xQc Reacts to Twitch Rewind 2020

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Video reacted to by MTee: nopost.info/throw/xJizjIK03K57c6c/video
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xQc (Félix Lengyel) is a French-Canadian Twitch streamer and content creator. He is 24 years old and lives in Texas with his roommate Adept. He enjoys streaming. He also enjoys playing and uploading a variety of games, such as Overwatch, Chess, Minecraft, Fortnite, Warzone, and all the hot new game releases. He is also very well known for his entertaining reactions. His favorites include Unusual Memes, Daily Dose of Internet, Jubilee, Comparisons, memes made by viewers on his reddit, and trending.
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MTee Måned siden
Imsure Dont ask me
Imsure Dont ask me 4 dager siden
Noice ❤
Tobias 7 dager siden
Breadbowl Måned siden
@Alif Mu'tashim you didnt watch til end or you're trolling. either way, let him rest in piece.
Taylor Hatch
Taylor Hatch Måned siden
This video was one of the best I've watched in a while gonna head over to your channel drop a like and a sub cause thats fire
A1SCX Måned siden
@Chandler Muhammed Weird
LTP-Erected 5 dager siden
I have to apprieciate the pause of the video for you to let that fart out. XD
WARNING 5 dager siden
Even tho i was a youtube frog for 2 years im starting to watch the streams its kinda hard because of the time zones
Radu MC
Radu MC 6 dager siden
12:07 Whats the name?
SAVEME BEATS 7 dager siden
Almost 1 mil views cmon cmon like and comment on this video to make the yt algorithm go crazy
Psuedonerd123 10 dager siden
Jokes on you pepega money hoarding streamers, Im a kid
Yeeunderscore 10 dager siden
I love how everyone pogs at Clint ^^
________ 12 dager siden
Thomas Hobbs
Thomas Hobbs 13 dager siden
How do you twitch highlights without any of the dream SNP people wtf Tommyinnit standardly gets 200-250k concurrent viewers.
k_neth11 13 dager siden
what the name for the game at 21:11
Vickeloco 13 dager siden
8:28 he does the exact same thing
Angel Beater
Angel Beater 14 dager siden
where is the part with the host and love show?
Derpy_David !
Derpy_David ! 15 dager siden
Valkyrae wasn’t mentioned going to youtube
Philippe Mercier-Fortin
Philippe Mercier-Fortin 15 dager siden
11:21 cassey does'nt smoke lol
Ge1ber 18 dager siden
"twitch" just american streamers
Hurline Rose
Hurline Rose 18 dager siden
The thick yugoslavian particularly rhyme because george concordantly fry within a unsightly square. billowy, even excellent excited click
N 19 dager siden
this was actually such a boring shit reaction lmao
Tokyo 19 dager siden
Tell him to react harder next time
Denniz T
Denniz T 20 dager siden
A year no one will forget
Mini Molecule
Mini Molecule 20 dager siden
rewatching this video: 8:40 xqcSmug TeaTime 28:10
Adrian 21 dag siden
iHezi GL
iHezi GL 21 dag siden
omg am I black😂
qazwell 22 dager siden
Olajide bourne
Eoin Shaw
Eoin Shaw 22 dager siden
1,000,000 times better than the one youtube did
Haseeb 23 dager siden
Kinda surprised that they didnt show the other side of minecraft streamers like tommyinnit wilbur soot etc. those guys blew up this year
Polar The Second
Polar The Second 18 dager siden
@Denis Jon 5Head
Denis Jon
Denis Jon 18 dager siden
@Polar The Second And the truth is, unless it's MCC... they have this code or whatever where only one of them are live to max out the views or something I believe? Because I'll see them hosting each other for the entire day from Karl to Tubbo to GeorgeNotFound. The only really person pulling numbers all the time legit is Tommyinnit since during MCC he still gets over 150k and the rest are usually under 40k.
Polar The Second
Polar The Second 21 dag siden
tbf the only one that REALLY blew up on Twitch was Tommy, with insane numbers, but the creator of the video said that most of these clips were mostly taken from the same circle of streamers
Jail Watch
Jail Watch 23 dager siden
i know nothing about cheese so half these clips mean nothing to me monkas
Zeer0 24 dager siden
900k views on xqc reaction but only 223k views for MTee vid.. FeelsBadMan
Armin Smajlagic
Armin Smajlagic 25 dager siden
why is twich so interasting, the streamers are those who are insterasting and not twitch...they need you !
TheCheetah 26 dager siden
12:08 wich Song is that tho?
Dennis 26 dager siden
This might be the most effortless ids ive seen in years. He doesnt even say anything lol, he just sits there with these small ghehes
Polar The Second
Polar The Second 21 dag siden
@Denis Jon her laughs makes Jimmy Fallon's sound so fucking genuine
Denis Jon
Denis Jon 24 dager siden
What? His reaction to is was far better than anyone else. Pokimane was just fake laughing the entire time.
