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Marie James
Marie James 6 timer siden
I wouldn’t care if there was no pizza I’d just want to meet you
Belinda Washington
Belinda Washington 6 timer siden
The thirsty shade undesirably jump because steam enzymatically allow between a material honey. fearful fearless, present chive
InvadedGaming _YT
InvadedGaming _YT 7 timer siden
Daz ur not just a legend or a sensation ur an inspiration.
Jay Kelly
Jay Kelly 8 timer siden
I sorry what happened i get bulled every year and still it happens to Me but it doesn't bother me anymore note your not alone
Debi Tanner
Debi Tanner 14 timer siden
Frist 15 seconds he sounds like Michael Jackson
o Fataal
o Fataal 16 timer siden
Daz you're eyes are gorgeous 😍
Amy louise wall
Amy louise wall 17 timer siden
Hey Daz I bought some of your merch and tried sending you a selfie on Snapchat and Instagram. Whenever you have the time please look! 😁
soringhu exe
soringhu exe 17 timer siden
daz is just toooo nice to hit someone
Raquel Weatherby
Raquel Weatherby 18 timer siden
Love it and band was great nice work
ices cream dream
ices cream dream 19 timer siden
BrickCob on playstation
BrickCob on playstation 20 timer siden
We usually just do it when we yell to loud and Deep like I found out when I just yelled as loud as I can
Joshua Everett
Joshua Everett 23 timer siden
do a horror game in vr
Dr fnaf
Dr fnaf Dag siden
dav and daz
Oliwia _sleepyfox
Oliwia _sleepyfox Dag siden
I'm less then 3 minutes into the video and I'm already dying laughing (is smth wrong with me?)
Classic Nice Trash
Classic Nice Trash Dag siden
BRUH. MY TOWN IS NAMED HASTINGS. Tho I'm in america still fucking weird
Ayannah Ali
Ayannah Ali Dag siden
my two fav lines from the vid 1: RAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH.....holy shit....i can sing! 2 I was thrown around like....like a big mac!
GX RAAZ Dag siden
If you do a vid on NOpost rod you doing a backflip ong I will donate you 10000$
Danielle Stanford
Danielle Stanford Dag siden
Stop. Daz your doing Danielle now explaining away your nerves 😊😉
Toesツ Dag siden
Yeah I'll get a 𝘭𝘢𝘳𝘨𝘦 𝘴𝘢𝘶𝘴𝘢𝘨𝘦 𝘱𝘪𝘻𝘻𝘢
Christina Oppegaard
Christina Oppegaard Dag siden
Why the fuck are you give me this to me? « demonetized you can’t say fuck on NOpost” I laughed like a fuck hyena 🤣
Kate Knight
Kate Knight Dag siden
This really hit me cuz I wasent hit as bad but I was hit for not knowing maths, idk if what "daz" supposively had was real but I flinch even when someone goes to hug me
Hunter Bramble
Hunter Bramble Dag siden
random OP
random OP Dag siden
me:wow he posted ;video:where is the music
sowerishcandy Dag siden
daz cant say fuck on youtube shit
Jasmine Connor
Jasmine Connor Dag siden
13:48 this made me laugh so hard
Alan Bangiyev
Alan Bangiyev Dag siden
Michael Ward
Michael Ward Dag siden
Pause bla bla bla... pause bla bla bla let the vid play
Mr. #48
Mr. #48 Dag siden
Dad can you react to I’m Ready by Sam Smith. My Grandpa is the referee. My grandpa is also a person in a black and green jumpsuit in Diplo’s Daylight.
Roblox guy Roblox
Roblox guy Roblox Dag siden
im a bird
im a bird Dag siden
is this a horoor film or a music video
Jaylen Caballero
Jaylen Caballero Dag siden
1:36 why is nobody gonna talk about the fact that he gasped after that sentence
Robert Jones
Robert Jones Dag siden
I saw gasoline in the description and thought of billie Ellis’ gasoline.
