When You Enter a Dungeon Backwards

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Måned siden

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Dani Måned siden
What a happy ending :)
Planet Earth
Planet Earth 2 dager siden
waylon games
waylon games 9 dager siden
FallenDxs 20 dager siden
@YourAverageChroma holy fk the puns
Angel Mersuli
Angel Mersuli 25 dager siden
This comment looking kinds thiCCC
EndyBoy YT
EndyBoy YT 25 dager siden
Noooo You can't just show up in a random video and not working on karlson Haha milk go brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
Help me
Help me 20 timer siden
The slice animation is SO smooth
Awesome Anikin327
Awesome Anikin327 22 timer siden
This game is a glitch. 🤣🤣
DPooleThe1 Dag siden
Lol 😂
4evr Rain
4evr Rain Dag siden
me in skyrim
Jo Engi
Jo Engi 2 dager siden
“You promise it’s gonna be authentic” “I promise” 💀💀💀💀💀💀💀
cayde-6 3 dager siden
and THAT my friends is why you stab the adventurer in the BACK while they have no idea where you are
TXBC 3000
TXBC 3000 3 dager siden
Braylon Alfiche
Braylon Alfiche 3 dager siden
Every Zelda speedrunners dream
Yuna Reviews pokemon
Yuna Reviews pokemon 4 dager siden
When you enter a Person backwards
Eryoulth 4 dager siden
Kid:gets head sliced clean off Also the same kid: :D
Crisostono 4 dager siden
minecraft dungeons:
Ricardo 4 dager siden
King Kai is that you
Bell Cranel
Bell Cranel 5 dager siden
So me playing Skyrim?
Uta 5 dager siden
I mean, he did get what he wanted...
Bang Supa
Bang Supa 6 dager siden
That is legal loli sir. Its like elf age work actually
Jaxon Allen
Jaxon Allen 7 dager siden
Lizard Lizard
Lizard Lizard 7 dager siden
Flunko is probably the granddad of all time.
Fail Meep
Fail Meep 8 dager siden
Imagine if this was in a real game. I would love that scene.
pedro jesus
pedro jesus 8 dager siden
The kid can put his head back on hes fiiiiiine
CaramelHorse 8 dager siden
I mean I knew how it was gonna end, but I wasn't expecting it
Shane & Lucas YT
Shane & Lucas YT 9 dager siden
I bet circleToons WONT heart this he he boi
Bopping Gamer
Bopping Gamer 9 dager siden
I expected it but still.... uncool man
xin sun
xin sun 9 dager siden
you should still do these but animations not using your pen to move the characters
Jovian Mercado
Jovian Mercado 10 dager siden
This should be called when you abuse a dev exit
yo yo
yo yo 10 dager siden
This whole video is literally when games like crash bandicoot put a huge WRONG WAY sign across the screen pulsing red so you can take in the effect of being wrong.
Daniel Binns
Daniel Binns 10 dager siden
that ending surprised me. i thought the lil boy would try and stab the adventurer then all of a sudden his head gone
PB&J Wolf
PB&J Wolf 10 dager siden
Roses are red Milk is good too Dani has a bot who already knew?
Sans Peter Griffin
Sans Peter Griffin 10 dager siden
Yeah I’ve done this before
DarkDrai 11 dager siden
Wholesome ending. :P
Eric Wijaya
Eric Wijaya 11 dager siden
Pretty sure this is Bowser when you use the back door in Super Mario World. But few seconds later he says "eh f**k it. I was about to kill them anyway."
Spartan V0
Spartan V0 11 dager siden
Ummm child please teach me this skill but also teach me how to put my head back on.
JimFlyMan 12 dager siden
Jesus fucking christ
Nass 12 dager siden
Haha bleak falls barrow back door clip go brrr
missingindy 12 dager siden
Don’t worry guys, his poison dagger has a mechanic where it revives him after the player exits the dungeon
missingindy 12 dager siden
“Do you think paint is a flavor of koolaid” Well with how terribly you hid the exit, I’m pretty sure you can tell the difference between a circle and a line
Fat Cat
Fat Cat 12 dager siden
When this happens I usually go back to the entrance so i can slay everything steel there there oragnas loot money wepons and sell everything and buy some useless shit
Aviel Martinez
Aviel Martinez 12 dager siden
Velocity 12 dager siden
New anime is really looking good
Wigli Gigly
Wigli Gigly 13 dager siden
It's like the Yiga Clan Hideout, just walk through the back and enter the final boss arena
transammich 14 dager siden
I actually had a issue like this in fallout 76 with gaulley mine I went through the exit first and met Polly then went back through and bumped into sol then found the entrance and went out that way
Ben Gotsch
Ben Gotsch 16 dager siden
1:37 best character. bring him back
Caye 16 dager siden
Last of us sewer
ElishaJJ 16 dager siden
I'm starting to think he records his videos using a iPhone 6
galaxyraider9 17 dager siden
Very cool
crazy chameleon bs
crazy chameleon bs 18 dager siden
Kiro 18 dager siden
I fucking love this cartoon
insert name
insert name 18 dager siden
I hope that boy can put his head back on for another adventurer
Red 18 dager siden
What in the sweet sweet hell
Mohammed Al Islam
Mohammed Al Islam 18 dager siden
The ending went from 0 to 100 real quick
sir talks a lot
sir talks a lot 18 dager siden
So amazing that he is slowly running out of o2 and his brain will stop working
DanoneGatone DG
DanoneGatone DG 18 dager siden
Não tem Br aq 👌
Boss d
Boss d 19 dager siden
Nice job kid
2LT Sheridan
2LT Sheridan 19 dager siden
The balls to kill a kid villain, gg lol. YEAH this is pretty sick.
