Surprising a Friend With A New Bike!! 😊

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2 måneder siden

We're surprising one of my best friends with his first MTB. I told him he could borrow my bike, but he didn't know I giving it to him. 🤫#sponsored by Competitive Cyclist Use Promo Code PHIL15 to get 15% off your first order (exclusions apply) here:

As you know, it has taken a beating over the past few years and needs an overhaul. Thanks to Competitive Cyclist, we're giving this bike a complete refresh and I've hand selected some extra gear that its new owner will need on their adventure to become a mountain biker.
Gear used in this video
Competitive Cyclist Homepage
Topeak Smart Gauge D2
Fox Knee Pads
Pearl IZUMi Canyon Short
Shimano Rear Derailleur
Five Ten Freerider Shoes
Shimano Cassette
Shimano Bottom Bracket
Spurcycle Water Bottle
Feedback Tire Lever
100% Ridecamp Glove
That being said, this bike isn't just going to anybody though, its new owner, Ian, has contributed thousands of hours to the local BMX and mountain bike community and has really helped set a good example for the next generations. Even though this bike will no longer be in our stable, you can rest assure this won't be the last time we'll be seeing of it.
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Hadyn Richards
Hadyn Richards 3 dager siden
This is heart warmimg man. So awesome . What a legend !
Alexander Kiss
Alexander Kiss 3 dager siden
did you give it away
Alexander Kiss
Alexander Kiss 3 dager siden
where is the old frame tho
MTB with Cam
MTB with Cam 5 dager siden
I wish that was me I’m still riding a 400 dollar gt aggressor comp from Canadian tire
James Marsh
James Marsh 10 dager siden
Right on Phil!
Hondo 66
Hondo 66 18 dager siden
Thats great bud! That was really nice! Not only mad skills but a good heart! Thanks for sharing.
Collin Balcom
Collin Balcom 25 dager siden
This is awesome. Your videos are awesome. You are awesome.
Pete Frigillana
Pete Frigillana 26 dager siden
Please give me a bike 😭😭😭🙏 from Philippines 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏
Waff Tart
Waff Tart 27 dager siden
No way, is that in Keene New Hampshire, if so, my family started that town when they came to America, that’s even my last name today, even if it isn’t that same town, it’s still cool that it’s my last name
jimmy bowden
jimmy bowden 27 dager siden
jimmy bowden
jimmy bowden 27 dager siden
why carnt i order brakes to australia on competitve cyclist
William Lipinski
William Lipinski Måned siden
Cute cat
TE 5150
TE 5150 Måned siden
I cant even afford one of those rims. Nevermind being given a bike like that
Streddaz Måned siden
Well done Phil, he seems a very worthy recipient for a new bike👍🏼
Carter Hroncich
Carter Hroncich Måned siden
went from seths vid to this. same sponsor
Pierre B
Pierre B Måned siden
That old frame looks still brand new I'll have it haha
WTF what is this liquid in my eye PHIL?
Tommy Lounsbury
Tommy Lounsbury Måned siden
Phil your one righteous dude. I would ride with you any day.
Ruben Sanchez
Ruben Sanchez Måned siden
Hey man that was awesome 👏 amigo! Also what kind of car do you drive?
Pulubing Tambay
Pulubing Tambay Måned siden
Wow nice bike, my dream bike merry christmas sana all.
JustinTime Måned siden
Hi I am a new rider and would like to get a entry level hardtail mountain bike. I used to ride BMX as a youngster so I would like a bike that I can grow into skill wise. Any advice would be appreciated looking to spend around $1,000 usd +or - thank you.
Pantaleon Ramos
Pantaleon Ramos Måned siden
That is really good friend he knows what is best for his friend.🍻
Simon Saldana
Simon Saldana Måned siden
no yes no you can’t do that no yes yes no yuh huh BIGGEST FUCKING SMILE EVER
Johan Norberg
Johan Norberg Måned siden
Buying a lambo = satisfaction for an hour or two Giving back to others = happiness for the rest of your life
Rafael Paredes
Rafael Paredes Måned siden
Great Video Phil and what a great gift. Thank you for all the content! God bless
Nicolaj Jul
Nicolaj Jul Måned siden
Oh man. I’m not crying, you are!! 😅😂 You’re such a good person, man. So awesome how you think about your loved ones, and so freaking cool to see his face when you revealed that the bike was his. Total denial at first. 😂 A pleasure to be following you here on YT. Thanks. 🙏
Charles Abayan
Charles Abayan Måned siden
I wish I could afford a bike like that.
