IONIQ 5: Ultimate Camping

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Camping means being at the mercy of nature and living with no power. Well, not if you have the EV that redefines Electric Mobility lifestyle. ​
Welcome to ultimate camping with the new IONIQ 5. The EV that lets you #PowerYourWorld​
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addk3 2 dager siden
Can be the rear seat converted in bed? Can be front seats pivoted?
Reddylion 10 dager siden
Road ruler electric.
detetiveneves 15 dager siden
Abraços e ja tamos juntos !
Last boy on earth
Last boy on earth 20 dager siden
0:14 who is he?
Maldhari Sangathan
Maldhari Sangathan 22 dager siden
How Much?
이진화 23 dager siden
Zohar Modifier
Zohar Modifier 23 dager siden
Tow truck coming
jeff strong
jeff strong 24 dager siden
In Norway, they tested all EV and Ioniq 5 came in first with during cold weather, it lost 10% range but Tesla lost 20% range because Hyundai had better heat pump system. Not all EV comes with heat pump system to perform better with range during cold weather.
Stan Ubeki
Stan Ubeki 26 dager siden
Just what I want to see when I go to the wilderness, a 65" home theater.
Robert Bidochon
Robert Bidochon 26 dager siden
@HyundaiWorldwide It needs a solar panel on the roof !
llavero5 27 dager siden
Anh how transport a oven and fridge in a Ioniq 5?
Joseph Kim
Joseph Kim 27 dager siden
People can use lots of different ways with its battery without fear of mileage warranty.
J 27 dager siden
so are we ever getting out of the forest?
SL twentyeight
SL twentyeight 28 dager siden
now make a van. that's ultimate camping
ygs 1727
ygs 1727 28 dager siden
Awesome Baby !
•TóilętĆløggær• 28 dager siden
I like this car. Come out already!
cubitme 28 dager siden
This is just so stupid. Shows how clueless some marketing teams are in how to relay the message to mass audience. Why would you choose camping and hooked up to suburban life? Promoting camping? Then you got the charging or mileage issue if you were to go to the wilderness for decent camping spot. Promoting Ioniq wide capability to run electrical appliances? Then again why Hyundai chose camping as a subject of relevance? this is both insult to a great product and camping. Idiots
34 Media
34 Media 29 dager siden
hahaha camping in a city car too funny !
Ross 29 dager siden
Looks nice, but the concept of the advert is horrible. The whole point of going camping is to get away from it all and enjoy nature, not bring a full on cooker with you, watch tv and play music on a big music system! Just stay at hone if you want to do that. Camping is about disconnecting from a busy lifestyle, not connecting to more gadgets!
Euje BenQO
Euje BenQO 29 dager siden
Is this a joke?
lorenz perez
lorenz perez 29 dager siden
So this is a powerbank that you can drive?
Pradana Wp
Pradana Wp 29 dager siden
Powerbank on wheels
Michael Hubert Lamla
Michael Hubert Lamla 29 dager siden
Thank you, Hyundai!
Brad Wolff
Brad Wolff Måned siden
Am I the only one getting cyber truck aesthetics?
Fun Måned siden
Now plug in a tesla to Hyundai XD
coolmenthol Måned siden
The biggest movable power bank ever made
Tikhon Danchenko
Tikhon Danchenko Måned siden
I kinda feel a Golf 7 vibe here...
KindWizzard Måned siden
Tesla rip
Martin Jensen
Martin Jensen Måned siden
WoW LooK It The - New Delta Integrale HF - HoT Hatch
J M Måned siden
These desirable EVs are flooding the market. Looks like a changing of the guard is about to happen.
Rapture Måned siden
I will Buy this jewel. Not a car.
mynameisdrpat Måned siden
Slogan: Insult to Nature
Tech Today with Mayank Badhan
Tech Today with Mayank Badhan Måned siden
Apple Watch Series 6 Commercial Copy 😉
Zeus Almighty
Zeus Almighty Måned siden
just a copy.
Park Jun
Park Jun Måned siden
idlerose Måned siden
If this lives up to my expectations I will sell my Model 3 Performance for the Ioniq 5. I love the design focus on the car as a comfortable relaxation space. Sony suggested as much when they talked about the Vision S. The Spartan interior of the Model 3 is nice but boring. And the Model S design, once a flagship, is worn out. The Plaid updates do nothing for it.