randompizzaguy 19 dager siden
Josh Rossacci
Josh Rossacci 20 dager siden
"Do you think paint is a flavor of coolade?"
funny crap
funny crap 20 dager siden
Marshall Grimmett
Marshall Grimmett 21 dag siden
I made it at school
Tahaa L
Tahaa L 21 dag siden
BendApparatus 21 dag siden
This was pretty much my experience with Blight_town... except they just mercilessly beat me to death...
Murad Beybalaev
Murad Beybalaev 22 dager siden
At least let him attack once!
Asdf cow
Asdf cow 22 dager siden
I made it a skoool
DraakoThe(Game-Breaking)Dragon 23 dager siden
That is so not how it works in videogames... Children are invincible.
Link Link
Link Link 24 dager siden
Can you even DO that?
An Ace
An Ace 24 dager siden
Turned so dark lmao
Inky Splaters
Inky Splaters 24 dager siden
Well....at least he was happy on his birthday.
Jhieyan Carl Benedicto
Jhieyan Carl Benedicto 24 dager siden
Cool edits by the way it looks like its drawn in a paper!
Nicola Weston
Nicola Weston 24 dager siden
I could imagine the sorser to be merlin in desguise
Smite Charanpreet
Smite Charanpreet 24 dager siden
Yes i want to get my head chopped off now because it’s fun
DanteEightSix 24 dager siden
"This door is locked from the other side and can't be opened." *Stares at wooden door and useless battleaxe.*
John Snow
John Snow 24 dager siden
I am going to let my pcs do this next adventure.
Toasty_b1 24 dager siden
Can we get a circle toons rpg please
One Eyed Ember Tetra
One Eyed Ember Tetra 24 dager siden
I would love if this happened in a game
Darkwolf of the moon
Darkwolf of the moon 24 dager siden
Can I make a meme with this video?
IAmADragonHearMeRoar 24 dager siden
I’m sure we can put that kid back together, right? .................. RIGHT???
Desoda Dunham
Desoda Dunham 25 dager siden
That Happy kid is ded wow that's was amazing
Meme_god 25 dager siden
hunter clark
hunter clark 25 dager siden
Wtf dani also i like dani vids
the muffin man
the muffin man 26 dager siden
They grow up so fast
Jamie Sally
Jamie Sally 26 dager siden
I liked it when he just chopped his head off
Juan Valentin Klanjscek
Juan Valentin Klanjscek 26 dager siden
Nooooo, little Billy made that poison dagger all by himself on his birthday to kill the adventurer... at least let him damage you one time :c
YAHOO 26 dager siden
“Ha wow that was AMAZING!!”
Jacen C
Jacen C 26 dager siden
That kid must truly beheaded for great things
Comic Guy
Comic Guy 26 dager siden
Why are this dudes drawings so freaking... S A T I S F Y I N G
eletro 26 dager siden
Top 10 happiest anime endings
Sam just Sam
Sam just Sam 27 dager siden
Not gonna lie the grandkid is kinda adorable
Boss d
Boss d 19 dager siden
Yeah I'm hungry
Kuru Kuru
Kuru Kuru 27 dager siden
I hate it when that happens.
Crater Plays
Crater Plays 27 dager siden
That was grim
Junior Cudjoe
Junior Cudjoe 27 dager siden
Eric 27 dager siden
Joshua Shumake
Joshua Shumake 27 dager siden
I mean he promised itd be athentic
Mel Ojeda
Mel Ojeda 28 dager siden
He is special like me ;;'
Brandon Haag
Brandon Haag 28 dager siden
That ending caught me so off guard I love it 🤣
danteelite 28 dager siden
Is this dude making high quality animations and then just filming his damn monitor with a camera? ...? Eh... saves on tender times I guess.
Շгครђ є๔เՇร
Շгครђ є๔เՇร 29 dager siden
The final boss made me think of Pathologic 2
Jellie Team Leader
Jellie Team Leader Måned siden
This is me whenever I play a Zelda game and immediately find six different glitches
benchikh Mohamed Taher
benchikh Mohamed Taher Måned siden
man you can put the best rpg game story with those comedy dialogues
Vaughn XD27
Vaughn XD27 Måned siden
Circletoons:talks about dis game Me wondering wtf dis game is
Boss d
Boss d 19 dager siden
Do you think paint is a favor of koolaid
Charles Oliver
Charles Oliver Måned siden
This is probably my favorite skit I would pay to see more like this
zzentertamint Måned siden
I guess you could say that that kid lost his head over this
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