containing a single 2, 3, 4 etc.
Dark Ron
Dark Ron 3 dager siden
the colors are the same so it repeats
daniel rose
daniel rose 3 dager siden
absolutely incredible!!!
Sankarshan 3 dager siden
imagine having classes like these in schools. forget bunking, imma bunk movies to attend such classes.
123GateKeeper456 3 dager siden
It’s not a pattern if it doesn’t repeat
Christian T
Christian T 3 dager siden
This is the most boring interesting class/lesson i will ever have, idk how to explain this but this lesson is so boring but somewhat really interesting, Imma watch alot of these just incase is quarantine will still go on on 2021 to 2022
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