Paolo Magno
Paolo Magno 26 dager siden
4:07 the best guy in twitch
overture 27 dager siden
I cant take people seriously when they use twitch emotes to mourn reckful
overture 21 dag siden
@Polar The Second another reason to not take them seriously
Polar The Second
Polar The Second 21 dag siden
@overture I get how that *can* be interpreted that way, but people in chat don't mean it in a meme-y kind of way, they talk in emotes since day 1 and will continue to do so, no matter the topic
overture 21 dag siden
@Polar The Second twitch emotes are more than that, again twitch is the key word so stop assuming I meant something else. Stuff like hearts or simpler emotes seem fine but twitch (bttv) emotes like sadge or feelsbadman with a candle emote is almost as disengenuine if chat typed "F" when reacting to reckfuls passing
Polar The Second
Polar The Second 21 dag siden
@overture how is that bad, that's like using a ":(" to show what emotion you're feeling right now. Emotes are literally made to show what emotion you're feeling without having to type it out.
overture 24 dager siden
@Denis Jon twitch emotes as in sadge, twitch being the key word
joey longworth
joey longworth 27 dager siden
Reckful Tribute??????????
J M 28 dager siden
What did he think it was at 14:58? Why was he scared of a ban?
Le Monke
Le Monke 29 dager siden
Check out www.g2a.com/n/lemonke for extremely cheap games!
Something Something Something
Something Something Something 29 dager siden
Souljaboy and AOC? Cretinous.
The Egabdf
The Egabdf Måned siden
This is so much more entertaining than NOpost rewind 2020
Adenis Måned siden
Oh boi
Shen Måned siden
just_a_guy Måned siden
This is my first time watching but if this isnt just full of minecraft streamers ima never go on twitch again.
Turkey Steve
Turkey Steve Måned siden
16:23 xQc priorities lol
Liam Fitzgerald
Liam Fitzgerald Måned siden
I’ve never seen a twitch rewind but this is nice
seventy roses_
seventy roses_ Måned siden
Rest In Peace reckful, I hope your soul is resting easy
SIKH VLOGGER Måned siden
Its the giving season (hint giveaway) watch me reacting to youtube rewind 2020 --->nopost.info/throw/2NDAo6CVyK2Fhdk/video
Adam SoundCloud
Adam SoundCloud Måned siden
It is true how do you have hours to watch twitch but not 5 dollars
Mr.consistently _inkonsistent
Mr.consistently _inkonsistent Måned siden
I forgot how shitty twitch and the majority of its users truly are.
ben dover
ben dover Måned siden
I forgot this all happened this year
16:47 He looks Like Kawhi Leonard and Snoop dogg had a baby
Hey guess what , You are gey!
Hey guess what , You are gey! Måned siden
xQc reminds me of my uncle...why?
MarKZ Måned siden
So Hashinshin The Super Top got falsely banned for pedophilia and it wasn't even mentioned.... Sadge
Carlo Vargas
Carlo Vargas Måned siden
I fucking need the clip of the pidgeon hitting the guys face PLEASE !!
KatrinaWatching Måned siden
im suprised the rewind didnt have any of the dreamsmp people when they mentioned minecraft. tommy averages like 100k viewers ?? weirdchamp
Polar 27 dager siden
@KatrinaWatching again, they aren't that "influential" on Twitch, as they're just kind of, there. And as impressive as it is, nobody that only watches twitch streams really go onto their stream, like i said before, most of their viewers come FROM NOpost, not in NOpost. But if you're going to use viewcount as a reason to put them on, they the rewind would be filled with Spanish streamers.
KatrinaWatching 27 dager siden
@Polar they’re definitely twitch streamers? like wilbur and tommyinnit and stuff obviously they also have youtube but most of their youtube videos are just twitch videos re-uploaded. they’re known for twitch and all their memes circulate around twitch and subs and stuff. its just a bit weird
Polar 28 dager siden
they only noted some key moments of the year, and most of the things in the video come from the same side of twitch. And i wouldn't say they're "twitch streamers" as they garner most if not all of their views from youtube
Zalan Nuts
Zalan Nuts Måned siden
wait your name is Felix Lengyel? That sounds hungarian wow
Mark Bötefür
Mark Bötefür Måned siden
Bro Dr K be *PULLING*
Vince Haylem
Vince Haylem Måned siden
no rektful? or all those twitch deaths : o
Markus Warbert
Markus Warbert Måned siden
Not enough shroud :|
ruben moons
ruben moons Måned siden
i always skip the outros but xQc's outro to legendary to be skipped
Sathu Måned siden
14:30 the way it cuts off kills me i love miz
Hurline Rose
Hurline Rose Måned siden
The disgusted patient universally pour because octave oddly cheer except a chemical oatmeal. momentous, detailed stock
Interesting Ghuy
Interesting Ghuy Måned siden
All these comments none pointing out the emote placement at 1:33
riley mao
riley mao Måned siden
Does anyone know this guy? 19:53
Zlily Wan
Zlily Wan Måned siden
22:13 ...didnt he get accused of sexual misconduct by that girl tho...? so big chillin sexual assaulters?