Marlio Visual Artist 007
Marlio Visual Artist 007 Måned siden
I love the new ioniq 5 design but one thing that I'm scared of is those random fires that I've been seeing in the kona electric one of my favorite electric vehicles and looking forward to the updated version but I just really hope that hyundai had solved that problem by choosing to use different battery cells, I couldn't imagine parking my car outside only to come back seeing it in flames smh. Reports are that the fires are being started by LG's batteries which the kona and the chevy bolt ev uses so I really don't know what to make of the ioniq 5 other than I just love the design and everything about it just don't know about the battery's in it.
Yuvaraj Badiger
Yuvaraj Badiger Måned siden
So... Its basically a 3 pin plug socket been given...
Ty V
Ty V Måned siden
I like any brand EV vehicles except Tesla. Now day brand like , Lexus, Volvo, Nissan, and many more to choose from. Tesla look ugly inside and cheap materials.
Park Jun
Park Jun Måned siden
JJ Y Måned siden
0:46 panel alignment issues.
prebensjoen gaming
prebensjoen gaming Måned siden
Well this will ruin the camping feeling
Peak Proof
Peak Proof Måned siden
Great feature that you’ve made look terrible. How to ruin camping with technology. Yes, I know it’s tongue in cheek
브가의PC이야기 Måned siden
The first generation is looking for a beta tester, okay friends? 이야 기분좋다~
AKEWSD Måned siden
Ground clearance height?
Jamaican Me Crazy
Jamaican Me Crazy Måned siden
Love the design, might even buy one. But I'm not doing that camping shit. And get stuck with a dad battery.
Florin Mihali
Florin Mihali Måned siden
Very nice 👍🏼
Za Rahmansyah
Za Rahmansyah Måned siden
yeah, and no more power to drive home
Za Rahmansyah
Za Rahmansyah Måned siden
@Chin U. Kim 3 miles a day? Sure dude
Chin U. Kim
Chin U. Kim Måned siden
@Za Rahmansyah Hyundai says the vehicle's solar panel option can help extend range up to 1240 miles (2,000km) per year (around 3 miles per day) of additional range if it's driven in locations that see a healthy amount of sunny days per year. Used more to top off the car when using the battery to power other devices.
Za Rahmansyah
Za Rahmansyah Måned siden
@Chin U. Kim how much can it charge in 24hr?
Chin U. Kim
Chin U. Kim Måned siden
solar roof
psumiz Måned siden
Wait.. this is actually going to production?? Wow cant wait to try on the seats with leg support
Pedro Gontijo
Pedro Gontijo Måned siden
trás pro Brasil
Blue skull
Blue skull Måned siden
yeah the Asian of Tesla is coming to the competition 🔥
Cyrus Rocks
Cyrus Rocks Måned siden
Does it do camp mode like Tesla? Increasing to find out.
Cosmin Duca
Cosmin Duca Måned siden
Please @Hyundai ...put a wiper in the back...Nordic countries will be grateful :)
axdicaire Måned siden
Oh great, sure, be more of a douchebag while camping
Younes Ten
Younes Ten Måned siden
I want to buy this beautiful electric car this year 😍👍👍👍
Pathfinder George
Pathfinder George Måned siden
Stove, fridge, treadmill, etc etc sold separately...
Hitmaniak17 Måned siden
Retro design 👍
Silver Surfer
Silver Surfer Måned siden
The only thing I dislike about this ev is the diagonal body line. It almost looks like a dent. But I'm happy consumers are *finally* getting a large choosing for EVs
Shawn Donadieu
Shawn Donadieu Måned siden
Five million views with 258 comments, something is not right...
Real Måned siden
Looks good. Front looks like old camaro.
Siswanto Teguh
Siswanto Teguh Måned siden
You can live in car but you can't race a house
Vincent KC
Vincent KC Måned siden
Where’s the Hyundai Catfish mouth grill?
Joe Gotti
Joe Gotti Måned siden
Kevin Mann
Kevin Mann Måned siden
Even as someone who doesn't like SUVs this is a very nice looking vehicle.
Louis Richner
Louis Richner Måned siden
Ok I've decided this is the car I want
Apurva Kadam
Apurva Kadam Måned siden
I don’t think the marketing ng team spoke to the engineering team....
Lawrence Hodge
Lawrence Hodge Måned siden
I mean it’s cool. But then I’m out in the middle of nowhere with a battery at half capacity and the nearest charger over 150 miles away.