Ocean-Lily Denmar
Ocean-Lily Denmar Dag siden
Who cares about the kid getting mugged look at that *points to the bit that says his name*
_C l o u d_
_C l o u d_ Dag siden
Maximus McLean
Maximus McLean Dag siden
Please react to Melanie Martinez K-12 The Film
Michelle Summerfield
Michelle Summerfield Dag siden
This song gives me corpse vibes like I can’t remember the name of the song but it reminds me of it-
Matt Gagnier
Matt Gagnier Dag siden
ok the part where he said what d you step on a Lego and be like -SCREAMS- i can i sing
Ember D&T
Ember D&T Dag siden
Honestly though the scene where you're beating the dad up is wild. Like I'm wondering was that also a flashback? Was it like he was really there? (Nvm, I watched the rest. Sad asf lol)
P4NDA RA!N Dag siden
16:28 is that guy with the tattoos and hat the guy from TikTok who has met everyone and has pictures to prove it too? XD
shadow 55
shadow 55 Dag siden
As soon as I said it got dark you said it :(
rosie r
rosie r Dag siden
Love how Daz’s first instinct was Moana 😂
Said Ali
Said Ali Dag siden
Tangle Hamain
Tangle Hamain Dag siden
Alice Fox-Russell
Alice Fox-Russell Dag siden
wait. how. your. your my favourite- and- my favourite ytber. i. yay.
Evie Hazel
Evie Hazel Dag siden
And at 17:40
Evie Hazel
Evie Hazel Dag siden
Lol. Where he says I can sing lol at 13:44 😂😂😂
Tristan kawau
Tristan kawau 2 dager siden
A yo there’s a video in your ads😂
Cherry Roblox
Cherry Roblox 2 dager siden
Ok I’m gonna shut my eyes when there’s blood 😆🤣😂😆
Z3D ;{
Z3D ;{ 2 dager siden
Then he beat sh*t the outta me 😂😭
callum webster
callum webster 2 dager siden
Was cool to see this video when it came out, Love this band, Been my favourite band for a few years now and their music has helped me through alot, Must have been amazing to meet and film with them.
•Àłmøñd Mìłk•
•Àłmøñd Mìłk• 2 dager siden
Daz dang u beat ur “dad” it was good
Megan 2 dager siden
I’ve been a dazzler for ✨YEARS✨ now. And I’m so happy.
Sam Ogden
Sam Ogden 2 dager siden
This is the song I thought it was, I used to listen to this all the time but I didn't know there was a music video
Spooder Man
Spooder Man 2 dager siden
Ashton Skeebs
Ashton Skeebs 2 dager siden
This is one of my favourite song ever and he was in the music video Holy shit that's so sick
Jsprezz 2 dager siden
DAAAZZZZZ *incredibly long pause* WATTCCHHHES
b ello
b ello 2 dager siden
Can you please do a react video to Brandon Roger?!
bane 723
bane 723 2 dager siden
The lego brick part tho
hello world
hello world 2 dager siden
I wonder if he watch the glue girl and if he didn’t I would love to see his reaction 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂👌
-Sunflower- 2 dager siden
Them talking about dark stuff: That got dark- Daz: Look at my eyes- they were beautiful. omg Daz I'm dying XD
Catherine Roberts
Catherine Roberts 2 dager siden
Daz: sees his dad Me: BEAT HIS A**S
Catherine Roberts
Catherine Roberts 2 dager siden
Brain: singing Crowd: MOSH PIT!
Ore Rain
Ore Rain 2 dager siden
6:46 my parents were watching this (yes they enjoy your content too :) I was in the room and this happened it got to 6:56 and then I jumped. That’s the day I found out I have delayed jumps... nothing else, just when I get scared. Like my dad and I fake fight and i usually catch his punches just fine so :/ yeah it’s just delayed jumps for me
Mr k 13
Mr k 13 2 dager siden
He is elsa for frozen
J6qh Cool
J6qh Cool 2 dager siden
Your so funny lol
Metallica Monster_Girl
Metallica Monster_Girl 2 dager siden
Okay I saw this before you posted this video and when I heard your voice I’m like, “Well hell on a stick, Daz.”
