Hollow Knight by Vysuals in 1:27:57 - AGDQ 2019

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Games Done Quick

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Countdown starts at 1:34
Game Start at 1:45
Couch commentary is provided by Hey Im Rex, Ideas, authorblues, aangst, and Mickely. Host is Skybilz.
This speedrun was recorded live at Awesome Games Done Quick 2019, a weeklong charity speedrun marathon raising money for the Prevent Cancer Foundation. Awesome Games Done Quick 2019 is just one of the many charity marathons put on by Games Done Quick. For more information on AGDQ2019, find us at: gamesdonequick.com
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Games Done Quick
Games Done Quick År siden
Countdown starts at 1:34 Game Start at 1:45 Couch commentary is provided by Hey Im Rex, Ideas, authorblues, aangst, and Mickely. Host is Skybilz.
John Ferris
John Ferris År siden
Vysuals used to work with me, we have a different nickname for him. You should see him play Halo.
Michael Russell
Michael Russell År siden
Path of Pain at 1:31:51.
Marcello D'Elia
Marcello D'Elia 5 dager siden
Hornet is void LMFAO!
PKRowlet64 11 dager siden
did he call the ancient mound, ancient baldur?
orangerox12 14 dager siden
I finished this game while in quarantine and sad it ended. I can finally watch this speed run without being spoiled. Super excited for Silksong
Dood Ft
Dood Ft 14 dager siden
9:26 i dont even know how to do this part the normal way, i just fireball skip or bounce of the fly thing a bit below
Elias Marques
Elias Marques 16 dager siden
I am crying over the fact that I am just so shitty at this game and this man is just blazing through
XxUndertoker 19 dager siden
I fought all this shit without any upgrades first play through then accidentally discovered them all rip
Lizard eyed Gamer
Lizard eyed Gamer 27 dager siden
I love how he beats the game in the time it takes me to find the first boss
Finn Lim
Finn Lim Måned siden
holy shit the radiance fight!!!
이용현 Måned siden
Baylor R. Barnard
Baylor R. Barnard Måned siden
I’m currently playing through Hollow Knight and i adore it, I wanted to watch this to see how long it would be before something I didn’t recognize happened. 15:15
Ankhbayar Tsolmon
Ankhbayar Tsolmon 2 måneder siden
My white castle run was longer than the whole vid epic run!
Filia Luvs Squigly
Filia Luvs Squigly 2 måneder siden
HORNET IS NOT VOID!!!! learn the lore dood
justin maquiran
justin maquiran 2 måneder siden
Thorfinn Vinland Saga
Thorfinn Vinland Saga 3 måneder siden
I swear this Game saved me as a Gamer i thought all new Games are Just Trash or max OK Games . But boom Hollow knight fantastic World,music,Lore Bosse everything is for me perfect. Cant wait for Hollow knight silksong
Necros1s 3 måneder siden
wait,he didnt speak to elderbug
Han Zolo
Han Zolo 3 måneder siden
I bought this game after watching part of this speedrun, and I am in love with it. Such a gem
Helge Meff
Helge Meff 3 måneder siden
Severin616 4 måneder siden
He.. just walked by elderbug?
Atticus Talker
Atticus Talker 4 måneder siden
wonderful to see this game back in a marathon. it's come such a long way since mickely's run last year.
Sondre Grøneng
Sondre Grøneng 4 måneder siden
I'll take any chance to say this. I haven't really played HK more than once, but somehow it still stands out to me as probably my favourite game ever and I'm usually not that into metroidvanias.
rareroe305 4 måneder siden
I didn't find the game terribly difficult, a few deaths here and there. Until Radiance. That is one of the toughest bosses of any game I've played.
White Guy
White Guy 4 måneder siden
This is a great game to watch speedrun, so fluid in the right hands
Zank 5 måneder siden
William Muirhead
William Muirhead 6 måneder siden
Shade skip will never not impress me
fadedsun303 6 måneder siden
You mean I could have just used pogo to get to that part in the City of Tears? I didn't get up there until I got the wings. I tried all kinds of weird stuff to attempt to get up there, but it never worked. This guy just does a simple pogo off a statue haha
Nate 7 måneder siden
4 mins in he beats the first boss
Alex - Let's Play Games.
Alex - Let's Play Games. 7 måneder siden
Ha! AMATEUR! I beat the game in 78 hours!