Linus Takee
Linus Takee Måned siden
Super Top video jajajajaj. Now I feel big motivated to get on the trail myself, what gets me going the longest while bike is *Delta Parole* or other rokk music!
Dmitriy Slobodskiy
Dmitriy Slobodskiy Måned siden
Phil, you are amazing man. Learning a lot from your tut and videos, now this one was amazing. Thank you!
Matthew Kharl Alivio
Matthew Kharl Alivio Måned siden
Can you give me
Tim Gorman
Tim Gorman Måned siden
That was really nice Phil! Cheers to you and those that helped out.
MaYbYl8eR Måned siden
Joel Curtinsmith
Joel Curtinsmith Måned siden
noice kan kan
dane wighton
dane wighton Måned siden
what a way to make 2020 better ... great vid !!
Tom Morgan
Tom Morgan Måned siden
This is one of the best videos I've seen. Awesome
homemate_TV Måned siden
i would never give a gt force away...
Mar Gabucan
Mar Gabucan Måned siden
Watching this over and over again!
Dan'sBiking Adventures
Dan'sBiking Adventures Måned siden
This Teared Me Up. Great Job Phil.
Lerway Chase
Lerway Chase Måned siden
Hi,Our company has free MTB parts, such as pedals, gloves,etc,if you are interested in them, could you help us test them and give us feedback, thank you.
unknown vlogger
unknown vlogger Måned siden
I wish I had a friend like you
Velo Moose
Velo Moose Måned siden
It's always wild to see the local trails I ride on NOpost. Drummer is great.
J lee
J lee Måned siden
nice trail
TheTuningFactory Måned siden
Phil you rock dude! Imo you are the perfect ambassador for ALL bikes in general. All love, wow.
georgee films
georgee films Måned siden
Think the bike shed could do with some orange diffused light ngl
Harry Wagner
Harry Wagner Måned siden
Your cat is exactly the same as mine!!
Guy Mudder
Guy Mudder Måned siden
Doesn't own a MTB but can clear gaps, 2-3' drops, descends like a pro... skilz! The world needs more people like you two. Thanks.
Thomas Philyaw
Thomas Philyaw Måned siden
Awesome dude Phil
Jake Alawi
Jake Alawi Måned siden
I wish i had Mountain bike too, Anyone here doesn't have one too like me?
Salami Army
Salami Army Måned siden
Can I please have your old frame please
shelby langston
shelby langston Måned siden
This was so great Phil. More happiness in giving for sure!
mike kober
mike kober Måned siden
How do you feel about the bcm blast 27.5 hard tail?
Carl Adam Smith
Carl Adam Smith Måned siden
That was epic 🤘🏻🤘🏻
Jessiehdtech Måned siden
Very cool phil! Awesome video! He looks like he really appreciated that.
Peter Kornum
Peter Kornum Måned siden
as i get older (46) i get more emotional, and the nice gestures really hit me hard! WELL DONE! he seems more that worthy of the bike!
jason_jrc_33 Måned siden
Great vid 😢 it's so nice to see . I hope one day I'm in a position to do things like this . 🤞
luckypinoy Måned siden
oh thats so sweeet...i wish youll give me the old frame.:-)
Dulla, Louie Andrei
Dulla, Louie Andrei Måned siden
Surprise me too hahaha
lil tripod
lil tripod Måned siden
Hi Phil my name is brett and I love your videos I was wondering if you would sell your old gt full suspension because I dont have enough money to buy a new bike and I trust gt because I race gt bmx bike
Jig Da HoBo
Jig Da HoBo Måned siden
Thats awesome dude! Fantastic vid!
Boss_Man 6000
Boss_Man 6000 Måned siden
I wish I could get a new bike, lucky man
Harmonee Lanado
Harmonee Lanado Måned siden
Can i have a bike too??