Plane Boy
Plane Boy 2 dager siden
My Guy, you Is hilarious!
Sarah Rinebold
Sarah Rinebold 2 dager siden
Daz: HA! raises hand HA! Me:also said HA! Haha Daz laughs .
Lucy Vaticalos
Lucy Vaticalos 2 dager siden
god i love him!!!
Keitaro 2 dager siden
“It just smells of pizza and men” -Daz Games
Alexandra Slade
Alexandra Slade 2 dager siden
Anyone bored in quarantine and just binge watching this legend??
Mxlody 2 dager siden
13:38 : Daz turned into a professional singer.
TMR Music Productions
TMR Music Productions 2 dager siden
omg yes sequel!!!!!! i love daz vids and i love i prevail music
emmily barstow
emmily barstow 2 dager siden
i was supposed to be seeing iprevail live 2020💔
Apollo Stream
Apollo Stream 2 dager siden
Tina G
Tina G 2 dager siden
Why was he laughing at his cup 00:8
Marie Sodnez
Marie Sodnez 2 dager siden
In the video: shits going down dad from the past is bouta get beat Daz: Hi dad! :)
Amarina Saumell
Amarina Saumell 2 dager siden
Daz can you react to Melanie Martinez’s new music video? 🙏🙏
FizzGamer _123
FizzGamer _123 2 dager siden
One week
Jessie Hughes
Jessie Hughes 2 dager siden
8 minutes in who was the man that appeared on the screen.
Compac1ty 2 dager siden
You Daz, Sup bro, love your videos, been watching them for a while now, they are amazing, keep up the good work, 😎
abi tea
abi tea 2 dager siden
Jaymes Perez
Jaymes Perez 3 dager siden
So you were in an audioslave music video?
XxHAHACRYxX xbox 3 dager siden
Bruh if I was that kid just give me a pizza or MCDONALD'S
Courts YT
Courts YT 3 dager siden
We need a Daz Black or Daz Games the Movie
Ashton 3 dager siden
I like this type of music ngl.
KARL JACOBS 3 dager siden
“My mums proud of me...” HAHAHAHA-
Weirdo Canderle
Weirdo Canderle 3 dager siden
Probably my favourite part about metal is the beat its so niceeee
Annabelle 1234
Annabelle 1234 3 dager siden
grUAh GRauH bumBLe BeE BumBLe BeE ha- HA oK *wait* HAA
Reagan Warren
Reagan Warren 3 dager siden
“HI DAD” 😃
MAKE OUT HILL 3 dager siden
Nobody- absoulutely no one at all- Daz- BUMBLE BEE BUMBLE BEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! also daz- HA HA HA HA!
dcoog anml
dcoog anml 3 dager siden
daz get a dat ass poster and put in the background of every video
billies_br0kenheart 3 dager siden
Thank you daz, after this I went to go see the music video myself and I actually thought the song was pretty good now I'm into metal
dcoog anml
dcoog anml 3 dager siden
Bless my ears
Juliia Varela
Juliia Varela 3 dager siden
the dad:were are you!!! daz:playing fortnight!!
Nuggies 3 dager siden
Bumble beEEEEeEeeeEe 😌
Leila Chance
Leila Chance 3 dager siden
“David Attenborough is about to quit” I CANT DEAL WITH THIS SHIT ITS TOO FUNNY ALREADY 🤣
Emi N
Emi N 3 dager siden
It’s like they had testosterone and they were just like pumping that shit into the bus .... it’s mentul 🤯 - daz
Emi N
Emi N 3 dager siden
And I clocked him fr 😳....I was really getting into it 😏 and I was like YEAH IM A THUG BOOM 😤👊🏻
Kim Aitken
Kim Aitken 3 dager siden
Ooh, tense, amazing acting, whaaa . . .🤣🤣
あやあやニノーちゃん 3 dager siden
I’m just reading in comments XD, but we all love you daz! Keep up the great work of course you make good content without trying!!!
Ryan Slaughter
Ryan Slaughter 3 dager siden
I lost it when I saw Daz in the I Prevail video. I fucking love it and am living for it
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