HIS REACTION WHEN SHE SINGS | Unchained Melody - Righteous Brothers | Allie Sherlock & Cuan Durkin

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Allie Sherlock

2 måneder siden

In this video we are singing "Unchained Melody by The Righteous Brothers.
Wait for Cuan's reaction when I hit the high note. It made my day when I watched it back!
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Rebecca Luna
Rebecca Luna 21 dag siden
OMG!!! Gives me chills!!!! BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!
Chunga Hmar
Chunga Hmar 2 dager siden
I love you .Darling
Wylie Bob
Wylie Bob 5 dager siden
Yes! that's what Im saying!
rmcgl17 5 dager siden
Giancarlo Caceres
Giancarlo Caceres 5 dager siden
Please sing heaven by Bryan Adams ty
Rebecca Luna
Rebecca Luna 6 dager siden
@Randy Deese, I apologize, but I don’t fully understand your reply! I truly spot! 🙏🏼
Tootie Milburn
Tootie Milburn 56 minutter siden
Gina K
Gina K 2 timer siden
OK this girl has the most gorgeous voice I’ve ever heard in my life! Wow!
David Kody
David Kody 3 timer siden
WOW - his voice is amazing as well!! Very Elvis!
LEFTERIS LOIZOS 3 timer siden
the best!!!!!!!!!!
Alonzo Valdez
Alonzo Valdez 4 timer siden
You both are just the best!!!❤️❤️❤️
Sharon 5 timer siden
Lighting up the World... Youth lead the way... Beautiful ❤️💕 thkyu
albert morrison the Australian Years
albert morrison the Australian Years 5 timer siden
Very talented
Marcus Fey
Marcus Fey 6 timer siden
Dislike due to "click-bait" title.
margaret heagney
margaret heagney 6 timer siden
Absolutely brilliant both of them.
Marilyn Jumawid
Marilyn Jumawid 11 timer siden
I hope you notice me from philippines🥺🥺 i really really love you♥️♥️
Alexander Henry
Alexander Henry 11 timer siden
As a millennial, this original song by the Righteous Brothers is one of my favourite oldies songs that I discovered when I was in high school. I also love this cover :)
Mornawen Bayberry
Mornawen Bayberry 12 timer siden
How are the people walking by in the background, not stopping???
Joyleen Poortier
Joyleen Poortier 12 timer siden
souls cry
souls cry 12 timer siden
Absolutely beautifully sung with great expressions both of you! WOW!
Carol ashton
Carol ashton 12 timer siden
Both of you are so wonderful great singing
donaldduckucluck 13 timer siden
I have goose bumps with a tear drop watering in my left eye...wow AWESOME
Cherie Allen
Cherie Allen 14 timer siden
Chad Lierman
Chad Lierman 14 timer siden
You have a great voice
Noah schwerdtfeger
Noah schwerdtfeger 14 timer siden
Such great energy! Both your voices and smiles are needed this year!
M H 15 timer siden
Simply amazing! Pure emotion filling the air around you. 👏👏👏
Minister Wilma
Minister Wilma 15 timer siden
Love this!
John Bell
John Bell 15 timer siden
Supreme Reader
Supreme Reader 15 timer siden
1:07 Good lord my arm hair stood straight up!!! ⬆️ ⬆️ ⬆️ ⬆️ her voice is just different.
Kevin Perlowski
Kevin Perlowski 15 timer siden
Pure joy....
Ralph Spyer
Ralph Spyer 15 timer siden
You can see they are having fun and love singing
Yuan Sepúlveda
Yuan Sepúlveda 16 timer siden
Beautiful 😍❤ Congratulations!!!🇺🇸❤
Kevin Roy
Kevin Roy 16 timer siden
When someone shows such confidence and has the talent to back it up its always a beautiful thing. The boy has talent to but Idk I feel like he's holding back a pinch
Tiago da Rocha
Tiago da Rocha 16 timer siden
Make my day
Sam Worth
Sam Worth 17 timer siden
that boy is simping hard!!
Nick White
Nick White 17 timer siden
Carol Carpenter reborn.
Victoria Higueras
Victoria Higueras 17 timer siden
I don't know if you, Allie, are going to read this, or Allies father. But you sing amazing, discovered you tonight and saw so many videos of you already. I wish you luck so you are always happy doing what you like ❤️
me truble
me truble 17 timer siden
the guy should sing alone, the girl also has a good voice ... but the guy 's voice is super pleasan
irkinnny 18 timer siden
It's really beautiful!
John Vink
John Vink 18 timer siden
Lauren Simpson
Lauren Simpson 18 timer siden
Hearing you two play together makes my heart sing. My husband and I are now learning this song, you did it beautifully!
Marie Williams
Marie Williams 19 timer siden
Rafael Rodrigues
Rafael Rodrigues 19 timer siden
Sou do Brasil, amo d mais vcs!!!!que trabalho lindo... vcs podiam vim p/ Brasil ...
Glyn Evans
Glyn Evans 20 timer siden
havelhansi 89
havelhansi 89 21 time siden
Soo beautiful ....😔😌😪
Gerardo Contreras
Gerardo Contreras 21 time siden
Edson Pacheco
Edson Pacheco 22 timer siden
Pretty girl.
Fatoom Gierdien
Fatoom Gierdien 23 timer siden
Wow!!! Stunning!!
danushka nadun
danushka nadun Dag siden
Like very much......very nice
Ильдар Шагиев
Ильдар Шагиев Dag siden
Get the Like from Russia, girl your are doing really nice!
Nikoll Cadenillas
Nikoll Cadenillas Dag siden
The Beatles plis
Miguel Quintana
Miguel Quintana Dag siden
Nesesito tu ubamormi gabriela
normand madeleine
normand madeleine Dag siden