Yamii Måned siden
He got accused so he killed himself
KiraArgenta VODs
KiraArgenta VODs Måned siden
12:00 HAHAHAHAHAHA true 😂
im Bored
im Bored Måned siden
wherearetheavocados Måned siden
where is dream
⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻ Måned siden
umm... did valorant not come out this year????
CaptJericho Måned siden
I remember when Twitch was about video games...the good old days
Fabri 32
Fabri 32 Måned siden
And the stremer of the year?
LittleLil Måned siden
Just gonna say with those pokemon cards I have that shiny dragonite in japanese I wonder how much it would sell for...
Khajiit The Pepega
Khajiit The Pepega Måned siden
2900damien Måned siden
this year was ass but i enjoyed my stay with chat
Cesar Perea
Cesar Perea Måned siden
9:50 "Cum" Aguero jugando con el mitico copias
Smiling Cat
Smiling Cat Måned siden
Only XQC can beat my content
TwitchyWRLD Måned siden
Am I the only one that’s surprised that callmecarson wasn’t here?
Christoph Huber
Christoph Huber Måned siden
bdan Bdode
bdan Bdode Måned siden
Vid pretty boring but xqc is the entertainment
Fisted Jerry
Fisted Jerry Måned siden
14:08 it took xqc 20 seconds to get a sec joke
Austin Powers
Austin Powers Måned siden
Not gonna lie Xqc was a huge part in promoting almost all the twitch metas this year so many parasites riding his wave
Tavion Samad
Tavion Samad Måned siden
Hoodie y
Hoodie y Måned siden
so sick of sodapoppins weird fake voice. its the equivalent of a girl who makes her voice super high and anime and shit. god just b yourself
fvdedtwtz dm
fvdedtwtz dm Måned siden
16:25 wtf is this clip 😂😂
not paris hilton
not paris hilton Måned siden
Imagine taking a fucking bird to the face while you're gaming
Mr.Marquitt Måned siden
А чо всм где ЖожоХф
elektronix Måned siden
8:30 reactions lined up so well hahah
Dev Måned siden
where is the part where pokie gets clapped and shit on by fed? Fed did nothing wrong pokie
AlexEEZ Måned siden
tim e to thr ow pog champ
Sima Zoe
Sima Zoe Måned siden
Hot take: the ones about Pokimane weren't far enough
brian griffith
brian griffith Måned siden
Why did you cut out part of the vid
RebornDIAJACK Måned siden
that aguerooooo moment was AMAZING
aryawy K.
aryawy K. Måned siden
this was the worst fucking year ever
NarbAdventures Måned siden
no mention of Reckful?
Newoi Måned siden
that was fun xqcl
alexandre99 Måned siden
so there are no clips at all by the streamer of the year?? wtf this is NA twitch rewind
MaxOutTheCake Måned siden
"If i die on stream i might get banned."
Edbaabace Måned siden
The first clip slickr was in he looks like he went to Chernobyl and made an abandoned building his setup
Grant Sandler
Grant Sandler Måned siden
The hapless sandra ordinarily tempt because bird initially crash next a cultured death. spooky, tacky cancer
Emanuele Battaglia
Emanuele Battaglia Måned siden
Bruno moment
ShitterMan Måned siden
xqc sucks
Mikelol Måned siden
I really enjoy friendly competition between other streamers I loved watched Forsen and xQc speedrun minecraft
st3lth smh
st3lth smh Måned siden
So are we just going to ignore the Minecraft community? I mean they litterally have been getting the highest amount of viewers in the past month 😐
st3lth smh
st3lth smh Måned siden
@Korex i mean, if they average twice or more the amount of viewers than the other streamers, then there must be something special about them
st3lth smh
st3lth smh Måned siden
@k4 ????????
k4 Måned siden
@st3lth smh yea bc of forsen , xqc and YT NORMANS ,YT NORMANS THEY ruined twitch this year
st3lth smh
st3lth smh Måned siden
@ihunter the past month literally the DreamSMP members were getting the highest viewers counts 😐 litterally, when they stream they make Minecraft go from 70k viewers to about 300k at minimum
ihunter Måned siden
xqc and forsen carried the whole category this year
Catherine Hughesse
Catherine Hughesse Måned siden
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