Frank Larkin
Frank Larkin 7 måneder siden
by far the funnest speedrun to watch in the series
Nedyarg1100 8 måneder siden
"Most first playthroughs take around 40 hours" Me with 75 hours only 3/4 of the way through :(
kcbsuiejd 8 måneder siden
very entertaining and nice guy, pleasure to watch :)
Gillian Stinson
Gillian Stinson 9 måneder siden
That's pretty coooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooolllll
Vixeycake 9 måneder siden
this run made me so happy on so many levels xD
High King Trasher
High King Trasher 9 måneder siden
Imagine a world where everybody gains magical powers from hitting people. What would a boxing match or football look like? A quarterback tackles somebody and then blasts them with fire. Mike Tyson lands a punch and follows up by exploding.
Darth Vader
Darth Vader 9 måneder siden
"that was 6, you lied to me" not it wasn't, it was 4
Save Them Minigame
Save Them Minigame 9 måneder siden
You could call those piles of Geo GeoCACHES? Eh?
Tyler Phillips
Tyler Phillips 9 måneder siden
You know the funny thing about this run? He skipped so much of the game that, if you've never played it before but want to after watching this, there's actually a LARGE amount of content that you'll still get to experience for the first time that wasn't spoiled. Hollow Knight is probably the best value for my money I've ever gotten from a single player videogame, and everything from the run to the couch to the donations were great. Well done.
Alexander Vasquez
Alexander Vasquez 9 måneder siden
If he’s not hollow knight that means he’s solid knight right?
Drew VONILTEN 9 måneder siden
well I'm back for the third time... and loving it (to those who get that reference you have good taste in TV shows)
TheSpontaneousPony 9 måneder siden
This game is so god damned beautiful. I love it.
acousticlibra 9 måneder siden
quirrel does have a dad bod, you're right :O
lonelyPorterCH 10 måneder siden
I love that game :D
NeoUzzy 10 måneder siden
peoples playthrough is 40 hours? i feel kinda fast now first playthrough on 24 hours and 86 %
CYI3ERPUNK 10 måneder siden
mad respect to everyone involved in this ; vysuals for the run ; team cherry for being fucking awesome ; the founders/backers for helping to fund this dream project ; all the donors for their charity ; and GDQ for posting the video for the rest of the world to watch =]
Holz 10 måneder siden
why dose the city of tears remind me of bioshock?
Laura Dunn
Laura Dunn 10 måneder siden
Yea, ok, wow. That's radiance fight.
theonlycatonice 10 måneder siden
49:43 lmao this joke 😂😂😂
pious83 10 måneder siden
That Lost Kin fight... O_O
lca k
lca k 10 måneder siden
I wish I knew about that chandelier -.-
Julien Mamazza
Julien Mamazza 10 måneder siden
Developers: Average Play through is about 40 hours. Speed Runners: Best i can do is 1 and a half, take it or leave it
Merevel 10 måneder siden
I was in awe of the watcher knight fight. That fight took more tries then the final boss. >.
Vergil, the Architect
Vergil, the Architect 10 måneder siden
Geeze. In my Pb by the time 1HR hit I just beat Greenpath, THIS GUY’S ALMOST DONE!!!
Wild Portrait Artist
Wild Portrait Artist 11 måneder siden
This makes me want to play HK again so bad. I took a break from it last year and now I can't even remember what I was doing or where I was going next. Maybe I'll restart it (and get to enjoy it all over again!)
Profyt 11 måneder siden
"Can I redact my previous applause" 😂
Stephen pina
Stephen pina 11 måneder siden
That has to be one of the most intense final boss fights ever!
saeed atenzi
saeed atenzi 11 måneder siden
Why do I like GDQ? good event, good people with good intentions. Thank you
MrSatan1003 11 måneder siden
Poor Elderbug ;_;
AnvilPro100 År siden
This is one of the funniest couches lmao, I love the intro to the White Palace the most
Kurtis Gibson
Kurtis Gibson År siden
Speed run is good but why on earth does he think hornet is void?
RoadkillWaffle År siden
*but hornet isn't void tho*
Your One And Only
Your One And Only År siden
Just imagine hollow knight would be a very decent character for smash line up
Shane Olson
Shane Olson År siden
"Can I redact my previous applause?" #dead
Glitter raccoon
Glitter raccoon År siden
Mossbag donates: Me: Somethings *lore* i can feel it
LRed13 År siden
1:04:05 Why am i only now learning about this? I thought it was because the combination of my charms was glitched or smth... I feel so dumb now
Kevin De Jack
Kevin De Jack År siden
It's simplify chinese NOT traditional Chinese!!!