Forgot 2020 for a few minutes.
Scarlett Letterman
Scarlett Letterman Dag siden
I cry every time I watch but I keep watching
Gary Pate
Gary Pate Dag siden
All those ppl walking by should take a moment in there lives to appreciate true talent
Douglas Martin
Douglas Martin Dag siden
Allie...with 13K comments... I know that you won't answer this, but maybe some of the subscribers agree with me....it is so remarkable when you are able to sound like the original singer...then add this great hit, and then add your partner to this... wow!!!You are certainly a great entertainer...Merry Christmas 🎄 to you and your Dad...and to all your compliments! Yes, this covid thing will be so much better when you have a vaccine to those who need it and others if they feel it will help them too!
Fable Center
Fable Center Dag siden
Oh My Gloss!!! You two are glowing!!!
Dennis Cox
Dennis Cox Dag siden
Can you teach me how to play a guitar 🎸 because my mom died Billy James Ivie
The Real O'Donovan
The Real O'Donovan Dag siden
WHOA! Allie's killing it, then Cuan drops a bit of the old "Elvis" vibe into his part. AMAZING!
Susan Fernandez
Susan Fernandez Dag siden
What a nice voice 😊
Omar Zukhrap
Omar Zukhrap Dag siden
i love you!!!
Garry Reamy
Garry Reamy Dag siden
Wow. Amazing. You have an incredible talent.
Pierre LeBourdais
Pierre LeBourdais Dag siden
A crowd that is insanely preoccupied with shopping.
Jon Takaki
Jon Takaki Dag siden
Her voice is well suited to this song
- Dale
- Dale Dag siden
Why did she write the title in 3rd person?
Daniel Kelenc
Daniel Kelenc Dag siden
zelo dobro
Tracey Dag siden
Absolutely awesome.🙏🏼💞 Is this in Dublin?
Dell Hell
Dell Hell Dag siden
Yes, Grafton Street.
Scott Voisen
Scott Voisen Dag siden
Just needs a woman's touch!
Shon Gambrel
Shon Gambrel Dag siden
You two are awesome. Thank you!
Seryn Novah
Seryn Novah Dag siden
What about HER reaction when HE sings? He was also amazing carrying that noteee!!!
M L Dag siden
The Voice.
merzbaujr Dag siden
wow. you have a very strong, beautiful sound that issues forth from oral places. hope life is treating you well
fred scholl
fred scholl Dag siden
Well done.
Laura Matesi
Laura Matesi Dag siden
Heidy Vega
Heidy Vega Dag siden
eduardo silva
eduardo silva Dag siden
Deus abençoe vcs 🙏🏼🙏🏼
Jimmy Z
Jimmy Z Dag siden
2 Beautiful young People making beautiful music from the soul..... it doesn't get much better than this. And at a time when we are desperate for positivity and grace. I love this. A wonderful performance.
Nucc3 Dag siden
A lot of elderly passing by would sure remember that song. BEAUTIFUL.
Kathy Young
Kathy Young Dag siden
I would have to stop walking for awhile. I would be smiling, crying inside.
Cecilia Cabrera Veliz
Cecilia Cabrera Veliz Dag siden
¡Lindas voces!
Tati Talk
Tati Talk Dag siden
Wow, that guy can SING wtf
Carlos M
Carlos M Dag siden
Maravillosa y espléndida voz, Allie. Modulas la canción haciéndola tuya, como si fuera fácil. Sólo hay que ver la admiración que te muestra tu compañero. Sigue así, llegarás lejos. Acabas de ganar un fan. Take Care!!
Kathy Abrahamson
Kathy Abrahamson Dag siden
You guys are awesome!
maria D
maria D Dag siden
Roy orbison / Elvis voice
Yap Yappy
Yap Yappy Dag siden
Mitzi Dag siden
dude he is so good, so is allie obv but that was so sick
Alba Flores
Alba Flores Dag siden
Wowww que hermoso cover, beautiful song... Bravo 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
Sinead Ephraims
Sinead Ephraims Dag siden
Amazing x
Randy Smudge
Randy Smudge Dag siden
Peter Gillon
Peter Gillon Dag siden
Pretty special performance, both of you . Thanks.
Rachel Hughes
Rachel Hughes Dag siden
Absolutely amazing both of you, just beautiful
Richard Bolger
Richard Bolger Dag siden
His voice is amazing he needs to be heard more.. Well done to you both 😊
Julia O'Carroll
Julia O'Carroll Dag siden
Fabulous, I love listening and watching you perform. Such a gift.
Unidos Dag siden
1:29 He said NICE )) reaction approved )
Rancho Peralta UCa7
Rancho Peralta UCa7 Dag siden
It almost seems as though she was singing it to him🤭❤️....Very nicely done.Saludos de un Mexicano!
How could anyone give this a thumbs down ??????
C O Dag siden
Maria Fernanda Molina
Maria Fernanda Molina Dag siden
You both are WONDERFUL. Divinooosss
BorneoS TM
BorneoS TM Dag siden
😍😍😍 beautiful..
karlgw Dag siden
did I just watch someone falling in love?
JOHN DROZD Dag siden
That was fantastic,the best version I've heard, you sing so well together , I would buy the recording💕😊
Bikash Magar
Bikash Magar 2 dager siden
i came here for only two big reasons
Babarczi Cosmin
Babarczi Cosmin 2 dager siden
No words, love it.
Insights Media Berlin
Insights Media Berlin 2 dager siden
Need to see and hear more of Cuan - he is just wonderful....
Ger Mooney
Ger Mooney 2 dager siden
Allie is a national treasure :D I walk down Grafton Street every day, twice some days and always hope she is there.
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