The Worst Excavator Recovery Of My Career

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Rising Tech
Rising Tech 9 minutter siden
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Gregor Holmes
Gregor Holmes 2 timer siden
With this many ppl standing around. They better be on OT.
Gregor Holmes
Gregor Holmes 2 timer siden
I wonder if he had the insurance?
Sizzlean 3 timer siden
simple 8 hour day, me and my shovel...must have been a very short carreer. Keep at it maybe you'll run into a difficult one someday.
Racker 3 timer siden
Man you are good. I figured you got hired to do the pond once they seen you work.
No Party Afilliation
No Party Afilliation 5 timer siden
I have watched this guy many times. He is definately the best and if your stuck in a mud hole,I promise he will get you out.
William Fears
William Fears 5 timer siden
The video has more views than all of Biden's White House videos combined.
Dionte Adams
Dionte Adams 6 timer siden
How much something like this cost?
Proud Straight White Christian Conservative Man
Proud Straight White Christian Conservative Man 7 timer siden
There’s is nothing as magical to watch as a good equipment operator.
Chris 7 timer siden
I’d love to see footage of how this guy got so stuck!
Larry Propes
Larry Propes 7 timer siden
That was experience at its best. Awesome job
c 9 timer siden
That's the fun stuff. Nothin better. 20 yrs. and all my best memories begin with a stranger sayin "I'm stuck and could use a hand" Challenge Accepted! Still watin for the pissed off wife to ask me to kick the tires on her cheatin husbands Lambo.
Dan Studybaker
Dan Studybaker 9 timer siden
I am amazed at the finger tip joy sticks. No more frictions, and brakes traverse.
Robert Prescott
Robert Prescott 11 timer siden
while your doing this digging can you get me a bucket of worms like try my luck in fishing
waller smith
waller smith 11 timer siden
I would have covered it up and said I tried
Nicholoas Byrnes
Nicholoas Byrnes 12 timer siden
Gonna need a bigga digga...
Andrew Romano
Andrew Romano 12 timer siden
Everyone gets stuck. I buried a 2 wheel drive backhoe. Lucky there was a wood pile. I just lifed and stuffed wood under it until I was up.
tom lorenzen
tom lorenzen 12 timer siden
I've seen worse.....🤣😂
Bdogstone -
Bdogstone - 13 timer siden
This guy works the excavator likes it’s fuckin hand wth
Sean Needham
Sean Needham 14 timer siden
Cuchi de Soto
Cuchi de Soto 14 timer siden
It takes a Volvo to pull a Chinese excavator out of the muck!
TheAnimeist 14 timer siden
You sir, are a money making machine for your company.
Donald Parlett jr
Donald Parlett jr 14 timer siden
The yardboy at the rental place is gonna be busy with the pressure washer for awhile. There has gotta be muck in areas that you never thought of. Yeah, they were lucky.
stoker20 15 timer siden
Why'd he drive it in there??
JonY BmW
JonY BmW 15 timer siden
you are the best
A Riv
A Riv 15 timer siden
Must be a beast at the claw game.
Петр Басенко
Петр Басенко 15 timer siden
Круто, ничего не скажешь!
FlatEarther InNH
FlatEarther InNH 16 timer siden
Yes, the operator is quite skilled, but I could have dome without 39 minutes of slopping dirt. Good thing there's FF.