Zimmy Dod
Zimmy Dod År siden
This is my favorite speed run from any gdq, tied with SpikeVegetas dk tropical freeze run
Aaron Hossain
Aaron Hossain År siden
I loved watching this run, but it makes me feel kind of bad about myself cuz I suck at Hollow Knight.
Guguig 974
Guguig 974 År siden
So, I watched this to get tips on how to beat Radiance... and it was completely useless to me, you are way above my league. It was, however, one of the coolest speedruns I've ever witnessed
Sora No Destiny
Sora No Destiny År siden
Opening the inventory increases falling speed. Completely defies logic
Kyle Hampton
Kyle Hampton År siden
One of the best runs i've ever seen...speed run or not. Vysuals is phenomenal. Well done, sir! I'm eternally grateful that the couch kept it quiet for that Radiance battle. Some of their commentary was less than stellar. In fact, to quote Kirbymastah, "It was a harder than it looked and a little obnoxious."
oops År siden
If you Adino when you should've Shaa'd, your gonna have a bad time.
H Fsh
H Fsh År siden
Easily the best speedrun from gdq, from skill, couch commentary, genuine fun, knowledge, and donation involvement, everyone vibing hard and even Team Cherry supported it. So fun
Derrick Hill
Derrick Hill År siden
Very impressive reaction skills.
B Chu
B Chu År siden
"You can't stab me If I stab myself" -hollow knight
Tea Boi
Tea Boi År siden
Why is the game in Chinese?
Matt9670 År siden
Watching this makes me really miss getting this game as a random gift from a friend on steam, hearing how amazing it is, absolutely hating it because I despise side scrollers, and eventually falling in love with it. Magical game. All we need is that damn Silksong release date!
honganh År siden
1:01:58 what did he say?
HBDiniz _10
HBDiniz _10 År siden
38:23 dang mossbag has sum money up in his bank account
Zachary Walker
Zachary Walker År siden
Watching this while trying to beat radiance
Andy Z. Gong
Andy Z. Gong År siden
BTW the game is in simplified Chinese, not traditional.
ProRe Nex
ProRe Nex År siden
Jackson Mazur
Jackson Mazur År siden
Alexander Nance
Alexander Nance År siden
Hornet is not void
Agent Smith 18
Agent Smith 18 År siden
We don't Heal on Bosses .... k that was so pro
mas8705 År siden
43:32- Blink and you’ll miss Team Cherry’s biggest contribution.
ZneAky TweAkY
ZneAky TweAkY År siden
I beat this game today in 20hr 48m 1s and he beat it in 1hr and 30m
nick nick
nick nick År siden
Him: *playes for one minute* Me: *thats more than I accomplished in an hour*
Fafnir The Dragon King
Fafnir The Dragon King År siden
The way I see it , The knight ( when it absorbs the infection ) keeps it contained , the radiance still exists but no one else gets infected . It's called the ' bad' ending because the infection is still there
Sinom År siden
"most things to one heart. Some things do two" And some eight.
Atijohn År siden
and some *all of them*
rockdaniel123 År siden
5:15 That was actually simplified Chinese. nice run
KvnLeandro År siden
This was absolutely amazing, i have no words to describe how much I love this game and all the content that we can make through him, it's a masterpiece, and this speedrun was incredible, that radiance fight was intense af xD
k3yboard_86 År siden
jesse chilton
jesse chilton År siden
Radiance fight was sick
Depressed Kermit
Depressed Kermit År siden
1:26:19 Beautiful.
Pain År siden
What a fucking legend Ive played this for a month and still stuck on the broken vessel
Ky7o Ren
Ky7o Ren År siden
Here i am still cant beat hornet
PeetSoad År siden
105 % savegame. whut
Zimmy Dod
Zimmy Dod År siden
Dlc bumps completion percentage up to 112%.and trust me, It makes you work for that last 12%
SCapeIst År siden
About 117% is the whole game
Itchy År siden
What how do u get new knights
wilkin.simon År siden
Why are speedruns always in Japanese?
Zimmy Dod
Zimmy Dod År siden
The text goes by faster.
ChillingAcid År siden
Well, he definitely got the achievement for beating it in 9 hours... one of the hardest ones that I’ve tried to get for eons...
Jonathan Lowe
Jonathan Lowe År siden
The 5-hour completion achievement is even harder... but, not Steel Soul hard.
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