Tencent Dollarstore
Tencent Dollarstore 24 dager siden
You’d be surprised at how many 800V chargers are already within 100 miles of a major interstate and within many parks and campsites. With exceptions of course but the stations are being built at an incredible rate. By the time the Ioniq 5 is out they could have doubled the existing Electrify America infrastructure. Also, with plugshare at worst you end up at some stranger’s house for a slow charge to get you where you need to go. By 2022-23 it will be a different story.
Tiago Bernardo
Tiago Bernardo Måned siden
Dude, this car looks really cool
De Dawn
De Dawn Måned siden
Please sale in Indonesia
Khulekani B. Dladla
Khulekani B. Dladla Måned siden
Hahaha This is a dope Ad. How's All Of This Even Possible hahaha
Rajdeep Sadhukhan
Rajdeep Sadhukhan Måned siden
So hyundai made a powerbank on wheels...
ThomasLaang Måned siden
So... the message is that this car is for lazy, spoiled, entitled City-slickers, who don't understand the beauty of nature ? Well, that's a fail.
Quokka Son
Quokka Son Måned siden
왜 이렇게 기아차같지 기아 엠블럼이 더 잘어울릴듯
Bush Master
Bush Master Måned siden
Lane Feral
Lane Feral Måned siden
What if you live in Texas and have to recharge the car again?
j kim
j kim Måned siden
Tesla look ugly. This is the design i was waiting for real electric car.
Vince Fárr
Vince Fárr Måned siden
Super car. But price is to high, quantity is to low.
En G2
En G2 Måned siden
You went to the woods to bring a fridge and loudspeakers?
Marvin S.
Marvin S. Måned siden
They didn't understand camping its seems^^
Dinner Måned siden
Tesla still better tho
Dinner 16 dager siden
@andy sky ok then get whatever car u want
andy sky
andy sky 16 dager siden
@Dinner too bad design is not that great
Dinner 16 dager siden
@andy sky yeah the model x , not the the cheaper models. Plus there will be cheaper tesla’s in the future. They have better and longer lasting batteries. Plus they are one of the safest (or even the best) road cars on earth.
andy sky
andy sky Måned siden
but tesla model X price is more than double and warranty is half of hyundai offer
leezoo Måned siden
yes looks like the future
Travis Baugh-Allen
Travis Baugh-Allen Måned siden
These ads suck but this car is the only Hyundai I have ever been interested in! Considering buying one when they come to Canada!
dllemm Måned siden
Save the air and pollute nature lol
Jay Kang
Jay Kang Måned siden
Is this Samsung ad?
Mohammed Haq
Mohammed Haq Måned siden
Love the car. But I’d not want to use too much battery charge up in the wilderness and be stuck getting back to a fast charger.
I was Never In Sumatra
I was Never In Sumatra Måned siden
Uh right. Plug a fridge, oven and a stereo into a car and that's where you get to live forever unless someone brings a diesel generator to recharge the car.
코로나의료진임금슈킹대구 Måned siden
차에 포커스를 맞추지 너무 잡다한 광고네
Srini Krish
Srini Krish Måned siden
yeah they forgot to show you the last part where he will be pushing the car home.
두부두 Måned siden
lol 😆
하순초 Måned siden
I wanna buy it
Angelo Måned siden
Was in the market for a new powerbank
99호 Måned siden
갑자기 비오면 전기 감전 되어서 사망하진 않겟죠?
리나언냐존나이뽀ᅮᅮ Måned siden
Swapnil Måned siden
Is this a car or portable big powebank?
Swapnil Måned siden
Ye Gaadi he ya powebank?
Jeremiah Townsend
Jeremiah Townsend Måned siden
This is the Lucid Air for the rest of us. Great tech and luxury. Nice going Hyundai. You just raised the bar.
Mohan Gutta
Mohan Gutta Måned siden
Hyundai has became like Chinese copy cat
Scott Wengel
Scott Wengel Måned siden
cool vehicle, dumb commercial why not show it powering and electric lawnmower or forest roomba too
Turbocharged Dude
Turbocharged Dude Måned siden
This is exactly what Texas needed. Lol
Min Gu Kang
Min Gu Kang Måned siden
갑자기 허기 진다...
Jin Johnson
Jin Johnson Måned siden
This is the kind of car you can call babe.
Design Dojo
Design Dojo Måned siden
lol nike commercial
Onu Ha
Onu Ha Måned siden
Hyundai is on fire
For music Youtube
For music Youtube Måned siden
sandro forms
sandro forms Måned siden
transformando a vida em um terrivel pesadelo nerd .....
Ameen Hassan
Ameen Hassan Måned siden
The advertisement is a whole another level
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