Dennis Harvey
Dennis Harvey 6 timer siden
How so big man ? Do tell
Veronique Grimaud
Veronique Grimaud 17 timer siden
Je vous parle en français mais super la maitrise de l'engin "it s very beautilful" Bisous d'Angoulême France Serge et Véro ,Goud day
Drifter Dogs
Drifter Dogs 19 timer siden
Typical scene... 1 guy doing all the work and 6 dudes just shooting the shit with their hands in their pockets.. also +5 points for the mcdonalds breakfast sandwich
Keith Tollenger
Keith Tollenger 20 timer siden
@letsdig18 I’ve been around a lot of excavators over 30 year but I would let you scratch my back with those teeth that’s how badass you are sir. 👏🏻☝🏻👷🏻‍♂️🚜
tarak barama
tarak barama 21 time siden
My 4x4 f150 could have pulled that out
Obsidian Jay
Obsidian Jay Dag siden
what an idiot that renter was
Alexander sandor731
Alexander sandor731 Dag siden
No health and safety in place no lifting plan what for they know what they do countless years
Garry Kirkland
Garry Kirkland Dag siden
It's a pleasure to watch someone who is good at what they do....and you sir are good. Thanks for sharing.
ricardo violanti
ricardo violanti Dag siden
Great job.
Tyler miller
Tyler miller Dag siden
I love watching this stuff. Makes ya feel like a kid again. Wish I would have gotten into construction work. I drive forklift in warehouse for $20 a hour 🤦🏻‍♂️
Dave Nally
Dave Nally Dag siden
Like two dinosaurs rescued for love ahhh....
Survivor central
Survivor central Dag siden
She thinks my trActOrs ssEexxyy
Paul P
Paul P Dag siden
You made that look easy!
M P Dag siden
It’s awesome to watch someone so good at what they do it’s all automatic.....
Dennis Davis
Dennis Davis Dag siden
Very good exciting video
Hans Günter CHRISTMANN Dag siden
Good Work!
Juan Hernandez
Juan Hernandez Dag siden
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snow11wolf Dag siden
Not bad overall! a very difficult situation indeed!
Wendy Wood
Wendy Wood Dag siden
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snow11wolf Dag siden
And again at 13:58
snow11wolf Dag siden
13:38 he hits the stuck machines track!
snow11wolf Dag siden
No, you start out with a sump hole and then move the water away!
snow11wolf Dag siden
So, why does he start dumping material next to the machine, only to dig it out a minute later?
snow11wolf Dag siden
I have seen worse. Excavator stuck in peat bog. I got it out myself, taking every stump I could reach and forcing them under the machine!
Lee Staub
Lee Staub Dag siden comments exactly, why haven't you checked the air filter before now?
Mario Williams
Mario Williams Dag siden
Why not drain out the pond before they started digging that way it wouldn't gotten stuck like that
Chris cole
Chris cole Dag siden
When man and machine become one an operator can't get much better than this pro
Robert Fisher
Robert Fisher Dag siden
Pretty incredible. I would have said sorry, it's gone. 37 minutes into the video it was out of the soup. Looks like it was just another day for the operator.
Kim Pridgen
Kim Pridgen Dag siden
Wow !
Joe Clark
Joe Clark Dag siden
non conformist
non conformist Dag siden
Good work ( dobra robota) :)
John Shelton
John Shelton Dag siden
Give credit where credit is due that was not that operator's rodeo nice job smooth operator
☼ Heirloom reviews ☼
☼ Heirloom reviews ☼ Dag siden
wow thats bad
Bair Valentin
Bair Valentin Dag siden
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mplewp Dag siden
don't think he did the pre ground test xD
Jack Robinson
Jack Robinson Dag siden
WTF am I watching? Why is this so mesmerizing? Sitting here watching this and can't stop. I think I have an addiction to the internet.
Diane Lawson
Diane Lawson Dag siden
I seen a dozer buried once like this. Next to it was a pregnant cow that also buried. Saved the cow but the idoit was on his own
1DirtyMutt Dag siden
What does a Recovery like that cost?
Quinn Dag siden
This is like the floor is lava game
vagisha das
vagisha das Dag siden
Is this what they refer to as deep dung? I was thinking that this kind of diggers do not get stuck. Looks like I was wrong. I wonder how it happened. Probably the rain interrupted the work.
Ryan Ruiz
Ryan Ruiz Dag siden
This guys good
Ringa Dag siden
I had contract like this on Snowrunner. Also took me 40 minutes.