Groosome128 Måned siden
Awesome, I hope to get a mate a bike in the next few months :)
H i m
H i m Måned siden
Hey Phil how are you this good
Send it Sam
Send it Sam Måned siden
i think you put the chain ring on wrong
Jeremy Zou
Jeremy Zou Måned siden
Damn I wish my bike was like that 😂 $600 hardtail squad where you at
Eric ballou
Eric ballou Måned siden
NO WAY IT'S Ian Ian is awesome met him at keene bike park
Ivan Drago
Ivan Drago Måned siden
I wouldn’t be mad if you surprised me with a new Orbea Occam or Revel Rascal/Rail. Just sayin.
rodent Måned siden
that topeak pressure gauge is nice, I have the same one. flawless.
Skills With Phil
Skills With Phil Måned siden
I have 2 One in my shop, and one for travel bag/car. They are the best ones I’ve used. I do wish they measured to one decimal.
B1KER Måned siden
That was an awesome surprise Phil! You truly are a great guy as well. Glad you and your buddy can ride together more now.
fish man
fish man Måned siden
This is like seth He got rid of his orange p7
fish man
fish man Måned siden
Well this is awesome
Skills With Phil
Skills With Phil Måned siden
2 years ago, I tried selling my bike on eBay on donating the proceeds to my local trail system But just like his, that didn’t work out So i did a raffle instead We ended up raising 8500 as a result We all feed off of each others ideas, that’s the nature of how this works. :)
dewilm78 ____
dewilm78 ____ Måned siden
Awesome Phil! Definantly seems to be a great guy! 👍
JohanKarel Måned siden
Absolutely great!!! You didn't give a bike, you gave happiness!!! Congratulations!
Brett Burmania
Brett Burmania 2 måneder siden
Sometimes when I dream about the mtbs I'd get all my buddies once I get set in life. So generous of you to share your passion with your friend!
Shm1chael 2 måneder siden
Awesome video Phil. Ian seems like a really cool dude, great rider too!
100% real Rebelon
100% real Rebelon 2 måneder siden
I want to be your friend lol.
GullideckelHD 2 måneder siden
Hey, wanna be friends? :)
Chance Shay
Chance Shay 2 måneder siden
Congrats, Ian! Enjoy the ride bud.
caos one
caos one 2 måneder siden
Seems like I have a new role model. Ian, you rock dude!
Jimjim Jam
Jimjim Jam 2 måneder siden
thas awsome
Jesse Stroik
Jesse Stroik 2 måneder siden
That's so awesome
Collision_ 2 måneder siden
Abhishek Madan
Abhishek Madan 2 måneder siden
Haha, I use the exact same trick to crimp cable ends. Works way better than pliers.
The Hook
The Hook 2 måneder siden
You're so steezy... wow
Greg Le child
Greg Le child 2 måneder siden
Do you go to Keene bike park a lot?
Splash but trash version
Splash but trash version 2 måneder siden
Aww so cute your scared of the corona
TorrentUK 2 måneder siden
Great thing to do! Nice.
THOMAS FISKE 2 måneder siden
Good man, Phil...
Sinn walker
Sinn walker 2 måneder siden
We all have that one friend that the universe sends our way to balance things out... thanks for sharing... we need this in todays climate
James Mixon
James Mixon 2 måneder siden
Your awesome Phil!!!!
Jason Gutierrez
Jason Gutierrez 2 måneder siden
Excellent video! So many times we forget about the people we grew up with that are just like family to us. Great job Phil!!!
thestaplegun 305
thestaplegun 305 2 måneder siden
I wish my friend got me a bike like that. ha.😂
T’s Life
T’s Life 2 måneder siden
This sponsor has been on a few channels ,they must be cashed up from the pandemic bike buying. Owner is prolly buying his second Ferrari.
Leornardo 8927 hi
Leornardo 8927 hi 2 måneder siden
I wish i was the friend i really need a mtb
Don Benincasa
Don Benincasa 2 måneder siden
Squrl 2 måneder siden
damn phil thats awesome
Unrealt77 2 måneder siden
i wish i have friends like phill
MR FREMZY 2 måneder siden
I want a friend like this guy
Ski Man
Ski Man 2 måneder siden
Way to go Phil! Paying it forward is super inspirational.
Ronald Elwin Tuason
Ronald Elwin Tuason 2 måneder siden
your best friend deserve that nice bike. thank you phil for sharing your blessings.... keep it up.. and for that, i won't skip ads. :)
Nathan Oxley
Nathan Oxley 2 måneder siden
I don’t know how anyone can dislike this
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