Joni Angels R Real
Joni Angels R Real Dag siden
That looks like an expensive recovery... 👀
Robert G
Robert G Dag siden
Great job! Expertise always shows!
Er Ic
Er Ic 2 dager siden
There was a sayin when I was a kid... If you ain't careful, you're gonna dig a deeper hole than you're already in.
Butch S.
Butch S. 9 timer siden
A corollary to that: The first step to getting yourself out of a hole is to stop digging.
arechj 2 dager siden
What a badass tractor pilot!
Olivia Bean
Olivia Bean 2 dager siden
Never seen such precision and gentleness applied to an excavator before. Well done!
Donny Moose
Donny Moose 2 dager siden
like a four wheel drive gets stuck where noting can get it out
pigtailsboy 2 dager siden
You need Katy the red crawler tractor! She'd save the day!
CBOLAR 2 dager siden
You're a master!
Richard MJ
Richard MJ 2 dager siden
artist at work! Ranks right up there with a heart surgeon in my book. You cant hear me but Im clapping my hands, great work.
Donna Diaz
Donna Diaz 2 dager siden
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pigtailsboy 2 dager siden
Wrong machine for the job, isn't it? Don't tell me this is what contractors commonly use for dredging holding ponds?
Cindy King
Cindy King 2 dager siden
I love these rescue recovery videos! So interesting!
Watson45// T. maxwell21
Watson45// T. maxwell21 2 dager siden
bloke in the red watching from the road....''shit that's pretty close to were i put the wife''
Ron T
Ron T 2 dager siden
My Fav machine! And I used to joke that you couldn't get these stuck,,, lol Well this is nice proof I may be wrong
Marie Hannah
Marie Hannah 2 dager siden
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Leonard Hall
Leonard Hall 2 dager siden
So basically trackhoes are like chainsaws. You should always have an extra one. Incase one gets stuck the second one can get it out
gheumann 2 dager siden
I love skills.
g h
g h 2 dager siden
he operates like a surgeon with that machine, impressive. 👏👍
tas maniandevil
tas maniandevil 2 dager siden
The three words you should never say I KNOW ONE THING
Rich Morgenstein
Rich Morgenstein 2 dager siden
LOL Thank god for Stupid People using Excavators! This guy got 7 million views cause some guy in a fedora hat burred it alive LOL.
the bear 65
the bear 65 2 dager siden
can you not pick up more than 1 mat at the time/.
Rene Jensen
Rene Jensen 2 dager siden
it's an absolute joy to see a skillful person going what he's good at.
Xavarius Quest
Xavarius Quest 2 dager siden
Dudes + mud+ excavator rescue (+hot coffee) = a great morning. Twenty guys with 20 different ideas on how this is gonna go. Good times...good times.
Xavarius Quest
Xavarius Quest 2 dager siden
Was watching this when the wife came in. She caught from about the 7:30 mark on. When the camera pivoted to show the pond embankment, which previously had no one there, suddenly filled with dudes WITH THEIR COFFEE CUPS...well, she burst out laughing. So...there's porn...but if you really want to cash in make high production value content of these situations. This kind of stuff draws guys like bees to honey.
Mark Storjo
Mark Storjo 2 dager siden
Great video!
Charles Petty
Charles Petty 2 dager siden
Can we give mad respects for his freaking smoothness in his excavator skills it’s like he’s part of the machine...dang very talented
Jarrett Wendler
Jarrett Wendler 3 dager siden
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Nicholas Pooran
Nicholas Pooran 3 dager siden
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Bradley Wall
Bradley Wall 3 dager siden
I think this is the video that got me to subscribe and binge watched..
Clint Jeffrey
Clint Jeffrey 3 dager siden
So Cool....felt like I was there in the cabin with ya!....
DespizedICON 3 dager siden
When they rent space rockets then I'll get worried, until then this is as bad as it gets.
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